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The Ship's Queen 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; transform; M2f; bodymod; nipple; vr; bdsm; susp; chain; mast; denial; oral; climax; scifi; space; cons; X

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Part Two

I was dismissed by the captain once he was through with me, and on the way back to sick bay I marveled at the situation I found myself in. I was initially excited to try out my new body, but I felt messy and used, a through shower would take care of the former, and the latter being exactly what I had asked for, so I really had no quarter to complain. Still the experience was less than satisfying physically, and I thought that if this was all that women got out of sex, why would they even bother.

Once back in sick bay the doctor asked me how I liked it, and I told him the truth that it was just OK. He told me that my hormones had to stabilize, as well as some other things, but that once they did I would have desires that would be impossible to ignore. He also reminded me that no matter what your gender, really good sex starts as a thought long before anything else happens, and that if my mind wasn't in the game I shouldn't really expect much. That was an epiphany for me, and I wondered how I had never seen that earlier with my young wife back at home.


I followed the doctor to my new quarters for the voyage, they were quite nice with a closet full of sexy things to wear that were snuck aboard over the preceding voyages. All were in my size as my dimensions were a known thing long before the voyage ever started for me. In many ways my large suite was nicer than the captain's accommodations, and far nicer than the ones I would have had to share without my dramatic transformation. I apparently would have an easy time when not actually entertaining the men, and I thought with a smile that a girl could get used to this level of pampering, so much more like a space cruise than a cargo ship.

The doctor saw my smile and returned it with one of his own, and I was suddenly overcome with a desire to do something wonderful for him. I felt as if I were in a trance, whether due to pheromones, or simple gratitude for the magnificent gift of this perfect body I now had, I can't say. It felt as if I were watching the actions of another as I wiggled out of my borrowed lab coat and handed it back to him. He had seen my new body before in sick bay, but this was sexy and not the least bit clinical. I took to my naked knees right in front of him, freed his manhood, and demonstrated a skill not practiced in years. My throat had been modified, as well as my breathing passages, and with my gag reflex apparently turned off I was able to take the full length of him experimentally.

With my ability to breathe unencumbered I teased him almost to the edge and back again as he groaned in delightful frustration with my practiced ministrations. I groaned as well even though I allowed him to effectively silence me with his manhood, and the noises I inadvertently made vibrated him as he slid past my strange feeling uvula in both directions. He was a well endowed man, but I could easily accommodate him with all that had been done to me. The restriction that my strange feeling throat provided him had to feel good, and surprisingly good from my point of view as well.

I felt and heard another stronger groan, it was a guttural sound that reminded me of the noises I heard from my wife's bedroom the night before I left, but coming from me instead. I looked up into the doctors eyes in surprise, but never stopped what I was doing as it felt incredibly good. I felt like an impassioned artist working on a masterpiece, and I was unwilling to settle for anything less than a perfect performance.

"I decided some time ago that there was no reason for a woman to only have one source of stimulation, so I programed the machine to give you several strategically located ones. Not just the erogenous zones that most women have, but much more like ancillary clitori to accommodate the diverse tastes of the crew. "

The fact that my strange feeling uvula was apparently performing like a second clitoris explained a lot, I had a desire to with that one as well, and the doctor was taking full advantage at the moment. I'm certain the rest of the crew would as well, but unlike when I had done similar things once before, this time I was definitely getting more out of it than the mere satisfaction of submissive service to those in a position over me.

The doctor placed one of his hands on the back of my head and started sawing into me in earnest, and I became aware of just whom was teasing whom. It was wonderful, and my body started vibrating as I panted out of my nose with nearly every other muscle in my body rigidly opposed to the other. In the throws of my first female orgasm the doctor reached down with his free hand and rolled my erect left nipple between his thumb and index finger, and I discovered another clitoris located there as I exploded, bucking and thrashing around wildly on my knees. It was as if I had a second orgasm on top of the first, and the experience was overwhelming. I became disengaged from the doctors manhood in the throws of my passions, accidentally, or for his personal safety I don't know.

He concluded with an incredible blast of seed in my face and hair, with some of the excess dripping down to my heaving breasts. Some couldn't help but to land in my still open mouth, but instead of that familiar taste that I grew to accept as a condition of my service once before, I instead tasted something wonderful. I thought it had to be my imagination, but to be sure I licked my lips to recover some more of what tasted to me like my most favorite desert in the whole universe, sweet fruit pie. With my fingers I recovered all of it that I could from where it was deposited about my face and body, not wanting to waste a single drop as the doctor smiled at my efforts.

"How was it?" he asked.

"Magnificent, it tastes like my favorite desert. And the other part was pretty incredible as well, thank you."

"Good, getting the taste part correct is actually pretty difficult. You did give us your menu preferences, but I'll wager you never expected to receive them like this, did you?"

Rather than answering, I took him back in and started all over again!

That second time was less of a surprise for me, and the doctor proved himself quite well despite my purposeful humming that drove both of us wild. In my somewhat less frantic second performance the doctor pinned both of my thin wrists in one of his large hands over my head, and he alternated his abuse of my sensitive nipples as I managed to swallow his entire second load before my own orgasm overtook me. I slobbered all over his manhood in a very undignified way as if I were starving, but I failed to hear a complaint.

A shower and long bath seemed just what I needed to explore this magnificent new body of mine, after I thanked the doctor one more time. I soaked in the bath and explored my new body as curiosity demanded, but I found none of my extraordinary hardware would respond to my touch, or even mild abuse. I rolled my own nipples, nothing. I did it progressively harder until it stung, but still with no result.

I had an incredible amount of experience pleasing my young wife's body orally, it was her favorite thing for me to do for her because she could receive while giving away nothing in return. When I tried the things that I know worked on her, I again had no response. Had the men designed this body of mine not to respond to self stimulation? It would be something I could imagine many men doing for their own self interests, but at the moment it just felt cruel.

I dressed in one of the short dresses, complete with matching undergarments, designed first and foremost to look sexy. Matching high heels completed the look, and I decided to look up the doctor first and ask about my unresponsive hardware. He was in his office sleeping, (I apparently wore him out with my earlier performances), and I didn't have the heart to bother him. I was hungry, and next went to the mess hall to find something to eat. It wasn't a scheduled mess time, but the cook usually left something around for a snack for those in need. I grabbed something and wandered the ship. I was a woman in need of a man, and I knew where to find those as if I could smell them.

The muscular cargo handlers were very busy during loading and unloading operations, but otherwise augmented the rest of the crew during the slack times. I decided to see what they were up to, and possibly find one of them to help me itch this scratch that was developing. Big muscular men, I theorized, were probably big all over. It was odd that I never considered that before, even in junior college when I was used as a play toy by the more dominant class men, but then again none of them were muscular working men either.

One of the junior men was in the cargo office on watch, and he looked quite bored and unhappy to be there. I entered the dark room quietly so as not to startle him, and caught him intently watching sailor porn at his station with no apparent work to do. It was an expensive interactive hologram type program, and the woman projected in front of him was suspended nude by her wrists as he whipped her imaginary body raw with a real whip. Both her wrists and ankles were encased in metallic cuffs, with a chain running between her ankles as her feet swung just off of the decking. The whip itself had nothing tangible to contact, but other than that the scene before me appeared quite real, with the hologram screaming past her gag with each stroke. He was stroking himself as well through his uniform pants with his free hand as he beat her, and as I came around to the front of the woman I immediately recognized her as myself.

I stood quietly mesmerized with the scene before me until the man finally noticed me in the room.

"End program", the man said solemnly, and then he blushed almost purple with being caught by the very subject of his machine's apparent torture porn fantasy.

"I'm sorry", he said almost silently. "We junior men always have to wait for our turn with the latest ship's queen, and the tension can drive us to... well you saw for yourself, I'm sure. I understand if you have to report me, no hard feelings. I also understand if your not exactly ecstatic about taking a turn with me, when it finally is my turn!

"Hardly seems fair to me that the most virile members of the crew have to wait for the least virile ones to get their turn first" I opined with my new sultry voice. My tone was charged with sexual energy, and I might as well have said, "Please do me now!"

I approached him to within inches and rubbed his flaccid manhood with my naked thigh through his pants. "What's the name of the program?"

"'Begorian Captive Bride'. I crewed with them once, and in gratitude for exemplary service they set me up with one of their women back on their home world. This is part of what we would call foreplay, before the main event. The idea is to torment their women onto a higher plain of sensitivity, and then to aggressively breed with them as many times as possible before exhaustion overtakes the lucky man, or Begorian. The next part of the ritual involves prominent members of their village attempting to breed her bound body next, the theory being that if the husband couldn't get the job done on the first night, he could loose the respect of his bride."

"Once you do something like that it's hard to get the images out of your head, and here with this machine is the only place I can indulge my fantasies without repercussions, with or without a Begorian subject."

His manhood was still flaccid despite my attention, and I realized I might have to seek out relief with another crew member in the short term.

"I'll keep your secret if you keep mine", I told him.

"Thank you, what's your secret?"

"I'd trade places with your hologram in an instant if you wanted the real thing instead."


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