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SRU: An Exciting Present 2: Consequences

by Lycra GG

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© Copyright 2014 - Lycra GG - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; wizard; gift; box; clothing; spandex; gstring; majick; transform; bodymod; pheromones; climax; sex; mc; stuck; cons/reluct; X

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Part Two

Chapter 3: Consequences, good and bad

Gina stopped jerking and cumming some 15 minutes later, Tim noticed, not moving from her side. Regaining her senses took even longer, though as he’d noticed before, she – or her body – was still keeping up the air-humping routine with a decreasing intensity for almost the whole 20 minutes. Her now slightly “covered” black breasts’ nipples never lost their “high beam” status, confirming what the booklet said.

When she finally woke up, he could tell from her look that for one, she had one hell of an exciting ride, and two, he was most likely the happy prey for this orgasm-seeking predator. He considered what the best way of getting her horniness down a bit would be, though he assumed a cold shower would probably not do. After last night’s and the morning’s fucks it seemed like the only thing to actually cool her down a bit was – well – fucking. So, reluctantly, he didn’t resist much when she all but attacked him in order to get his (yet again, no surprise) hard dick into her vagina.

Again, it didn’t take much to set off her orgasms. Definitely not as strong as when she put on the bikini, nor as long, nor as exhausting. But good (it seemed) none the less.

After the latest round with Tim, Gina was laying on the bed, absent-mindedly stroking her now smooth black left tit and occasionally pinching her nipple while Tim tried to explain to her the situation, what had happened, and what would happen if she kept putting on anything similar to the original lycra thong. Her mind barely registered the negative connotations, though the positive side effects sure made it through. Already she had noticed that the rather minor lifting effects of the bikini top had remained, even though the top was now nothing more than a slightly changed skin.

While Tim was still rambling about a wizard, weird shop and stuff, her mind went to a certain pair of hotpants she had in her closet. One of her favorites when going out on a disco night. Incredibly tight, with a special inseam that helped make more than just the hint of a camel toe, and also special seams in the rear to both lift her buttocks to make them look bigger, as well as also divide them somewhat. In short – it gave her an ass to die for even more than usual.

Tim noticed that Gina’s mind was far away. But the view of her body there right in front of him was more than any red-blooded man could take without getting really turned on. Spread out on the bed, right hand on one of her tits, her nipples easily as big as the first part of his little finger (and as rigid), her other hand had sometime during his explanations crept to her lower lips and was slow-fucking herself. Tim finally gave up talking and thought about how – and whether at all – he could at least get her down to a bearable degree of horniness. Bearable for either of them. In the state she was in now, he couldn’t imagine even letting her out of the house, let alone do anything the least bit complicated, like driving a car or going to work on Monday.

Being slightly distracted by the view of his essentially naked, horny girlfriend (“slightly” being the understatement of the century here) he decided some clothing would help him keeping a clear mind. Browsing through her closet, he grabbed a couple things that had nothing to do with the lycra thong that had started this whole ordeal. A pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a pair of stockings and a cotton panty would do nicely. A bra, he reasoned, might be a bit too close to the thong’s lycra material, plus with the now natural lift of the “merged bikini”, she didn’t really need it (apart from the seemingly constantly engorged nipples, which would show real nicely through the thin t-shirt).

Gina took the clothes from Tim with a slight frown. She felt so hot, but it seemed like she wasn’t going to get another round of sex right now. She slipped the t-shirt over her head, enjoying the nice rub the material gave her nipples. Next came the panty, its material also rubbing slightly on her also and increasingly excited clit poking out her outer lips. Rolling up the first stocking gave her a slight tingly feeling. She tried not to smile too much as the tingling increased while pulling it up her right leg. Even more tingling rolling up the second, and ever increasing while she very slowly pulled it up her left leg. She suspected what was coming, and wanted to enjoy every moment leading up to it. Left foot, ankle, calves. The tingling in her legs got ever stronger, her pussy reverberating and magnifying the feeling. Knee. Getting there. Not much longer. She closed her eyes, stifling a moan.

As Tim turned around, he noticed Gina was almost done dressing except for the jeans. Seeing her face, he suddenly realized his mistake – obviously, the high percentage of stretchy fiber in the stockings was what triggered the merging. Gina still had the left stocking’s top rim in her fingers, slowly pulling it up the last couple inches. Her eyes were closed, she was biting her lower lip. Tim lunged toward her, trying to pull the stocking back down, but fractures of a second before he reached her she had finished pulling it up in one jerk. That same moment, the stay-up band had already soaked into her skin, making both stockings inseparable from her legs. All Tim could do was watch in horror as once again his girlfriend succumbed to the obviously unescapable power of this magical orgasm.

Chapter 4 – No way back

Hadn’t he already seen her go through this a couple times, and weren’t he worried about her wellbeing, the sight of Gina enduring yet another seemingly unending orgasm would likely be the most erotic thing to see. Legs spread wide, albeit this time covered by the cotton unmentionables, head jerking left and right, her hip thrusting up and down as if fucking an invisible man. Her moans, bordering in screams. He hoped nobody outside would hear her, otherwise (given the duration of the last orgasm) this most likely even longer one would surely mean he’d have to do some explaining to a police officer (or squad). He tried holding her down a bit, afraid she’d possibly hurt herself in her throes of passion. But he knew there was nothing he could do.

Inspecting the stockings, he noticed that while the initial transformation of the first inch or so had happened instantly, the rest of them slowly crept towards her feet. After a good 15 minutes, about half her legs were now a silky black skin, while the lower half was still her legs covered in a pair of stockings. But while they hadn’t finished transforming yet, pulling on the material made it clear that it wasn’t going anywhere – maybe he could actually cut it off, but that would mean he’d have to actually cut into Gina’s skin, as the material was so thin he couldn’t manage to cut just it.

Judging from the progress, he correctly guessed the total transformation time (and with it, the time of Gina’s orgasm) at around 30 minutes. Sweat was covering every part of her body visible, including the areas that had already been transformed. He tried to feel for her pulse, which was racing as if she was in a very strenuous workout – or sex session. Sitting there, he couldn’t help notice that even with his worries about Gina’s health, he was hard as a steel girder again. Or could it be something else that caused this?

Quickly he went for the little box still on the floor where Gina had dropped it during last night’s initial merging. Under the white soft inlay that had once bedded the golden thong, he found the little booklet. So, indeed, there had been instructions. Flipping through the pages and the very fine print, he found what he was afraid of. In a footnote, it mentioned that one of the advantages (yeah, right) of the garment was that a person wearing it will give off strong pheromones and “virtual aphrodisiacs” to prepare her partner for subsequent sex, ensuring it is extremely pleasurable for both. So in essence, his girlfriend had become a supercharged, inhalable Viagra pill during her orgasm. Great, just great.

When Gina finally regained her consciousness, which was in total almost an hour after putting on the stockings, she was once again or still pretty horny – considering the effects her state had on Tim, he decided to just get it over and go through another fucking session with her. Not that it would have taken much convincing. While he was himself pretty turned on, having sex with Gina had turned into a chore within less than a day. And he had no idea what he could do to help her.

After their first round, and with the help of Gina’s pheromone/aphrodisiac cocktail, Tim decided he’d see whether he could wear her out with more sex. He doubted it, but without any other alternatives (and still being turned on more than he could believe), it was better than just seeing her in her wanton state. So they went for it again. And again. By the fourth repetition, he noticed she didn’t cum as quickly or as hard anymore, and after two more rounds, she seemed to return to a halfway sane state of mind; also, his hard-on had finally subsided. Both were pretty exhausted, so after letting Gina put on the cotton panty and her jeans, and dressing again himself, they headed for the kitchen for some food and something to drink.

“I can’t believe what is happening to me”, Gina said. “The feeling is so amazing, almost intoxicating. When I put on the stockings, I could almost control the level of arousal I was getting. The further I pulled them up, the stronger it got. When I stopped, it stopped increasing.” Even with the exhaustion, Gina was still figuratively glowing, Tim noticed. “And while it may not be as intense, the sex I’m having with you goes so deep – it feels as if I have your dick everywhere in me. My pussy, my rear, my mouth, even between my tits. I know it could only be in one place at a time, but … and it feels like you’re filling me more than physically possible. As if your dick was a balloon, and once you enter me, it starts expanding, filling every empty space, pushing everything with increased pressure.” Tim quietly listened to her description, this time getting hard not from her scent (he assumed, as he didn’t feel the intense need to fuck her as he had earlier), but from her descriptions. He almost envied the intensity with which she experienced their sex.

Once she had finished describing her experience, he tried to use her moment of clarity (no telling how long it would last) to talk to her about how to continue, figure out how to control her urges and needs. Being rather logically and analytically about the whole thing, he tried to set up sort of a sequence of tests, starting with her rating her own “level of horny”. At the moment, Gina felt something like a 2 or 3 out of 10, 10 being the point where she’d fuck anything that even came close to being phallic-shape. That way, they’d be able to judge how much sex she actually needed to function relatively normal.

Next up on the priority list was cleaning out the closet from anything that might trigger another merge. To keep her from temptation, Tim left her in the living room, got a big box and put everything even remotely lycra or stretch material in it. No more panty hoses, leggings, sportswear, … in the end, he needed to put part of her clothing into one of their suitcases. Having finished, he carried both the box and the suitcase to his car, planning to discard of them the next day. After locking the trunk, he headed back inside.

Gina could hardly bear knowing Tim would put all her beloved tight-fitting stuff in the trash. But she knew he was right – as good as the magical orgasms felt, there was no way she should, she could ever dare to come close to, let alone put on another piece. Her last merging had already taken over half an hour – the one before something around 15 minutes. At that rate, the next might take her through a one-hour orgasm, possibly more.

Just thinking about it scared her – and made her more than wet. She rubbed her crotch through her jeans, but as soon as she was aware of what she was doing, quickly removed her hand again. She knew she had to be strong – Tim had given her the booklet, the warnings really made sense of what she was feeling. Everything fit. How could she live with this “condition”? They’d have to find out, find out quickly, otherwise … Gina felt like a time bomb, ready to go off any second if she made a wrong move …

Over the rest of the day, Tim asked Gina hourly how she felt, if anything changed, what her “level” was. She confessed that the thought of putting on another piece, enduring an hour-long orgasm increased her horniness at the time, and it hadn’t decreased. But over the next hours, it hadn’t gotten worse, which for both of them was like a small victory. Keeping Gina occupied, not thinking of anything sexual, seemed to keep her desires for lycra – or sex – at bay. At night, they decided not to have any more rounds and just wait how she’d do through the night and in the morning. Either way, letting her go to work was out of the question. She’d call in sick, as would he in order to take care of her (which wasn’t even a white lie …)


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