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These stories concern people in scenes that are adult in nature.

The images and story related texts are presented here on this website as a fantasy only and should in no way be replicated by anyone. Any attempt to reproduce any scenes presented here in text or picture form could result in serious injury or death, under no circumstances should you attempt to copy or emulate the fantasy scenes shown on this website.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the author. These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors.

Real Time Bondage
Real Time Bondage
What's New

Halloween Special 2017 - 10th Anniversary Edition

Scary fact, it's been 10 years that the Plaza has been posting a Halloween Special

It's nearly time for the Halloween Special 2017, better start writing those spooky & scary tales, designed to freak out your readers...

November - 20 Years Old

This November the Plaza will be 20 years old, so we may have some throwback editions, back to the time when the site was young...

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The author's who contribute their works to this site spend many hours, even days writing then rewriting, editing and putting a lot of effort into writing their stories, and all they ask in return is for your comments about what you thought of their stories, writing and ideas.

Please give author's your feedback, thoughts and comments, it takes but a few lines and seconds out of your day.


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Latest Stories
Selfbondage Latex
  • Now What?
    Sbf; latex; catsuit; girdle; leather; hobble; nipple; torment; steel; cuffs; collar; gag; toys; insert; multi-layer; hood; bfold; sen-dep; climax; stuck; lost; release; cons; X
  • Pillory
    Sbf; chairtie; magnets; clamps; electro; tens; shock; harness; corset; nipple; torment; chastitybelt; locked; pillory; program; mistake; bdsm; paddle; spank; phalluses; insert; stuck ;pain; torment; denial; climax; cons; X

1511 Stories

  • Institutionalised 4: Adjusting To An Institutional Life
    F+/f; MF+/f; clinic; captive; inpatient; hunger-strike; rubber; clothing; straitjacket; inflate; bond; intubate; forcefed; tease; playroom; saddle; machine; toys; insert; cuffs; hood; breathplay; lesbian; mast; oral; climax; cons/nc; X
  • Institutionalised 5: Threesome without Tyra
    MF+/f; F/f; FF/f; clinic; inpatient; captive; latex; costumes; catsuit; hood; latexdoll; playroom; ponytail; insert; escape; recapture; punish; schoolgirls; bdsm; spank; paddle; lesbian; oral; mast; strapon; climax; cons/nc; X

1437 Stories
Bondage Mummification
  • The Secrets of Shackleton Grange 12: The Training Room
    Steve Spandex
    FF/ff; captives; bond; hoods; straitjackets; chairtie; escape; discovery; F/f+; spandex; drug; cond; mind-control; slaves; cons/nc; X
  • The Secrets of Shackleton Grange 13: And So to Sleep
    Steve Spandex
    F/ff; recaptured; fall; knockout; drug; punish; bond; gag; tape; spandex; bodysuit; wheel; straps; spreadeagle; spin; cellar; torment; cons/nc; X
  • The Secrets of Shackleton Grange 14: The Wheel and the Well
    Steve Spandex
    F+/ff; drugged; awake; discovery; cocoon; plaster; encased; gag; cellar; wheel; bond; straps; rotate; rope; well; susp; punish; tickle; torment; consequences; cons/nc; X
  • The Secrets of Shackleton Grange 15: A Plethora of Tortures
    Steve Spandex
    F+/ff; cellar; well; susp; cocoon; plaster; encased; gag; wheel; bond; straps; rotate; rope; punish; candles; wax; ice; torment; rats; consequences; caress; mast; climax; cons/nc; X
  • Abigail's California Adventure
    Solo-F; FM/m; video; trenchcoat; naked; F/m; captive; handcuffs; tease; tour; parkrides; kiss; torment; public; sex; denial; caught; femdom; collar; kidnap; enslave; cons/reluct; X
  • Homecoming 7: Arietta's Turn
    Lobo De la Sombra
    FF; M+/ff; hist; medieval; princess; outdoors; capture; bond; rope; strip; naked; hood; kidnap; force; cellar; rescue; arrest; lesbian; cons/nc; X
  • Home Run!
    SoloM; games; outdoors; distraction; F/m; tease; kidnap; bond; zipties; straps; captive; collar; torment; denial; enslave; femdom; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • The Friend 2: The Friend Plays Again
    F/m; femdom; mask; naked; games; collar; leash; pet; cage; tricked; toys; insert; stuck; reveal; F/mf; tease; captives; sold; denial; cons/nc; X
  • Double or Nothing Part 13
    T S Fesseln
    MF/ff; D/s; slaves; bond; cuffs; collar; gag; rope; bdsm; electro; toys; insert; lessons; condition; captives; torment; climax; cons/nc; XX
  • Right or Wrong
    The Technician
    FM; M/f; payback; strip; spank; anal; climax; gameshow; MFF/f; contestants; bond; frame; spreadeagle; public-hum; public-shaving; bdsm; spanking; caning; tawse; audience; betrayal; punish; cons/nc; XX

3209 Stories

  • Art Exhibit
    Ryleigh Myers
    F/f; immortal; strip; naked; toys; insert; gag; encase; statue; objectify; display; sold; transported; FM+/f; cement; resin; pedestal; outdoors; stuck; betrayal; drug; cons/nc; X
  • 583 stories
Packaged, Encasement & Objectification
  • Treat Me Like Laundry
    MF/m; bagged; laundrybag; canvas; encased; hum; locked; stored; stuck; true; cons; X
  • 449 Stories
Erotic Stories
  • Playing Chauffer 5: Passionate Collateral Damage
    Jackie Rabbit
    M/f; M/mf; cuckold; date; hotel; room; naked; shower; tub; key; chast; denial; discovery; sex; climax; cons; X
  • You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
    The Technician
    M+/f+; scifi; space; club; striptease; dance; naked; body-shifter; transform; hermaphrodite; combat; wrestle; sex; M2f; cheat; weird; cons/nc; X
  • The Embrace of Darkness
    Papa Palpatine
    MF+/f; prepare; robe; sacrifice; other-dimension; deity; other/f; naked; caress; kiss; first; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

190 Stories

Spandex Stories
  • I Love Wearing Leotards for Halloween
    Solo-M; FM+; M+/m; spandex; leotards; tights; costumes; party; firepit; outdoors; tease; spank; bdsm; paddle; mast; oral; anal; climax; cons; X
  • The Halloween Party
    Solo-M; costumes; hotel; party; spandex; F/fm; D/s; femdom; leather; slave; leash; leotard; tights; audience; bdsm; spank; room; bond; straps; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
  • My First Leotard and Tights
    M/m; drinking; drugs; spandex; leotards; tights; boots; tease; bdsm; spank; mast; oral; anal; climax; cons; X
  • Spanked in Leotards
    Solo-M; leotard; tights; boots; costume; party; M+/m; tease; torment; drink; bdsm; spank; hand; belt; paddle; hum; mast; oral; cum; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • The Supplex Catsuit
    Solo-F; catsuit; supplex; mast; boots; club; F/m; tease; dance; torment; carpark; oral; denial; M/f; bdsm; spank; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

263 Stories
Doll Stories
  • Party Doll
    Solo-F; frat; party; prepare; wax; polish; costume; M+/f; tease; fondle; F/doll; naked; makeout; hide; box; stuck; carried; truck; transported; cons; X
  • Dolly Mommy
    Solo-M; purchase; livedoll; robotnanny; delivery; nursery; F/m; hypno; infantism; mc; breast; feeding; relaxation; crib; nappy; mast; climax; cons; X
  • Another day of filming...?
    Solo-F; filmset; bodysuit; character; M+/f; roles; captive; brainwash; reprogram; shock; cond; mc; F2robot; command; oral; climax; cons; X
  • Maid Accidentally
    Solo-F; latex; maid; costume; MF; cheat; wife; caughtout; roleplay; maid-bot; housework; MM/f; technicians; drug; scan; reporgram; bodymod; transform; F2android; synthetic; controlled; mistake; cons/nc; X
519 Stories

Other Worlds
Trashcan Stories Devoured Stories (vore)
  • Restaurant Trash
    F+/m; majick; witch; spells; shrink; giantess; food; bowl; peril; discarded; trashcan; buried alive; bagged; wheelie bin; garbage truck; processed; rebagged; mast; cons; X
  • University Food Waste
    Solo-M; university; foodhall; hide; prank; trashbag; foodwaste; F+/m; hum; buried alive; messy play; FF/m; bagged; sealed; disposed of; dumpster; stuck; cons; XX

267 stories

  • Virtual Reality
    Dave Martin
    MF; snake/f; lab; computers; vr; naked; sensors; program; oral; sex; climax; simulation; outdoors; snake; capture; swallow; digest; vore; soft; cons/nc; X
  • Vore-Acious Appetite
    M/ff; ponygirls; bitgags; harness; cart; outdoors; hobble; plant; carnivorous; tendrils; capture; envelop; pod; devour; digest; dissolved; eaten; soft; nc; X

217 Stories

Transformation PonyGirl/PetGirl
  • Undercover 2
    Lobo De la Sombra
    Solo-M; transform; M2f; undercover; apartment; F+/f; new-life; lesb; naked; tease; kiss; embarrass; mast; denial; caught; cons/reluct; X
  • Another day at the ‘Office’
    Solo-F; call-centre; roleplay; character; transform; bodymod; breasts; age-regression; M/f; mc; scifi; portal; distortion; oral; climax; rechange; date; proposal; sex; cons; X
  • The Amulet
    Solo-F; amulet; transform; cat; animals; clothing; porcelain-bust; display; jewelery store; heist; necklace; cabinet; stored; switch; stuck; permanent; cons/reluct; X
  • The Reluctant Cow
    Julien Sorel
    M/f; MF+/f; F/f; transform; chemical; bodymod; breasts; hucow; barn; udders; lactate; machine; milk; paddock; display; stuck; hum; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

207 Stories

  • Beg For It
    Solo-F; insult; M+/f; robbery; knockout; capture; revenge; bond; ducttape; puppygirl; hood; paws; tail; insert; cage; collar; shock; cond; outdoors; perform; hum; naked; enslaved; kidnap; transport; stuck; nc; XX
  • The Dairy Unit
    FF+; F+/f+; lesb; games; dare; fantasy; reveal; milking-machine; breasts; lactate; milk; tease; climax; cum; factory; MF+/f+; bodymod; condition; mc; drug; control; hucows; production; stimulate; secretions; makeup; desire; oral; mast; sex; cons/reluct; X

180 Stories

PonyGirl Gallery
TG/CD Stories Machine
  • My Wife the Shinning Knight
    That Guy
    F+/m; crossdressing; secretary; office; handcuffs; bondage; gag; blindfold; chairtie; rope; captive; rescue; hogtie; cons; X
  • Weekend Surprise
    Hedone Davinci
    Sbm; F/m; F/f; armbinder; bond; breast; chastity; collar; cuffs; corset; bdsm; cd; costumes; denial; discipline; fem; femdom; force; gag; heels; hobble; leather; latex; machine; maid; mc; mast; roleplay; oral; strapon; sex; cons; X
  • My Awakening
    Sandra Steeple-Langford
    Solo-M; F/m; Fts/m; cd; explore; mast; insert; climax; makeup; breastforms; feminise; wig; tape; smoke; bodymod; surgery; breast implants; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
  • Captured 2
    Andrea West
    FMM/mm; tg/tv; cd; captured; bond; rope; gag; escape; recapture; punish; strip; torment; cockcage; drug; cons/nc; X

216 Stories
  • Terra Byte
    The Technician
    Solo-F; FF; machine/f; scifi; ai; interface; hologram; contest; sentient; secret; romance; house; chip; implant; vr; lovers; kiss; sex; cons; X
  • A New Breed
    Solo-M; MF; MF/m; farm; cheat; caught; video; revenge; drug; captive; bond; gag; machine; process; shave; branding; hucow; carwash; scrubbers; chemicals; hotwax; cockring; permanent; milking; cons/reluct; X
  • I’ve Got The Trains To Keep Me Company
    The Technician
    Solo-F; inheritance; farm; outbuilding; discovery; machines; glass-tubes; electrodes; steampunk; trains; vibrators; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

177 Stories

Buried & Sinking Giantess & Shrinking
  • The Slave Woman's Grave Keeper
    M+/f; F/f; sarcophagus; buried alive; desert; naked; abused; chains; piercings; stuck; fantasy; majick; spells; portal; sensory deprivation; tease; cons/nc; X

113 Stories

  • Lisa the Giantess Wife
    Solo-M; F/m; FM; caught; mast; punish; shrink; giantess; tease; torment; cockold; lover; insert; condom; climax; sex; anal; crush; cons/nc; XX

107 Stories


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