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These stories concern people in bondage & fetish scenes and are therefore adult in nature.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the authors.

These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors and have been included here by kind permission.

  • selfbondage = blue
  • bondage = black
  • latex = grey
  • mummification = maroon
  • packaged = purple
  • spandex = light blue
  • erotic = pink
  • dollstories = scarlet
  • devoured=red
  • trashcan=green
  • buried=apple grn
  • transform=blue
  • machine=yellow
  • tg stories=dusty pink
  • ponygirl=green
Sexually Broken
Top Grl
Infernal Restraints
Stories by Author T
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Wishful Thinking
Belinda's Boutique
Tamara S
Tamara's Self Bondage Experiment
Tam Lin
Automata 2: The Escape
Automata 3: The Natural
Made to Order
The Puppetmaster
Tammy Murfin
see stories listed below
Caught Staring
Ministry of Bondage
School for Lesbian Subs
School for Lesbian Subs 2
Taylor's New Job
Selfbondage for two
The Burial
Tanya Jane Richards
Man to Mannequin
Tis at the Fair
Tar Feathers
Riding Lessons
Riding Lessons 2
Riding Lessons 3
Riding Lessons 4
Riding Lessons 5
Riding Lessons 6
Lingerie Shop
Games People Play
Teann Daorsa
Jane's Tormentor
Payback on the Thirteenth Floor
Human Garbage
Marie Spending a Day in a Bin
Messing up the Public Office
Scout Camp
Assisted Selfbondage
Happy Halloween!
Halloween Witch
Halloween Stories
Halloween Witch
Techster & Techie
see stories below
The Long Weekend
The Long Weekend 2
The Long Weekend 3
The Little Lost Doggy
Playing Hooky
Tech Webbie
A Whole New Pleasure
Ted S
Karens Punishment
Karen's Weekend
Caught In Chains
Alone in the Dark
What if Vennomm had possessed a Bondage Sub
Double their pleasure, Double your fun
Smart Duct Tape 4
Smart Duct Tape 5
Smart Duct Tape 6
Duct Tape Doubles and the Nosy Neighbor
Adventures in Lock Smithing
Sent to Master
Sent to Master
The Progression of Things
Mistress Latexa's Rubberdoll
1: The Clinic
2: The Doll
3: A Doll's Life
4: The Wedding Album
5: The Honeymoon
6: The Chair
The Extensive Mermaid Bondage
The Texan
Latex Reunion
Torment of a Bad Boy
Painted Black
A Day Alone in the Woods
Casualty of Junkyard Wars
The Chocolate Factory
Doll Face
The Adventures of Raika Élan Esq
Prologue to an Adventure
1: Bait
2: A Burglary
3: Aimee’s Javert
4: Leela’s Ordeal
5: Colleagues
6: A Little Withdrawal
That Guy
My Wife the Shinning Knight
the bear
Home Game
The Cat
Cindy's Thief
The Dark Tuna
The Dark Bag
Dark Closet
The Essex Master
One Weekend in Charlotte's Life
The Franchise
SB Adventure Gone Wrong
The Mouster
The Mouse Will Play
The Old Man
Something Sweet
Brass Bed
Searching for the Limit
The Spandex Maid
Spandex Maids' Birthday Surprise
The Storyteller
The Perfect Trap
Jen's Predicament
Gwen and the Haunted House
The Technician
see stories listed below
A Piece of Modern Art
The Third Thane
Dangerous Leigh Ch 1-3
Dangerous Leigh Ch 4-6
Dangerous Leigh Ch 7-8
Dangerous Leigh 9-10
Dangerous Leigh 11 -12
The Weatherman
Sharon's Tale
The Wrapper
The Midnight Slave
I Am NOT Food
Thomas Denny
Found Out!
Hole in my Bag
A Weighty Issue
Who's Walking Funny
Found Out
Hole in my Bag
A Weighty Issue
Thomas Sloane
Bondage Maiden
Thom Butler
Three Rocks
Tasha and Mr. Thingy
Crystal City
The Waist Chain
A Memorable Trip
Airport Pickup
The Real Thing
The Box
A Novel Idea
A Novel Idea 2
A Novel Idea - Part 3
A Novel Idea - Part 4
tied2the bed
A Christmas Wish
An Easter Wish
On a Hot Summer Day
Adventures being Tied and Edged by Guys 1: Scott in Atlanta
Adventures being Tied and Edged by Guys 2: Dan in Seattle
Adventures being Tied and Edged by Guys 3: John in Seattle
Rubber Slave
Tied Tightly
Homeward Bound
Self Inflicted
New Game
The Campground
Camping Trip
The Experience
The Newspaper Story
The Proposal
Shovel the Snow - or Else!
Oh Shit!
Dressing for a Latex Party
Ballerina Boy
My Favourite Outfit
One Saturday Afternoon
The Surprise of a Lifetime
Tiffany's Tights
Tiffany's Tights
An Unexpected Adventure
The Straight Jacket and the Elevator
The Helpless Mummy
A Night to Remember
Tim Radges
Blind Date
Katie's Capture
The Last of Tony
The Last of Tony 2
The Last of Tony 3
Satine the Domme
Reality Television Star
Tina's Self Bondage
Self Bondage & Rubber Bands!
Tiny Sexy Girl
The Bonding Solution
Inflated Changes
Still Life
Still Life 2
Still Life 3
Still Life 4
The Wand
Tit for Tat
The Process
1: Alice's Story
2: The New Owners
3: A New Doll
4: The New Maid
5: A Family of Sorts
5.2: More Family Members
6: Gudrun's Surprise
6.1: Invitation
7: New Additions
7.1: Nanny & the Suit
8: Rubber Colony
8.1: Changes
Not Needed Any More
Buried Alive
The Funeral
The Graveyard
Tobe Trashy
The Halloween Decoration
Girl's Night Party Trash
To Be Wrapped
Fibreglass Mummy
Mistress's Mummy
Todd Wilson
Party Perils
Janet's New Home
London Bound Mummification
Emily's Folly
Emily's Folly 2: Discovery and Consequences
Emily's Folly 3: Retribution
Tom H
It's Going to be a Long Evening
You Never Know What goes on Next Door
You Never Know What goes on Next Door 2
You Never Know What goes on Next Door 3
Tom M
Bound by Intruders
Who Done It
Tommy Sox
Roommate’s Helping Hand
Roommate's Helping Hand 2
Roommate's Helping Hand 3
4: Hardware Store
5: Playing the odds
6: Paying the debt
Beauty & the Beast
Beauty & the Beast2
Tom Smith
Blackmail 2
Bound By A Neighbour
The Break In
My Mind Being Opened
An Unexpected Visitor
I Need Help!!
Another Fine Mess
Safety First
Vacation Time Fun
Vacation Time Fun 2
Vacation Time Fun 3
Vacation Time Fun 4
Vacation Time Fun 5
Vacation Time Fun 6
Vacation Time Fun 7
It's Fricken Freezing in Here Mr. Bigglesworth
Tonya Souther
All I Want for Christmas II: Pas de Deux
I Only Look Like a Robot
Essence of Man
Tony B
see stories below
The Cupboard
Three Way Bondage
Too Shy
Too Shy's SB Adventure
Sofa Fun
Outdoor Adventure
Coffee Table
Ant Attack
Auto Zipper
The Bucket Trick
Caught in the Dog Pen
Obstacle Course
The New Obstacle Course
A New Rope
Rope & Nettles
Roped in the Shed
The Shed
Tied Myself Up In The Garage
The Third Time & Released
His Valentine
Just Five Minutes
Meeting Jenny
Meeting Jenny 2
Taking Jenny
One Night
Do you want to continue?
The Halloween Costume
The Dinner Date
Road Trip Tease
Connie's Gift
It takes more than Courage
The Nosey Babysitter
Halloween Stories
The Halloween Costume
The Rubber Genie
The Way Things Work Out
Mothers Helper
Greens Keeper
Cuckold Garbage
Useless Daughter
Garbage Collection Delay
Littering is a Crime
Marissa's Bad Decision
A Matter of Time
Amy Takes Me To The Trash Compactor
Date with a Dumpster
Fateful Fantasy
Late Night Bagged
Suffocatrix Takes Out The Trash
Stu & Trash Girl
Pranked by my Boyfriend
Trash Girl/64Fordman
Terms of Service
Julie's Trash Time
Julie's Trash Time 2
Julie's Trash Time 3
Saving Privates Ryann
Dumped on my Birthday
Finding the Right Trash Mistress
Finding the Right Trash Mistress 2
Finding the Right Trash Mistress 3
Finding the Right Trash Mistress 4
Finding the Right Trash Mistress 5
My Garbage Contents: Me
Trash Mouse
see stories below
Kidnapped: The Disposal
The Landfill
Trashy Trashbag
The Best Summer of My Life
Celebrating the Trash Bag
The Ins and Outs of Dumpster Diving
Of My Trash Fetish
South London Garbage Girl
Trash Goth
The Trashy Revenge of the Daycare Girls
Trech Rwber
My Long Rubber Weekend
1: My Rubber Adventure begins
2: My Second Rubber Day
3: And on the Third Day…
Other Stories
The Wager
Sounds Through a Thin Wall
Sounds Through a Thin Wall 2 Contact
Karen's Compartmentalization
Home Sweet Box
My First Experience
My Last Pit Stop
My Last Pit Stop 2: Or was it?
My Last Pit Stop 3: For sure this time
Cat Burglar
Trui Klaassen
Humping like Bunnies
The Factory
The Secretary
The Factory
The Secretary
The Factory
The Way We Love

Bondage is No Trivial Pursuit!
How to mix Football & Bondage
Bound for a Friday
Bondage Cards
Football Off, Bondage On
T.S. Fesseln
see stories below
Tsukuyomi Shirabe
Yoko's Experience 1: The Massage Center
Yoko's Experience 2: The Extended Program
Yoko's Experience 3: The Escape Pod
Yoko's Experience 4: The Space Trip
Double Surprise
Lord Oliver
The Chip
The Robots and the Secretary
Turbo Bruin
How I Met Her
How I Met Her 2: How I Trained Her
Just Something New
Puppy Love
Puppy Love 2
Puppy Love 3
Mansion Maid
Fetish Party Night
Fetish Party Night: Halloween
Fetish Party Night 3: Valentines
Mansion Maid
My Life in a Cage
My Life in a Cage 2
Dana’s Revenge
Dana’s Revenge2
The Key is in the Cum
Discovered by Bridget
Twin Flames
This Morning
Made a Latex Maid
Timed Trial
Ty Downs
Ty Downs Self Bondage
Tyd Up
Meter Man
The Protest
Halloween Mermaid
Halloween Stories
Halloween Mermaid
Ty Dupp
Call Girl
Call Girl 2
Jason's Vacation
Christopher's Predicament
The Initiation
A Place to Stay
One Kink At A Time - Part 1
One Kink At A Time - Part 2
Ty Knott
Tickled to Be Here!
Tyler Knotts
The Twin's Gift
Ty M Goode
The Best Man
Out to Pasture
A College Education
A College Education 2
A College Education 3
Suite #6
Wet Behind the Ears
Halloween Stories
Adam has always been a little odd
Be Careful What you Wish For!
Sheryl And The Straitjacket Incident
Sheryl & The Straitjacket Incident 2
Sheryl And The Straitjacket Incident 3 The Long Way Down
Allison's Toy
Tammy Murfin  
Tales of Green Valley     Other stories  
1: Volleyball Team
2: One Way Trip
3: Tammy gets Caught
4: Performance Review
5: Tammy gets a Scare
6: Tammy gets a Scare 2: Tammy's Scary Ride
7: An old friend surprises Tammy
8: A Very Messy End
9: Trash takes a Vacation
10: If you knew Tammy...
11: Fond Memories
12: Just Walking Home
13: Last Halloween
14: More Memories
15: Surprise Party
16: Surprise Party, the Aftermath
17: New to the Game
Good Citizen
My Daddy - My Hero
Now That's Just Cold
Round and Round
Sorority Rush
The Strangest Thing
A Threesome to Die for..
Xmas Cleanup
Skinny Dipping
River Monster
No Littering
Halloween Stories
Tales of Green Valley #13: Last Halloween
The Technician        
The Candle Factory
Diary of a Pain Slut
Diary of a Pain Slut: Week 2
Diary of a Pain Slut: Week 3
Diary of a Pain Slut: Week 4
Diary of a Pain Slut: Week 5
Kelly's Quest 1
Kelly's Quest 2
Kelly's Quest 3
Kelly's Quest 4
Deer Season
Mary Christmas
Self-Sub Susy
Self-Sub Susy 2
Self-Sub Susy 3
Self-Sub Susy 4
Self-Sub Susy 5

Transformation Stories
Churning Butter
The Secret Book of Spells
Three Wishes
Wish Granted
Devoured Stories
The Defiled One
Merit Badge
Machine Stories
The Candle Factory
The Chosen
Donor X
I Hate My Job
I’ve Got The Trains To Keep Me Company
Slowly, Slowly
Terra Byte
When Correctly Viewed, Everything is Lewd
Erotic Stories
The Forbidden Book
The Gift
The Guide
Letter to Santa
Cindy's Imaginary Friend
Mindy's Imaginary Friend
Mind Fuck
The Little Black Book
Losing The Super Bowl 2015
Losing the Super Bowl 2017
The Perfect Setup
The Ritual
A Special Gift for Christmas
The Tune Up
What Happens in Vegas
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Three J's and an S Go Skiing
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 6 Part 2
Three J's and an S Take a Summer Job
Tales From The Psych Ward
1: Of One Mind
2: I'm Baaaaack!
3: The Mind of a Witness
4: Cassandra
5: The Pony Farm
6: We Are Not Alone
7: Again a Witness
8: The Final Chapter
Bondage Stories
Alice in Thunderland
Because I Want To Be
Body Swap
Colony Ship Eight
Dinner and a Show
Jack's Place
Break Me!
How I Met Your Mother
Going for the Record
The Milking Wheel
Portal Project - The Lottery Games
The Queen B
Right or Wrong
Sacrifice 250
The Slime Pit at The O Club
Storm of the Century
Sucker Bet
A Visit from Saint Michael
SaM's Place
1: The Invitation
2: A Punishment and a Demotion
3: Humiliation and Revenge
4: Pledges and Revenge
5: Final Judgement
I, Masochist
1: Performance Art
2: Abigail
3: Brenda
4: Carol
5: Diane & David
6: Ellen
7: Francine
8: Shelly
Twelve Days a Slave
Twelve Days a Slave
2: A Day of Repentance
3: The first day of punishment
4: A Corporate Flogging Contest
5: Old-fashioned Reformed School Punishment
6: Madison Robotic Discipline System
7: Water Punishments
8: The Whipmaster
9: Wheel of Pleasure/Pain
10: Punishment by Combat
11: The Lottery
12: Lucinda's Schooltime Academy
13: Punished with Pleasure
The Society - Witness Protection
The Society - Party Crashers

Three J's and an S Go To Mardi Gras

Birching Miss Birch
Birching Miss Birch 2
Birching Miss Birch 3
Halloween Stories        
Aoife, the Queen Maker
The Black Room
The Bound Queen
The Captive Banshee
Collateral Damage
Dancing to Louie Louie
Danny Boy
Dead Writer’s Society
Deal with the Devil
The Defiled One
The Devil's Bull
The Devil's Mark

A Ghost's Story for Halloween
The Gift
The Guide
The Hunting Cabin
The Invitation
The Loophole
il Diabla
Matthew’s Choice
Merit Badge
Mrs Succubus
A Queen in Need
28 - A Halloween Story
A Visit from Saint Michael
A Second Visit from Saint Michael
Techster & Techie
Beta Tester
Bondage for Art's Sake
The Collar
Dungeonware by Design
Electric Lady
Halloween Bondage
Happy Anniversary
Helping Friends
Helpless in the Wilderness
Her Song
His pony
How I got my new $1000 Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Husband on Display
Just 20 feet of Chain
Like a Piece of Furniture
My Day as a Dog
On Display
A Pair of Bondage Mitts and a Leash
Slave to my Writing
The Tension Rack
Testing Time
Techster’s Tan
Ultimate Male Bondage
A Whole New Game - Testing or Revenge?
The Underground Dungeon Maker
Wife on Display
Stallions in the Corral
Engineer's Approach to SB
Faced with A Stiff Problem
The $12.00 folding stocks and a sister's revenge
Happy Anniversary
The Horse
Mothers day gift
Our Game
The Post
Sailor's Selfbondage gear
(Self) Bound to please her
Steel Bound Pet
What a Ride!!!!
Would you....
The Two Day (or more) Mummy The Mummy Speaks      
Tony B
My Odyssey As narrated by Anne-Marie to Tony B
1: Meeting Jai
2: Proposition
3: The Games People Play
4: That Dirty Son-of-a-Bitch!
5: My First Consultation
6: Miss Sims
7: Nurse Betty
8: Betty's Story
9: My Second Day
10: Meeting Edie
11: The Beauty Shop 12: Anne’s Sexual Adventures
13: Bondage School
14: Regressive Memory Training
15: The Auction
16: And away we go…
17: Star Tells Me Her Story…
18: The Wedding Ceremony
19: How I Met an Arabian Wife
20: How Anne’s Story Began.
21: Anne-Marie's Fantasy
22: The Round House
Other stories
The Bath
Bondage Brothel
The Empathy Belly
The Fetish
Housekeeper Wanted with Benefits
A Letter to Stacy
Mountain Valley Sports

The Punishment Wall
Rites of Passage
Sex Slave 1: Sold
Sex Slave 2: Examination
The Taste Tester
Transcendental Deviation
Bondage Stories
The Elevator
The Bondage Club
The Horse
Rites of Passage
Packaged Stories
The Box
The Portable Potty
The White Casket
The Stockroom
Transformation Stories
The Body Swap
The Planets
The Apartment

Selfbondage Stories
Bicycle Seat
TG/CD Stories
I Was a Female Impersonator for the FBI
TS Story
Trash Mouse
Packaged Stories
Something Special for Christmas

Devoured Stories
Lunch Break
Yummy Date
Model Mouse
Trashcan Stories
Dumpster Seduction
Becoming Trash
Something Special
Transformation Stories
All I Want for Christmas
Anywhere She Wants
Bigger is Always Better
Getting up Close...
The Mad in Science
Petticoats and Frills
Something Fun and New
To Save a Dragon
Am I
Like, Wow!
T.S. Fesseln
On French Soil The Summer Project   Summer Training Double or Nothing
1. Unto The Breach
2. With Hard-favor'd Rage
3. Of Hot and Forcing Violation
4. Laid In Bed Majestical
5. Of The Heat Of The Ginger
6. Perfection Of A Good And Particular Mistress
7. A Slave No Gentler
8. Silken Dalliance in the Wardrobe Lies
9. Unto the weary and all-watched night
10. A peaceful and sweet retire
11. To Know What Willing Ransom
The Summer Project 1
Parts 2 & 3
Parts 4 & 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14

Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20
Part 21
Part 22
Part 23
Part 24
Part 25
Summer Training
Summer Training 2
Summer Training 3
Summer Training 4
Summer Training 5
Summer Training 6
Summer Training 7
Summer Training 8
Summer Training 9
Summer Training 10
Summer Training 11
Summer Training 12
Summer Training 13
Double or Nothing
Double or Nothing 2
Double or Nothing 3
Double or Nothing 4
Double or Nothing 5
Double or Nothing 6
Double or Nothing 7
Double or Nothing 8
Double or Nothing 9
Double or Nothing 10
Double or Nothing 11
Double or Nothing 12
Double or Nothing 13
Double or Nothing 14
other stories       Wrath
Away in the Manger
The Bounding Main
Easter Egg Hunt
A Friend In Need
A Friend in Deed
Gift Surprise
A Great Volume of Trouble
Just the Right Spot
Just the Right Spot 2
Inside Santa

Halloween Stories
Coffin Duty
The Faerie Chair
The Lions Mouth
The Masque
A New Haunt
Showing Some Spirit
The Lion's Mouth
The Long Game
Maid Service Requested
Maid Service Requested 2: Do Not Disturb
The Masque
A New Haunt
The Trick & the Treat
Separate Vacation
Wish Lists
With A Cherry on Top
A Work of Art
A Work of Art 2
Selfbondage Stories
Go Fetch
Not Your Garden Variety
Mr. Murphy and Me
Pipe Dreams
Route 21 Red
Walking the Line
The Web They Weaved

Packaged Stories
Away in the Manger
Wrath 1
Wrath 2
Wrath 3
Wrath 4
Wrath 5
1: Dawning
2: The Horn
3: Under A Pale Eye
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