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The Ship's Queen 5

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2015 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; D/s; transform; M2f; bodymod; space; scifi; tease; cell; bond; cuffs; susp; sold; strip; naked; packaged; crate; delivery; cons; X

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Part Five

"Yes, I had served with them once, why do you ask?"

"It would violate a confidence if I were to tell you sir."

I didn't want to inform on the muscular cargo man Mr. Kane, and what I thought was his rather unique form of sailor torture porn starring me getting whipped while strung up in a similar fashion. It made me wonder at the time how a cargo man could afford such an expensive device, and that in turn forced me to reflect on the Captains words in private with me about making a proper visit to Mr. Cook "in the flesh". The implication was simple, I, (or at least my hologram), had already visited with him not in the flesh, just as I had already visited with Mr. Kane in much the same way.

Mr. Kane's failure to perform for me therefore likely had nothing to do with his having to pay up one hundred credits for having me out of rank order, it had everything to do with having me before Mr. Cook, the ships first officer and likely owner of the sailor torture porn hologram device. If the two men had such shared experiences, it made sense that Mr. Cook might share his expensive device with a like minded soul, after he obviously used it first. The senior officers on the board had to know this, and this must have been the reason why they were squirming in their seats as my sentence was passed. Had this treatment been the undoing of the other ship's queens, strung up in a room full of mirrors and treated rather roughly, or would I be the first one to receive such, the others being treated gently, and then still self destructing long before their tour was over with the unique stresses of their feminization?

What then of the first ship's queen, the Captains new bride and apparent favorite of the two Begorian crewmen assigned to the Fortunate at the time? Had she been strung up and treated in a similar way in their cabin, and did she enjoy the experience so much that she kept coming back for more time and time again?

My mind was overwhelmed with the possibilities, but I noticed Mr. Cook staring at me when I thought to pay attention, he likely thinking I had lost my mind just as the others had in the past. Did he expect me to use the special word sound that the Captain had just given me that I vowed to myself never to use, or perhaps just to stare off into space with a lost mind and drool helplessly with the effects of this hardship that wasn't a hardship at all to me?


"Yeessss." The man obviously expecting the worst from my lips by his tone, potentially ending his and the other's fun almost before it started.

"In my closet there is a Begorian bride's white gown, it's very lacy and sexy."

"Yes I know, I bought it" he responded.

"Could you bring it with you when you return sir?"

"That won't be until the next watch, I need some rest to properly deal with you after our shower together."

"Oh, that's OK sir, I have a feeling I will be right here waiting when you get back."

"Good point."

"On the subject of our shower together sir, I thought that was rather fantastic, and I had, nor have any intention of sharing that with anybody."

"It's good to know that you can keep a secret, there are many secrets that must stay aboard the Fortunate, as you may likely find out."

Without another word Mr. Cook left my mirrored cell, but I remained pinned in place and alone to look at my perfect reflection. I had a reoccurring thought while pinned in that cell, I loved this new body and wanted to keep it. Just saying it in my mind had a liberating quality to it, but I didn't know if such a thing were even possible.

While daydreaming about such possibilities I watched my posture change, my large and firm breasts floating up slightly, as did my long hair, reminding me of a time back on planet when my young wife swam nude in our friends pool on a dare. It was still another party that I was serving for, I "forced" to serve drinks poolside as she and several of the men swam about as I watched, I doing a rather poor job of hiding my excitement at her exposure.

It was not supposed to be a pool party, so no suits were brought, but that could have been just another excuse to torment me and further expose my cuckold tendencies. If that were the case, (I thought upon reflection), it had worked, I advertising to all present that I was more than OK with her flirting. One of the men swimming and grinding up against her that night was presently sleeping with her at my request, and one could make the argument that I only had received that which I had asked for.

The tingle in my belly along with my bodies disregard for gravity indicated that Mr. Cook had turned off the gravity in the compartment, meaning he could leave me pinned up by his sophisticated restraints almost indefinitely without any negative short term effects on my body. I eventually drifted off to sleep, but had some crazy dreams, the most vivid of which had me pinned in a similar manner back on planet. In my dream I was pinned to the wall in my best friends master bedroom, both he and my young wife making passionate and vocal love on his bed as I watched like a piece of displayed inanimate art. It was hugely erotic to watch my wife so well used by my powerful friend, but in my dream I wasn't sure if I were displayed in my inferior male body, or this fantastic female one...

I was woken hours later by my cell being opened, but instead of a human visitor I received the robotic nurse from sick bay. It checked me over head to toe and pronounced me fit, then proceeded to clean me in a mechanical and rather intrusive way. The excess water fell to the mirrored deck where the machine vacuumed it up, telling me the normal gravity had been returned to the compartment, (as did the weight on my bonds), it even fixing my hair that had become entangled from it's weightlessness floating about.

The robotic nurse left and the first officer entered carrying my Begorian's bride gown, I expecting to get the full measure of his promised strokes and then some for my cheeky mouth earlier. I was then released from my now weighted suspension with his remote control and handed the thin dress and matching heels from my closet, I dressing for what I expected would be my tormentors pleasure, my arms, legs, and neck stiff despite the lacking gravity for most of my suspension.

"An opportunity has presented itself, and on my recommendation the Captain is willing to give you the opportunity to serve all of us. That is what you signed on for after all, isn't it?"

"Doing what sir?"

"That is entirely up to you, as you will soon see, but sufficient to say that the Fortunate hauls goods not on any manifest. This is where the real profits are to be found, and one reason why most crew members are reluctant to leave her service. Your secrecy is key, and in exchange for your cooperation the Captain is willing to offer a reprieve of your punishment on board the Fortunate."

"So I'm not to be strung up and whipped then sir?"

Instead of answering me right away the first officer just gave me a rather playful smile, "I didn't necessarily say that did I?"

"I want you to go to the galley and get the refreshments our chef has waiting for you, then deliver and serve them to the bridge crew, in rank order this time if you please." The man then removed my strange restraints, packing them away for later use I hoped. They were quite comfortable, and if used with a healthy dose of imagination could have me quite helpless and vulnerable to the man's whims.

"Yes sir" I answered, knowing instinctively I was being left out of a rather major part of the details. The dress was very delicate and sexy for just serving the bridge crew, as well as expensive, and why confide in me that we were all technically smugglers just to serve snacks? I didn't need to know that, but was this was still another reason why the men of the Fortunate seemed so committed to her, I wondering rather selfishly just what kind of wealth one could accumulate with an extended tour, in male or female persona.

I did as instructed, almost disappointed not to be receiving the first officers attention, with or without his strap. I had gone an entire watch strung up and not in the company of any man, and to say I was rather needy would be an understatement. Wearing my Begorian bride's dress made me think of Mr. Kane and his own holographic Begorian bride strung up for his entertainment, and I thought if I were to truly be released with a reprieve I would endeavor to visit him straight away to keep my promise, bearing in mind that I was properly dressed for the occasion.

I collected my tray of coffee and crumpets from the chef and walked them to the bridge, he also giving me a rather odd smile letting me know some fantastic prank were about to be sprung on me, or possibly that he would like some private time with me as well displayed as I was in my revealing gown. I thought the latter not as likely as the look was all wrong for that. Still I had a crumpet and some coffee for myself at the chef's insistence and consumed them rather quickly, I not realizing how hungry I had become until I smelled his rather fine cooking. I then wondered playfully to myself if one could survive on a straight diet of sweet fruit pie.

I entered the spacious bridge deck, the compartment fully staffed as it only was when some maneuver required such. Ordinarily it was a minimum "steaming watch" when traveling through deep space to our next scheduled stop, another term from a by gone era of steam ships on the water, but in that case very slow travel. The theory was the same however, in open space, just as in open ocean, there was little to run into and the full watch not necessary, the RMS Titanic not included.

I walked to the Captains right to serve him first, I becoming aware of why the full bridge watch was set, we being in orbit about a planet apparently to make a drop. There was another ship in orbit as well, it looking smaller than the Fortunate, but it was hard to tell at such a great distance on the view screen. The Captain was talking to someone on the communicating system, and I assumed it was the other ship, but it could have also been the planet's control people. The view screen then changed and I saw the massive man like being my Captain was apparently speaking to, I knowing instantly he was a Begorian.

I had never seen one in the flesh, their pictures in my school books back in the day not doing them justice though, their features rather hansom to my randy female form at the moment and not nearly so barbaric as they were portrayed in that old book. It would have been hard to tell his true size on the screen before me with no common sized object I was familiar with which to scale him to, other than the standard issue coffee cup of the Fortunate in his hand, the object disappearing in his giant paw and looking like a child's tea cup in an adult hand. I looked at the identical cups on my serving tray and wondered if their bodies were scaled up in every dimension, suppressing a shiver at the thought of the petite first ships queen entertaining one intimately such as he.

The two Captains were friendly toward each other in their banter, I wondering if this was actually one of the "men" who had served aboard the Fortunate when the first ships queen was aboard, he keeping his coffee cup as a memento of his service before his promotion. I listened in as I moved to serve the others, I confirming my suspicions when I heard the Begorian inquire about the Captain's wife, and then something in my mind went "click", I knowing it was no accident that I was on deck innocently serving snacks hardly dressed as I was.

"Who, who, who is that Captain?", the Begorian asked in amused shock when he first saw me. I thought it cruel to tease the man like that, his crew likely going without any female company as well on their own cruises, but with the Captains playful words I could tell he wasn't being malicious either.

"Oh, don't you worry about her Farok, you nearly ruined my first ship's queen on me by the way, and I am reluctant to even ponder the possibility of letting you ruin this one", the Captain smiling the whole time.

"Can we purchase her from you, surely your crew has had their fill of her by now, and then if we inadvertently damage her fragile human body it's all on us? Besides, we were shipmates once and have shared not only our wealth and resources, but other more valuable things."

"While she is an 'unofficial' member of my crew, she isn't technically a slave aboard this ship, and therefore I couldn't possibly 'sell' her to you Captain Farok as she's not mine to sell. And if I were so foolish as to do such a thing anyway I might face a mutiny here" the Captain laughing to soften his refusal.

I had not developed the courage to look the Begorian Captain in the eye yet, and that in addition to hearing the two men speak so casually about my ownership made me feel more like a commodity than a woman. I also realized that out here so far from home I was an immensely valuable commodity, (as did the Captain obviously), and I for one was curious to see if all the hype about Begorian aggressions were true, my modified desires for such things impossible to suppress. The men on the bridge of the Fortunate had to sense my heat being in such close proximity to me, but did the Begorian Captain?

I then turned toward my Captain when asked, presenting half of my backside to his equivalent on the screen most rudely, but at the same time displaying my body in profile to him. I bent over the Captain so that he could speak to me discreetly in my ear, he putting his big hand on my butt and pulling me closer, it's presence not only feeling very good to me in my aroused state, but it intentionally hiking my already short dress to give Captain Farok an even better view of the goods. My unrestrained breasts were hanging in my dress as well, (one of them resting on my sitting Captain's shoulder where the motion of our bodies teased my modified bud almost to the point of bliss), and one didn't have to have any imagination at all to see the dress and heels were the only things I wore.

"So, do you want to go play with the Begorians for a while?" the Captain whispered. "They are actually quite sweet despite their menacing appearance, and I know this one personally and will vouch for his character. I have no intention of selling you off to him however, but perhaps some kind of rental agreement? I was thinking of bartering some Begorian whiskey for a short term rental of you, if your game, and at the same time you could snoop around their ship to see what else they have hiding on there that might be of value to us. The whiskey is forbidden in the known regions and therefore worth a small fortune as it's a know and powerful aphrodisiac, but the first officer can give you a list of other items of interest to us and our unofficial customers."

"I am yours to command sir" I answered in a trembling voice. I was highly aroused by the thought of being rented out to another ship for a mere case of whiskey, but terrified at an intellectual level that the massive Begorians might actually tear me apart in their lust filled orgy. Overriding my terror though was that overwhelming desire to be with someone soon less I loose my mind, (thanks to the doctor's reconditioning of that part of my brain), and even a ship full of overstimulated Begorians seemed an easy challenge.

"Captain Farok sir, I would be willing to share our good fortune with your crew for perhaps a case of Begorian labeled whiskey, if you have had the misfortune of loosing some to the magnetic storm I intend to report in your wake."

"I believe we may have sir, and thank you for that. One case seems most fair for the purchase of your ship's queen, and I promise you that we will make good use of her aboard the Xlant."

My heart froze as I thought I had just been sold off to the Begorian's for a case of whiskey, despite the Captains assurances to the contrary, I not realizing that this was the way these smugglers negotiated.

"No, no, no, Captain Farok, one case is the rental price for a standard solar week, and any damages will be assessed upon return and billed accordingly. I can't believe you even tried such a trick with me, and to think we were shipmates once" the Captain chided in mock disappointment.

"The terms are acceptable my friend, one case for each week and my regards to your wife."

"Thank you Captain Farok, Mr. Cook will see to the details, and do try to return her in one piece if you please."

I finally had the courage to look the Begorian Captain in the eye after the conclusion of the negotiations, all while standing next to my own Captain as if his possession. Rather than respond to my Captains request verbally though, the Begorian instead smiled a rather devious and toothy smile that left much to my fertile imagination as he stared back into my own eyes...


I followed Mr. Cook to the cargo office as he gave me the list of what we might be looking for on board the much smaller Xlant, and of course how to recognize it, not to mention some quick facts I may wish to know about Begorians in general as he had served with them once. He confessed that this was a likely scenario that the senior officers had pondered with the easy way I had apparently adopted to the ship's queen role aboard the Fortunate, I having the potential to pull double duty aboard the Fortunate as both commodity and entertainer.

"Don't worry though" he said, "if things get a little too intense over there your secret word that the Captain gave you works there as well. Farok is a good man, we wouldn't rent you to just anybody you know."

"A case of whiskey though sir, really?" I glossing over the fact that I was officially not only an "entertainer" but a "commodity" to be rented out for profit.

"Oh, I see" Mr. Cook opined with my unasked question. "Just so you know what your worth to us, as well as to the crew of the Xlant, the full black market value of one case of labeled Begorian whiskey is about three hundred thousand credits, give or take. One week of doing what we both know you have a burning desire to do anyway in exchange for the equivalent of several years of taxed labor on our home world, if fortunate enough to be in a well paying position."

"I had no idea sir. I would have done it just because the Captain asked me to, and of course because I was curious."

"I sensed that. Now do you see why people are reluctant to leave the Fortunate, except to retire?"

Before I could ask the most obvious question, (not that the first officer would know the answer anyway), I found myself at the cargo office with him, I not knowing exactly why though.

I followed him into the massive bay through the main office, I having been there before both in person and in holographic spirit, Mr. Kane once again in attendance. We made eye contact with each other, his thoughts however unreadable to me at that moment, other than he possibly liking the way my Begorian bride's dress fit me in the flesh.

I was swept along toward a device I had never seen before, it's front open as if waiting for something, I getting the distinct feeling I was the something.

"Get in quickly so we can strap you down" Mr. Kane commanded, I freezing in place in a very rare display of open defiance with a superior.

"In there?" I asked.

Mr. Cook spoke up in his friends defense, he sensing my reluctance. "There is no time for an open space docking with the Xlant as we have several unscheduled deliveries to make, we will simply strap you into this delivery device and shoot you over to them. We do this all the time, the things are even rated for reentry in case they miss you. A version of this thing is even used for a last chance emergency egress in case a ship is in peril and the crew must escape."

"Have you ever shipped a human in this particular one sir?" I asked, the fear in my voice obvious.

"No, there is a first time for everything though" he said rather nonchalantly. "The life support system is double redundant as the cargo we ordinarily ship is quite valuable, and we have not lost a shipment in years in one of these."

"Months" Mr. Kane corrected playfully, "but we fixed that one".

"Can we just palletize her in a crate and lock her in somewhat traditionally?" Mr. Cook asked.

"I think it would make the unload easier for our large friends. I can hardly fit inside this thing myself with her to properly strap her down, I can't imagine them doing it to unstrap her. I don't think they'll want to spend all day unwrapping their new play toy either. Speaking of which sir, I rather like that dress on her, and I know that they'll just destroy it in their haste to unwrap her, assuming it survives their other...Ah... intentions sir."

"Agreed. What do you suggest?"


I found myself stripping for the two men on Mr. Cook's orders, really just pulling the dress over my head to stand before both men in my heels. For Mr. Kane this was a first in the flesh exposure, and his stare told me all I needed to know. I was then lifted by my arms and thighs and placed into into an open metal shipping container with slots and holes all over it. My wrists, ankles, knees, upper arms, and torso were secured to the inside walls of the glorified box with sailors tape through it's open slots, it's metallic surface cold against my bare skin. Wherever the men's hands touched me I tingled with anticipation, their lifting me helplessly into the box threatening to make me pop off, as did their incidental contact when they bound me to the box, "for my own safety while in transit to the Xlant" they had claimed.

I felt like helpless cargo when the lid to the box was secured in place, or possibly like a dangerous animal in a cage at the zoo. My container was then loaded into the delivery device by Mr. Kane, he sliding it along with a machine designed for the purpose as I watched through the small slots of the box. The box came to a halt with a clank once fully inside the delivery device, and I then felt and heard the locking mechanism engage the crates strong lower rail firmly. There was little room to spare inside the delivery device with my single large crate inside, my body alone however could have had extra room to move about if my Begorian receivers could have only fit inside with me to release my shipping restraints upon arrival.

The men closed the door of the delivery device and inside was dead silent, my ears popping once it's life support system came to life. I felt some motion, then some more, and in an instant I was thrust outward and away from the safety of the Fortunate. I felt the effects once again of zero gravity, I strapped down inside the box rather securely like cargo though, both helpless and safe at the same time...

As I traveled toward the Xlant and my temporary Begorian owners in total darkness I reflected back on the events of the last hours, I realizing how foolish I had been with the rather intelligent first officer. First asking him if he had served with the Begorians himself, then asking him specifically for my "Begorian bride's gown", as if I would have any other likely way to know that garment for what it was except but to have see it worn once before. We both knew my sentence involved getting strokes, and by my asking for that particular dress to presumably receive them in I had told him unwittingly all he needed to know...

The floating sensation ended when I was hauled onto the Xlant, my ordeal feeling more like a tame amusement park ride than anything else, and making me feel less than courageous over my doubts of my fellow crew members abilities. Is short order the door of the delivery device was opened after a long hissing sound, my crate then removed from it's depths, not with some machine as I had been loaded, but several thick fingers of a single hand poking through the side of my improvised cage. The powerful Begorian lifted it effortlessly with me still inside and placed it on a high locking rack as easily as a human picking fruit at the market for her basket, but also just as gently less he bruise that fruit unintentionally...

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