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These stories concern people in bondage & fetish scenes and are therefore adult in nature.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the authors.

These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors and have been included here by kind permission.

  • selfbondage = blue
  • bondage = black
  • latex = grey
  • mummification = maroon
  • packaged = purple
  • spandex = light blue
  • erotic = pink
  • dollstories = scarlet
  • devoured=red
  • trashcan=green
  • buried=apple grn
  • transform=blue
  • machine=yellow
  • tg stories=dusty pink
  • ponygirl=green
Realtime Bondage
real time bondage
Sexually Broken
Stories by Author JK
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The Boxes
The Boxes
Gifts Part 1
Gifts Part 2 - The Switch
SB Bodyharness
Jack C.
Self-imposed Punishment
One Hundred Knots
Jack Patrick
Under Arrest
House of Slime
House of Slime 2
stories below
Public Stretching
Tyte Fit
Tyte Fit 2
Tyte Fit 3
Tyte Fit 4
Tyte Fit 5
The Dark Side of Jenny
Rubber Wish
Jake R
Basketball Tournament
The Forest Ranger
From Office Assistant to Bondage Model
Homeless Model-Bondage Lover
Kidnapped by a Friend; Delivered to a Stranger
My Second Kidnapping: By Two Friends
Recruiter POW Training
The New Neighbors
One Prank Deserves Another
Technology Bondage
Traveling Salesman & Bondage
Door-to-door Salesman Turns to Self Bondage
Jake Smith
First Sucking
More than I wished for
Darkest Desires
James B
Unexpected Twist
James Ellis
Youthful Folly
Delayed Freedom
Red-faced but speechless
Sweat soaked & speechless
Older But Not Wiser
Far too tight!
A Little Problem
Vicky’s Mistake
A Strange Introduction
Curiosity Caught the Cat
Embarrassing or...
James Honeybee
James P. Smith
Wrong Motel Meeting
James Raynor
Center for Deviate Dreams
James Smith
Conversion of Jasmine
Ding Dong
James Strictland
A Debt Paid in Steel
James W
stories below
James Williams and L
What Should Have Been
Skirt Mummy
Skirt Mummy 3
Jane D'oh
Rubber Madame
1: Altered Sleeping Arrangements
2: Rubber Tempest
3: The Prison Suit
4: Rubber Slave
5: Twin Maids
Janet Harris
The Genie of the Lamp
Janna Grace
My very first time being sucked in
Jan Smith
stories below
Jan Wright
Boyfriends Revenge
Tied at work
Tied at Work 2
New Job
The Bondage Club
Bondage Weekend
see stories below
Jason Dance
JD's version of "The Blob"
Jason Reed
A Witch for a Wife
A Witch for a Wife 2: Inside Her Shoe
Boys to Toys
Miniscule Matters
Sole Man
Sole Man
Britney’s Bagging
That New Car Smell Part 1: Veronica’s New Car Experience
That New Car Smell Part 2: No Free Ride to the Dealership
That New Car Smell Part 3: The Return Home
That New Car Smell Part 4: Life Goes On
Mandy's Milk
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween 2
Halloween Stories
Pin Cushion
My College Experience
My College Experience 2
Jay Jenson
Bored With the Norm
One Rope Too Far
Just Good Friends
Just Good Friends
One Night Stand Leads to a Life of Slavery
Pay Back
Jay Petto
Bound to Please
Creative Control
Pulling Strings
Made for Pleasure
Out of control
Life in the Saddle
My Own Special Way.?
Jayne Does
Friday by the Pool
A Walk to Remember
My Life without Bondage
J Bond
Betty's Lesson
Betty's Lesson 2 - Return
Rita’s Superbowl
Wendy's Pizza
J Bren
The Rack
Spring Break Discovery
More Than I Wanted
The Head Cheerleader
My Outdoor Adventure
Goodbye Garbage
J Davis
Spandex Humiliation
The Next Step
Halloween Stories
Halloween Hanging
Jean-Marc Conier
Party Last Night
Louise's New House
A Special Night
Jeff Parker
Katie & Jeff
The Birthday Present
The Birthday Present
Katie & Jeff
Sorority Horror
Jeff Sinclair
Perfect Lover
The Wormrace
Fantasy One
An Afternoon in the Woods
A Day In The Woods
Late night adventure
Late Night Drive
An Afternoon in the Woods
A Day In The Woods
Late night adventure
Late Night Drive
Mandy and Kelly’s Plaything
Angie and Jenny’s Mummy
Out of the Frying Pan
A Warning Unheeded
An Uncomfortable Night
A New Beginning
Jennifer Wilson
Jane, Susan & Mary
Ruth and Wendy
Ruth and Wendy 2: The Fashion Show
Flight of Fantasy
Flight of Fantasy 2
The Red Raincoat
The Blue Raincoat
The Blue Raincoat 2/3
The Blue Raincoat 4
Helen's Raincoats
Sarah's Raincoat
Sarah's Raincoat 2
My Story
stories below
Jenny Bonici
stories below
Jenny's Life Changes
Spandex Writhing
Sold to Hollie Stevens
Jerry Tiedinabag
Almost Packed
see stories below
Another Rainy Day
Benefits of Friendship
Jessica H
The Object of His Affection
Oh Dolly!
Weekend Rubber Experience
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Adam's Birthday Encasement
Jewel M
Be Careful What You Wish For
Bound Maid
The Choice
A Few Small Mistakes
Paying for the Privilege
Remote Controlled
Tried & Tested
A Trip To The Shops
For 400 Years
A Trip to the Cottage
Jeza (cont)
A Few Small Mistakes
Fifty Litres
A Church Do
The Return Home
The Frame in the Club
How Many Nights?
How Much Longer?
More Every Two Weeks
More Every Two Weeks 2: Slave Auction
The Safer Option
Van Memories
stories below
Bright Morning
Bound to Housework
Freedom of the Press
Captive of an Evil Queen
Jim Jones
Jamie's Play Time
Lady Gwen's Weekend
Leather & Steel
Health Club
Jim's Selfbondage
Jim's Selfbondage 2
Jim Williams
see stories below
The Shop
Don't Piss-Off the Engineers
Close Your Eyes
Means To An End
see stories below
Joanie Davis
Frat Pledge Panty Raid
Joanne Henre
The Real Me
Winter in Austin
Joanne Marie Andrews
The Salon Fantasy
Jo Dancer
My Plans to Get Caught
All's Fair
The Machine
Jodi H
Dream come true
Halloween Stories
Happy Halloween!
Halloween stories
Joe D
My Turn To Bondage Model
My Bondage Adventure
Joe Degamo
Joe Fabeetz
One Hell of a Day!
The Table Tied Mistake
Trash Day
Trash Day
Leotard & Tights Bondage
John - aka rubadub
Submission in South America
John Boytoy
The Ownership
John Fehr
Wrong Address
John Fitzbe
Girls Gone Kinky
"The Plant That Walks"
On the 29th
New Futon Bed
Personalized Training
Personalized Training 2
John Mahler
Emily's First Time
Emily's Return
John Roberts
The Release of my Soul
John Roper
see stories below
John Sanders
The Adventures Of Maria
John Smith
Old Flame Returns
John Walker
The Date
John Writer
Annie Part 1: Getting bored
Annie Part 2: Bondage Challenge
Annie Part 3: The Attempt
The Black Blonde
A Double Challenge
Dana Doll
Latex Nina Doll
Magical Costume Doll
My Silicone Love
Tina's Adventures as a Doll
What Little Dolls Are Made Of
Petra's Magical Birthday Surprise
Jon Deets
see stories below
Joseph Guest
The Tomb
Cuckold Conspiracy to Trash
J Phipps
Mummy Skirt
JR Parz
Womanizer, Another Tale
All Things Considered
stories below
Jubal Jackson
Bondage Boutique
Bondage Boutique 2
Bondage Boutique 3
Bondage Boutique 4
Bondage Boutique 5
Bondage Boutique 6
Mistaken Identity
Shopping for Blondes
The Hidden Room
New Experience
Latex Fantasy
Julie Johnson
What Happens in Vegas
Julien Sorel
Anna in Chains
Catherine Gets Cleaned
Jane Becomes Livestock
Jane Gets Laundered
Redesigning Jane
What's Going to Happen to Baby Jane?
Jane Gets Trained
Naomi and Rachael
The Prettiest Animal
The Caroline Doll
On the Assembly Line
Flynn & Debbie in the Mannequin Machine
Potted and Planted
The Reluctant Cow
Telephone Girl
Writing my Future
Writing my Future 2
Writing my Future 3
Writing my Future 4
Writing my Future 5
June Sukiyuri
Living Canvas
Nicole's Fantasy Comes True
Julianna Beck
A Nightmare Turned Dream Turned Nightmare
Bondage Slave's Tale
Caught and Cuffed
Foreign Exchange
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Jack/Jackie Rabbit Jack/Jackie Rabbit's Stories ==>
Ken & Barbie Stories
Kens Birthday Gift
Surprise Gift Box
Dog Show
Hubby's Surprise
Hubby's Second Surprise
Bondage Barbie Deluxe
My Only Horror Film
The Reluctant Racing Pony
The Reluctant Racing Pony 2

Bondage Stories
The Bones in the Dungeon
The Bones In The Dungeon
The Bones In The Dungeon 2
The Bones In The Dungeon 3
The Bones In The Dungeon 4
The Bones In The Dungeon 5
The Bones In The Dungeon 6
The Bones In The Dungeon 7
The Bones In The Dungeon 8

Halloween Stories
The Haunted Factory
A Deal With The Devil
The Bones In The Dungeon
The Bones In The Dungeon 7
Femmi Weed Too
A Halloween Tale
A Halloween Tale 2
The Real Story of Hansel and Gretal
Bondage Stories
A Deal With The Devil
Reporter in Peril
Dumped on the Side of the Road
Dumped on the Side of the Road 2: Bound For The Golf Course
Dumped on the Side of the Road 3: The Pack Mule
Dumped on the Side of the Road 4: References
Just a Fly on the Wall
Camera Shy
The Haunted Factory
The Johnson Rope Factory
The Johnson Rope Factory 2a: The Nice Conclusion
The Johnson Rope Factory 2b: The Not So Nice Conclusion
The Johnson Rope Factory 2c: Beckett Automation
Mean Girls
Found Video
Found Video 2
Indentured Servant

My Summer of Dares
1: My Summer Of Dares
2: The Kidnapping
3: The Therapy Pool Chair
4: Property Of Dana And Tracy
5: Property Of Dana And Tracy 2
6: The Summer House Pooch
7: The Summer House Pooch 2
8: Caught
9: Taken In Trade
10: With Friends Like These...
11: My Full Dogification
12: Embracing my Canine Transformation
Packaged Stories
Ken's Birthday Gift
Surprise Gift Box
Bondage Barbie Deluxe
Bondage Barbie Deluxe 2
The Jessica Display
The Jessica Display 2
The Jessica Display 3
The Jessica Display 4
Bondage Barbie Deluxe
Bondage Barbie Deluxe 2
The Stand In
Machine Stories
The Car Wash
The Car Wash 2
The Car Wash 3
My Butler James
2: James Takes Control
3: Doppelgänger
4: James 3.0
5: The Singularity
6: The Singularity P2
7: Jessica's Play Toy
8: Jessica's Worst Enemy
9a: The Pay Per View Heiress
9b: Gloria's Last Scene
My Personal Trainer
Old Milkers
The Spandex Rehabilitation Machine
The Spandex Rehabilitation Machine 2
Transformation Stories
Bikini Beach Body In A Bottle
Femmi Weed
Femmi Weed Too
The Ship's Queen
The Ship's Queen 2
The Ship's Queen 3
The Ship's Queen 4
The Ship's Queen 5
Selfbondage Stories
My Bare Selfbondage Ordeal
My Bare Selfbondage Ordeal 2
My Bare Selfbondage Ordeal 3
Poor Planning Leads To... One Hell Of An Adventure
Writers Block, Field Research
Mummification Stories
Becky's Halloween Display
Erotic Stories
The Black Panties Of Submission
The Black Panties Of Submission 2
The Caped Crusaders, The Lost Reels
The Caped Crusaders, The Lost Reels 2: On Display
The Caped Crusaders, The Lost Reels 3: A Hair Of The Dog
Corporal Punishment 101
Hunting the Red Head
Indecent Proposal
Indecent Proposal 2
Judicial Spanking
My Birthday Epiphany
Playing Chauffer
Playing Chauffer 2: My Husband Baits His Own Trap
Playing Chauffer 3: First Date
Playing Chauffer 4: The Sequel
Playing Chauffer 5: Passionate Collateral Damage
The Bikini Bandits
The Ride Of Her Life
Team Punishment
TG/CD Stories
Hubby's Surprise
Hubby's Second Surprise
The Clothes Make The Woman
The Clothes Make The Woman 2: The Princess Room
The Clothes Make The Woman 3: The Body Suit
The Clothes Make The Woman 4: The Transformation
The Clothes Make The Woman 5: Penis Sympathy
Devoured Stories
The South American Expedition
The South American Expedition 2
The South American Expedition 3
The South American Expedition 4
The "B" Grade Lingerie Model
The "B" Grade Lingerie Model 2
The Least Dangerous Game
Old Milkers
Dropping In For The Feast
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Giantess Stories
Diet Gone Wrong
PonyGirl Stories
Dog Show
G Man At The Kennel
G Man At The Kennel 2
G Man At The Kennel 3
The Reluctant Racing Pony
The Reluctant Racing Pony 2
The Seige
The Investigative Reporter
The Investigative Reporter 2
3: Discoveries
4: Observations
5: Escape Plan
6: The Price Of Freedom, part 1
7: The Price Of Freedom 2
8: Destiny Strikes Again
9: Finding A Winning Mount
10: Training the Imperfect Mount
11: Contract Negotiations
12: Little Fugitive
13: The Rest Of The Story At The Ranch
The Training of Slave Selena
1: Meeting her Knight
2: The Letter
3: The Weekend
4: Fulfilling a Fantasy
5: The Cottage
6: Master
7: Tight & Tidy
8: Her Master's Slave
9: For the love of my Master
10: Granting a Slave's Request
11: Selena’s Birthday Surprise
12: Stainless Steel Slave
13: Taking Control
14: Public Meeting
15: Training Resumes
16: Last Night of Freedom
17: A Proper Slave
Nil by Mouth 1: Trial Period
Nil by Mouth 2: New Regime
The Further Training of 'S'
1: The Training Begins
2: Mistress's 'Gingering'
3: Each time we meet I shall beat you!
4: Things start to heat up
5: Turning things on their head
6: Every Breath you take...
7: Crime & Punishment
8: Serving Maid
9: Serving the Guests
10: Ponygirl Training
11: Rewarding the Ponygirls
12: Return to Training
13: Confessions of a Latex Maid
14: Pain & Pleasure
15: The Penultimate Sessions
Sealed, Constrained, Recycled
1: Rubber Instructions
2: Mistress Returns
3: Mistress's Recycling Scheme
4: Living Rubber Toy
5: Total Enclosure Suit
6: Ying & Yang
7: Breathe Deeply
8: Fly in a Web
9: Mistresses Pleasure
10: Subjugated Property
11: Objectified Plaything
12: Special Outing
13: Re-Education
14: Market Day
15: The Dreaded Tube
16: Descent into Torment
17: The New Regime
Jan Smith JanSmith555[at]hotmail[dot]com
Back Pain
A Birthday Present to Remember
First Spanking
Hubbies Turn
Jan's Revenge
Mistress Beverly's New Sub
Mistress Beverly's New Sub 2
Penance for Gromet
Slave in the Making
Hubbies Revenge
First Spanking
Helping Her into Bondage
The Bronze Horse
The Bronze Horse 2
The Bronze Horse 3
The Bronze Horse 4

The Bronze Horse 5
The Bronze Horse 6
The Bronze Horse 7
The Bronze Horse 8
The Bronze Horse 9
The Bronze Horse 10
The Bronze Horse 11
The Bronze Horse 12
The Bronze Horse 13
The Vacuum in my Life
The Vacuum in my Life 2
The Vacuum in my Life 3
Don't Get Jealous
Mr Chan Chronicles 1: Mrs Chan's Pony Caddy
After the Analysis
The Burglar
Could be the Start of one of those Days
Day Dreaming
Dream Holiday
The Entertainment Centre
Foaming Mummification 2
Gromet Hunt
Guardians of the Vault

Hazel's Return
Helping with Research
Holiday to Remember
The Insemination
It all went well
It Shouldn't Happen to a Mummy!
The Jar
A Matter of Stamina
The Mould
A New Goddess Is Born
The New Job
As Quiet As The Grave
The Rescue Attempt
Revenge of the Mummy
Training my sub
Wendys' Embarressment
Wendy's a Mummy
Why do we do It.
You Are A Product to be Dealt with
Bondage Stories
Mr Magic Fingers
The Magazine article
Trip to Chicago
Selfbondage Stories
All In A Day's Work
Do It Yourself
No More Sunbathing
Latex Stories
The Latex Body trap
Packaged Stories
The Jar
Retired from Active Bondage
Retired from Active Bondage 2
Machine Stories
The Entertainment Centre
A Present
Jenny Bonici Jenny Bonici Stories ==>
The Afternoon Post
The Cage
A Dave Annis Night
A Dreary Afternoon
A Ghost Story
The Ice Fall
Leanne's Revenge
Low Cost Bondage
A Model for the Night
Musical Chairs
New To The Club
A Night Playing Monopoly
Party Time
Pride and Prejudice Missed
The Rocking Chair
Strapping Time
Stuck Up in the Glue Factory
Top to Bottom
The Tsunami Appeal
Two Tied
Writer's Block
The Spare Room
The Week At Home
The Mummy
Medieval Dungeon Party
1. Punishment for a Sinful Wench
2. The Nun's Fate
3. His Highly-Strung Lordship
4. Trouble for a Little Plucker
The Stories of Bound Friends
2: Andrea and the FetFair
2.1: Andrea and the FetFair
3: Andrea and the Changing Friendship
4: Andrea and the Full House
5: Lea and the Role Reversal

6: Lea and the Digital Friend
7: Megan and the Unorthodox Reunion
8: Andrea and the Uncertain Future
8.1: Andrea and the Uncertain Future 2
9: Andrea and the New Normal
10: Sophia and the Unpleasant Arrangement
11: Lea and the Consequences of Actions
12: Sophia and the Giving of Thanks
13: Lea and the Unexpected Companion
14: Zainab and the White Christmas
15: Sophia and the Barbarian Horde
16: Megan and the Benefits of Trust

Eternal Devotion
Halloween Stories
Eternal Devotion
Jezziebelle jezziebellejezziebelle[at]hotmail[dot]com
Call My Bluff
Cold feet
Conspiracy - Part 1
Conspiracy - Part 2
Conspiracy - Part 3
Oranges and lemons
True calling
With a little help from my friends
Dream Assignment
1. Dream Assignment
2. Second Helpings
3. Three Times Free
4. For you
Night Train

Paul and Jezziebelle
Initiation Part 1
Initiation Part 2
Initiation Part 3
Initiation Part 4
Initiation Part 5
Initiation Part 6
Initiation Part 7
Industrial Espionage
Last train to Grimsby
Jim Williams Wrapping88[at]
A Favor That Will Last a Life Time
A Fantasy that went Astray
The Girl Next Door

The Halloween trick
The Perfect Donor
The Perfect Donor 2
A Whirlwind of a Story!
The Girl Next Door
The Halloween Trick
Halloween Stories
The Halloween Trick
The Hotel Room
The Robbery
An Unexpected Visitor
Four Hands are Better then Two!
Four Hands are Better then Two! Part 2
Four Hands are Better then Two! 3
Four Hands are Better then Two! 4
Jo jzami[at]hotmail[dot]com Jo's Stories ==>
Because I Can
Becky the Vampire Sucker
Cassandra's Closet
The Centerpiece
The Chair
The Christmas Tree
Four Of A Kind
Ghost of a Chance
March Madness
The Paper Route
Outback Bound
The Rat
Reality Check
The Rules of the Game
The Sacrifice
The Seduction
The Seduction 2
Something to Pass the Time
Stuck on u
Tan Lines
Tan Lines 2
Tan Lines 3
Tan Lines 4: Epilogue
The Tales of Sir Dwayne
2: The Lark
3: The Offer
4: The Lady Is Trained
The Tree Trimming
What Would Jesus Do?
Wrong Number
Jane's Story
1: The Fishbowl
2: The Birthday Party
3: Quality Time
4: At The Club
5: Weird and Wonderful
6: Epilogue
7: Transition
8: The Wedding Day
9: The Boat Ride
10: Latex Dream
Bagged 2: Caught!
The Burglar
Coming Home
A Day at the Beach
Exhibit B
Feminine Hygiene
Girls Night In
The Hyzer Date
La Cage Au Fille
The Magic Cube
The Porch Swing
The Perfect Storm
Room 1214
The Shoot
The Sound of Her Master's Voice
The Wish
12:00 12:00 12:00
All The Rage
The Weaning
Pledges Peril
Soul of a New Machine
Vocational Training
Free Ride
Happy Camper
The Rainbow
The Road Trip
Room Service
Serving Her Country
The Trousseau
Act of Contrition
Cold Day In Heaven
The Evil Stepsister
For The Kids
For the Love of June
The Guest
The Seduction
Share the Joy
Table For One
Bovinity School
The Herd
It's Only Money
Making Up Lost Time
'Twas the night after Christmas ...
Area 22
Best Laid Plans
Borrowed Time
Dirty Little Debbie
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
The Pinay in the Pit
The Pond
The Wedding Makeover
X Marks The Spot
Blue Ribbon Chili
Gold Digger
Half Baked
Bitgirl 1: Deerefield House
Bitgirl 2: Bitgirl
Bitgirl 3: The Race
Bitgirl 4: Bitgirl's Reward
The Contract
Dream Ride
Pony Zen
Halloween Stories
All Of Me
Bitch's Brew
Doll House
Ghosts and Mummies and Beer
A Halloween Story
Happy Dolloween
Pay Me!
Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater
Silk Dance
Christmas In July
Dearly Departed
Easter Egg Hunt
Fade to Black
FeD Ex
Gilding Lilli
Grampa's Box
In the Trees
The Jewel Box
The Magnus 360
The Masking
On the first day of Christmas...
The Opening
Postal Chess
Return to Sender
Riding the Clam
The Road Trip
Sack Religious
Stow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Wages of Cyn
Wages of Cyn 2
The Waxing Moon
Wax Hands
Just One Little Thing
The Lucky Fun Novelty Company
Maid Of Honor
The Price She Pays
Rubber Maid
Smooth as Latex
Cast Party
The Freshman
Ghosts and Mummies and Beer
Happy Camper
If One is Good...
My Lesbian Mistress
Serving Her Country
The Sight
Silk Dance
Sybian Therapy
The Trousseau
The Wrapture
Chocolate Bunny
The Pet Sitter
The Wedding Feast
China Doll
Doll House
Happy Dolloween
Dollers and Sense
Dollers and Sense 2: Sally's Pony
Dollers and Sense 3: Transformation
Dale - Work in progress
Dale V2.0
Dale 3: A Day in the Life
Propriété de Maîtresse
John Roper tizerup2thriller[at]aol[dot]com
All Tied up
Bound & Distressed
Bound To Be Safe
Bond Con Bound
Binding Love
Binding Love 2
Bound For Christmas
Damsel In Distress
Damsel In Distress 2
Damsel In Distress 3

Michelle's First Time
Michelle's First Time 2
Michelle's First Time 3
Fast Lane Bondage 1
Fast Lane Bondage 2
Fast Lane Bondage 3
Fast Lane Bondage 4
Fast Lane Bondage 5
The Bondage Adventures Of Lara Cross
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
The Studio
1. Bondage Stool Pigeon
2. Stephanie's Coming Out Party
3. The Juice Room
4. Rope Soap
5. Angelina's Story
Manhattan Bound - part 1
Manhattan Bound 2 - Lilliana's Pleasure
Scorned Bound
Scorned Bound 2
Sabrina Covington Vicki's Big Mistake Bound by PC
Hypnotically Bound
Hypnotically Bound 2
Hypnotically Bound 3
Jon Deets        
She Lost the Bet
2: Another Lost Bet
3: The Third Lost Bet
4: The Fourth Lost Bet
5: No Bet This Time!
6: Vegas!
7: Budapest
8: Caribbean Good Times
The Abduction Game Gone Wrong
The Abduction Game 2: The Limo

A Day on the Lake
A Visit to Paris
The Ranch
New Mexico Training Session
New Mexico Training Session 2: Remedial Work
How Sandra became Indentured
Sandra: The Indentured Prostitute
My Wife's Friday Night
My Wife's Sunday Night

Gala Night
Home Invasion
Unplanned Evening
New Year's Eve Gift
JSmith7471 jsmith7471[at]yahoo[dot]com
The Break-in
The Break-in 2: Rachel & Jose
The Break-in 3: Captives
The Conversation
Halloween Display
Hospital Visit
The Meeting
Missed Meeting
The Nosy Neighbor and the Rookie
Maid Service
Sleep Tight, Pleasant Dreams!
Summer Vacation
Halloween Stories
Halloween Display
back to the top
Dining with the Wizard 1: Jane
Dining with the Wizard 2: Sara
The Bed
A Dolls Life for Me
Linda's Secret Desire
The Lovedoll
Staked Out
What a Beach
Errant Errand
Prey for your Life
Prey for your Life 2
Karen & Natalie Captured
February 14th
Dream Girl
Dream Girl 2: Day 2
The Audition
Kathy Bond
Kathy's 24 Hours (part 3 added)
Oh Come On It Will Be Fun!
Store Clerks Revenge
Katrinka Karu
Desire Boutique Part 1
Desire Boutique Part 2
Desire Boutique Part 3
Desire Boutique Part 4
The Contest
Katja The Toy
Katja The Toy at The House of Lust
Katja The Toy at The House of Lust 1: Ready, Set, Squeak!
Katja The Toy at The House of Lust 2: Sign in for the Duty
Vacation in Reno
Thank you Mr.Hawke, where ever you are
Ballet Bound
Ballet Bound 2
Drama Club's Garbage
Janitor's Garbage
Cameron and Heather
Cameron and Heather 2
Kelly Selfbound
Kelly’s Torment in the Woods
Kelly is Parked at the Mall
Where is Kelly’s Key?
Kelsey C
Her First Time
Kens life in Self Bondage
Kens life in Self Bondage 2: The Middle Years
Kens life in Self Bondage 3: The Later Years
Kent Hellershanks
Rubber Pony Prison
Tiny Troubles
Julie’s Surprise
Julie’s Surprise 2
Julie’s Surprise 3
Julie’s Surprise 4
Julie’s Surprise 5
Kerry Mahs
Kerry’s Pride
Night of Black
Kev Bowler
Kyoto's Payback
Halloween Magic
Dorm Mates
Halloween Stories
Halloween Magic
Invaded in Darlex
Killian Dark
Mummy Lives
Tina Part 2
Best Laid Plans
Kimberley Robbe-Grillet
Kimberley's Night at the Museum
Kimberley Witchey
Kim Manners
Bad Bargain 2: The Story Continued
Cathy's Delivery Part 1
Cathy's Delivery Part 2
Gary and Kristin
Heather's Halloween Hell
Suiting Danielle
Suiting Danielle 2
Halloween Stories
Heather's Halloween Hell
Kim Normunde
Adventure in the Park
The Adventure begins...
Beth's Story
Kelly Liu's Adventures in Self-Bondage
London's First Time
Self Bondage with Agnes
King Ollie
Joe has Ideas
Kinky Katie
From One Prison to Another
Kinky Kent
Mistress Jane
The Exhibition of Jade
Suspended Release
There's No Place Like Home
What have I unleashed???
Sally the latex doll
Kinky Writer
Rachel's Weekly Web Show
Head Space
In Need of Discipline
Waiting Up for Michelle
Quiet Time in Latex
Leather Makes the Dominant Woman
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The Differences
Kittin's Selfbondage Story
Kittin's Selfbondage Story 2
Kittin's Selfbondage Story 3
Knotty Master
see stories below
Long Weekend
Caught Chained
Kold Kurtis
Sunday Surprise
A Slave to Pain and Pleasure
Trapped Between Heaven and Hell
Kris Player
Latex at Bedtime
Video for Jeff
Kurai Kokoro
Meredith's Romantic Mummification
Meredith's Romance 2
Meredith's Romance 3
Kelly's New Life
Rainbows End
The Rainbow’s End Part 2
Jenni and Sam, the beginning
Jenni and Sam, favor returned
Kurt Knout
Wonder Woman: Network Nightmare
Dianne’s Desert Disaster
K. Valery
The Rubber Gallery
Kylee Latex
The Party to Start it All
Kitn swtlilkitn[at]yahoo[dot]com
House Painting
The Tell Tale Collar
The Gift
Lonely Hearts
another story from a kats life
The Making of a Model
Master’s Snack
Fantasy of a Kat
The Long Road Home
The Stable
Knotty Master    
Fine Art
Young & Dumb
Making a New Friend
Making a New Friend 2
Making a New Friend 3
Making a New Friend 4
Making a New Friend
Making a New Friend 2
Making a New Friend 3
Stephanie Discovers
The Final Trek
The Final Trek 2: The unexpected path
The Final Trek 3: The end of old business
The Final Trek 4: Final farewell
The Final Trek 5: Houston, we've had a problem
For the Joy of Mud
The Cycle of Life
College Discoveries
About the Bondage
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