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SRU: An Exciting Present 3: A Downward Slope

by Lycra GG

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Storycodes: MF; Solo-F; majick; transform; bodymod; clothing; spandex; corset; hotpants; pheromones; mc; stuck; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part Three

Chapter 5: A Downward Slope

Gina grabbed one of her favorite leggings – a black, fake leather one, an expensive import from Australia. It was so smooth, both inside and out, and had a shine that easily changed her looks from the 8 or 9 she already was to a 12 … hot ass, long toned legs, combine that with patent leather high heels – a killer combination. And with her new specially “tanned” leg, she didn’t even need to put on a panty hose or stockings anymore. A big plus. Sitting on the bed, she slowly put one foot into the waiting sheath of the leggings. There it was, the static electricity, not in the leggings, it originated in her leg. Carefully, inch by inch, she pulled the leggings higher, savoring the increase of the static she felt in her leg. By the time she reached her knee, it already had branched all the way up, charging her pussy with an incredible load of energy.

The second leg. Again, slowly in, slowly higher. More and more of the static charge filled her body. She felt her pussy’s juices well up, stronger and stronger the feelings got. They had already reached halfway up her spine, her nipples already getting harder, like two electrical leads collecting and distributing more of the charge in her boobs. A low moan escaped her half-open mouth, at the same time she closed her eyes. Could she stop? Could she go on? Should she stop and pull it off again? While she was still in the process of deciding, her body acted almost independently from her. Ever so slowly, her hands had grabbed and pulled the waist band of the leggings up further on her legs, now almost as far as it would go without standing up.

The ever increasing charge on her legs, her whole body, had now reached her brain’s stem, as a bottle being filled the feeling started filling her all the way up. Losing the will and power to resist any further, she slowly raised up from the bed. Up the leggings went. Almost there, just another couple inches. When the leggings almost touched her crotch a sudden bolt of energy caused her arms to jerk – finishing the deed. The leggings were up all the way, comfortably resting just over her wide hip bones. With her last piece of will power, she let her body drop back on the bed, knowing what she was in for now …

Tim knew something was wrong. He had his morning wood in the middle of the night, and the desire to take his girlfriend then and there. Hard. He could barely wait. Was she giving off her special scent again? It was the most likely explanation. Looking over, he saw her move, saw her pelvis slowly raise up and down. Was she dreaming? He carefully touched her shoulder, when she didn’t react he carefully shook her a bit. Her eyes flew open, with a look of a crazy person she took a moment to focus. “What? Did I do it again? Did I put on my leggings?” she asked almost out of breath.

“No, you were just dreaming … you are safe, no more lycra anywhere”



“I’m at 9 … the dream … so intense … I need it. Now. I need you. In me. Fuck me. Now.”

Generally, when a woman asks you nicely, you do what she wants from you. Tim was hesitant, though his own desire was already going strong, and still increasing. Heck, if even dreams turned her on, how should this whole thing end?

After several rounds, Gina and Tim finally fell asleep, exhausted and tired.

The next morning, Tim awoke from the sounds of the new day outside. Looking over, he saw Gina laying there, still fast asleep, a content smile on her face. God, she was so sexy. She had always been. Now, she had become a drug both to herself and him. A couple days ago, he probably would have gladly jumped at the chance of having hot, endless sex with his girlfriend, anytime they wanted, for as long as they wanted. Not that he didn’t get enough, but … wasn’t it every man’s dream? Now, he was trying to figure out a way to keep her constant arousal, her hair-trigger horniness under control.

Over the next couple weeks, Tim and Gina kept up their scientific (and partially very hot and sexy) regimen – in the end, they decided that doing “it” every other day kept her libido in check enough for her to function mostly normal. Interestingly, having sex every day (or multiple times a day) seemed to have the opposite effect, with her horniness recurring in shorter intervals. On a three-day interval, Gina would usually start getting hot thoughts sometime during the third day, causing sort of a feedback-loop and leading to the inevitable. So two days it was. Which worked out fine for another two months.

Chapter 6: Once a sexaholic…

Tim and Gina had more or less settled into their normal life again, normal except for the hour-long fucking sessions every other day, and only the occasional relapse where she needed it quicker. She had managed to stay out of trouble at work, too, getting through the days without any problems, mostly to the rather dull but constant workload.

Tim would be at work all Saturday in order to take care of an important customer, which was unusual, but happened occasionally. The night before had been their “physical activity night”, so Gina woke up late, relaxed and not very horny at all. Tim had already left, so she had the house for herself. With fall around the corner, she decided she’d get rid of some unused stuff, as well as pack up some of the garden tools they wouldn’t need until spring. After a hearty breakfast, she grabbed a pair of old torn jeans and a T-shirt and headed to the basement, looking for some empty boxes.

Grabbing two, she started cleaning, drying and putting the tools in the boxes, then labeled the first two and pushed them on a shelf. After a quick run through the basement with a broom, she went back upstairs to go through a couple stacks of stuff in their work/hobby room, sorting and discarding unneeded items. It hardly was 11AM when she finished that and decided to go through her clothes and start moving her summer items in boxes or the rear of the closets before fixing a quick lunch.

She had just started when she came across a piece she hadn’t noticed for quite a while – a black patent-leather corset, long front and rear, with quarter cups that did a very good job at creating a spectacular cleavage pushing up and in, while essentially covering nothing. Nothing at all. She remembered the last time she’d worn it, a couple years back, before she even met Tim. She had worn it to a party, underneath a very tight, very short strapless dress, the combination of the two making all the men (and a couple of women) swarming around her all night. While she had gained a slight bit of weight since then, she wondered whether it would still fit.

Quickly she stripped off her T-shirt and shimmied into the shiny corset. After adjusting it a bit so it would fit nicely underneath her breasts, she had to pull down her jeans, as it went down a bit too far. Stepping out of the jeans, she admired herself in the mirror. Even without fastening the corset, it still looked good on her – she still looked hot in it! Grabbing the strings, she started fastening them. More and more her waist was pulled in, and she had to confess the bit of width she had gained over the years (and the slight increase in breast size), combined with the corset, made it – made her – look even better than it had those years ago. The hourglass-shape was even more pronounced.

When she had a hard time pulling the strings with her hands, she wondered whether she could pull it any further, and finally took the strings and looped them over the handle of the bedroom door. After going as far as she could to tighten the string, she started straining a bit, inching forward while reaching behind and manually pulling the gaps of the corset a bit tighter. She knew the last time she had worn it, it had been all the way closed in the back. That’s what she wanted it to be when she was done, proving to herself she still had the same smokin’ hot body she had back then. After a little while she finally managed to reach that goal. She grabbed the strings, ran them around her waist and finally tied them. Somewhat breathless, she admired her image in the mirror – wow!

The contrast of her compressed waist to her tits and her hips was amazing. With the minute amount of flesh that was pushed down by the long corset, it even made her behind look even more rounded and delicious. She decided that even though this piece of clothing wasn’t really made for comfort, she would leave it on through the day and surprise Tim with it once he came home – whenever that was going to be. Pulling the T-shirt back on over her head, she carefully picked up her jeans, being severely limited as far as bending over went. The tough leather and steel enforcements inside the corset made sure of that. Closing the jeans was the next ordeal – the extra layer of leather, and the slight redistribution of flesh made closing the button on the jeans, which were already rather tight, near impossible. But as it stayed up anyway, she just let it go.

She then continued going through her summer clothes, inspecting every single piece for whether it was freshly washed, or needed to go to the washing machine before it could be stored. While the corset made all the moving around a bit harder, she enjoyed the feeling of being restricted, as well as her looks every time she looked in the mirror on the inside of the closet. Her breasts, lifted nicely and pushing out proudly through the thin material of the shirt looked really great. Of course, her nipples which were still and constantly very erect and therefore even a bit more visible now meant she couldn’t let anybody see her like that. But she wouldn’t complain – she loved the way she looked.

Halfway through her summer pieces, which mainly consisted of T-shirts, halter tops and light cotton blouses (as well as a few silk ones) her hand felt as if she had touched a live wire. Astonished, she took a closer look at the next piece on the stack. It was red. And shiny. And very smooth. Immediately her brain went into overdrive, heading out into two opposite directions. If she remembered correctly, this was a strapless top. She used to wear it when going to the beach, or summer parties. It was perfect, thin and shiny, and stretchy. Nicely stretching around her body, showing off what she had, made to be a bit longer, so not showing any bare stomach area. She had loved it, and thought it was gone. Because Tim should have gotten rid of it – it was spandex. Definitely spandex.

Gina’s senses tried to fight. She knew what would happen if she put it on.

Gina’s body and feral parts of her brain fought, too. They also knew what would happen if she put it on.

Gina stood there, staring at the red piece of fabric, almost as in shock. Her mind tried to reason, tried to get her to close the closet at once, go downstairs, maybe call Tim for support, both moral and in person.

Hadn’t she been busy with her goal of sorting her clothes, she might have noticed that by putting on the corset, her arousal had already gone up quite a bit. Her hot looks, followed by the feeling of encasement and being somewhat restricted in her movements had added to that. Objectively, her body had already reached something around a “6” on Tim’s and her “horniness scale”, even if her mind hadn’t really registered it. Just the short touch of the top had pushed that up even further, which made it yet harder for her common sense to keep her actions in check.

Slowly her body extended her trembling hand towards the tempting material. Her mind was screaming with two voices. One that told her to run, to save herself from what would happen, the other screaming in ecstasy, wanting to feel what she had last felt so many months ago.

She was like an alcoholic at the brink of relapse – her body was shaking, half in fear and desperation, half in arousal. And what was left of her logical thoughts knew she would not be able to resist. Resist the draw of the material, the magic, the unbelievably intense orgasms that awaited her. Just a few inches away from her hand. Only seconds to feel it again. Explode in heavenly bliss. Lose all control, forget everything. Just be – be an orgasm.

Her brain hardly registered how she had removed her T-shirt, how she had grabbed the top and started to pull if over her head until the material had already covered all of her breast and barely had 4 inches left until it was finally put on. With unbelievable willpower, she stopped her hands from pulling it down the last bit. The electric shocks coursing her body were enveloping everything. With a last shred of awareness she remembered she was still wearing the corset – could it maybe keep the top from merging with her body, keep her from becoming a puppet of her desires and arousal?

But whatever willpower was left, it was quickly drained by the ever increasing arousal that had long made her that puppet. Slowly, savoring the increase in intensity of what the material did to her, her hands pulled the top down, finally covering her body from almost the top of her breasts down to the end of the corset.

Her world exploded.

All she was were tits, pussy and clit. And Orgasm. Her body had become the incarnation of orgasm.

Passed out on the floor, all consciousness gone, her brain still experiencing every second of what she had not experienced for too long. The feelings burned themselves into the pathways of her brain, refreshing what her earlier “mergings” had already prepared. All the while, the material slowly morphed, drawing into her skin, yet again becoming her skin. After almost an hour, it finally finished. On the floor, dressed in just a pair of jeans, with shiny red skin up her torso and over her breasts, with an hour-glass figure many women would kill for, Gina still moved unconsciously for another hour. Her mind slowly coming down from the extreme feelings it had gone through. Like the feeling of pain felt from suffering a burn, which slowly subsides over time. Just pleasurable. Very pleasurable.

Chapter 7: Going deeper

Slowly coming to, Gina had a hard time even moving, so intense were the residual feelings she still had from her orgasm. Her limbs felt heavy like lead and barely listened to the commands her brain tried to give them. Finally, she managed to sit up. She ran her hands over her upper body. Looking down, her breasts now blocked even more of her view down than they had before – her corset, which she had under the spandex top, still did its job, even though it was no longer a garment she wore, but obviously now also a part of her body, lifting and shaping her breasts into a form barely possible for even a young woman to achieve. Big, not at all looking like some surgeon had done any work, yet defying gravity. Gina felt something different while feeling her ribs – perpendicular to her rib cage, there were now vertical strips. Thin, probably only barely visible on her red shiny skin, but very solid, forcing her back, her stomach, into straight lines. Her corset managed to not only keep her boobs in shape, but also the rest of her torso. She smiled. She felt so smoking hot.

Her pussy and her breasts were touting her, daring her to give them more of what they already had. Lots more. Slowly she rose from the floor, her movements and posture as in a trance. She went to her closet removing piece after piece of her clothes still left in it, dropping them carelessly behind her. Her deliberate movements sped up, going through the shelves quicker. The pile of clothes on the floor grew. Faster and faster she went through the nicely folded pieces, literally tearing others from the hangers. She had to find more spandex. Sate the desires her body had. Feel the power of her magically charged orgasms again. One more time. Just one more time.

Somewhat unexpectedly, under several wool sweaters, her hands were finally successful. That almost electrical shock cursing through her. It was back again. Her face lit up from the trance-like slack, even though she didn’t know what she had actually found. Pulling out the fabric almost carefully like a sacred artifact, she immediately recognized it. She could hardly believe it had survived Tim’s spandex-cleansing. Probably because it wasn’t where it ought to have been. Deep black, swallowing any color, except for the light its shininess reflected. Small Swarovski crystals adding to the effect, liberally spread over most of the fabric, with some creating a heart-shaped form on one of the rear pockets. She held it in her hands, almost as if worshipping it. Here it was, her ticket to yet another mind-blowing orgasm. And given the body-shape she had acquired from the corset’s restrictions, this would be the ultimate add-on.

With careful steps, she made her way over the piles of clothes towards the bed. Reaching it, she removed one of her hands from the spandex piece, pulling down the cotton panty she was wearing, stepping out of them once they had reached her ankles. She lowered herself on the bed, scooting further up. Admiring the shiny fabric held up in front of her, she lowered it to her crotch, pulling it over her also black lips and clit, savoring the small shocks it caused, short-circuiting through her breasts to her brain. After a short while, she was ready. Ready for putting on her next dose of spandex. Slowly, with deliberate motions, she lowered the skimpy pair of pants, inserting her feet into the appropriate openings. The shocks returned. With every inch the pants were pulled up her legs, the feeling extended up two, reaching her thighs, her pussy, her breasts …

The hotpants were almost on now, she lifted her ass a bit to finish putting them on. Her whole body was charged with the static electricity, preparing her for what was coming. Another inch, then another. The center seam started doing its job – splitting her lips, coming in contact with her clit. Spreading her cheeks, forming her buttocks. When she removed her hands after fully pulling up the pants, the last of the material made contact with the skin at her waist.

The supernova started at her clit, spreading through her vagina, straight to her breasts, finally blinding her brain with a white flash of ecstasy just microseconds later. Her ride had begun, once again.

Chapter 8: How much further can you fall?

Tim finally got back home. He couldn’t believe how long the customer had figuratively had tied him up, but after a quick stop at the grocery store he could get back to Gina. Unlocking the door, his dick almost exploded to a phenomenal stiffness the moment he breathed the first of his home’s air. Knowing what it meant, he instantly called for Gina, rushing first through the lower level rooms, then heading up to the bedroom. He was pretty sure he knew what had happened, but didn’t know what she had found – and how she’d look now. Bursting through the bedroom door, on the bed was the almost familiar picture of a woman in heat – or rather a volcano in human form.

Spread out on the cover, Gina was once again jerking and spasming, eyes closed, a near constant moan emanating from her. His rock-hard dick got even harder under the barrage of pheromones and the sight he got. Hourglass waist, tits that seemed even bigger than usual, her pussy lips spread open invitingly, with diamond-like sparkle all over her shiny black lower body from the waist to the beginning of that little bit of naturally colored skin of her legs left from the merging with the stockings. She looked so hot that it was hard for him not to fuck her.

After a moment, his common sense was overridden by the ever increasing level of intoxication caused by her smell. Seconds later his dick was plunged deep into her hot hole, massaged and milked by her muscles, almost held in as by a vice. Feeling the lycra-skin that now covered part of the passage way into the depths of her pussy only barely registered in his subconscious, as he quickly reached his own boiling point, shooting his load deep into her. Again and again, for minutes, taking part in the bliss she felt.

A short while later, his brain reluctantly cleared up again. He was still – again? – hard, but the immediate urge had subsided somewhat. Running his hands over her body, he remembered the pants that were now part of her – she always looked hot in them … definitely X-rated for adult parties. Now, they had done one hell of a job to her body. He was looking forward to seeing her standing up, him walking behind her, she preferably in her high heels … just the thought increased the pressure in his dick. And the little crystals all over her mound, reflecting the light in all colors of the rainbow.

Savoring the feeling of her slick black skin, his hand slowly roamed further up, reaching the red skin. Again, the now familiar fabric-like feeling amazed him. He’d always been a sucker for her being dressed in spandex, but now … Sure he was desperate about what had happened to her, how they’d manage to keep on living a halfway normal life, but Gina’s transformation was so damn hot. How is a normal man to handle such a situation?

Amazed by her now tiny waist, he felt the hard strips under her skin, though they were barely visible. He knew she didn’t have a spandex corset (after all, how could that even work?), and he remembered the top she wore. Obviously, the spandex also merged other pieces of clothing worn underneath it. Though he didn’t mean to, ideas started coming to his mind as to what could be done with this new information. He quickly pushed them out again, more or less knowing that while there might be some kinky uses, anything done would most likely be permanent. But still, more ideas invaded the back regions of his brain, lingering, barely recognized.

Slowly, the ever-present level of pheromones in the air had both increased his level of arousal and  lowered his coherent thought processes and self-control enough that he returned to her on the bed, not savagely but almost carefully mounted her still shaking and moaning form, plunging deep inside, and slowly fucking the otherwise unconscious woman, causing the spasms in her pussy to increase, milking him, while both moaned almost in unison over the sensations that flooded their minds and bodies.

Chapter 9: No turning back

Tim couldn’t remember any conscious thought from shortly before his mind had succumbed to the onslaught of pheromones. He did remember fucking Gina over and over, remembered the intense feeling, the near endless supply of cum he seemed to have, the unbelievable bliss he felt when he orgasmed, and that – from what he was able to tell – she had also had had quite a few orgasms herself. He didn’t know how long they had been at it, nor if she had already come to at some point. Checking the clock on the night stand he noticed it was already 7AM.

Looking at his lover, he was once again amazed by her looks. Barely concealed by the now merged form of the corset, her globes slowly rose and fell, her nipples still very erect and stiff. The black, sparkly skin of her lower body part looked amazing with the slight light that already permeated the slits in the window shades. His dick was still pretty stiff, even with the now greatly reduced amount of her pheromones in the air. He reckoned the view made up for most of that. He once again caressed her body, running his hands over breasts, down her stomach, along her hips and along her legs. The small bumps of crystals felt slightly cooler, a strong contrast to the rest of her lycra skin.

His hand slowly made its way between her thighs, slowly moving up towards the now permanently parted, inviting pussy lips. Having lost all of their regular texture, the smooth and slightly wet surface of them felt so unbelievable. Slowly finger-fucking her, her moans once again returned, this time though her eyes slowly opened a wide smile on her face. After a moment, she started remembering, and almost broke into a sob. “I’m sorry, Tim. I came across the top, I was already pretty hot. I … I couldn’t stop myself. I just had to feel it, feel it again. It was so good, I just had to.” She started crying.

Tim stopped his probing of her lycra cave and took her in his arms. “I know. I should have been more thorough looking for lycra stuff then you wouldn’t have been tempted … it’s not your fault. Look, it’s not … well, not all that bad … you can still conceal most of it, still wear almost anything …”

Her sobs slowly subsided, a smile partly returned to her face. “Concealing these”, she said pointing to her now even more prominent breasts, “won’t be easy … with the corset’s cups lifting my girls, and the reduced waistline, it looks like I got a boobjob and then some … and the constant ‘high beam’ I’m sporting isn’t easy to hide either …” she said almost laughingly.

Tim had to grin, “Yeah, should even help if you’re ever in a hundred meter dash, though …” which elicited a laugh from Gina. They snuggled together, for once not heading for a hot round of sex.

That day he ensured there wasn’t a single piece of clothing around that might cause another “accident”. He managed to find another couple pieces around, all of which were rapidly taken care off. He couldn’t imagine what her next episode would result in…

Over the next months, Gina and Tim managed to keep her urges under control, though the last conversion seemed to have increased her physical desires somewhat. Whereas before, she could have almost managed to stay halfway normal even if they only had their regular sex rounds after three days, she now almost reached her breaking point (or rather, eruption point) within 48 hours. Still, the once-a-day-routine was not helping, so they had settled into a multi-part session every two days, beginning early in the evening for two hours or so, then get a good night’s sleep to an early repetition the following morning for another half an hour or so in the shower.

Gina had also enjoyed adapting her clothes style to her new looks, which got her quite a few compliments, apart from the many unspoken ones when people – both men and women – passed her on the street, either flashing a smile, or at least turning around after passing her to get another good look. Tim wasn’t sure whether this was only her amazing looks, or if part of that wasn’t due to the slight cloud of pheromones she still gave off even when she wasn’t aroused (well, at least not extremely aroused anyway), as he couldn’t imagine that there were so many bi or lesbian women around as were checking her out.


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