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These stories concern people in bondage & fetish scenes and are therefore adult in nature.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the authors.

These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors and have been included here by kind permission.

  • selfbondage = blue
  • bondage = black
  • latex = grey
  • mummification = maroon
  • packaged = purple
  • spandex = light blue
  • erotic = pink
  • dollstories = scarlet
  • devoured=red
  • trashcan=green
  • buried=apple grn
  • transform=blue
  • machine=yellow
  • tg stories=dusty pink
  • ponygirl=green
Infernal Restraints
Sexually Broken
Stories by Author R
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The Test
Racer and Rick
Bob Carol & Alice 1/2
Bob Carol & Alice 3/4/5
Bob Carol & Alice 6
The Box
The Crate
No Room at the Jails
Rainbow Golding
The Game
The Game -  Part 2
The Journey
see stories below
The Pool, The Orchard & the Pony
Picking Apples with Penelope
The Bridleway
7 AM Alarm
Mummification Story
Just Desserts
Tricked, Transformed and Tied
Vengeful Spirits
Spellbinder V The Collector
Spellbinder V The Collector 2
Spellbinder V The Collector 3
Spellbinder V The Collector 4
Buried Alive
In the Dark
Warm Up
New Toys
see stories listed below
Mitten’s Selfbondage
Raye De Lobos
Something Sweet
Halloween Stories
Something Sweet
Cindy's New Slave
Ray Writer
Fortieth Birthday
Trapped by Your Own Fantasy
see stories listed below
Rubber Mummy
The Volunteer
The Volunteer 2
see stories listed below
see stories listed below
Rubber Training
Rubber Training 2
Rubber Training 3
Rubber Training 4: My Training begins
Rubber Training 5: My Training Continues
Rubber Training 6: Seline's Punishment
Visiting my Rubber Mistresses
2: Mistress Philippa and Mistress Diana
3: Mistress Terri
4: Mistress Nancy
Just Another Day At Work
Soul Bound
Rebecca Pearl
Car Trouble: Part I
Barbara the batgirl
A Cat Named Misha
Elisabeth of Negipth
Meeting Dee
A Couple's Games
A Couple's Games 2
Redneck Rubber
Alternative Medicine
Friends ex-girlfriend
Fuckdoll for both of us
I Tricked Myself
Lucky Find
Psychiatrists Help
A Real "Fun Party"
I Tricked Myself
Lucky Find
Remy Locke
Shrunken Forever
Going to a Party?
Solo Vacuum
Halloween Special
Going to a Party?
Res Ipsa
Ready to Play
Ready to Play 2
A Little Work
see stories listed below
RG Bargy
see stories listed below
Rhys Ford
Lazy Winter Afternoon
My Bondage
2: Life as a Slave
3: Games
4: On Loan and Escape
5: Under New Management
6: Problems and Resolution
7: Leaving and After
My Life as a Dog
My Life as a Dog
Richard Alexander
see stories listed below
Richard F
Self Induced Torment
Richard George
David and Linda - The Beginning
Richard M
Andrea's Summer Vacation
Richard Thomas
The Trip of a Lifetime
The Trip of a Lifetime 2: Stallions
The Trip of a Lifetime 3: Ranch Stallion
The Bus Ride
The Bus Ride 2
The Bus Ride 3
The Bus Ride
see stories listed below
Kierra in VR
To Himself
rob AKA- pierced_m
Bondage Nights
Bondage Before Vegas
Bondage Before Vegas2
Rob C
Laid To Rest
A Weekend in Bed
Robert Deane
Kimberly's Night
One Tie Too Many
A Road Less Travelled
Julie's Time
Kelli Ch 1
Story with no Name
Anniversary Surprise
Anniversary Surprise 2: Two Days before
Robert Kingsley
Bound to Serve…
Runaway Chair
The Silent Intruder
Surprise, Surprise!
Robin Barnard
The Clueless Fly
Date with a Spider
Pussy Silk
Pussy Silk 2: Out in the Park
The Spider and the Clubfly
Bound for an Unknown Destiny
Robin Ripley
Jill in a Box
Jill in a Box 2: Miss Sophie
Robin Zero
Midnight Stroll in the Desert
Sunrise Part 1: Reality
Sunrise Part II: Fantasy
The Stringent Bondage of Marie
The Sisterhood's Revenge
Dolly Mommy
Slave Bot
Another day of filming...?
Becoming a robot... at last!
Creating a Fantasy Girl
The New Housemaid
Trying life as a fucktoy, be careful what you wish for!
The Dairy Unit
Sarah’s Pony Play
Another day at the ‘Office’
Sarah’s Pony Play
rob rubber
Rubber Car Bondage
Chair Tie
Electro-stim Hogtie
A Self-Bondage Fairy Tale
A Tie Too Tight
Too Smart by Half
New Twist on Hogtie
Way Too Tight
The Jurassic Man
Rod Stiffener
Lady Jane 1
Lady Jane 2
Lady Jane 3
My First Session With A Strap-On
The Question is Answered Right Away
A Massage & More
New Steel Manacles
A Night at the Fetish Club
Roger sub
Subby Boy
Subby Boy 2
Roger Williams
Backyard Fun
Bound in the Garden
A Night or Two in the Spa
Perfect Companion
Taking A Short Bondage Walk
A Visit To The Local Dungeon
see stories listed below
Rojo Caliente
The Challenge
What a Halloween!!
Halloween Stories
What a Halloween!
Chair Bound
Ron McIngle
Desert Daisey
Personal Trainer
Serving in Cyberspace
Pony for Rent 1: Training
Pony for Rent 2: Competition
Oberon 1: Fresh From Auction
Oberon 2: The Glass Wright's Daughter
Penal Slave
The Rook
Hunting Property
Hunting Property 2: Kate's Story
Hunting Property 3: Slave Kate
Kate's Revenge
The Party's Over
Big Things Cum in Small Boxes
Antoinette: The Damsel in Distress
Confessions of a Teenage Bondage Slut
Confessions of a Teenage Bondage Slut 2
Confessions of a Teenage Bondage Slut 3: Prom Night
Making Up In Public
Rope Lover
Beach Bound
Hotels - An Encounter
Stressful Day – Restrained Evening
Escaped Slave
With Some Assistance
The Marriage
How may I serve you?
Beach Combing
R Sly
Weekend of Surprises
RS Sherwood
Debbies Desire
My Rubber Transformation
My Rubber Transformation 2: Oral Fixation
My Rubber Transformation 3: An Education
My Rubber Transformation 4: Exercise Training
Rubber Ballet
A Mouth Full
At Home on the Sofa
The Experiment
Hobsons Choice
Pavlov's Girl
The Watcher
Beth's Wardrobe
Janet's Zentaisuit
The Mime In The Box
Pokemon: May's Blankie
Secret of the Seamstress
The Spandex Touch
Zentai Among Us
School of Rubber
School Of Rubber 2: Breakfast for a rubberdolly
School of Rubber

Baron's Daughter
Mechanical Master
The Latex Girl in the Mirror
Mechanical Master
Rubber Chloe
The Path to Slavery
The Weekend
The Wrong Suitcase
Rubber Devotee
Birthday Surprise
Restaurant Meeting
Rubber Dick
Rubber Fantasy House
Rubber Doctor
London Holiday
London Holiday 2
Rubber Doll Jessica
The Experiment
Rubber Doll Jessica 1: The Beginning
Rubber Doll Jessica 2: Jessica's Decision and a New Job
A Situation that blows...
Subjective Objectiveness
Rubber Doll Jessica - The Beginning
Rubber Doll Jessica - Jessica's Decision and a New Job
RubberDoll Unit 19
The Scent
All Rubber Domination
The Slut Chip
Club 10
see stories listed below
Party Favour
Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny
Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny 2: Exploration
Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny 3: Mystery Treat
see stories listed below
Poison Ivy and Latex
Poison Ivy and Latex 2
Poison Ivy and Latex 3
Living Art
Quiet Friday Night In
Quiet Friday Night In
How They Met
The Special Rubber Hood
Special Rubber Hood
Rubber Phantom
Married Life
Poker Night
The Shipping Crate
To Satisfy A Wager
The Shipping Crate
The New Position
Love Doll 2
Love Doll 2
The Tiger in the Night
A Doll on Birth and Death
see stories listed below
The Purification
Jack's Rubber Rendevous
John's Seduction
Mommy's Surprise
R U Latex – Bound
Self Bound Mummy
R U Latex Bound (Mrs)
Inescapable Embrace
see stories listed below
Daddy's Little Dancer Girl
The Premature Burial
Virtual Bondage
Virtual Bondage 2: Egyptian Queen
Knight’s Armor I
Knight’s Armor II
Mummy Accident
The Abduction
The Abduction 2
Marked Mannequins
Marked Mannequins 2
Marked Mannequins 3
Ryleigh Myers
Art Exhibit
Sculptress & Art
Cost Effective
Equal Sentence
Holding up the Building
Motel Room Meeting
Motel Room Meeting 2
Motel Room Meeting 3
Motel Room Meeting 4
Motel Room Meeting 5
Motel Room Meeting 6
Motel Room Meeting 7
Motel Room Meeting 8
Another Self Bondage Mistake
Home Alone
More than a Walk in the Park
Not Just a Walk in the Park
The One Small Mistake
Sara's Discovery
Distress Call
Distressing Development
Discovered in a Bad Position 1: Caught
Discovered in a Bad Position 2: Punishment
Discovered in a Bad Position 3: Morning Torment
Discovered in a Bad Position 4: Sunday Afternoon
Rawl/Rawn rawlsville[at]yahoo[dot]com
Back Up Power Supply Janet's Latex Selfbondage
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
1: Capri's Daytrip
2: Latex Selfbondage
3: Beverly's Designs

My Early Years
Back Up Power Supply
Gail's Night Out
Gail's Saturday Morning
1950's Night
Appliance Repair
Surprise Weekend
Bondage Stories
Bondage Ballet Blues
Carol's Cellar Cell
Carol's Pet Wolf
Caught by the Balls
Garage Affairs
Gone with the Wind
Halloween Witch Hunt
Justin's Harem
Outward Bound
Problems at the Prom
Never Play Against a Full House
Three in a Bed
Witch Hunt on Halloween
Mummification Stories
A Bunch of Sluts!
Derek's Downfall
Harry Gets Caught
Halloween Holiday
Halloween House Party
Halloween Night in Lost Rising
A Halloween Transformation
The Just Punishment
The Race
The Party
Old Ruins can lead to Ruination
Packaged Stories
Arabian Nights
The Box
Caught in the Act
Fantasies Fulfilled
The Initiation
The Magician's Assistant
Package Holiday
Perfect Xmas Box
The Strongbox
Moving Home
Halloween Stories
Halloween Hell for Tim
Halloween Holiday
Halloween House Party
Halloween Night in Lost Rising
A Halloween Transformation
Witch Hunt on Halloween
Selfbondage Stories
Terry's Terrible Torment
Bondage Ballet
Stuck Again
A Christmas Carol
Jan Brown

Transformation Stories
Revenge on John
TG/CD Stories
My Shed & Joan
Bondage Ballet
The Statue
Jane's Rubber Doll
Trashcan Stories
Cheap Holiday's are Rubbish
Marge's Rubbish
Tina's Trash
A Wheelie good time
Gone with the Bin
Buried Stories
Fantasies Fulfilled
The Party
Susan Dumps her Boyfriend
Toby's Tale
RG Bargy rgbarg_uk[at]yahoo[dot]
Birthday Present
The Captive
The Captive 2: Captivated
The Captive 3: Quelle Surprise
Close Ties
The Contest
Dianna's Story
A Friend in Need
The Handcuffs
The Handcuffs 2
The Handcuffs 3
The Haves and the Have Knots
The House of Flesh
Ian's Discovery
Ian's Discovery 2
Ian's Discovery 3
Life Sentence
The Perfect Match
Tied Together
A Walk in the Park

Selfbondage Stories
Katie’s Surprise
One Mistake
No Place Like Home
Climactic Oversight

Latex Stories
It Suits Mandy and it Suits Me

Mummification Stories
Mummy Attacks!

Packaged Stories
First Class Shipping
The Bequest
A Business Trip to the Back End of France
Buying Handcuffs
A Complete Mess
Halloween Party
The Final Straw
The Jacket
Laura’s Awakening
The Long Weekend
The Long Weekend
Moving Stuff
Museum Gibbet
Museum of the Future
The Protest
Random Encounter

Sisterly Curator
Sisterly Curator 2
The Stables
The Stable Trap
Thanks a Lot eBay!
Three Broken Rules
Time for a Change
A Trip To Tesco
A Trip To The Cinema
Vicki Does a Runner
Vicki & the Straitjacket
The Village Fete
Halloween Stories
Halloween Party
Rohana rohana[at]bellsouth[dot]net
Gai-Shift     Gai-Shift: Angel Gai-Shift - Reversal
Gai-Shift Encyclopedia of Knowledge
1: World of the Gai-Shift
2: Queen Lilla's Mission
3: 'Unbound Pleasure'
4: Bert51
5: Engine Room
6: Miss Anna
7: Pollywogs
8: High Mistress of Ecuador
9: Chespeake
10: Captain Zana Hoffsteder
11: The Sister with the Forward Tail
12: Bert51 to the Rescue
13: Journey Home
1: The Angel's First Victim
2: Captain Zana Hoffsteder
3: 'Great Expectations'
4: Caught in the Trap
5: Trials & Punishments
1: Lady M's Manor
2: Barbette
3: Baroness Manchester's Device
4: The New Manni
Gai-Shift - Magic Gai-Shift - Orchid Gai-Shift - The Pit   Gai-Shift - Snowbound
1: Megan the Witch
2: Plotting of Witches
3: Let Good Things come to All
4: All Honeymoons End
1: Kiyoko
2: The Black Orchids
3: Olivia Hammersmith
1: Kidnap
2: Miss Anna
3: Adara Burke
4: Arrest & Capture
5: Packages
6: The Mission
7: Evaluation
8: The Wash Room
9: Megan's Frustration
10: Sybil's Trap
11: Pitinna's Garden
12: Pitinna's Mission
13: Rani's Palace
14: Goddess of the Pit
15: Invasion Plans
16: Sakujna
17: There and back again
1: Petra's Homecoming
2: Cossacks
3: Anna Oblonsky
4: Anna's Toy
5: The Prussian Maid
Gai-Shift - Hotel California Gai-Shift - Out of Africa     Gai-Shift - Green
1: Laundry Service
2: Complimentary Package
3: Hang Out the Washing
4: Escape to a New Life
1: Missionary Work
2: All Aboard
3: Priestess's Habits
4: A Tricky Witch
5: The Stowaway
6: Full Service
7: Crossing the Line
8: Meeting the Natives
9: A Thief in the Night
10: Another One Down...
11: Dangling Like Fruit
12: Foul Treachery!
13: Stuck in the Mire
14: Pili's Story
15: Simply Savored
16: Out of the Pot & Into the Fire
17: Diamonds are a Girls best friend...
18: Mosi's Downfall
19: Pili to the rescue
20: Serving Astarte
1: Megan's Bull Round Up
2: Chlorophene the Druid
3: Fairies & the Sacred Glade
4: Little Megan
Gai Shift - Portrait Gai-Shift - Thermocline Gai-Shift - Oasis Gai-Shift - Some Like it Knot Gai-Shift - Cogs
Gai-Shift - Portrait 1: Orders
Gai-Shift - Portrait 2: Captured on Canvas
1: Coming of the Norsewomen
2: Weapons of Mass Depravity
3: Captain Hallerna's Organ Recital
4: Release the Lancers
5: A Fire on the Sea
6: Release the Lancers 2.0
1: Kate out of the Frying Pan...
2: Carin the Flower Vitch
3: Guests of Ra'idah
4: Miriam's Whinery
5: Ra'idah's Delight
6: Kate's Plan
7: Kate's out of the Frying Pan... again!
1: Manni Surprise
2: Escape?
3: The New Maid?
4: Pajama Party
5: Cindy the Rubenisque Maid
6: from Manni to Maiden
Gai-Shift - Beachcomber
Gai-Shift - Point of View
Gai-Shift - Winter Solstice
Gai-Shift - Serif
Gai-Shift - Kiyoko
Gai-Shift - Peregrine Other Stories      
1: Test & Capture
2: Josie & the Foot Tease
3: Hisstle the Catwoman
4: Bound for Pleasure
5: Petra's humiliation
6: The trap is set...
7: Best laid plans...
8: Afterward
The Mummy of Bangalore

Richard Alexander bilboes1[at]gmail[dot]com
Monica’s Place
Book 1 in the Monica Series
Monica's Quest
Book 2 in the Monica Series
Monica's Revenge
Book 3 in the Monica Series
Monica’s Games – Part I
Book 4 in the Monica Series
Monica’s Games – Part 2
Book 4 in the Monica Series
1. The Initiation.
2. Testing Times
3. The Customer is Always Right
4. Christina
5. Trish gets the Shaft
6. Contrary Mary
7. The Gym
8. The Tardis & the Submarine
9. Shannen's Story - Day One
10. Shannen's Story - Day Two
11. Shannen's Story - Day Three
12. Shannen's Story - Day Four
13. The Twins
14. Shannen Rides Again
15. Dungeons & Dragons
16. Photo Opportunities
17. House Calls
18. The Rack
19. Cutting Loose (by Trish)
20. Death & Transfiguration
21. Escape & Capitulation
22. Transfiguration & Enslavement
23. Coming Out
24. The Final Exam
1. The Video
2. Leila's Story
3. Leila's Story - Part Three
4. Jillian's Story
5. Jillian's Story - Part Two
6. Money Talks - Trish's story
7. Hong Kong Hunters
8. The Repeat Customer - Trish's story
9. Foreplay
10. Penetration
11. Withdrawl
12. Trish's story Part 3
1. The Storm before the Calm
2. Monica Goes Public
3. The New Client
4. Chained and Frustrated
5. Portia Takes Command
6. Punished (Jillian's story)
7. The Price of Submission (Trish's Story)
8. Life On The Chain Gang
9. Superheroes in Bondage
10. From Bad to Worse
11. Full Circle
12. Preparations
13. The Citadel
14. Location, Location
15. Long and Winding Roads
1: Chance Encounter
2: Blind Man's Shoot Out
3: To The Victor, The Spoils
4: Crime and Punishment
5: Cyber Preparation
6: Practice Makes Perfect
7: Live, Worldwide
8: View from the top
9: Oman - Monica's Story
10: Preparation and Travel - Monica's Story
11: Payment in Kind
12: Payback - Trish's Story
13: Retribution
14: Preparations
15: Coventry
16: Old Friends
17: Leila Goes Swimming
18: Emma Runs Amok
19: Trish Puts On Weight
20: Mary Takes Her Guard
21: Jillian Goes Downhill
22: Steven a la Carte 
23: Monica Walks the Walk
24: Question and Answer
25: Missing In Action
26: Concrete Evidence
27: Jill Paints the Town
28: Trailer Trash
29: Final Assault
30: The Assault Continues
31: More Spoils to the Victor
Monica’s Travels
Book 5 in the Monica Series
Monica & the Black Fortress
Book 6 in the Monica Series
Monica's Justice - Captives of Shark Island
Book 7 in the Monica Series
The Abduction of Monica
Book 8 in the Monica Series
Vanishing Act
1: Last Orders
2: Taking Off
3: Shawnee Sleeps Over - Shawnee's Story
4: Shawnee In Trouble - Shawnee's Story
5: The Enemy Lair
6: Sending in the Cavalry
7: Birth of a Domme
8: The Welcome Party - Monica's Story
9: Chapel of Horrors - Monica's Story
10: Battling for the Maidens - Monica's Story
11: On the Trail
12: Prisoners of Carreg Cennen - Jillian's Story
13: Crisis Management
14: Turning the Tide
15: The Big Apple - Monica's Story
16: On Display - Monica's Story
17: High Fashion - Monica's Story
18: Medical Specimens - Monica's Story
19: New York, New York
20: Mental as Anything - Monica's Story
21: Running Hot and Cold - Monica's Story
22: Searching for Answers
23: LA LA Land
24: Planning & Plotting
25: Containing the Enemy
26: Closure
1: Visitors
2: Educating Rani
3: Difficult Lessons
4: On the Move
5: Contact
6: The Chandrai Express
7: Witness:  Emma's Story
8: Jillian Takes Charge: Jill's Story
9: Backwoods Prison: Trish's Story
10: Dog Day Afternoon: Trish's Story
11: The Black Fortress
12: The Temple of Shiva - Monica's Story
13: Rising Waters
14: The Grave in the Forest - Trish's Story
15: Apres le Deluge
1. Fatal Encounters
2. Shooting the Messenger
3. Kidnaps R Us
4. Stalkers
5. Secret Subbies
6. Bound by the Past - Mary's story
7. Christmas Presents
8. Adrift
9. A Quiet Christmas - Trish's Story
10. Shark Island
11. Portia Cuts Loose
12. Tortured Toys
13. Opus Magnum
14. Patricia Doll - Trish's story
15. Caught in the Net - Trish's Story
16. Day & Night - Trish's Story
17. The Cell
18. Death in the Jungle
19. Sending in the Cavalry - Trish's story
20. End Game
1: The Russians are Coming
2: Taken! - Mary's Story
3: The Prisoners
4: The Psychic Detective
5: The Importance of Being Monica
6: Collar and Tie
7: Bound Meditation
8: Connection
9: Transported - Mary's Story
10: Incarceration - Mary's Story
11: On the Trail
12: Pain & Pleasure
13: Close Contact
14: Trial by Pleasure - Mary's Story
15: Clues
16: Insertion
17: Flight
18: Home Invasion - Leila's Story
19: Home Away From Home
20: Inferno - Trish's Story
21: Escape
22: Caught
23: The Darkest Hours
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Bondage Stories
Just Another Toy on the Shelf
Just Another Toy on the Shelf 2
Selfbondage Stories
Self Bondage with an Air Mattress
Mummification Stories
If Fantasies Could Talk
If Fantasies Could Talk 2: New Life
If Fantasies Could Talk 3: Kelly & Stacy
If Fantasies Could Talk 4: Naughty Slave
If Fantasies Could Talk 5: Cumming Out of the Closet
Going Postal
Plastering Ones’ Self
My Plaster Box
My Plaster Box 2: Humiliation
My Plaster Box 3: Ornament
Packaged Stories
The Trip
A Real Woman
Sex Doll
Short Man, Big Man & Co
Devoured Stories
Take Out Dinner
Buried Stories
Unexpected Disposal
Trashcan Stories
Back to the Trashcan
I was Compacted
Julies Best Time
Self Destruction
Spoiled Meat
Machine Stories
Take it Like a Sheep!
Take it Like a Sheep! 2: Julia on a Stick
Take it Like a Sheep! 3: Do Machines Dream of Sheep?
Finishing School Stern Manor Special Delivery In The Vice My Life
Finishing School 1
Finishing School 2
Finishing School 3
Finishing School 4
Finishing School 5
Finishing School 6
Finishing School 7
Finishing School 8
Finishing School 9
Finishing School 10
Finishing School II Part 1
Finishing School II Part 2
Finishing School II Part 3
Finishing School II Part 4
Finishing School II Part 5
Finishing School II Part 6
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4 & 5
Number 6
Number 7
Number 8
1. The Delivery
2. Exploring Her New Home
3. The Education Begins
4. More Challenges
5. Put Through Her Paces And Playing Ball
6. And So to Bed
7. Playing Doctor And Patient - And More!
8. tables Turning!
9. Rubberman's Further Education


In the Vice
In the Vice 2
In the Vice 3
In the Vice 4
In the Vice 5
In the Vice 6
In the Vice 7


1: Here I Am Now
2: The Relationship Changes
3: My Duties Expand
4: A Day To Remember – The First Sessions
5: A Day to Remember – The Second Day
6: A Day to Remember – The Last Session
Four Play An Alternative Sex in the City The Tale of Tim & Carol: Tim's Tale The Tale of Tim & Carol 2: Carol finishes the story From Top to Bottom
1: Introduction of the Players
2: An Evening at Home with Sophie
3: Decision Time
4: More Games With Sophie
5: I Take Control - Again
6: Sophie Relates her Adventure
7: Sophie is as Good as her Word, and Better
8: Acquisition, Transportation and Rubberisation
9: Let The Games Begin
10: And More Rubber Games
1: Carrie's Introduction
2: The Club Scene
3: Girls' Night Out
4: Charlottes Awakening
5: Samantha's Discovery
6: Home Coming
1: From Bad to Worse and Seeking Help
2: Carol in Training
3: Monica's Website and Carol's Further Rehabilitation
4: It's Not Getting Any Better For Carol
5: Carol's Education Continues
6: And So To The Races
7: The Big Race and Carol's Meets her Driver
1: Carol's Version of her Rehabilitation
2: Carol Returns Home to Tim
3: Meeting Monica Again
4: Cheating on Tim - Twice
5: Carol Receives More Advice
6: I Become Monica's Dominatrix and More
7: Carol Takes the Reins
8: Epilogue
1: A Chance Encounter
2: Getting to Know You
3: From A Different Perspective
4: A Frustrated Pet
5: About Time
6: Close and Personal
7: Another Encounter, with Unexpected Results
8: More Steps to Subjugation
9: I Go Clubbing and A Mistress Is Born
10: Clothes Maketh The Man
11: Transformation Completed
12: There's Nothing As Sweet As Candy
13: It Really Can't Get Any Better, Or Can It?
14: Role Play and Back to School
15: More Schoolgirl Japes
16: Epilogue - La Vita E Bella
The Club
Man - Woman - Pony 1: Acquisition
Man - Woman - Pony 2: Training
Man - Woman - Pony 3: Meeting the Family
A Weekend at The Club
A Weekend at The Club 2: Target Practice
A Weekend at The Club 3: Vacuum Packed
Institutionalised Other Stories      
1: The Star Reporter on the Case
2: Caught!
3: A Close Shave
4: Adjusting To An Institutional Life
5: Threesome without Tyra
6: My Turn
7: Knowing My Position
8: A Snug Plug
A Star Is Born
A Star is Born 2
The Auction
Cold Turkey
Diane's Tale
Deadlier Than The Male
Deadlier Than The Male 2
Deadlier Than The Male 3
Deadlier Than The Male 4
Lucy And Lilly
More Than He Bargained For
The Piano Teacher and Student
Predator And Prey
Predator and Prey
Sweet Dreams
Tom's Traumatizing Transformation
Tom's Traumatizing Transformation 2
Frankie's Fable 1: Tea With Mother
Frankie's Fable 2: Will They Accept Me As I Am?
rbp818 rubon818[at]aol[dot]com
Rubber Bondage Prisoner 1
Rubber Bondage Prisoner 2
Rubber Bondage Prisoner 3
Rubber Bondage Prisoner 4
Rubber Bondage Slave 1
Rubber Bondage Slave 2
Rubber Bondage Slave 3
Rubber Bondage Slave 4

Rubber Bondage Slave 5
Rubber Bondage Slave 6
Rubber Bondage Slave 7

Life of a Rubber Bondage Prisoner

Prisoner in Rubber and Bondage
1: The Start of a New Life
2: Mistress has a Visitor
3: Mistress introduces her new Regime
4: The prisoners future is explained to him

5: New Uniforms for the prisoner
6: Demerits and Punishments
7: First taste of real Punishment
8: Work and Punishment
9: Punishment & Work
10: Nurse White enjoys herself
RbrBill rbrbill[at]hotmail[dot]com
Agent in Charge
The Alexi Chronicle
Alien Rubber 1
Alien Rubber 2
Alien Rubber 3
Ambush at Mill Creek Park
The Bath
Bitter Revenge
Black Widow
Carla's Journey 1
Carla's Journey 2
Carla's Journey 3
The Challenge
The Chamber and the Pool
Cyber Bound Games
Deserved Fate
Executive Decision
Grand Prize
Jenny's Last Fantasy
Leather & Lace
Lifetime Guarantee
Linda's Revenge
Lisa Latex Fantasy
Latex Jo ch 1 & 2
Latex Jo ch 3

Mannequin R'doll
Making of a Latex Doll
No Bounds Esoteric Society
One More Wish
Rbrbill Exposed
Rbrbill's Final Conversion
Rbrbill's Final Conversion Part 2
Rbrbill's Last Solo
The Rehab Center 1: Reception
The Rehab Center 2: Initial Training
The Rubber Club
Rubber Isolation Prisoner IP-352
The Secret
Shirley's Conversion
The Solution
trip to Atlanta
Uncle Jim's Birthday Party
View of the Mountains II
Doctor Laytecks
Doctor Leytecks
Doctor Leytecks 2
Doctor Leytecks 3
Doctor Leytecks 4
Doctor Leytecks 5
The Shuns
The Shuns 1
The Shuns 2
The Shuns 3
The Shuns 4
Palace in the Clouds
Palace in the Clouds 1
Palace in the Clouds 2
Palace in the Clouds 3
Palace in the Clouds 4
Palace in the Clouds 5
Palace in the Clouds 6
Palace in the Clouds 7
Palace in the Clouds 8
Palace in the Clouds 9
Answers in the Clouds
Tales from the Spring
Wedded Bliss
Walking in the Rain
The Party
Walk in the Rain
Weekend of Slavery
Diary of a Week in Heaven
Jillian's Mouse Trap
1.1: The Will
1.2: Paulsen House
1.3: Reinforced Rubber Encasement
2.1: The Training Continues
2.2: Embracing a Life Style
2.3: The Fly Paper
2.4: Finding Reason
2.5: Justice for All Things Rubber
Letters From Kaylin        
1: Searching
1: Searching Pt 2
2: Journeys Pt 1
2: Journeys Pt 2
2: Journeys Pt 3
3: Destinations
4.1: Jason’s Gasps
4.2: Jason Meets Angelina
5: Conditioning & Destination
6: New HAZMAT Environmental Suits
7: Population Recover Test Area
Rubber Baroness 1
Rubber Baroness 2
Rubber Baroness 3
Rubber Baroness 4
Rubber Baroness 5
Rubber Baroness 6

Rubber Baroness 7
Rubber Baroness 8
Rubber Baroness 9
Rubber Baroness 10
Rubber Baroness 11
Rubber Baroness 12
Unconventional 2: Convention begins...
Unconventional 3: Lady Onyx Comes Out
Doctor G’s Ultimate Patient
A Special Weekend It Will Be

The Parade
The Perfect Pony
The Perfect Pony 2: His True Calling
The Perfect Pony 3: Lady Rachel's farm
The Perfect Pony 4: Rainbow’s End
Alice's Rubbery Afternoon
Hot Date
My Rubber Heart
Someone To Love
A Sound And Some Fury
A Visit to the Rubber Clinic
A Visit from a Rubber Friend
What The Babysitter Found
A Winding Path
The Librarian
The Librarian 2
The Librarian 3
Poster Boy
Housewives New Hobby
Latex Stories
Invitation to a Fetish Party
Working Late
Working Late 2 - Temp to Perm
Special D
Among The Missing
Among The Missing 2
Among The Missing 3
Among The Missing 4
Among The Missing 5
Among The Missing 6
Among The Missing 7
Among The Missing 8
Among The Missing 9
Among The Missing 10
Among The Missing 11
Among The Missing 12
Among The Missing 13
A Fitting Mount
How Lisa Learnt to Sleep Standing Up
The Rocky Road to Ruin
Bondage Stories
Echoes of Barking
Echoes of Barking 2
The Joys of Spring
Window Dressing
Mummification Stories
Show and Tell
Invitation to a Fetish Party
The Rocky Road to Ruin
Working Late
Working Late - Part 2
Trashcan Stories
The Virtues of Recycling
Kim's Tail
1: Kim's Introduction
2: Honey's Training Regime
3: Hazel
4: Kate
PonyGirl Stories
The Window Worker
The Window Worker 2: Noike's Pet
Packaged Stories
Best Served Cold
Invitation to a Fetish Party
Special D
Working Late
Working Late 2
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