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The Parade

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2012 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; bond; shave; harness; boots; cart; parade; hum; transport; stables; training; ponyboy; reluct/cons; X

Andy hesitated for a few moments then pressed the button next to Kenneth’s name. The buzzer rang and the door unlocked. Andy pushed the door open and entered Kenneth’s condo building. He took the elevator to Kenneth’s floor and looked down the corridor. Kenneth was waiting in the open doorway.

“I didn’t think you were going to go through with it.” Kenneth chuckled.

Andy would’ve made a retort but it would just make him sound like a smartass. He had made a deal and despite how stupid it was he wasn’t going to back out. A deal was a deal.

“Let’s just get this over with. Why did you want me here so early? The parade doesn’t start until noon.”

Kenneth looked at Andy and smiled. “It’s going to take a little time to get you ready and get down there. It’s a long walk.”

“Why can’t we just drive down or take the bus?” asked Andy.

“The streets will be packed with people and I don’t think we’d have much luck with the bus.”

Andy looked a bit puzzled. But he knew that Kenneth was calling the shots. It was all because of that stupid bet.

Andy and Kenneth worked for the same bank, although Kenneth was in Senior Management and Andy was in Commercial Credit. Everyone knew that Kenneth was gay, but he never said much about it. Andy didn’t really care either. It was a decent working relationship and Andy was content with it. Kenneth was actually one of the best bosses he had and being gay never entered into the equation.

Until one day of the football pool. Everyone chose a team and bet on a team. The person whose team went all the way through the season and reached the Super Bowl won a quarter of the pot. If their team actually won the Bowl they’d get the rest. Andy and Kenneth both joined in. As the weeks passed Andy and Kenneth’s teams were in the running. Then Andy’s team started to collapse. Injuries and a streak of just bad luck drove his team to the cellar.

After the latest team loss Andy was pissed off. “Damn faggots!” he muttered. At that same time Kenneth had entered Andy’s office. He glared at Andy.

“Oh Jeez Kenneth…I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way…I just…” Andy stuttered not knowing what to say.

Kenneth shook his head. “If it was anyone other than you I’d have their ass fired. I’m not though.”

Andy looked at Kenneth. “I’m really sorry Kenneth. It won’t happen again.”

Kenneth looked at Andy. He had expected better from him. Maybe he just didn’t understand how gay people felt about slurs like that. Then he decided that Andy needed some guidance. But, how?

“I mean it was this damn pool!” Andy continued.

Yes the pool. Kenneth thought.

“Andy, if that pool was so important to you rather than your poor choice of words how about a little side bet?”

Andy looked at Kenneth. “What…kind of bet?” he asked.

“The season is almost over. Now my team isn’t assured of making it all the way. What I propose is that if they fail to win the Bowl, I’ll pay you what I do win.”

“And if they do win?”

“You’ll accompany me in the next Gay Pride Weekend and the mid-day parade.”

“That’s it?” Andy replied. This wasn’t as bad as he thought. The chances of Kenneth winning were good but not guaranteed. Was there a catch? “What else is there?” ,he asked.

Kenneth smiled. Andy wasn’t a fool, even though he needed someone to curb that tongue of his.

“You’ll have to be appropriately dressed for the occasion.”

“I’m NOT going to dress as some drag queen.” He said emphatically.

“I’m not into that Andy, although the sight would be entertaining. No, I happen to be part of a group called ‘LeatherMasters’.”

“Oh shit. Not whips and chains and…and.”

“Yes Andy. Whips and chains..and leather and rubber ,and all sorts of S&M things. You surprised?”

“No…no way am I going to do that.” Andy said.

“Suit yourself. Right now I’ve let you off the hook. However one more slip of the tongue and you’ll be searching for a new job.” With that Kenneth left Andy’s office.

Andy was stunned and scared at Kenneth’s offer. He knew that Kenneth would order him to be watched. Waiting for one little excuse to justify firing him.

Andy slept fitfully that night and for the next three nights. This would’ve been something that Human Resources should know about but what could he say? That after using a slur Kenneth tried to blackmail him? It really wasn’t blackmail. Kenneth had dropped the matter of the slur, so there wasn’t anything to blackmail him with. Still the thought that he was now on Kenneth’s ‘shit list’ was disturbing.

It was a nervous Andy that approached Kenneth’s office and knocked on the door. After motioning for Andy to come in and close the door Kenneth sat back in his chair.

“You’ve reconsidered our bet?” Kenneth asked.

“Yes…I thought about it and I’ll take the bet, but on one of my own conditions.”

“That condition is?”

“That you let things drop. No calling HR. No retaliation.”

“I have no reason to retaliate Andy. This is just a friendly little wager.”

“I mean for as long as I work here.”

“I see.” Kenneth looked at Andy. Although Andy’s poor choice of words was enough to fire him, Kenneth didn’t dislike him at all. He was a decent employee who needed a firm hand. So it was easy to agree.

“Done. “ Kenneth replied. “ It all will end at that point.”

Andy thanked Kenneth and left the office.

As the weeks passed Andy watched as Kenneth’s team rose in the standings. His heart sank as he watched the Super Bowl on TV and Kenneth’s team easily winning.

It was two months later that Andy’s phone rang. It was Kenneth. “I’ll expect you at my place at 10:30 Saturday morning.” he said.

It was no use to try to plead or renegotiate. A bet was a bet. It was a warm Saturday morning that Andy mustered up his courage and went to Kenneth’s condo building.

Now Andy entered Kenneth’s condo. It was a good sized place; at least three bedrooms. Why did he need so much room?

“Come with me Andy.” Kenneth said. It was more like a command than a request. Andy timidly followed him towards one of the bedrooms.

“Oh you might as well get undressed. “ said Kenneth. “Just leave them on the floor. I’ll get them later.”

Andy did as instructed and soon was nude. Kenneth looked at him with approval. “Very nice, Andy.Turn around.”

Andy did as he was told.

“Good looking ass and you’re better hung than I imagined.”

“You’d not going to make me go naked?” Andy asked.

“Of course not. “, Kenneth replied. “You’d get arrested. There are laws about indecent exposure you know. Well, they might get stretched a bit today. Now get into the shower.”


“Don’t ask questions that you’ll know I won’t answer.”

Andy walked into the bedroom and saw Kenneth’s collection of bondage and leather equipment. A St Andrews cross was in one corner while a whipping bench was in another. Turning into the bathroom he saw two sets of manacles fastened to the walls in the shower. Grabbing one of Andy’s wrists, Kenneth pushed him into the stall and secured one of the restraints closed. Then he did the same to Andy’s other wrist. Finally Kenneth secured Andy’s ankles to the remaining restraints.

Andy was now scared and started pleading with Kenneth to let him go. Soon he felt Kenneth’s hands grab his hair and a ball gag went into his mouth.

“Just relax Andy. “ Kenneth said. “I’m not going to hurt you, but this is going to sting a bit.”

Andy heard the sound of rubber gloves snapping and soon something was being poured on his back. Kenneth’s hands soon followed; rubbing the liquid over his body. Hands on his back, his rear. Fingers going between his asscheeks. Down his legs. Hands on his chest and soon touching his cock and balls.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? “ asked Kenneth. “Of course it does. In fact you’re enjoying it a lot .”

Andy felt Kenneth’s hands stroking his cock and balls. Soon Andy had an erection. He was ashamed that this was happening. Kenneth worked his fingers up and down the shaft. Andy tried to fight off cumming.

Then Kenneth stopped. “I think that we’ve figured out that you aren’t a homophobe. “ he chuckled.

After a few minutes Andy could feel an itching, then a burning sensation. Every place the liquid went was beginning to burn and irritate him. He struggled against the chains that held him. As the burning got worse he began to scream into the gag. He was about to pass out when Kenneth turned on the water and taking the hand shower, rinsed the liquid off Andy’s body. As Andy watched his hair disappeared down the drain.

“It was either this or I’d shave you. However that would take a lot longer and the way you would struggle I might accidentally cut you.”

Kenneth removed the gag and unlocked the manacles. He then secured Andy’s hands behind his back with a pair of hinged handcuffs. He toweled Andy off and took him into the second bedroom.

In that room Andy saw racks of leather and rubber clothing. Kenneth left Andy standing in front of a three way mirror and went to one of the racks.

“I haven’t used this in a while.” Kenneth said. “You’re lucky I have just the right size. Now lift your right leg.”

Andy did as he was told and saw Kenneth slipping something over his leg.

“Now the left leg”. Again Andy obeyed and soon a rubber jockstrap was being pulled up.

“I said that there was a little flexibility in the indecency laws. This will be just enough to comply.”

Kenneth began to adjust the jockstrap. He tucked in Andy’s cock and balls and snapped the rubber. Andy winced.

“Just a little reminder Andy. Now come and sit down.”

Andy was seated on a stool and he heard Kenneth behind him. Then a bunch of leather straps were laid on his shoulders and dangled across his chest and back. Kenneth began adjusting the shoulder straps and ordered Andy to stand up. In minutes Andy was secured in a bizarre leather harness. Kenneth unlocked the cuffs and pulled Andy’s arms behind his back in a reverse backprayer. Andy started to cry out when suddenly a large rubber bit was thrust into his mouth. Some more straps encircled his head and pulled tight. Blinders were attached so he could only look straight ahead.

Then Kenneth began checking the harness and bridle. He would adjust them, making sure that they were tight. Andy then heard something.




“The padlocks are just to make sure nothing comes loose, Andy.”

Kenneth went to a closet and pulled out a box. “Now your feet are a little small but I’m going to add some padding so they’ll be comfortable.”

Kenneth sat Andy back down on the stool. He pulled out a knee length boot and pulled it over Andy’s right leg. It was laced tight and like the harness and bridle he padlocked it secure. The left leg was next and soon Andy’s legs were encased in tight leather.

“OK now stand up.”, said Kenneth. Andy stood up and found himself perched in high heels. No, these weren’t high heels. The boots ended in horse’s hooves!

Kenneth then began dressing himself. Andy shook as he tried struggling in the heavy leather harness.

“Please don’t do that Andy. You’ll only hurt yourself. That’s my job.” With that Andy felt a riding crop across his rear.

“Now spread your legs and bend over.” commanded Kenneth. Andy stood still.

“Oh don’t make me have to get rough. We’re running late as it is. “ Kenneth gave Andy several more strokes with the crop. Andy quickly did as he was told.

Kenneth’s fingers soon entered Andy’s rear. Something slippery was on them. Then Andy felt something being pushed up his rear. It hurt!

“Calm down and don’t resist. It’s going in one way or another.”

Andy did his best to relax and soon a large butt plug was in his ass. But Kenneth wasn’t finished. He attached an inflator bulb to the plug and began squeezing. In seconds the butt plug filled Andy’s ass to the max. Kenneth then unscrewed the inflator bulb and tossed it onto a table.

“Very, very good. Take a look at yourself. “

Kenneth led Andy to the mirror. Andy saw a large horse’s tail sticking out of his ass!

“Oh shit, I forgot. On your knees Andy.” Said Kenneth. Andy complied although it was difficult without the use of his arms.

Kenneth began pouring another bottle over Andy’s head. “Is he going to make me bald?” Andy asked himself.

Soon Andy’s hair began getting stiff. Kenneth began shaping the hair until Andy’s hair was sticking straight up. Kenneth took a pair of scissors and began trimming until Andy’s hair resembled a mane.

“In a few minutes it’ll be rock hard and it won’t flop around in the heat.”

After washing his hands Kenneth approached Andy. A pair of reins was in his hand. He clipped the reins to the bridle and led Andy into the living room.

“OK. It’s time to go. Let’s get something clear. You do as I say. You don’t try to talk. You don’t do anything without me telling you what to do. Just to make sure, I’m going to take out some insurance.”

Kenneth then took his cell phone and began taking pictures.

“I’m sending these to a friend’s email address. These will be posted on the ‘LeatherMasters’ website if you don’t behave yourself. I don’t think you want that do you?”

Andy bowed his head in shame. There was nothing he could do. He only hoped the parade was a short route.

Kenneth took Andy’s reins and left the condo. They took the elevator and Andy was trembling as he was led out the lobby and onto the sidewalk. Kenneth and the ‘pony’ walked several blocks until they reached the parade starting area. Andy watched as Kenneth stopped to talk to other participants; making small talk and cracking jokes. Finally they arrived at the LeatherMasters’ staging area.

“Hey Ken, nice looking stallion you have there.” shouted another man who was also leading a human pony.

“Hey Jimmy!” replied Kenneth. “You got a good looking piece of horseflesh yourself!”

“Wanna race?”

“I don’t think so. Rainbow isn’t quite ready yet.”

Rainbow? Andy thought. He looked at Kenneth.

“Now you don’t think that Andy is a proper name for a pony, do you? I decided that you needed something more appropriate for the occasion. Now it’s time to get you hitched up.”

Kenneth took ‘Rainbow’ over to a small two-wheeled cart. He secured him between the shafts and climbed into the cart. Taking a buggy whip he smacked the exposed rear. Andy began pulling the cart forward. Kenneth took firm hold of the reins and directed Andy to the front of the ‘LeatherMasters’, where a group of four other ponies were waiting.

Andy stood in the bright sun. He was starting to really sweat and it dripped off his body. Another leatherman had a bottle of water and pushed the tube into Andy’s mouth. He squeezed and cool water entered Andy’s mouth.

“Thanks Frank.” said Kenneth. “I don’t want him fainting in this heat.”

A few minutes later Kenneth flicked the whip and Andy started down the street with the other ponies. It took only about a half hour but Andy felt as if the parade would never end. He was pointed at and people were taking pictures! He wanted to die right then and there.

Finally the parade ended. Kenneth dismounted the cart and led Andy to a side street where the participants were having a barbeque. Kenneth tied the reins to a lamppost and joined the others. Andy stood there sweating and shaking from the experience. Passersby and stared at him. Some giggled and pointed at his rubber covered crotch which now had a very large bulge. Some of the other participants posed with him for pictures.

Several long minutes later Kenneth reappeared, accompanied by ‘Jimmy’. Untying Andy, he led him over to a truck and trailer. There he unhitched Andy and pulled him over to the back of the trailer. Andy looked inside. The other ‘pony’ was inside. Padded leather straps ensuring he couldn’t move.

“Alright get in Rainbow!” ordered Kenneth. Andy refused but his refusal was short lived when the crop once again sliced across his ass. His ‘hooves’ were positioned on two metal plates. Jimmy pulled a lever and the plates snapped shut imprisoning Andy’s feet! Next more straps went through rings in the harness and both Jimmy and Kenneth pulled them tight. In only minutes Andy was trapped inside a horse trailer!

What’s happening? thought Andy. I did what he said. I marched in his damn parade!

Kenneth walked behind Andy and placed his mouth next to his ear.

“You forgot that the bet was to be with me for the Gay Pride Weekend, not just the parade. Jimmy has a nice little farm outside the city where you’ll learn just what it means to be a pony. Three days of training. Oh you also forgot that this Monday is a holiday. The bank is closed, so you won’t be needed until Tuesday. I think by the time we’re through you’ll have learned how to curb your tongue. If you don’t Jimmy has agreed to board you for me until you do. You won’t have a job by then, but you’ll earn your keep another way.“

Kenneth and Jimmy closed the back of the trailer and locked it shut. Andy could do nothing but to feel his tears running down his cheeks.

Andy trembled as the trailer moved through the streets and onto a highway. There were no windows except for two small skylights.

The ride was short and soon Andy heard the sound of gravel on the tires and the trailer coming to a halt. After a few minutes the door was opened . The other pony was unbound and removed from the trailer. Kenneth began untieing Andy’s arms.

“I didn’t want you to be in this position for too much longer. Now Rainbow you will allow me to rebind your arms into something much more comfortable.”

Andy did not resist as the reverse backprayer was undone. His arms were a bit numb and Kenneth maneuvered them into a leather pouch of some kind. It was a relief of sorts.

Once Kenneth was finished lacing the armbinder closed he released the other restraints on the harness as well as the ones holding the hoof boots. He guided Andy out of the trailer. Then he took Andy to a stable where an open stall was waiting for him.

Kenneth looked at Andy. “I see you’ve already pissed yourself. “ Andy couldn’t hold his bladder in the trailer so he let it trickle down his legs during the trip.

“Now I bet you have to take a shit too. It’s been a couple of hours, so I’m going to help you.”

Kenneth held an inflator bulb in his hand. He went behind Andy, attached the bulb and released the air in the butt plug. Andy felt relief as the intruder was pulled out of his ass.

“Go into the corner and do your business. “ said Kenneth.

Andy froze. Surely he didn’t mean that he was to…

“I don’t have any time to waste. You have lots of training to go through. You go now or I’ll give you this.” Kenneth picked up a bottle and showed Andy the label. “It’s a very potent laxative, made for uncooperative ponies. You either shit now or I’ll force this down your throat and you won’t have any choice.”

Andy went to the corner of the stall, spread his legs and relieved himself. Kenneth then cleaned Andy’s rear and inserted a clean and much larger butt plug tail.

“Now you won’t need these anymore. “ Kenneth said and cut off the rubber jockstrap. Andy’s cock stood erect.

“I really wish Frank hadn’t have done that.” Kenneth said

“What’s that? “ Jimmy asked.

Kenneth looked at Andy . “Frank put a little something in the water you drank. I’m not sure exactly what it was but it’s for erectile disfunction. You’ll probably have a hard-on for a couple of more hours. Not that I mind but I would’ve preferred to dose you myself.”

Kenneth and Jimmy checked the harness and made adjustments to ensure that it was still tight and inescapable. Then Kenneth grabbed the reins and took Andy out into a corral. There Andy saw a mechanical horse exerciser. In minutes he was attached to the machine. Jimmy had also hitched up his pony and then threw a switch. The motor started and soon began to pull Andy and the other pony along.

Jimmy offered Kenneth a beer and the both of them sat on the fence as the two ponies walked around and around the corral.

Kenneth looked at Jimmy “What do you think? Was I right?”

Jimmy nodded his head. “He’s got potential. But it’s a long weekend and he may prove to be untrainable.”

Kenneth smiled. “Rainbow is going to surprise you Jimmy.”

On Tuesday afternoon Andy was called in to Kenneth’s office. He gently lowered himself into the chair. His very bruised ass was still sore from the whippings and the butt plug.

“Nice tan.” said Kenneth. When Andy got home he looked at himself in the mirror. His face and body was criss-crossed in whitish stripes. He was sunburnt in the places where the bridle and harness didn’t cover. He had to resort to a bottle of an instant tanning lotion to hide the stripes.

“Normally I use a strong sunblock but I thought an extra added reminder of your experience was in order.”

“You’ve already humiliated me. Abused me. What more do you want?” Andy asked softly.

“Abused? Kenneth replied. “No Andy, I just gave you what you needed. You have talent but you need someone to channel your energies. You have drive but you unfortunately need discipline, both in the workplace and your private life.”

Kenneth showed Andy the screen of his personal laptop. It was opened to the ‘LeatherMasters’ website. Andy looked at the screen and saw himself pulling the cart down the street in the parade.

“You said you wouldn’t…” Andy gasped.

“And I didn’t Andy. “ Kenneth interrupted. “These were taken by Frank, the fellow who gave you water. The ‘LeatherMasters’ is a members-only pay site so the viewing is limited. I wanted to make sure you knew that I kept my word.”

“Why show this to me? Haven’t you humiliated me enough?”

Kenneth looked at Andy and smiled. “This isn’t blackmail or anything like that. As I said, you need guidance and discipline. Believe it or not, I have no interest in you sexually. You’re a bit too young for my tastes. I prefer more mature men. However, I do love the rush that comes with exerting control over a pony. ‘LeatherMasters’ isn’t just for gay men. We do have straight and bi men who serve our group.”

“I could see that you were scared and resistant at first. Once we got to Jimmy’s place and I started you through your paces you became easier to manage. I could swear that you were beginning to crave the training.”

Andy wanted to deny what Kenneth was saying. Yet he couldn’t find the words. Even though he had been humiliated and whipped and treated roughly, he had been excited and yes even found comfort in Kenneth’s taking control of him. He nodded his head.

Kenneth tried not to show too much joy in Andy’s admission. He had been searching for a new pony for months. He had never realized that he had one right under his nose all this time. He decided that now was the time. Andy was vunerable and ready.

“Rainbow.” said Kenneth. Andy looked up at him. “Yes Rainbow, for that is your real name. Andy is just a shell, a mask to hide behind. You’re not really happy. Sitting in a stuffy office. Going through mindless paperwork. You want to be outdoors, running free. Not having to think about deadlines and reports and dull boring meetings. You hate this life.”

“Yes. “Andy replied. “But I can’t just pick up and leave. I don’t have it in me.”

“I don’t expect that from you Rainbow. But I can offer something else. You’ll still have your job here. You’ll do your best and make me proud to have you on my team. Your work relationship with me will not change. You’ll keep your apartment and other commitments. However, beyond that you will be willing to become my pony. I will promise you that I will treat you fairly but strictly. I will not allow anyone to abuse you . No one will use you sexually unless you request it. Make no mistake; I will train you day and night to mold you into the best pony you can be. I’ll take you to various pony and BDSM events around the country and eventually you will be placed into competition with other ponies. ”

Kenneth then closed up his laptop. “It’s five thirty. I’ll give you a little time to think about my offer.”

Andy once again had a hard time sleeping. He wasn’t gay, but he wanted so much to have that feeling again of the loss of control, even if it was Kenneth holding the reins.

It was that Saturday that Andy pressed the button next to Kenneth’s name. The buzzer sounded and Rainbow entered the building.

Two years later the Gay Pride Parade had Kenneth, the leader of the local chapter of ‘LeatherMasters’ as the Grand Marshall. The parade was lead with him and two times’ ‘Pony of the Year’ Rainbow. Silver buckles on Rainbow’s harness shone in the sun. Bells jingling with each step he took.

He proudly pranced down the main street pulling his Master’s cart.

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