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SRU: An Exciting Present

by Lycra GG

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© Copyright 2014 - Lycra GG - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; wizard; gift; box; clothing; spandex; gstring; majick; transform; bodymod; climax; sex; mc; stuck; cons/reluct; X

Tim knew it would be a hard decision. A very hard one. One that millions of men had faced throughout humanity’s history. What anniversary present could he get his girlfriend that would not disappoint her? Flowers, yeah, nice try. Jewelry? Sure, but not on his salary. Sweets? He wasn’t opening that can of worms. Or rather hornets. No, he was looking for something extraordinary, something that said he had thought a lot about what to get. Which he had already done, but not with any noteworthy results.

Browsing through the local mall, and contemplating getting something for her he’d really enjoy too (you’ve heard of Victoria’s Secrets?), a small shop in a side alley caught his eye. The ancient-looking sign was hard to read, coming closer he finally was able to make out the words, as well as the fact that it wasn’t ancient looking, but in fact ancient. The old English letters read “Spells’R’Us”. He thought to himself how an old sign could use a rather modern term, but shrugged it off, looking at the slightly dusty window and the novelty items in it. Curious as to what else could be found here (though not really expecting an epiphany as to his girlfriend’s gift) he opened the door, and was surprised by the little bell that was struck.

The inside of the shop was somewhat dark, and smelled a bit dusty. But amid old bottles and other knick-knacks, there were also modern things like CD players (if you still consider them modern), as well as a rack with costumes, fake jewelry (he assumed, seeing the rather small prices posted with them), and lots of stuff nobody would really need.

“Hi Tim, how are you today. Have you found anything for Gina yet?” came a voice from behind him, startling him. He turned and faced an old man with a long white beard, wearing what looked like a terry cloth robe. Slowly other information and questions like “how did he know my name” and “how does he know who my girlfriend is” trickled through his mind, to which the man answered.

“I’m a wizard, that’s why the shop is called ‘Spells’R’Us’, of course!” Tim standing there with his mouth open, the wizard continued, “but enough about me, let’s see what I can do for you! A present, right, something amazing, unusual … let’s see”.

Rummaging through some boxes behind his counter, the man finally came up with sort of a Eureka grin. “There are a couple things she may like, but this one she’ll be nothing but amazed and excited about.”

Tim’s brain was still trying to comprehend what was going on, but he tried to go along. “What is it?” he asked.

“Something very personal that will bring her – let’s say – very exciting new experiences …” the wizard explained quizzically while handing the neatly wrapped package, barely larger than a deck of cards, and definitely not any heavier. “Just make sure you read the instructions”.

“How much is it”, Tim wanted to know.

“Ah, for you – or rather your beautiful girlfriend – just 19.99 plus tax.” Still not knowing what it was he was buying, he tried to decide whether it was worth even asking. “Of course you can bring it back for a full refund, but trust me, just as I know you and Gina, I know you both will have a whole lot of fun with it. Gina will absolutely love it, and you’ll get your share of fun out of it, too! Lucky fellow you are!”

Still wondering, Tim decided on a backup strategy of picking up something else, but taking the wizard’s word and shelled out the 20 plus change for the present. At least he’d be as surprised by the contents as Gina would be. In case this one didn’t work out, he’d pop out the backup and pretend this present was just the fake …

The following Friday, everything was perfect. He prepared a marvelous dinner, a nice wine was already breathing in the decanter, the table was set and he had taken an extra shower and slightly more than usual after shave lotion. Of course Gina knew the date and though she expected something, acted slightly surprised and thanked Tim with a very sensual and deep kiss, which promised a lot more for the night (at least Tim hoped).

After dinner, Tim produced the wizard’s package from under the table. Gina’s brows furrowed slightly with the size and the weight of the present, but quickly tore off the wrapping to find a non-descript brown box. Most likely not jewelry she decided, while cutting the scotch tape with her long fingernails. Carefully lifting the lid, her brows once again started to furrow, making Tim nervous and starting to head for the backup he’d picked up. But only seconds later her expression changed to something divine, angelic, while her cheeks slightly flushed. Tim got up and stood behind her, still not any wiser as to what he actually bought her.

Kissing her cheek from behind and saying, “Happy anniversary, Gina” he finally caught a glimpse of his present. There in the box, bedded on a thin layer of white, shiny paper lay – what was it anyway? A piece of gold-colored, shiny cloth and a couple of strings?

“Wow, I’ve always wanted one of them, how did you know!” She turned her head, repeating her earlier oral performance on his mouth, yet even a bit more intense this time. Still not knowing what it was, he watched her pull out the most likely smallest possible G-string underwear out of the box. No way this thing would hide anything except for maybe a couple of stray pubic hairs starting to grow after the latest brazillian, he thought. Anyways, the wizard’s word did come through, no need in getting the backup present right then.

While Tim started cleaning the table, Gina had headed out of the room. Barely later, he heard her upstairs in their bedroom, followed by the soft sound of something being thrown to the ground (most likely her nice tight jeans, he imagined), and almost instantly after that a rather loud moan. Tim knew Gina as being somewhat “vocal” during sex, though this must have been a new dB record. Moments later it was followed by a “fuck me, fuck me now, fuck me hard, hurry”, again with moans afterwards. Tim was astonished, as Gina usually took a while to “get hot”, but what he heard sounded like when she was in the throes of passion just before she came. How the hell did she get turned on so quickly?

After setting the plates he had in his hands in the dishwasher, he quickly followed her upstairs. What he saw sort of blew his mind – there on their king-size laid a woman, obviously at the height of orgasm, her whole midsection jerking, her limbs moving more or less uncontrollably, her head bent back and eyes rolled back in their sockets, moans of utter sexual excitement and fulfillment coming from her wide open mouth. Though they always had a lot of fun in bed (and sometimes out of bed, too), he had never seen her so in heat, so intensely cumming as she did then.

All he could do was stand there, though being rock-hard himself from the view, and watch her. After a minute he wondered how long it would last. After another two minutes, a got slightly worried, slowly going towards her. Trying to address her, she didn’t react, just kept on cumming. Her odors filled the room, which of course turned Tim on more, but even trying to shake her from her experience didn’t work.

Of course he read about the Viagra warnings, if the erection lasts longer than something contact your doctor. But he had never read anything stating how long a woman’s orgasm should or could last. Finally, after another minute or so later, Gina started to calm down. She still kept raising and lowering her pelvis, as if fucking some imagined lover, but her limbs finally stopped moving, her eyes closed and her neck relaxed. Slowly, she opened her eyelids halfway, still doing the “air-fuck” a bit, an exhausted smile on her lips, attempting to focus on Tim. “Wow … that was … amazing … thanks … for giving me … this incredible … fuck” she uttered breathlessly.

Tim wondered, what was she talking about? He hadn’t even touched her (well, not at first, and not in that way). Looking at her waxed crotch, he noticed the miniscule triangle, shining golden, just above her clit. Three golden stripes extended from the corners, two following her hips around her body, the third vanishing between her lower lips. “Seems like you really love my present” he grinned.

She returned his smile, slowly raising her arms. “Do me again. I want more” she replied with a look of a wanton woman.

Tim’s wood hadn’t lost any of its rigidity since he had entered the room, rather the opposite, so following that invitation would have been near impossible. He had nearly gotten on the bed when Gina literally jumped him, pinned him under her and started riding him. Successfully, Tim noticed in a haze, as she started cumming again just moments later. Not quite as intense it seemed, but stronger than anything he’d normally seen her. Still she kept riding him, clenching him inside her, almost as if her muscles were tightening in waves. He didn’t last much longer, but even after he had cum, she was still at it, still in ecstasy.

Again several minutes passed until she finally collapsed onto him. After a short while, again those beautiful eyes opened up, a satisfied smile on her face, followed by her kissing Tim as an unspoken thank-you. After that, she fell into a deep, relaxing sleep that even Tim couldn’t interrupt by carefully rolling her over on her side of the bed and covering up her wonderful body under the blanket. “Wow, I really need to write a thank-you note to that wizard … heaven knows he deserves it” he thought.

On the other side of town, the old wizard grinned. “Once again, somebody didn’t read the instructions. As if anybody ever did.” His somewhat sinister laugh wasn’t heard by anybody.

Chapter 2 – Surprise, surprise!

The next morning, Gina awoke, still in sort of an afterglow an extremely well-fucked woman has. She wondered what had happened to her, sure, she’d always had fun with Tim, and was pretty satisfied with how he took care of her needs, but she had never felt anything like what had happened the evening before. Ever. Was it really the present? Did he put something in her food?

The present – a stupid G-string, how the hell did she even get so excited over it? She hardly ever wore any hot underwear, let alone a skimpy piece like that, barely more than a couple strings knotted together. She normally wouldn’t even consider putting something like that on as a favor or surprise for Tim, as embarrassingly as it looked. Yet, she remembered being totally exhilarated and turned on when opening the little box. Somehow, she had to put it on. It had taken all of her willpower not to strip right there in the dining room and put it on. And she remembered how it felt when she put it on. It was as if all the floodgates of passion and sexual arousal had opened, drowning her in a deluge of raw, unadulterated sex. She felt her pussy fill up with her juices, her horniness increasing by the second. She knew then she was only seconds from cumming. Cumming just from putting on that piece of cloth? She still couldn’t believe it.

Heading for the toilet with nothing on but the shiny golden patch on her triangle, she sat down to relieve herself. Halfway through a thought hit her. She was still wearing the thong, albeit she didn’t seem to feel it at all. Looking down, she ran her hands over the sides of her body, trying to get a hold of the strings. Strangely, she couldn’t feel anything there, even though she could clearly see the shiny material. Moving towards the front part of the garment, she could clearly see the golden patch, but could not make out anything where the actual fabric started. It was if it had merged with her skin.

Touching the shiny metal-kind part, it felt as if nothing was there, while she sensed a slight difference between her normal skin and the now metallic part of her mound. It felt as if her skin had turned into a something slicker, less textured than her normal skin was. Almost as if her skin had turned into spandex. How could that be? And why was she already getting horny again just from thinking of and touching this damn string? Closing her eyes, she willed her excitement to diminish. But she couldn’t. Getting up, she headed into the shower, turned on the water, and after adjusting the shower head to a smaller, more intense stream, made out with it, quickly reaching the point of no return. Sinking to her knees, she came again. And again, her orgasm lasted for minutes, and felt to her as if it lasted for hours.

Tim couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His beautiful girlfriend, sunken down in the shower, the shower head between her legs, jerking in the throes of orgasmic bliss. His morning wood seemed to expand even more, almost painfully. He couldn’t turn away, so exciting and intimate was the scene in front of him. When Gina finally started to come down, her half opened eyes once again focused on him, with her right hand extended she invited him in, invited him to take her to the same heights again. All worries about the merged piece of “clothing” had been temporarily erased, all that counted was to get to that wonderful, blissful place of orgasm again. And Tim’s meat was the right tool to get there.

While Tim appreciated how Gina had turned out since he had given her the present, he started to get somewhat worried. Sure, she really enjoyed her new orgasms, but being in that state almost to a point of unconsciousness wasn’t normal. At least not multiple times after each other and with barely any need for arousal or love-making beforehand. And, as she told him after their latest round, the fabric had merged with her skin. Which, he had to acknowledge, looked hot, but definitely wasn’t normal either. He decided another visit to the shop was necessary, not exactly to thank the wizard, but rather to find out what had happened to her. After having a nice breakfast with Gina, he headed out to the mall, intent on finding some answers.

Even with her now almost constant state of slight arousal, Gina decided she would at least try to live a normal Saturday. She had halfway accepted that – at least for now – the thong had merged with her skin, leaving just a metallic gold colored area on her mound and the string-marks around the back and down the crack of her nice round behind. If one didn’t know better, it looked no different than if she wore a regular thong (if one is going to call such a micro-g-string “regular”).

With the sun out bright and warm, she decided she needed some relaxation. As exciting as the thought of sun-bathing with just her new thong-skin was, she preferred going a more modest route and grabbed a rather skimpy two-piece from her closet. Starting with the bikini bottom, stepping in and pulling it up she felt as if there was a static charge building up. Curious, she continued pulling it up to her crotch.

Tim was nearing the shop and saw the wizard standing in front of the door. “Welcome back, Tim, I take it you both had a marvelous night?”

Looking around nervously, afraid someone would listen in, Tim replied, “Marvelous yes, but what did that thing do to my girlfriend?”

“Oh, the thong? What it was supposed to do – give her the most incredible orgasms imaginable. Are you – or rather Gina – dissatisfied with what it did?”

“Not with that part,” Tim was steaming, “but for one she’s become almost constantly horny, and when she cums, she cums for several minutes, ending almost in unconsciousness. And to top it off, she can’t even remove it anymore, as it seems to have melded into her skin.”

“My, my, dear Tim, looks like somebody forgot to read the manual.”

With a flash and a small cloud of smoke, the wizard had a small booklet in his hands.

“Look here, it clearly states: Do not wear during intercourse or masturbation. Failure to follow this rule may cause undesirable side effects by overloading the magic of the item. Side effects may include but aren’t limited to increased arousal, body-modifications based on the wearer’s fantasy, physical or psychological addiction for repeated orgasms and increasing orgasm durations. Other effects have been seen, but are rather rare.”

“OK, we didn’t read the fuckin’ manual – now what? How do we get it off of her?”

“Tricky … you see, by not following the rule, the thong has become part of your girlfriend. But if I remember … ah, here it is. To remove the thong should the above rule not have been followed, the use of a tight-fitting panty made from natural rubber is required. Wear for 24 hours without removing, after that time, the thong will have transferred itself to the surface of the rubber. There you go. Easy, isn’t it?”

Tim wasn’t convinced.

“I know,” the wizard stated, “it sounds almost too easy. Oh, there’s just one more thing … Please note that once the thong has become part of the wearer, any direct contact with other pieces of clothing made of similar material will also lead to them becoming part of the wearer, and will prevent any future removal of the original thong.”

Tim’s face turned ash white. Gina had lots of spandex clothing. Swimsuits, sports bras, leggings, even some long gloves she wore with her disco outfits. She hadn’t planned on going anywhere, but considering the consequences, Tim had to hurry. Running back to his car, he tried calling her cell phone, but only got the voice box. He had to get home before anything else happened to Gina.

She had barely pulled up the string bikini bottom all the way, when deep from within she felt the wave coming. Her pussy was wet and overflowing within moments, her whole body started shaking, and the feeling originating in her pussy lit up all the nerve pathways up to her brain. Just a few seconds later, Gina was experiencing yet another mind-blowing orgasm. There was no thought left in her brain, no control left over her body. She just sank to the floor, moaning and shaking. Slowly, inch by inch, the string bikini panty merged with her skin, became her skin. The string ties at the sides were still recognizable, but had lost all of their former essence; they were just a discoloring of her skin, just like the pieces of fabric that made up the front and rear of the panty.

The intensity and duration of her orgasm had increased, so much was clear for Gina when she regained her senses. She hadn’t looked at the clock before putting it on, but she was pretty sure she had been experiencing the orgasm for at least 10 minutes. The feeling had been … unbelievable. Even better than last night when she had put on the thong. Better than the sex she had afterwards or her masturbation in the shower. She checked her crotch, and just as with the thong, the bikini was now permanently embedded in her skin.

As before, she was able to feel the difference between her skin and the bikini area, so smooth and hot … just rubbing over the former material started her desire for more. More of those orgasms. Would it work with the top, too? She checked the clock, pulled the top over her head. She noticed the electric charge from the bikini beginning to build … yup, that should work. She reached behind her back to tie the lower strings in order to complete putting on the top. All reason was gone. All common sense was gone. There was only one thing – feeling another one of those earth-shattering orgasms. She had barely finished tying the strings when she felt the now familiar buildup between her legs. At the same moment, the bedroom door literally flew open and Tim ran in. Just in time …

… to take a last look into Gina’s eyes before yet another tsunami of an orgasm hit her. Her eyes rolled up, eyelids wide open. Again she sank to her knees, at the last moment caught by Tim and carefully placed on the bed. He tried to pull off the top, but the strings holding it had already merged with her skin, as had the edges of the bikini top. Helplessly, Tim watched the transformation of lycra fabric to living “lycra skin”, while the woman wearing the fabric rode out her to date strongest, longest and most amazing orgasm ever.

After just a few moments, her formerly “dressed” breasts were once again naked, colored in the shiny black that was formerly her bikini, her nipples betraying the amount of excitement she felt. Running his hand over Gina’s breast, he felt the slick surface he knew lycra clothing had. But this was not clothing anymore. This was his girlfriend’s now regular skin. And from what the booklet said, it was now permanent. He noticed that the formerly small golden patch at her crotch was of the same black color now, larger, the size of the matching bikini bottom. So even if he had made it in time to remove the top, nothing would change her back to how she was before. How would she, how would they both cope what fate had in store for her?


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