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These stories concern people in scenes that are adult in nature.

The images and story related texts are presented here on this website as a fantasy only and should in no way be replicated by anyone. Any attempt to reproduce any scenes presented here in text or picture form could result in serious injury or death, under no circumstances should you attempt to copy or emulate the fantasy scenes shown on this website.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the author. These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors.

Real Time Bondage
Real Time Bondage
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The author's who contribute their works to this site spend many hours, even days writing then rewriting, editing and putting a lot of effort into writing their stories, and all they ask in return is for your comments about what you thought of their stories, writing and ideas.

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Latest Stories
Selfbondage Latex
  • Trains
    Jackie Rabbit
    Solo-F; F/f; store; cuffs; tease; sbf; outdoors; naked; handcuffs; legirons; chain; rail; steel; machine; mast; climax; cons; X
  • Wet and Warm
    Miss Fortune
    Sbf; machine; program; naked; basement; cuffs; tease; water; bdsm; torment; heatrub; punish; toys; mast; climax; cons; X
  • Alice Takes a Vacation
    Solo-F; hotel; strip; cuffs; bitgag; contacts; buttplug; ponytail; egg; insert; fantasy; mast; climax; discovery; M/f; voy; tease; bond; kidnap; chast; suitcase; encase; enslave; ponyplay; cons/nc; X

1402 Stories

  • Colonia da Borracha
    Solo-M; M+/m; colony; rubber; clothing; heels; bodymod; hormones; breasts; ts; toys; insert; bond; cuffs; oral; anal; climax; cons; X
  • Locking Pussy Hood
    F/m; latex; catsuit; hood; mitts; toys; insert; bond; viagra; pussyhood; encase; tease; femdom; oral; climax; cons; X
  • From Top to Bottom
    M/m+; latex; catsuit; hood; club; tease; cd; fem; dress; corset; sideroom; condoms; oral; anal; denial; climax; cons; X

1327 Stories
Bondage Mummification
  • Kasa's Posting
    Lobo De la Sombra
    M+/ff; captives; bond; rope; gag; naked; torment; insert; rescue; FF/mm; punish; sex; denial; hist; cons/nc; X
  • Be Careful What You Wish For
    Mr Smooth
    F/m; FFM/m; D/s; domme; force; strip; latex; bond; collar; cuffs; enema; bdsm; cane; torment; susp; cbt; pegs; pain; electro; denial; oral; anal; strapon; cons/reluct; XX
  • Two Girls Vanish
    F/f; bond; game; gag; caught; FM/ff; kidnap; drug; rope; transport; captives; ransom; cons/nc; X
  • Wife on Display
    Techie & Techster
    M/f; design; volunteer; bond; stocks; gag; tease; naked; electrosex; vibrate; crop; orgasm; subspace; aftercare; true; cons; X
  • Racheal's Special Vacation
    Mistress Lisa
    F/ff; MF+/f; D/s; slave; strip; collar; cuffs; bond; bdsm; crop; torment; breast; clamps; machine; insert; oral; sex; anal; climax; cons; XX
  • Caged for Freedom
    Spread Eagle
    Solo-M; F/m; FM/m; bond; pillory; naked; earplugs; hood; bfold; gag; nipple; bdsm; whip; cane; torment; buttplugs; enema; anal; climax; cons; XX
  • Lisa and the Academy 2: The Ballet Lesson
    Emma Bond
    F+/f, FF; school; boarding; strip; leotard; ballet; tutor; discipline; boots; bond; gag; pain; torment; cons/reluct; XX
  • The Coincidence
    Chas Dicks-ins
    Solo-F; F/f; store; mistake; strip; corset; gloves; boots; gag; hood; bfold; chast; insert; armbinder; collar; leash; domme; purchase; cons; X
  • The Stories of Bound Friends 13: Lea and the Unexpected Companion
    MF+/f+; F/m; D/s; hotel; slaves; naked; collar; bond; cuffs; susp; bdsm; spank; tease; dungeon; machine; shock; bfold; sendep; strapon; oral; anal; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • Teacher's Pet
    Lobo De la Sombra
    M/ff; D/s; bond; tape; chairtie; gag; strip; bdsm; spank; punish; tease; mast; cons/reluct; X

2934 Stories

  • Casted Trip
    F/f; fibreglass; casting; encased; toys; insert; gag; electro; tens; nipple; tease; torment; stuck; wheelchair; transport; outdoors; cupboard; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • 572 stories
Packaged, Encasement & Objectification
  • Erin & Eleanor 2
    Lobo De la Sombra
    MF/f; F/f; majick; crate; encase; straps; gag; delivery; cart; tease; discovery; revenge; cons/reluct; X
  • Chandelier
    M/f; D/s; naked; bond; rope; harness; gag; toys; insert; display; objectified; lights; decorations; party; guest; tease; denial; cons; X
  • The Box
    Solo-F; unknown/f; hotel; drug; captive; boxed; bond; cuffs; naked; bdsm; abused; torment; encased; stuck; cons/nc; XX
  • 308 Stories
Erotic Stories
  • Contact
    The Technician
    MF; Solo-F; alien/f; scifi; space; craft; probe; video; exploration; captive; strip; caress; impregnate; birth; educate; contact; cons; X
  • The Secret Life of Rica 3: Good Intentions
    Solo-F; F/f; online; chat; video; striptease; dance; camera; spy; voy; naked; mast; cons/reluct; X
  • Revenge of an Old Flame
    F/m; FM/m; M/m; D/s; swingers; striptease; oral; climax; tricked; revenge; cons; X

162 Stories

Spandex Stories
  • Secret of the Seamstress
    Solo-M; F/m; machine; spandex; suit; fitting; emb; mast; climax; transform; material; cons; X

256 Stories
Doll Stories
  • Sticky Dream
    Ban Gozawa
    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; rubberdoll; encase; tease; dream; lube; messy; insert; mast; climax; cons; X
  • Fuck-bot
    Scott Harper
    Solo-F; F/m; naked; android; sextoy; tease; voy; mast; sex; climax; cons; X
  • The Object of His Affection
    M/f; store; meet; undress; kiss; rom; first; bond; lingerie; MF/f; voy; strapon; closet; storage; dildo; sexdoll; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X
470 Stories

Other Worlds
Trashcan Stories Devoured Stories (vore)
  • Factory Trash
    Daffy Duck
    Solo-M; machine; conveyer; pallet; wrapped; packaged; mast; video; F/m; discovered; hum; bagged; trash; sealed; compactor; squashed; dumped; cons/nc; X
  • She Had A Wheelie Bad Time
    Daffy Duck
    Solo-F; voy; fantasy; mast; magic; transform; F2object; M/object; used; trashbags; sextoy; kerbside; garbagetruck; compacted; cons/nc; X

277 stories

  • The Dog's Dinner
    Daffy Duck
    Solo-M; F/m; magic; shrink; revenge; dog bowl; buried; eaten; bagged; trashed; garbage truck; compacted; incinerator; soft; nc; XX

209 Stories

Transformation PonyGirl/PetGirl
  • Home Is The Princess
    Lobo De la Sombra
    MF+/f; solo-f; hist; outdoors; discovery; naked; mute; rescue; majick; transform; bodyswap; revenge; capture; cons/nc; X
  • The Perils of Jessie
    Daffy Duck
    F/f; magic; transform; f2object; MF/object; used; sex; climax; disposed of; garbagetruck; compacted; landfill; buried; rescued; revenge F2magazine; bagged; cons/nc; X

210 Stories

  • Pony Club
    F+/m; naked; leather; harness; cuffs; bridle; jodphurs; boots; ponyboy; tease; outdoors; bdsm; crop; whip; dressage; cart; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • Alice Takes a Vacation
    Solo-F; hotel; strip; cuffs; bitgag; contacts; buttplug; ponytail; egg; insert; fantasy; mast; climax; discovery; M/f; voy; tease; bond; kidnap; chast; suitcase; encase; enslave; ponyplay; cons/nc; X

152 Stories

PonyGirl Gallery
TG/CD Stories Machine
  • Her Little Money Maker
    F/m; FM+/m; D/s; sub; cd; sissy; maid; slave; party; hum; used; insert; forced; photos; blackmail; oral; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • My Journey 3: The Final Decision
    Lynda Christine
    Solo-M; FM+/m; D/s; cd; fem; makeup; maid; corset; heels; chast; service; bond; cuffs; gag; bdsm; whip; punish; enslave; denial; oral; climax; cons; X
  • Be Careful What You Wish For
    Solo-M; cd; tv; basque; lingerie; heels; cuffs; M/m; bond; rope; hood; gag; strappado; bdsm; forced; hogtie; anal; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

195 Stories
  • Take it Like a Sheep!
    Solo-F; farm; process; machine; automatic; capture; cuffs; sling; shave; insert; inseminate; climax; cons/reluct; X

159 Stories

Buried & Sinking Giantess & Shrinking
  • Emma's Entombment
    Solo-F; archaeology; digsite; tomb; tunnel; sarcophagus; strip; silkgown; cuffs; collar; belt; sbf; encased; stuck; cons; X
  • Emma's Entombment 2
    Solo-F; M/f; archaeology; digsite; tomb; sarcophagus; strip; silkgown; cuffs; collar; belt; encased; assault; bond; rope; drug; force; cons/nc; XX
  • Emma's Entombment 3
    M/f; archaeology; digsite; tomb; sarcophagus; strip; silkgown; cuffs; collar; belt; encased; discovery; winch; emtomb; accident; stuck; sealed; cons/reluct; X
  • Emma's Entombment 4
    M/f; archaeology; sarcophagus; silkgown; cuffs; collar; belt; encased; winch; emtombed; arrested; M+f; abused; stripped; tormented; straps; jail; sentenced; prison; cons/nc; XX
  • Emma's Entombment 5
    M+/mf; court; sentence; prison; cell; incarcerated; grief; outdoors; cuffs; pit; stake; gallows; sarcophagus; silkgown; cuffs; collar; encased; emtombed; sealed; cons/nc; XX

105 Stories

  • Rainy Day Boot Torment
    F/m; giantess; captive; foot; boots; pantyhose; toe-ring; cuff; chain; torment; tease; soft; cons/nc; X

105 Stories

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