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by Unreal

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Storycodes: M2f; M/f; transform; oral; mc; bimbo; toys; reluct/nc; X

Jake walked suspiciously down the back alley afraid that he was lost or sent on a wild goose chase, a piece of paper with an address scribbled on it was clutched in his hand. He rounded a corner and he saw a simple sign hanging above an indiscriminate door, it read:


This is the place, Jake thought, and he entered.

The interior of the store was a complete surprise to Jake. It was clean and bright and smelled like new carpet. Fluorescent lights hummed merrily. Given the squalor of the alley he just came from, Jake was expecting some dirty little hole in the wall with some dirty little man behind the counter. Jake couldn't see anyone in the store; he appeared to be the only customer.

Jake began to walk the isles, looking for that special something that he heard might be here, as impossible as it might be. He turned down another isle only to be startled by someone standing there.

"May I help you?" She was tall and imposing, her hair was tied back into a harsh bun and she had the look of someone who is not used to being told "No." She was dressed simply but elegantly in a dark red business suit.

"Yes," Jake said, collecting himself. "I head through the grapevine that? ummmm."

"Word of mouth is our best advertising," the woman said. "I am Ms. White, any fantasy you have can be fulfilled here, there is no need for embarrassment."

"Well," Jake said. "I have specific needs when it comes to women and the kind of woman I want just isn't out there, so I heard you could help me... make one."

"Yes, of course," Ms. White said matter-of-factly. "This item right here should do the trick."

Ms. White reached over to the display she was standing next to and pulled off a piece of colored cardboard with a pill attached, encased in plastic. She handed it to Jake.

The item boasted "All your Dreams Come True" and  "Fantasy made Flesh."

On the back was along list of uses for the little wonder pill. Jake scrolled down the list until he was satisfied.

"How much?" he asked.

That night Jake sat at home nervously watching the clock, his roommate Brian would be home soon.

Jake heard the key in the door and a dirty Brian walked through. Brian worked in construction and always had a layer of grime on him when he came home.

"Hey Brian," Jake said casually.

"Jake-o, what's up?" Brian said.

Jake noticed Brian was dirtier than usual this day. Perfect.

"Jesus dude, you look like shit."

"Tell me about it," Brian said. "The rain last night turned the work site into a swamp."

Brian made his way to the bathroom. In a few moments Jake could hear Brian yelling.

"Hey, what's up with the shower?"

"Oh yeah, right," Jake said innocently. "The showerhead broke, they'll replace it tomorrow. The taps still work though."

In fact Jake had removed the showerhead earlier and it was safely hidden away. He could hear the sound of water gushing into the tub.

*    *    *

The tub was nearly filled and Brian tested the water. It was hot and strong, perfect for dissolving away the grime. He stepped in slowly, letting his body become used to the heat. Once in he grabbed a bar of soap and began to lather up. It occurred to him that he probably hadn't taken a bath since he was a kid.

Once he was all soapy he grabbed the washrag wadded up by the tub. Unknown to Brian, Jake's special pill was inside and when Brian grabbed the washrag it dropped out, plopping into the bathwater. Brian never noticed.

Actually, Brian was having a good time. He had a head full of shampoo and was dunking his head underwater. When he came up he noticed that there was something strange about the water, it was taking on a pinkish color, like pink lemonade.

"What the...?"

As Brian watched the pink water began to bubble, like it was boiling. His first instinct was to jump out of the tub, but he didn't, he was transfixed on the phenomenon of the boiling pink water. He felt himself become hard.

That's weird, he thought, I wasn't really in that kind of mood.

The intensity of his erection soon became unbearable. It was the kind of pain that is a build up to great pleasure. He was desperate for release. He reached down with both and found his penis was half its usual size and it seemed to be shrinking fast. Before he could react to that shocking discovery the pain spread from his groin to the rest of his body.

His whole body seized and he felt it stretch and compress. His dick was gone he was sure, shrunk down to a white-hot point of agony and ecstasy. He felt his whole body shrink, trading its bulky musculature for soft curves. His ass ballooned, his hips extended out while his waist pinched in impossibly. It became difficult to breathe as his ribcage contracted.

Brian felt a weight on his chest. He looked down to see two fleshy mounds protrude from his chest. Breasts! Large, glorious breasts were growing outward, making waves in the pink water like the twin humps of some magical sea monster.

He felt pinches and pokes on his face as his features repositioned themselves and wet, red hair flopped down his shoulders.

The pain in Brian's body finally released and she moaned in bliss, but it wasn't the deep voice he was used to but a higher, puerile moan that voiced its pleasure. It took a moment for Brian to collect herself. She was sitting in an empty tub, all the pink water had vanished. She tried to stand up, it was difficult, her new body was awkward to her, especially with the two monster globes of flesh on her chest moving around, plus there was a pain in her feet and calves.

Eventually she righted herself and took inventory. She was a woman, a sexy and voluptuous woman at that! She slid her hands over her abdomen and breasts, noting that her hands were now small and delicate with long, perfect fingernails. This was for real, her skin was soft and blemish free, her breasts were firm, her legs were long and sexy and there was a little patch of red hair right above her new pussy.

Her pussy! She had a pussy! Brian sent an exploratory hand down to her crotch. Her lips opened, revealing her clit and its little hood. She touched it and her knees almost gave way, her whole abdomen was quivering. She was very sensitive.

Brian turned to a full-length mirror in the bathroom and was stunned by what she saw. She was gorgeous, she had exotic, arching eyebrows; large crystal blue eyes, high cheekbones; full, pouting, cock-sucking lips and waves of deep red hair that slithered all the way down to the small of her back.

Looking at herself as a whole she instantly began to get wet. She may have been a woman on the outside but her mind still seemed to be male and her twat began to yearn for something she couldn't quite figure out. But there was something wrong. She didn't look quite normal, her breasts were too ideal, too spherical, her hips too wide, her waist too narrow. It was like she was a cartoon, a bizarre idealization of a woman.

"Hey Brian buddy, you okay in there?"

Brian yelped in surprise at Jake's voice. What the hell was she going to do? Jake was no gentleman, there was no telling what would happen when Jake saw the new Brian.

"Come on out and lets see the new you," Jake said.

Brian paused, did he know? How that hell could he know?

"Get out here NOW!" Jake snapped.

At Jake's harsh words Brian instantly opened the door and stepped out. She didn't even think to grab a towel to cover herself up. In the bedroom Jake stood with his arms crossed and a cocky smile on his face.

"Well, you turned out just fine, didn't you?" he said.

"You did this?" Brian asked. "How did you do this?"

"Oh I'll never tell," Jake said, smiling smugly. "Now I have a question for you. Do you want to suck my dick?"

"You ASSHOLE!" Brian raged. "Who the hell do you think you are? Undo this right now." Brian didn't sound too commanding with her little girl whine. She stamped her foot, only to be reminded of the pain there. She seemed to feel better when she stood on her tiptoes.

"I'll tell you who I think I am," Jake said, all humor leaving his voice. "I think I'm in charge from now on. Now I asked you a question and I want an answer. Do you want to suck my dick?"

"No Jake. I don not want to suck your dick." Brian said.

Jake smiled again and began to unzip his pants.

"Are you sure?" he said as his pants and boxers fell around his ankles. His member was already stiff as a board. "Because I think you do. You do,don't you?"

As Jake said the words suddenly Brian DID want to suck his dick. Part of her was disgusted, the thought of taking a penis into her mouth revolted her, but at the same time she had to have it, had to have Jake's dick in her mouth, she wanted to caress his sweaty rod with her tongue, coax out and taste his magnificent cum.

"Yes." Brian said.

"Well then go to it girl."

At that Brian stepped to Jake, kneeled and took his cock into her mouth. It was everything she thought it would be. It was disgusting, and it was wondrous.

"You like it this way, don't you?" Jake said as he thrusted.

And she did, the moment Jake said so.

"You're just a little slut. You're my slut."

And she was. She was a slut, she wanted sex all the time, she couldn't get enough of it, she wanted to suck cock and take it up the ass and get as many dicks into as she could. She was Jake's slut because he said so, but she still hated him.

Before long Jake unleashed his load and Brian lapped it up. He licked Jake's dick clean.

"Hooo man," Jake said, short of breath. "That was fantastic. This is turning out better than I hoped."

"Why did you do this to me?" Brian whined.

"Well old buddy," Jake said. "I'm horny, and I'm an asshole. I've always wanted a certain kind of girl. One who was beautiful and sexy and wouldn't talk back and would do whatever I say. I never found one, but I found a way to make one, and you were the most convenient material. Nothing personal."

Brian was stunned. She wanted to yell and scream and gouge his eyes out. But Jake didn't want any talking back, so she held her tongue.

"Now," he said, clapping his hands together. "Down to business. There is no way I am calling you Brian anymore. Consider him dead. Your name from now on is... lets see... your name is now Brittney."

Jake smiled. "What's your name?"

"Brittney," she said automatically.

"Very good Brittney," Jake sneered. "Here, I have some things for you."

Jake went into his closet and came out with several shopping bags and dropped them on the floor.

"These are your clothes now, you've got 15 minutes to get ready," Jake said. "I want you to always look your best for me, got that?"

"Yes Jake."

Jake left the room leaving Brittney to go through the bags. Inside there was underwear, thongs mostly, some dresses, microdresses of red and pink and black made out of rubber and leather and spandex. One bag was filled with make-up and the other had shoes.

At the sight of the shoes Brittney was overjoyed. They were in a variety of color and styles, but they were all high heels, six inches at least. Brittney pulled out a pair and put them on and relieved her aching feet and calves.

She pranced around the room cheerfully in her new shoes, then stopped herself short. Her reaction to the new clothes was not right. Not right! She was... she was Brittney? She couldn't remember who she was before, only that she wasn't always like this, and that Jake had done this to her.

For the next few weeks Jake put Brittney through her paces. She was always required to prance around in the skirts and dresses and lingerie Jake brought home. The extent to which Jake had control over Brittney's existence was astounding she found out. When Jake decided that he didn't like Brittney's attitude, the way she was always seemed to dread every new idea Jake had and performed without enthusiasm, Jake told her to always be happy to see him and eager to please him.

And she was. Every day when Jake came home Brittney squealed in delight, lavishing wet kisses in him and excited about every new toy he brought home.

Jake sexual appetites and imagination seemed limitless. Everyday there was some new outfit or game or toy for Brittney. The clothes were always skimpy and trashy. The most concealing thing she ever had to wear for Jake was a rubber dress that went down to her knees; it was also so tight that it locked her knees together, making her take small, baby steps as she walked. There was, of course, lots and lots of sex. She gave him blowjobs and hand jobs, he fucked her pussy and fucked her up the ass and tit fucked her in just about every location and position imaginable.

Sometimes Jake wouldn't have sex, just bring home a giant dildo or some other bizarre toy and make Brittney masturbate with it while he watched.

In addition to her sexual duties she had other things she had to do. She cleaned the apartment and cooked the food and did the shopping.

Before too long Jake was running short of cash so Brittney was sent to the strip clubs to make more money for him. Jake told her that she'd love stripping and she did. She started in the seedy dives and quickly worked her way up to the high class gentlemen's clubs. She gained a reputation not only for her spectacular beauty, but also for her endurance and willingness to service any "special needs" her customers had.

Brittney loved her life, loved the constant attention, loved the sexy clothes and the trashy make-up. She loved stripping and getting fucked all the time. She loved servicing Jake, cleaning his home, cooking his food and fulfilling his every carnal desire. She loved it all because Jake said so, but somewhere deep inside her, a small ember of hate glowed, waiting for its opportunity.

One day while cleaning up Brittney came across a scrap of paper, crumpled and torn, underneath the couch. It was in Jake's handwriting and it had the address of someplace called the Fetish Emporia plus the note "Dream Girl" underlined twice.

Brittney had some shopping to do.

That night when Jake got home Brittney, who was decked out in a new aqua spandex dress so short her pussy was barely hidden, greeted him. She wore white stilettos and creamy stockings; her make-up was thick with frosted blues and pinks and her fingernails were painted silvery blue.

"Hello sweetie." Brittney said cheerfully. "I'm so glad you're home."

"Hey babe," Jake said. "Wow, you're looking good. Of course you always look good, don't you."

"All for you baby," Brittney said as she planted a deep, passionate kiss on Jake. He held her close to him, pressing her breasts tightly against him, stroking her thighs and creeping his hands up her skirt.

"Are you hungry for dinner or are you hungry for me?" she asked.

"Aw baby," Jake yelled, picking Brittney up and heading for the bedroom. Brittney giggled with glee and wrapped her legs around his waist.

In the bedroom they stripped and Brittney planted wet kisses of glittery pink lip gloss all over his body. His lips and face were smeared with it and it continued down his neck and around his nipples and down his abdomen. Pink lip-shaped footprints trailed down to his dick. Brittney had really laid it on thick and it didn't seem to wear off, but Jake never noticed this.

Brittney began to work the shaft of Jake's dick with gusto, glazing his cock bright, glittery pink. Jake was moaning and bucking like he'd never done before and Brittney was really enjoying herself, just like she'd been told to.

Jake's whole body tensed up, he was sweating profusely and the look on his face went from pleasure to intense pain.

"I can't, I can't," he said desperately.

Brittney disengaged from Jake's penis. "Can't what sweetie?" she asked.

"I can't... cum," he struggled to say. "I'm so close... but... it... won't... cum."

Suddenly the smears of lip gloss on his dick and body began to spread, connecting with one another and coating his whole body.

"What the FUCK!" Jake said, panicked. "What the hell is happening to me?"

Brittney said nothing, only watched with a smile as Jake began to shrink.

"You bitch, you did this to me," Jake said, his voice getting higher. "Stop this right now."

"Aw Jake honey," Brittney said. "You know I can't say no to you, but once it started it can't be stopped. At least that's what Ms. White at the Fetish Emporia said when I bought this special lip gloss from her."

Jake's body was quickly loosing its human shape. As he shrank further his legs fused together and his arms melted into his sides, but his eyes could still be recognized as they widened in horror at the mention of the Fetish Emporia.

In a few moments Jake's transformation into a glittery pink giant dildo was complete. He lay there on the bed, twitching against the prison of his new existence, constantly on the verge of orgasm but never gaining release.

Brittney picked him up, he was warm to the touch and writhed in her hand. She spread her legs and slowly inserted his hefty girth into her pussy. He twitched in just the right way to stimulate her clit. As Brittney slid Jake in and out of her cunt she moaned and squirmed with satisfaction. This was the best fuck Jake had given her yet, and she didn't hate him any more.



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