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These stories concern people in scenes that are adult in nature.

The images and story related texts are presented here on this website as a fantasy only and should in no way be replicated by anyone. Any attempt to reproduce any scenes presented here in text or picture form could result in serious injury or death, under no circumstances should you attempt to copy or emulate the fantasy scenes shown on this website.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the author. These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors.

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The author's who contribute their works to this site spend many hours, even days writing then rewriting, editing and putting a lot of effort into writing their stories, and all they ask in return is for your comments about what you thought of their stories, writing and ideas.

Please give author's your feedback, thoughts and comments, it takes but a few lines and seconds out of your day.

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Latest Stories
Selfbondage Latex
  • Self Bondage with a Catch
    Solo-M; Sbf; M/f; outdoors; neighbour; bikini; rope; gag; bfold; caught; blackmail; strip; naked; maid; bond; toys; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • The Race 2: Stacy
    Lobo De la Sombra
    Sbff; F/f; game; bond; cuffs; gag; naked; toys; insert; hogtie; caught; tease; punish; denial; cons; X

1357 Stories

Selfbondage Gallery
  • Headgear from Hell
    Solo-M; F+/m; D/s; dommes; dungeon; cell; latex; catsuit; hood; inf; gag; bond; breathplay; mast; climax; cons; X
  • Headgear from Hell 2
    F+/m; D/s; dommes; dungeon; cell; latex; catsuit; hood; inf; gag; bond; breathplay; vacbed; catheter; facesit; cage; coffin; encased; mast; climax; cons; XX
  • Hell in a Cell
    Solo-M; F/m; concert; drug; capture; latex; catsuits; vacuum; cell; bond; cuffs; chains; hoods; cbt; insert; breathplay; torment; electro; cons/nc; XX
  • Snowbound 7: Cassandra is Whipped!
    F/ff; D/s; playroom; slaves; naked; bond; collar; cuffs; leather; bdsm; whip; toys; strapon; insert; oral; denial; climax; cons/reluct; XX

1260 Stories

Latex Gallery
Bondage Mummification
  • Girls Night In
    Lady Jane
    FFFFF; F/f+; game; penalties; bond; rope; gag; mistress; hogtie; bdsm; nipple; clothespins; strip; torment; tease; toys; oral; climax; cons; X
  • Kinkmas Morning
    Professor Challenger
    M/fm; Solo-F; F/m; santa; magic; bond; ribbon; gag; bagged; gift; tease; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons; X
  • Ever Increasing Bondage
    Steve Spandex
    FF/f; bond; ropes; gag; nylons; encase; cocoon; tape; wrap; mum; bfold; sleepsack; darlex; straps; casket; buried; stuck; mast; climax; cons/reluct; XX
  • Janis Finds a Pet
    Lady Jane
    Solo-F; F/m; D/s; office; boots; tease; foot; worship; collar; catsuit; cuffs; bond; pet; bdsm; spank; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • Jane Times Five
    Lobo De la Sombra
    Solo-F; F/f+; clones; capture; drug; wrap; cocoon; vetwrap; bond; enslave; toys; insert; cons/nc; X
  • My Summer Of Dares 5: Property Of Dana And Tracy 2
    Jackie Rabbit
    FF/f; D/s; naked; sheet; outdoors; car; transport; collar; leash; bond; cuffs; gag; tease; bdsm; spank; denial; cons; X
  • Basketball Fun
    Lady Jane
    F/f; F+/f; college; bond; rope; locker; encased; party; capture; strip; tickle; hogtie; gag; nipple; tease; lesb; strapon; oral; climax; cons; X
  • Jasmine becomes a Slave 4: Jasmine's Discovery
    Mistress Lisa
    F/f; FF/f; D/s; captive; enslave; cell; bond; collar; susp; bdsm; dungeon; cane; irritant; pain; torment; nipple; electro; shock; urine; forced; strapon; oral; denial; climax; cons/nc; XX
  • Laura’s Awakening
    Solo-M; MF; M/f; playroom; bond; stocks; padlocks; tease; breasts; strip; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
  • Crazy Ex-girlfriends
    Lady Jane
    M/f; FFF/m; college; dating; revenge; drug; capture; cabin; strip; chains; bond; bdsm; forced; video; oral; anal; climax; cons/nc; X
  • Under the Tree
    Lobo De la Sombra
    F/f; capture; drug; suitcase; transport; bond; susp; frame; branches; straps; gag; electro; objectify; tree; display; revenge; cons/nc; X
  • The Unusual Request
    Cynthia Trusscott
    MF; M/f; funeral home; outfit; corset; boots; bond; cuffs; chain; casket; encase; display; cons; X

2818 Stories

Bound Gallery
  • Brandy's Revenge
    Lobo De la Sombra
    F/m; halloween; drug; wrap; cotton; gag; bond; chain; display; costume; revenge; cons; X
  • Enclosed
    Solo-F; M/f; kidnap; captive; strip; plastic; wrap; tape; cocoon; encase; latex; hood; bond; susp; toys; insert; cons/nc; X
  • Stories needed

563 stories
The Mummy Gallery
Packaged, Encasement & Objectification
  • The Furniture Factory
    Daffy Duck
    Solo-M; alien; accident; machine; packed; furniture; stuck; wrapped; transported; unwrapped; displayed; rewrapped; used; trash; compacted; reluct/nc; X
  • Packaged and Sold with a Bra
    Daffy Duck
    FFF/m; potion; shrunk; machine; stuck; processed; conveyor; packaged; transported; displayed; bought; used; washed; cons/nc; X
  • Stories needed

283 Stories

Packed Gallery
Erotic Stories
  • A Special Gift for Christmas
    The Technician
    MF; Solo-F; M/f; anniversary; gift; motel; disguise; wig; bar; mistake; lingerie; lube; first; anal; climax; rom; cons; X
  • Letter to Santa
    The Technician
    MF+; Solo-M; M/f; family; gathering; dinner; story; santa; package; gift; letter; paddle; spank; anal; cons; X

145 Stories

Spandex Stories
  • SRU: An Exciting Present 2: Consequences
    Lycra GG
    MF; wizard; gift; box; clothing; spandex; gstring; majick; transform; bodymod; pheromones; climax; sex; mc; stuck; cons/reluct; X
  • SRU: An Exciting Present
    Lycra GG
    MF; wizard; gift; box; clothing; spandex; gstring; majick; transform; bodymod; climax; sex; mc; stuck; cons/reluct; X
  • Spandex BDSM
    Solo-F; hotel; spandex; catsuit; electro; toys; insert; cuffs; straps; tape; gag; chain; hood; urine; irritant; torment; computer; shock; climax; stuck; cons; X

254 Stories
Doll Stories
  • Matsuri Trap
    Monkey Steals Peach
    FF; asian; fairground; ride; stuck; majick; transform; M/ff; lovedoll; inflatable; toy; fleshlight; insert; sex; climax; cons/nc; X
  • A Shop Mannequin on Display
    Daffy Duck
    M/m; majick; transform; m2f mannequin; stuck; wrapped; transported; dressed; displayed; used; sextoy; discarded; garbagetruck; compacted; cons/nc; X
  • Magic Make-up
    Lady Jane
    Solo-F; F/f; M/f; class; makeup; majick; transform; f2doll; cupboard; bond; gag; toys; insert; oral; sex; anal; climax; stuck; display; cons/reluct; X
  • Stories needed

431 Stories

Other Worlds
Trashcan Stories Devoured Stories (vore)
  • Tales of Green Valley 14: More Memories
    Tammy Murfin
    Solo-F; M+/f; bond; balltie; rope; gag; trashbags; bagged; trashcan; kerbside; collected; transported; messy; landfill; oral; anal; sex; group; climax; cons; X
  • Tales of Green Valley 15: Surprise Party
    Tammy Murfin
    Solo-F; MF+/f+; D/s; party; strip; slaves; bond; tape; gag; trashbags; bagged; messy; trashcan; kerbside; truck; collected; transported; strapon; oral; anal; sex; group; climax; cons; X
  • Wife's Revenge for Staying Late in the Office
    Daffy Duck
    F/m; potion; shrink; accident; wastebin; paper; stuck; mast; climax; bagged; collected; garbage; compactor; nc; X
  • At the Bottom of the Wheelie Bin
    Daffy Duck
    F/m; potion; shrunk; wheeliebin; naked; glue; stuck; mast; climax; repeated use; lost; garbagetruck; compacted; transported; disposal; reluct/cons; X

220 stories

  • The Market
    F+/m+; captives; market; bond; susp; milked; diner; chef; preparation; sushi; sauces; bbq; wrapped; sold; oils; crumbed; cooked; eaten; disgested; absorbed; soft; cons/nc; XX
  • I only realised what I was when it was too late
    Daffy Duck
    F/m; magic; spell; m2object; machine; squeezed; packaged; bought; FF/food; chewed; inflated; discarded; stuck; flattened; soft; nc; X

196 Stories

Transformation PonyGirl/PetGirl
  • Four Corners 4: Taylor/Taylor
    Lobo De la Sombra
    Solo-M; transformed; M2f; solo-f; MF; bar; tease; wine; strip; first; oral; nipple; sex; climax; cons; X
  • It is Painful Being Made Out of Paper
    Daffy Duck
    Solo-M; majick; m2object; magazine; Machine/m; printed; folded; stapled; cut; bound; transported; displayed; discarded; shredded; stuck; con/nc; XX

174 Stories

136 Stories

PonyGirl Gallery
TG/CD Stories Machine
  • The Gym
    Lynda Christine
    Solo-M; F+/m; cd; fem; lingerie; satin; lycra; drug; bond; gag; chast; electro; toys; insert; punish; sissy; enslave; oral; cons/reluct; X
  • It Started Friday 2: Saturday
    F/m; D/s; fem; cd; role-reversal; dress; shoes; makeup; bond; roleplay; outdoors; shopping; collar; gag; bfold; oral; strapon; cons; X

175 Stories

142 Stories

Buried & Sinking Giantess & Shrinking
  • A Church Do
    F/m; church; cellar; strip; naked; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; pavers; hole; enclosed; entombed; stuck; revenge; cons/nc; X
  • Buried in the Hot Tarmac
    Daffy Duck
    MF/m; prank; potion; shrink; buried; machines; tar; coated; roller; squashed; washed; beaten; vacuumed; stuck; nc; X

90 Stories

  • Devoured along with the Ice-Cream
    Daffy Duck
    F/m; shrink; insert; curse; F/m; shrink; accident; ice-cream maker; processed; eaten; soft; cons/nc; X
  • In the Kitchen Waste
    Daffy Duck
    Solo-M; F/m; giantess; accident; food; messy; stuck; trashbagged; disposed of; trashbin; kerbside; truck; compacted; mast; climax; cons/nc; X
  • My Giantess, a Railway Worker
    Daffy Duck
    Solo-M; potion; shrink; machine; vacuum; discovered; F/m; captured; hum; disposed of; toilet; processed; cons/nc; X

95 Stories

Simply Restraints
Serious Images
  Mistress Miyou rides her latex encased slaves face to orgasm  
more from
Serious Images
Serious Male Bondage
  Mummifed for target practice  
Serious Male Bondage
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