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The Vacuum in my Life

by Jar

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© Copyright 2010 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; slave; susp; surgery; bodymod; transform; nc; XX

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Chapter 2

I had been awake for what felt like years before he came the next morning. "Right," he said "we have much to do today to set you up for the modifications that needs to be carried out to your body".

Trying to control my voice I said please could he let me go, I don’t want to be modified what ever that means.

"Sorry", he said "that’s not possible but I will stick to my bargain of not hurting you too much if you cooperate with me". I nodded my head and cried. "First I need to support your head so I will put this strap around your forehead and attached it to a cable". This enabled me to see into the mirrors he had placed in front of me, now giving me a clear view of my suspended body.

He said, "It's a little known fact that if you take your nutrients directly into your blood stream then you only make piss. If you eat via your mouth then you get shit and piss. See it’s like being back a school!" he joked. Not that I thought it funny. I watched as he picked up a large rubber plug, this is a butt plug he informed me it goes in your ass and plugs it up but you will note that it has a pump to expand its size and your hole, I could see it had a pipe through its centre. He rubbed KY jelly over it and inserted it in my rectum, it felt like a tree trunk it was so big but he still gave it a couple of pumps. "Just to make it watertight!" he joked. God I thought please keep your jokes to yourself. He connected the pipe to his machine and I felt my bowels being filled with fluid.

Next he came round to my face and I could see he had a ring with straps attached in his hand. He pushed the ring into my mouth and pulled it up to the back of my teeth, the size made my jaw ache with pain but what could I do. He then pushed a pipe through the middle of the ring and said, "When this gets to the back of your throat swallow, it will help". As the pipe touched the back of my throat I started to reach but he pushed harder and the pipe went in and down to my stomach but I could still taste bile in my mouth. The pipe had a bulge about a foot from the end and he did not stop until I could feel it in my chest. "The bulge will stop any thing coming back up your throat and into your lungs". Fresh tears of pain and frustration over came me as the helplessness of my situation over came me, my body was suddenly racked with huge sobs. He did not appear bothered at all and just carried on.

The pipe was connected to his ‘machine’ and I felt fluid flooding in to my stomach. How pissed off was I getting with that ‘machine’ I felt it was taking over my life. His face appeared in front of me and said "how does that feel?"

" The idea is to get rid of all the waste in your system", he said.

Twat I thought, but in a muffled voice said, "how do you think and for fuck sake turn off the tap to my ass before I explode", the pain in my bowels was unbearable.

"Oop's forgot to set the machine", with that he pressed a button. I began to empty but the flowed continued as the mouth feed had gone all the way through me. "A day should do the trick" he said and pressed several buttons to input this into the computer.

"I will give your head a quick shave to get rid of most of the hair now, the rest will go in a few days when the drug I have been give you via the IV destroys the hair follicles. This will affect all your body including eyelashes, legs etc, and are permanent like most of the things I will be doing to you. So the good news is no more waxing for you. I am giving you another drug, see if you can work out what it is doing to you. That may help take your mind of things".

"Next I need to make modifications to your ears and it will be best that you are not at home for this", and with a press of a button I stared to feel sleepy. When I woke he did not appear to have moved and I could see his mouth opening and closing but no sound came out of it. Must be a dream I thought, then he got up from his chair went to the ‘machine’ pressed a button and I could hear again.

"Sorry about that, forgot to switch you on. I will explain, I have removed both your ears down to the nerves and put in an implant that connects direct to the nerve ends, this will allow you to hear but can be turned on or off as we wish. The canal has been packed with tissue from the lobes I cut off and a flap of skin pulled over the wound, which will heal to leave hardly any scar at all". With that he picked up a mirror to allow me to see what he had done, at the sight of my earless head I fainted. Some minutes later I came round and he again held up the mirror. The side of my head was smooth with a small crescent of neat stitches holding the skin till it healed. In some way it made my now baldhead look even smoother. "Well it’s been a long day", he said "and the best thing will be to start afresh tomorrow, good night" and he left the room.

As I hung from the wires I could see my head in the mirror in front of me and with a bit of a strain could see the work he had done and despite the throb in my head could not help but admire the quality of his workmanship. Then a voice said, "Nice job isn’t it?" and Lady Charlotte appeared in my view. "Just popped in to see if Jimmy was looking after you all right and to fit a bit of a present for cooperating so well".

With that she despaired from view and I felt a hand between my legs and she pushed a dildo up me and with a bit of surgical tape made sure that it would not fall out. After a few minutes I realised that she had left the room. The dildo felt quite big but I was sure she would have bigger as it did not hurt me too much but made me feel turned on.

After about half an hour the ‘machine’ switched on the dildo, which was in fact a vibrator. The vision of my earless head and the vibrations started to get my juices flowing and just as I reached the point of an orgasm it stopped. I felt anger and frustration, and then I heard her laughter in my head. This I realised must be via the implants, and it occurred to me that I could only hear via a microphone, which could be any place in the house. The vibrator then started again and carried on for the next 5 hours, never allowing me to come, when it stopped I fell asleep.

"I see Lady Charlotte gave you the present she was talking about at dinner and I expect that is what has put you in this mood". He stood there a moment and looked me over. "I think a bath is in order you have been here over a week and we have not even cleaned your teeth". He removed the pipes from my mouth and arse but left the dildo in. With that he set to and washed my body all over. As he worked I could see large amounts of hair in the flannel, which he was at pains to rinse off into the bowel. We talked as he worked and we exchanged histories etc. When he finished I felt much better and more able of cope with my situation. "Now your clean on the inside and outside, we will get on!" he said.

With different presses on the buttons of his remote control unit he repositioned my body and legs via the wires till he was able to work on my pussy in comfort. He lowered my head till I could see in the mirror he put on the floor, my now hairless vagina. He picked up a steel instrument like scissors but with a pair of jaws that opened when he squeezed the handle. Then he inserted the blades into me and opened me up. All ways one for a joke he called out "Any one in there?". I could not help but smile.

"In case your wondering what I am about to do. I will remove your ovaries this will stop your periods etc and make life easer. I will put them into storage in case we need to breed from you at a latter date". For the next hour I could feel the instruments up inside of me cutting and stitching. A most unsettling feeling. "There," he said as he came around in front of me with a surgical dish in his hand containing two round, what looked like meatballs. "Life" he said profoundly as we looked at them, and then strode off to put them into storage. I had never really liked the idea of having kids so this removal did not upset me too much.

The ‘machine’ was used to turn me over and a small table placed under my back for support. With my leg held wide apart and my arms firmly clamped I racked my mind as to what he could do next. Of course the list was endless to these people, just beyond my understanding.

"Now for the big one!" said Jimmy, "we are going to remove your digestive track from the neck to your arse and insert a pipe to reconnect the two. There is a bit more to it than that as I am sure you can guess. I know how you like to know what is going on so I will let you watch. I’m sure you heard about people who have had operations and due to some mistake they have felt every thing, well you just got lucky. To help I have slowed you heart beat to the minimum".

A cut was made from just above my belly button to my ribs and across at about half its length, the four flaps were pulled back and in the mirror I could see my insides. "This," he said "is your intestine" and he started to pull out this long grey tube and placed it in a plastic bowel, 32 feet he said as he pulled it out. I need to be careful he explained, as we don’t want to contaminate the inside of your body and start an infection. Running his hands along the top end he removed more bits till his hand was just below my neck. He cut the end. Traveling the other way he removed more organs until he eventually arrived at my arse hole but on the inside, leaving about 6 inched of tube he cut the rest away. He showed me the large pile of organs before putting them in to the incinerator.

He picked up a long stainless steel pipe, about 3 inches in diameter at the bottom end and about 1 inch at the top end. The 1-inch end was inserted into my arse and it was a good job that a dollop of JY Jelly had been put on my arse hole as he pushed the whole length into me. When he had about an inch sticking out my arse hole he secured the pipe in place. The flesh tube that ran from my arse was held against the tube by a rubber band, which would give it some movement. Straps were attached from the stainless steel tube to the inside of my ribs and hipbones also to my spine so that my body had no flex at all and was held ridged. Several other boxes were secured to the Stainless steel tube and connected in place. With my inside again full the flaps on my belly were sewn together and that part of the job completed. I did not know what the equipment inside me was for.

"I need to remove your nose and replace it with the inlet socket" he said, "We need to give you new way to breathe". He removed both of the tubes in my nose and I watched as he reinserted them through the back of my neck, on a level with my shoulders, about 3 inches either side of my spine and into my lungs. Over the ends of the tubes he attached a fancy surround to my skin with some sort of super glue, which he said would be permanent. You can also continue to breathe through your mouth but I am sure at time they will fill that with some thing.

He then sliced down the centre of my nose and the side of my neck so that he had access to the top of the pipe from my arse. He pulled back the skin around the nose area and pushed in a pipe till he could connect it to the main pipe. With the base end secured he fitted a plate to the other end, which he screwed to the bone of my upper jaw, cheeks and noise area. The flesh was repacked in the nasal area to form a lump under the skin, which was clamped around the edge of the inlet nozzle. The inlet nozzle socket, a round metal plate with a hole in the middle, was about 3 inches out from my face. My neck and face were sown up.

"You don’t have to worry about eating etc" he said "the IV will take care of that while we take time to let you heal again".

During the next week I developed a fever and infection. The drugs and fever made me have some horrible dreams but in reality nothing to compare with what was really happening. Slowly they nursed me back to health over the next 3 weeks. Several time Maryclean visited me and I was sure she was concerned but it was difficult to tell behind the rubber mask of her face. One of the problems I had was that my body and neck were ridged and so they had kept me suspended from the wires in the vertical position from my shoulders.

The IV had kept me alive with antibiotics and nutrients also had supplied the drugs that destroyed all my body hair forever. I now understood about the other drug Jimmy had mentioned as my breasts were bigger than their original 36B and must have grown to a CC at least. As I had always longed for slightly larger tits so did not mind.

"We don’t have to worry too much about scars except if they leave a large ridge or hollow. These will go with the ones on your face, neck and belly. I am sure there will be more. So I will cut your chest between the breasts to give me access to the ribs underneath. We are going to insert and attach a plate inside your ribs under each breasts to give us a firm anchor point to attach another plate on the outside of your chest, it will surrounded the base of both tits and has sleeves that extended about 2 inches up both breasts", they were so tight that they restricted the flow of blood thus making them a dull red colour and increasing their sensitivity.

The feeling of having plates screw to bone is most weird only surpassed by watching wire being pushed through your tits till it could be screwed into the base plates. The other ends were connected to domed washers that fitted over my nipples. Between and above my breasts was a socket the purpose for it I did not know. The next day he said I could go and summoned Maryclean.

Jimmy was talking to Maryclean and said I was fit to leave but should be handled with care until I got my strength back. She fastened the cuffs around my ankles and pulled them up against my thighs so that I had to balance on my knees. My wrists were strapped to my upper arms. She told me I was to crawl on my elbows and knees and not to try and stand up at any time. I had a neck collar to which she attached a lead and led me back to what I now considered my cupboard. It was during the crawl back that I fully realised what the effect of the Modifications that had been carried out were. The 3-inch stainless steel pipe sticking out my arse was painful and had stretched my arse somewhat cruelly but not as bad as some of the things he had inserted. I could feel the equipment inside but as of yet did not know what was use. My head was a mess I had no ears or nose just a pipe sticking out. I cried all the way back.

As this was the first bit of excise for 4 weeks I felt exhausted by the time we arrived. "You will no longer use the cupboard but that corner of the room. We need to dock you now so that your body can be fed etc, that is the reason for the post in the corner and the socket on your chest. Go and climb over the first bar that is to rest your hips on. You should be able to see the top of the post and the socket on your chest, line up the two and press them together you should hear a click", which I did. She placed a strap over my hips and I was not able to get up. During the week I was sent on errands and had a rack strapped to my back to carry the cleaning equipment for Maryclean as she went about her duties.

By the end of the week most of my strength had returned or enough to do what she required. A pipe had been added to the pipe in my arse, which came up at right angles and passed up the crack in my bum to the small of my back, connected to this was a Bag. A short pipe was inserted into the inlet socket or as I called it the nose hole and locked in place. The other end had the head of a vacuum cleaner on it. Some how she switched on the motor and I was told to vacuum the carpet in the lounge. I was to be a vacuum cleaner and that was why they called me Vickyvac. Waves of despair descended on me at the though of being reduced to a piece of household cleaning equipment.

I took a while to get the hang of the best way to do it, if I moved slowly I found that I could keep the head flat on the floor. It took about an hour to do the job properly, which earned 14 cuts from the cane, that I was told, was too long. During the following week we found that if she released my arms I could rock back and forth on my hands and do the job better and faster. My legs remained bound not to be released until the next modification visit.

At the end of the week I was sent to Master Jimmy for more modification. This time he attached the wires to my hip and shoulder sockets and lifted my bum up till, with my chest and knees resting on the ground my upper leg were at right angles to my body. It felt funny having my bum stuck up in the air, but I did as I was told. He cut into the side of my leg about 2 inches above my knees on both legs and inserted a bracket with a tube attached. The bracket was screwed to the bone in my leg. He stitched up the wounds and sprayed them with an antiseptic spray. I now had a hole through my thighs

A 2-foot rod was put through the holes in my legs and secured in place keeping my knees apart. Wheels were attached to the rod or should I now say axles and I was lowered down on to my new undercarriage and the wires removed. He inserted a ring behind my Achilles tendon and with a length of chain pulled up my feet and attached the other end to the rings in my hips.

He also attached a rod from my knees to the chest plate, so that I could not straighten my legs. Using the shoulder wires he raised my chest off the ground and attached a pole to the plate between my breasts, the pole had a castor type wheel on the end. "Good", he said "that’s done now and I see your breast are growing nicely. Go back to your quarters and you can have the rest of the day off to recover". Using my arms I was able to pull my self along.

Back on my docking pole I was in despair, what would these bastards think of next I would never be able to go back to the outside world? I had no digestive system and my face and leg were mutilated. I cried my self to sleep.


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