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Petra's Magical Birthday Surprise

by Johnsan

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© Copyright 2016 - Johnsan - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; show; surprise; majick; M/f+; transform; mold; liquify; flatten; F2objects; F2statues; dolls; latex; F2clothing; F2poster; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

A birthday present was in the offing for Petra.  I was taking her to a special adult’s only performance.  Magic it was, as I’d stopped there previously and seen the magic performed. 

It was just what Petra would enjoy.  Petra was a fan of magic acts.  She’d tell me how she wished she could be an assistant in someone’s performance of prestidigitation.  Her blue eyes would sparkle when she spoke of how she wanted to be the one divided into pieces or flattened or seemingly magically transformed by a magician.  Of course she knew it was all stage magic, just an illusion to make people think ‘real’ magic had actually occurred.  Still she told me she often dreamed of it being real, just for fun!

So it was on her birthday I’d made plans to take her to this special performance.  It was a surprise! I didn’t tell her until I pulled into the parking lot.  Petra smiled her brightest smile and hugged me tight.  She was so excited she could barely contain herself.  As we sat at the candlelit table in the dimly lit club we could see the curtained stage. 

Petra was dressed in a long blue dress that shimmered in the dim light.  Her long red hair was perfectly coiffed.  She was a stunning vision of beauty sitting there, practically bouncing with excitement as she waited for the show to start. 

The curtains then slowly parted as music begin to play in the background.  The assistants came out first, wearing high heels and tight camisoles that exposed their breasts.  They swayed as seductively as they could onstage, touching and kissing each other.  Then they began to move into the audience, continuing their dance and touching the people gathered there intimately. 

One girl with blonde hair rubbed her breasts against me as another buxom brunette bent down to kiss Petra, her tongue slipping past Petra’s lips to explore her mouth. 

Petra was a bit surprised by all this.  I guess I should have told her about the adult element to the magical performance.  The brunette broke her kiss and Petra grinned as she looked at me wide eyed.  It was then I whispered about the erotic act that we were about to witness. 

The magician came out on stage as the assistants returned there.  It was like a small orgy as they began to kiss and fondle him with the same enthusiasm as they’d shown to the audience members.  He just as enthusiastically returned their intimate touches and kisses. 

The magician began to slowly undress the buxom brunette, until she stood nude as he fondled and kissed her.  The other three assistants brought out a set of boxes stacked one on another.  It was a typical illusion setup, but instead of the normal boxes each one was transparent and shaped as a woman.  The boxes closely matched the naked brunette’s figure like a second transparent skin.  The brunette stepped inside, helped in by the magician.  The doors on each box were closed, encasing her.  She smiled as the magician produced the blades to slide into the spaces between each of the five boxes.  One section enclosed her head.  Another held her breasts and a third went from below her breasts to her waistline.  The fourth encapsulated her from her waist to mid-thigh, leaving the rest for the fifth. 

The magician with a theatrical flourish began to divide her into five pieces.  Each blade slid into the slot with a snick, forming the bottom of each section, allowing it to be picked up and carried.  Soft moans escaped from the lips of the brunette, who obviously seemed to be enjoying her magical dismemberment.  Petra stared intently, licking her lips and unconsciously, rubbing herself with her right hand under the table.  She began to softly purr as each moan escaped from the brunette’s lips as if synchronized to her pleasure. 

Petra was amazed at how realistic the illusion seemed.  Of course I knew it wasn’t just an illusion and that’s why it looked so real.  The brunette was indeed being magically dismembered.  So I wasn’t that surprised as her box-enclosed parts were carried off and set upon the tables of lucky patrons.  Petra gasped in astonishment and joy as she saw that happen.  She watched as the doors to the boxes were opened and people at the tables touched and fondled the parts of the assistant.  Petra grabbed my arm and squeezed “Oh, how do they do that!” she gushed. 

I smiled but before I could say another word, the performance continued.  This time a blonde assistant and an auburn-haired assistant stood side by side; the blonde with her left hand on the redhead’s thigh.  The other girl had her right hand on the blonde’s ample breast, caressing it as the blonde caressed her thigh.  The magician noticed this and came over to them.  He seemed to pause and had them undress each other.  The blonde was disrobing the redhead as she undressed the blonde.  They began kissing and touching each other erotically. 

The magician clapped his hands to get their attention.  He then made each one lie down on a table.  He waved his hand and one of the assistants brought a U-shaped device that he fit over one girl.  It was transparent plastic but had a small groove on the back.  Another assistant brought a large blade of shiny metal that he slid into the groove.  With a noticeably forceful motion he shoved it down seemingly through the young blonde assistant.  She yelped in surprise and moaned. 

He then produced a black satin sheet he draped over her legs.  With a wave and another magical flourish, he whisked it away to reveal her legs and lower half were gone.  The only things left on the table were a pair of black nylons.  He held them up in the air and stroked them to the delight of the blonde, who moaned excitedly as he did. 

He repeated the feat by dividing the redhead into two pieces as well.  Petra squeezed my arm harder as she watched this.  The excitement was plain on her face, as she seemed to imagine herself in the girls’ place.  Again a sheet was used to cover a part of the assistant.  This time it covered her upper half.  After his magical hand waving, the sheet was withdrawn to expose nothing but a satiny red bra with cutouts exposing the woman’s breasts.  Again when he picked up and caressed the bra the whole audience could see her legs shudder as if she had orgasmed. 

The magician then removed the unoccupied halves of the two tables his assistants rested on and brought the other halves together.  The blonde’s upper torso was now adjacent to the redhead’s hips and legs.  He removed the blades and pushed the two halves together.  The blonde now moaned louder and shuddered in pleasure.  The redhead’s legs seemed to do so as well.  The now-whole girl sat up, her hand stroking her new pussy.  The magician handed her the bra and nylons, which she quickly dressed in.  The new composite woman walked away caressing her new body. 

Another assistant came forward.  She tried to bend over backwards but found she just wasn’t flexible enough.  Again she tried to bend and contort her body, to the amused smiles of the magician.  She looked at him pleadingly; he seemed to sigh and waved to his other assistants. 

One of them brought him a black object that he unfolded.  In moments a black latex cat suit was hanging from his hands.  He smiled at his assistant, who brightened as she took the slinky cat suit in her hands.  This blonde assistant immediately disrobed and slipped the cat suit onto her body.  It seemed to conform to her curvy shape as nothing else could.  She slid her hands over her body and a soft moan escaped her lips.  She sat down on the stage and now easily slipped both legs behind her back and smiled saucily at the magician.  Her black latex clad fingers rubbed the latex-clad lips of her vagina. 

The blonde latex-wearing assistant stood up and bent herself backwards till she came through her own legs and looked up with a grin.  The magician rubbed her pussy again and the assistant moaned loudly.  He then reached over to behind her neck and pulled a hood over her head.  It completely covered her head and just like the latex suit, clung to every bit of her face like a second skin.  She un-contorted herself and stood up grinning as the magician waved to another assistant, who wheeled in a clear plastic box. 

This little box looked to be only a foot deep, wide, and long.  The latex assistant looked down at the box and grinned.  She caressed it with her latex-covered hands.  The magician opened a door on the box, then waved her into it.  She seemed to shudder and slowly began to squeeze herself into the box.  First one shapely leg was snugly placed into the tiny box.  Then she placed her hips and latex behind into the plastic box.  Within moments her shoulders and torso disappeared into the tiny square container, leaving her other leg and arm to wave outside her new home.  It was amazing how all of her fit into the container so you couldn’t make out which was her head and torso.  She looked like a single block of black rubber inside. 

I felt Petra’s hand squeeze mine again and a soft moan of desire escaped her lips.  She was staring intently at the assistant.  I could see her willing herself to replace that blonde girl so she could be the one clad in latex and squeezed into a tiny square of plastic. 

The latex assistant then proceeded to pull in her long latex leg into the way-too-small cube.  Her lone rubber-clad arm snaked for a moment, waving and sending a siren like wave to the audience until it too disappeared into the square mass of latex. 

The magician closed the door of the cube and picked it up effortlessly.  He displayed it to the audience and spun it around, showing it off.  He put it back down and winked, putting his fingers to his lips as if to say don’t tell.  He reached into his jacket and pulled out a clear plastic handle, which he put into a spot right above the door of the cube.  He then began to crank on it and before our eyes the latex square inside began to be squeezed even smaller. 

In moments she went from a one foot cube of latex to just a square of latex only an inch thick.  The magician, with a grin, pulled on a latch and freed the square of latex from her cube.  He held up the square of latex in it’s own transparent plastic frame.  He showed her off and everyone could see a black latex vagina.  A low moan seemed to emanate from her.  A whisper came from those black latex lips.  It was too low for anyone to hear except the magician.  He nodded and smiled as he heard her sibilant whispers.  He then relayed her message.  She thanked him and was really, really turned on! He took his index finger and slowly inserted it into her pussy lips that moved as if to take them in.  Another low moan came from the black rubber square. 

The magician smiled and turned her to face the audience.  He then rotated the square of latex by ninety degrees.  As soon as he stopped a pair of green eyes opened and blinked and the lips parted with a much louder moan of delight.  Everyone could now hear her speak as she said what a wonderful form she had now.  A grinning magician put his finger into her lips again and she sucked and licked that finger with those full black latex lips.  She even wrapped a long latex tongue around his finger and another moan came from her. 

The magician withdrew his finger to a disappointed sigh from the black latex assistant.  He rotated the square back ninety degrees and the eyes disappeared.  Again all one could hear were her low soft sibilant whispers.  He carried her down into the audience and he hung the latex square at waist height against a nearby wall.  He invited the members of the audience to fondle and play with her. 

An audible moan escaped from Petra’s lips as she watched this.  She quietly took my hand and brought it down to rub against her thigh.  We watched as a man sitting nearby got up, to the surprised look of his date, and walked over to the latex square.  He smiled as he stroked the latex pussy.  Another low moan came from the transformed assistant.  Then to our surprise we watched as he unzipped and slid his manhood into the latex vagina.  He began to slide in and out of the black rubber pussy till he climaxed. 

As he walked away and zipped up, a little trail of black fluid seeped from the latex vagina.  A woman walked over with a grin and began to lap that up and lick the square of latex.  As she did, her skin began to darken.  In moments she was as shiny and black as the assistant before she was squeezed into a cube.  The darkening continued to change her, even making her head disappear into a black latex hood.  A sound of surprise emanated from her as she stroked her latex arms.  A moan came from her as she did.  She removed the dress she wore to show that she was now covered in black latex.  She looked like she was wearing a latex cat suit and hood similar to what the assistant had put on before. 

By this time Petra had hiked up her dress and was guiding my hand to her inner thigh while a feeling of excitement swept over her.  The changed young lady’s two other friends – one male and one female – then came to her side and began to explore her new form.  They rubbed her latex skin and watched as she moaned in pleasure, her latex-covered face showing the sensations sweeping over her consciousness.  Her female friend smiled as she peeled the hood off and gasped, as there was nothing underneath.  Her male friend then squeezed her black latex arm and watched as it folded up like an empty opera glove. 

The realization hit all three that somehow the girl who’d licked the latex pussy had been transformed into a black latex costume.  They put her hood back on and all could see a wide smile on her covered features.  While a look of panic and shock was beginning to emerge on the faces of her two friends, she was grinning wildly.  She whispered to her female companion who grinned.  The newly changed woman then began to collapse, actually folding up on herself until a pile of empty latex fetish-wear lay on the floor. 

Petra gasped too and giggled while moving my hand further up her inner thigh.  She leaned over and licked my earlobe.  She whispered, “I want to do that next!” as the female companion of the transformed girl disrobed.  She picked up the latex garment and began to climb into it, to the stunned looks of her male friend and the rest of the audience.  I glanced at the magician, who remained greatly amused as he watched them.  After she had slipped on the latex cat suit that was her friend, she too began to stretch and bend herself with all the facility of a contortionist.  Her enjoyment could be seen through the latex hood that clung to her face like a thin skin-like membrane.  One still couldn’t see her but one could see the grins and smiles that shone through the hood. 

As she bent herself backwards and came through her legs to smile up at everyone, the magician waved to one of his assistants.  She brought him a small transparent gym bag.  He then pointed at the newly created contortionist and her male companion.  The assistant nodded with a smile and gave the bag to the male companion. 

He took it in his hands and gave a puzzled look.  His contortionist friend, on the other hand, glanced at the bag and grinned more broadly.  She unfolded herself, took the bag, and then placed it on the floor.  She began to squeeze herself into the bag to the wide-eyed looks of her male friend and everyone else. 

Within a few moments the latex-encased woman was completely stuffed into the tiny bag.  She even zipped it closed from the inside, leaving her male companion to stare at the bag.  He looked on for a few moments and grinned.  He picked up the bag easily as one of the magician’s assistants came over to escort him away.  “Oh hun, you need to get a little bag to put me into now!!” Petra whispered in my ear as she pushed my hand up against her triangle. 

When we looked back at the stage we saw as the assistants and stage crew wheeled in a vertical marble slab.  It stood over seven feet tall and five feet wide.  It was over a foot thick but still from the looks of how it was being handled quite heavy.  Strangely it had curtains on both sides that were open but looked like they could be drawn to hide the white marble slab.  When she saw the marble slab, Petra’s eyes grew larger and she began to rub my hand against herself even faster.  Her breathing began to quicken, coming in shorter gasps as her excitement grew. 

As the music played, the magician showed off the marble slab, revealing to the audience just how solid and substantial it was.  The magician closed the one set of curtains and went to the other side with two of his assistants.  He proceeded to remove their clothing, leaving both naked and looking a bit excited.  One of the girls he put next to the slab of marble – facing it – and closed the curtain.  The other girl he had stand behind the first assistant and push her against the marble with her arms extending into the curtains. 

The magician moved back to the other side of the slab.  He put his hands against the slab, through the curtains that covered that side.  We all watched as the assistant who was pushing began to move.  It was as if the first girl she was pushing against was being shoved through the marble slab.  Soon an arm began to emerge on the side that the magician was on.  He stroked the arm that appeared as white as the marble slab was.  In fact it looked just like the marble, except for being an arm.  The magician grabbed the stone-like arm by the hand and proceeded to pull on it as another arm appeared through the curtains.  It too was marble colored and held the same polished sheen as the slab of stone.  The marble hand caressed the magician’s arm as he pulled on the other arm.  He grabbed the other marble hand as well and continued to help extricate the transforming assistant. 

Petra moaned in my ear as she watched.  My hand was rubbing her as she pressed on it.  “Oh I want to be that girl, honey!” she whispered to me. 

The magician continued to help the slowly exiting assistant.  A long marble leg showed itself from behind the curtains.  Another one quickly followed and then a face appeared, again rendered in smooth white glossy marble.  Her lips were pursed in an oval as she shuddered in delight as she emerged from the marble slab.  She loudly proclaimed her pleasure with a ‘Yesssss!!!’ as she came free. 

A loud yelp of surprise and a cry of alarm sounded from the other assistant in back.  The magician went to see what was wrong and opened the curtain, to find her sinking into the marble slab.  She was buried up to her shoulders and looked at him in alarm. 

He grinned at her and pinched her behind! She yelped again and frowned. “Help me!” she begged him.  The magician just caressed her naked behind and began kissing the nape of her neck.  He caressed her breasts, the nipples of which were already submerged into the stone monolith.  She began to whimper as he touched and caressed her body.  He whispered into her ear and a look of surprise sprang onto her face at the same moment he pushed her completely into the marble slab. 

The magician returned to the other side just as the first marble assistant was extricating the final bits of her anatomy from the marble block.  Another expression of pleasure came from her white stone lips.  She wrapped her marble arms around the magician and kissed him deeply.  We could all see how she was completely marble, every bit of her.  Indeed she was a living statue; even her irises and pupils had been replaced by white marble orbs.  He responded to her by rubbing her white marbled behind, then kissing her stony breasts.  Each caress and lick of her hard cool form sent another orgasm through her and elicited another long moan of pleasure.

The living statue continued to enjoy his ministrations as he explored her new marble form.  His hand reached down and began to rub the marble lips of her stone pussy.  She practically exploded as he rubbed her.  His fingers entered her marble vagina and she convulsed in sensations, a scream of lustful joy coming from her white stone lips. 

Petra pushed my fingers into her womanhood at that moment and moaned with lust and desire.  “Make me your statue and keep me forever honey!” she cooed as she kissed me hard.  I kissed her back and began to move my fingers.  I’m sure some others might have stared at us but I didn’t care. 

While the living statue did look like stone she did appear to be as soft as any living girl as she moved and was touched by her magician.  After they broke their embrace, he looked at the slab as a voice issued from the curtain.  He parted the curtain with a grin.  There, merged with the surface of the slab, was the other assistant.  Again like the first girl she was marble in color, even her eyes were orbs of white stone in appearance.  Unlike the other girl she was trapped in the marble; only her eyes and lips could move.  Her arms, while trapped, did leave her one hand exposed palm out and the fingers of her other, which she could weakly wiggle.  Both her legs were stuck to the surface of the stone slab, unable to move.  Her breasts did jut out as did her pussy, both like the rest of her now marble in color and sheen.  She looked a bit like a bas-relief sculpture.

The magician kissed the trapped assistant as his hand manipulated her marble-hued but fleshy pussy.  He kissed and licked one of the marbled breasts.  She moaned as he touched her.  The first statued assistant came over with a smile and kissed her other breast.  She unzipped the magician and pulled out his organ, holding it in her marble hands as she kissed it and used a long marble-colored tongue to lick it. 

Then this living statue was down on her knees, using her mouth to pleasure the magician while he played with the one stuck in the stone wall.  The statue’s head bobbed back and forth while the assistant in the marble slab moaned as her nipples were licked and marble clitty rubbed.  The marble statue on her knees giving fellatio then pulled back and placed the magicians rod into the marble vagina of the assistant trapped in the stone slab. 

The magician then began to thrust into the trapped assistant.  Her utterances of pleasure surged in intensity and volume as the living marble statue kissed the back of the magician while she rubbed her own marble clitty. 

The three of them continued this little orgy until it seemed like the trapped assistant was starting to orgasm.  We could all hear her cries of joy as the sensations swept over her, heightened by her transformed state.  Just as she began to climax, though, the magician pulled out.  When he did the girl that had been trapped in the marble slab immediately began to petrify.  In moments she did not just look like marble, she was marble: stiff, unmoving, and cool to the touch. 

The living statue applauded and caressed the girl trapped in the marble slab.  The magician smiled at her and then at the one still within the marble block.  The living statue then grabbed his rod again and was idly caressing it.  Then she let go and the magician slid back into the open vagina of the one trapped in the slab.

When he did the girl stuck in the stone came back to life, screaming out her pleasure and lust.  He gave her a few more strokes and again pulled out; we watched as she froze back to stony silence.  But even in her silence we could all see that she was in mid-orgasm.  Her eyes were closed and her marble mouth open as she cried out her joy. 

The living statue watched as the magician redressed himself; then she wrapped her arms around him.  They kissed passionately for many minutes.  Petra was moaning as well she was pressing my hand against herself as I fingered her.  She was also kissing me as she watched the living statue.  She moaned in my ear, “When I’m your statue we’ll make love like that too!”

By now a number of the other audience members were turned on and more couples were engaging in their own acts of lust, caught up in the sexually charged atmosphere.  Also, stagehands were moving the marble slab down from the stage.  In a short time they’d moved it against the wall next to where the latex pussy was hanging.  They also brought a long low pedestal next to her, as marble as the slab was. 

The magician broke the embrace with his living statue assistant and escorted her down to that pedestal next to the slab.  He helped her onto the pedestal; it was long enough for her to lie down on.  She got on her back, her legs pulled up and spread wide, propped up on her arms holding her torso up.  The magician with a grin got up on the pedestal with her.  He took out his manhood while kissing her on her marble-hued lips.  He began to lick and suck on her stone colored breasts.  Loud moans began to emanate from her glossy white lips. 

When he slid into her marble white vagina, her moans grew into loud cries of orgasmic pleasure.  The magician began to thrust and thrust into her.  She closed her eyes and her mouth remained in an oval shape as each cry of delight was broadcast from her lips.  Her body shuddered with each orgasmic wave but she remained in her pose. 

We could see the motions of the magician and see her respond but as he continued, she seemed to remain more and more in the one pose without the little movements.  Even her moans became fainter and fainter then we all realized she too had become as fully petrified as the girl in the marble slab. 

The magician stopped and kissed her after withdrawing.  He stood next to the motionless statue and produced a vibrator.  Turning it on, he slid it into her open marble vagina.  She moaned and began the same little movements as before.  He pulled it out of her and she returned to her frozen bliss. 

He left her there and invited everyone to play with her as with all the other girls. 

When he returned to the stage there were now four metal stands, each holding by their vertices four sheets of different material.  He announced with a grin that a good illusion deserves repeating!

The first stand held a large sheet of gold metal foil.  It was so thin it flexed under the lights and air conditioning of the club and stage.  The next was the same kind of sheet, except for it being silver foil.  The third stand was even more different; it held a black sheet of latex rubber.  That too was thin and every movement of nearby assistants or stagehands made it wiggle and flex.  The fourth sheet was even more dissimilar.  It was a flesh-colored thin plastic panel in the midst of the frame. 

We watched as the first assistant a pretty brunette walked over to one side of the gold foil stand.  This time there were no curtains as she just walked into the foil.  It reverberated back and forth as she just disappeared into the foil. 

Then a long gold metal leg stepped out from the other face of the gold foil.  A metallic gold arm followed moving sinuously like a serpent followed by another just like it.  Another leg followed the arm and then her torso came through.  All of her was now solid gold in appearance.  Her face made its entrance and it too was as gold as the rest of her.  Like the marble girls though her eyes were orbs of gold.  Even her long hair was gold as she moved and swayed up to the magician.  Another assistant this time blonde did the same thing as the brunette had. 

This time though no arm came from the other side of the gold foil.  Both the magician and the living gold girl stared expectantly at the foil.  Then as the golden girl looked questioningly at him he went up to the foil and knocked it.  The foil swayed back and forth for a bit.  Then a face appeared smiling at him.  It was the blonde assistant who looked at him and winked. 

He waved at her to come forth.  She shook her head while he waved insistently.  Her face then disappeared.  Slowly her breasts poked out of the foil and then her tummy and hips.  Her arms and legs appeared as well followed by her face.  She stood out in relief from the face of the gold foil.  She was still attached to the gold foil though and smiled.  The magician stroked her body and she shivered then moaned.  He rubbed her golden clitty and pushed a couple fingers into her vagina.  They sank into the gold foil and disappeared as she moaned louder and shuddered with pleasure. 

He pulled out of her and she began to fondle her golden body.  He looked over at the gold statue that was his other assistant and noticed she wasn’t moving.  He went over to her and found she was stiff as a board.  He rubbed her nude body.  Quickly she shivered and she seemed to come to life.  He waved and another assistant brought a round wooden pedestal, He put it down and holding the hand of the living statue helped her onto it.  She stood on it and he posed her.  As soon as he let go of her she froze again. 

The magician returned to the girl trapped in relief in the gold foil.  She was continuing to fondle herself and moaning as she did.  He kissed her passionately and then bent down.  It looked like he was unlatching the bottom of the foil.  As he finished the foil then began to roll up like a blind.  Rolled up the foil left no sign of the girl being inside. 

Stage hands took the gold statue assistant and the rolled up gold foil to a place next to where the other assistants were and left the gold foil hanging against the wall next to the gold statue.  Immediately the girl trapped in the foil appeared again and fondled herself.  One audience member came up to the gold statue and began to kiss her breasts.  She began to moan and rubbed her hands on his head.  He stood up and fingered her metal pussy lips.  His eyes widened as they parted and he entered her golden vagina.  She shuddered and her cries of pleasure grew.  She begged him to use his member on her.  Her hands began to unzip him and she withdrew his shaft and guided it into her. 

He began to thrust into the living statue repeatedly.  Her cries grew in intensity as her pleasure mounted.  Soon the man thrusting into her climaxed as the golden statue went through multiple soul shaking orgasms.  He withdrew and she returned to her pose.  She froze again, becoming an inanimate statue once more. 

Meanwhile the magician had gone to the next foil this one silver in color.  A redhead stood on the one side.  She too stepped into the foil as the others had done.  Again a silver statue came from the other side.  The magician led her to another wooden pedestal and had her pose on it.  She then froze into an inanimate statue.  He walked around her staring at her shiny silver form.  The magician began to rub her round apple shaped bottom.  She began to soften again and softly moaned.  He squeezed her cheeks and she squealed.  His arm wrapped around her and he began to fondle her silver pussy lips.  Another squeal and then moans issued forth from her lips. 

He moved around to her front and began to rub her silver nipples then kissing her silver lips.  He moved away and she stiffened again into metallic bliss.  A blonde with long hair walked up to the foil and stepped into it as the girl who was trapped in the gold foil had done.  Just as quickly she disappeared into the silver metal surface.  Again on the opposite surface her face appeared. 

The magician grinned and kissed her hard.  As he did her breasts and body surfaced as well.  She too began to fondle her new form as the girl in the gold foil had done.  He began to unlatch her foil sheet at the bottom and roll her up as well.  The girl seemed to protest we all heard her say “I can do it myself!”

The magician waved his hands “Alright already!!” he undid the clips that held her at the top and the silver sheet began to waft down to the floor of the stage.  We all watched as it straightened itself out flat and the girl trapped in the foil then folded herself up lengthwise.  She folded up her foil sheet body again at what would have been her waistline.  We could hear her giggle as she unfolded herself.  Then she did something really remarkable.  She seemed to grin and crumpled herself into a ball.  The ball rolled off the stage and down through the audience.  It finally arrived next to where the others where.  She unfolded herself back into a sheet and began to inch herself up the wall. 

Slowly she crawled up the wall until an assistant clipped her to the wall.  She straightened herself up and grinned.  She began to fondle herself just like her golden twin was still doing.  The magician came over with an amused grin and pressed her flat with his hands.  She immediately popped back into relief and stuck her tongue out.  He promptly kissed it and fondled her to which she moaned as she climaxed. 

Petra was completely and utterly turned on by all of this.  She continued to press my hand that was rubbing her triangle up against herself.  My fingers were deep in her soaking wet muff.  Her lips were wet and her eyes glistened with desire.  Soft moans escaped her red lips more and more as she watched the girls being transformed.  Cries of surprise and desire merged as she watched the gold statue then silver statue appear.  “I want to be your statue so bad honey!” she whispered in my ear as her one free hand reached over to rub my crotch.  When the girls were trapped in the foil she moaned in my ear again “Just imagine me hanging on the wall just for you sweetie!!” her hand slipping down into my pants to rub me as much as I rubbed her.  When the girl balled herself up and rolled away Petra giggled and squeezed me hard.  When she inched her way up the wall she squealed “When I’m flattened I want to do that so I can be your centerfold girl!”

The magician in the meanwhile was using his fingers to digitally fondle the silver foil assistant.  She was moaning and crying out loudly as he penetrated her.  One orgasm after another seemed to rock her flattened form as he slipped his fingers into her and they disappeared in her silver foil vagina.  He watched her writhe and whimper then kissed her silver lips and breasts that stuck out in relief.  He removed himself and watched as she continued to fondle herself. 

The magician returned to the stage and was next to the black latex sheet that hung in the metal frame.  The two nude assistants were already on the one side whispering and giggling.  He waved and one of them with a wide grin walked into the latex sheet.  It seemed to stretch out on the other side as if she was pushing.  Almost instantly she disappeared into the sheet of black rubber.  It vibrated back and forth as if the tension she’d put on it had vanished.  Then a long black latex arm issued forth from the opposite side of the thin black sheet. 

This was followed by another long arm.  A black latex face came forth quickly followed by a torso and long latex legs.  Just like that a woman rendered in the same material as the black latex sheet stood there to the amused smile of the magician.  She walked over to him and brushed her hands against his chest.  He reached over and squeezed her breasts.  She kissed him long and passionately. 

As they did another assistant came up to the sheet.  With a smile she pressed her hands against the sheet and watched as they sank into it.  Within moments she was gone! On the other side of the sheet a face appeared slowly followed by a pair of breasts and torso.  Soon all of her stuck out in relief on the one side of the latex sheet. 

The other living latex assistant then smiled and walked over to the sheet.  Two sets of long latex tongues then came to meet and entwine around each other.  They kissed long and hard for many minutes.  Latex hands began to reach out to fondle each other caressing their partners body while they remained locked in a kiss.  The girl in the latex sheet stretched herself out to touch the living latex woman who began to stretch herself all over the latex sheet. 

The magician came up behind the latex girl who was looking more like a pair of latex legs and a flattened sheet pressed against the other latex sheet.  He slid into her from behind and a louder moan came from the two of them than before.  This time the legs of the living latex assistant seemed to retract as she began to envelope herself around the magician as he thrust into here over and over.  The girl in the latex sheet moved in sympathy with his thrusts, her sheet like body throbbing in and out. 

The three of them continued their tryst for some time.  Others around us were watching and fondling each other in concert.  I was rubbing Petra and she was fondling me as well.  She was as turned on and agitated as I’ve ever seen her.  Watching these latex girls make love was driving Petra crazy.  “I want that! I want it so bad!!” she said to me while chewing on my earlobe. 

“For how long?” I whispered back. 

“As long as you want me to be dear!” she whispered and licked me “I know you want me to be like that as much as I want to be like that!” she added squeezing me as she felt my arousal in her hand.  “Imagine me spread out on your bed honey! Flat as a sheet waiting for you to lie upon me! Waiting for you to fill me up with your love as I squeeze you with my flattened latex body!” Petra kissed me long and hard. 

“Oh that might be forever!” I grinned and rubbed her harder.  Petra moaned as I did and squeezed me harder again rubbing her whole body against me. 

She looked me in the eye and smiled “That’s what I want honey! Please keep me forever!” she got off her chair and sat in my lap rubbing her body against me.  Petra moaned softly as I kissed her and fondled her.  Petra was straddling me as she pulled down the straps of her dress exposing her breasts.  I smiled as I began to lick and kiss her boobs. 

Even with our little cuddling we both still had a view of the stage.  The magician and the latex transformed girls were still going at it as well.  It wasn’t long before they finished with a series of long explosive climaxes that they filled the room with. 

The latex assistant began to reform her long latex legs as she separated herself from the magician.  She withdrew her flattened upper latex torso and brought her complete body back into existence.  Before she walked away though the latex sheet assistant stretched out and seemed to be speaking but in hushed whispers to her latex sister. The latex assistant grinned and then giggled.  She nodded as if agreeing to something the other transformed assistant had said. 

The latex assistant stood a bit away and the latex sheet grinned.  The magician grinned as he watched from a bit further his arms folded expectantly.  The latex assistant stood and extended her arms.  We could see her concentrating or it seemed she was concentrating.  Something began to happen to her extended latex arms.  They stopped moving and it looked like small gaps had appeared where they joined her upper arms near her shoulders. 

As time went by they seemed more and more like long black latex opera gloves rather than arms.  The attendant gaps grew larger and more defined till the gloves looked as if they were hanging in mid-air.  Then instantly they just fell floating downward to settle in a pile at the feet of the latex assistant. 

A smile grew on the latex assistants lips for a moment as she began to concentrate again.  This time her legs began to change slowly and almost imperceptibly.  She rose on her tiptoes and long stiletto like heels formed on both feet.  We could see seams forming on her legs, as they were clearly becoming thigh high boots.  Two fully formed glossy thigh high boots stood there for a moment before falling away from her legs to lie upon the gloves laying there already.  Her long latex legs remained the boots peeling away like a layer of latex skin. 

Then we could see what looked like panties began to appear.  What looked like a latex garter belt also began to take shape as long latex stockings came forth.  A gap appeared near the upper thigh where the stockings seemed to end.  The gap grew as the stockings and garter belt solidified into existence.  We watched as the garter belt and stockings as a group slipped away and fell onto the growing pile of latex items.  The assistant stood there, seeming to float as her legs were now gone. 

The latex panties now too began to finish their formation.  A gap appeared where her waist would have been.  That gap grew until the latex panties then drifted away to fall on the floor of the stage. 

The latex assistant continued to grin as she concentrated and this time began to form a latex bra on her black latex body.  The bra slowly coalesced into shape clinging to her latex body.  As soon as it seemed to take its final shape the bra separated and fell down to rest atop the pile of rubber clothing.  This left the armless and legless latex assistant hanging in mid-air.  Even her hips were gone now as she hovered on stage. 

We all watched as she shivered and her whole body rippled.  Slowly her head began to diminish melting away into her torso.  Now a headless and legless torso remained there.  As we watched the changes continued.  The bottom of the latex began to stretch till it was at mid-thigh height if she still had a thigh.  The rest of her began to alter until she more closely resembled a tight latex minidress.  The short-sleeved minidress hung in mid air, as if waiting for something.  Just like that it seemed to let go of whatever was holding it up in the air.  It folded up and collapsed onto the pile of latex clothing below. 

Another assistant ran up with a grin and quickly grabbed the pile of latex.  She hugged it in her arms and carried it over to a nearby table on stage.  She carefully laid each item on the table caressing each with a smile.  The latex sheet wasn’t long ignored as an assistant came up and carefully took her down from the frame.  She folded her up and carried the living latex sheet over to the same table that held the latex clothing.  She then placed it next to those items. 

As the assistants carried their transformed comrades away, stage hands took the empty frames away leaving just the one holding the plastic sheet.  “Oh imagine me turned into such lovely clothing sweetie!” Petra cooed into my ear as I licked and kissed her.  “I could be stretched tight against some lovely young girl! I’d make her so sexy with my latex form!” she whispered, “You could then be with her honey! Rubbing her and me with your fingers making the two of us cum with each caress!! Oh you should get them to turn me into something tight and sexy so I can be worn!!” Petra suggested while rubbing her body against my stiffness feeling my breath against her as it came in short pants.  She was turning me on as never before.

On the stage now something was happening.  A woman walked onto it from the wings.  She was dressed in vinyl from her boots to the cat suit and hood she wore.  She glistened as she strode across the stage with a whip in one hand snapping the air with it.  As she walked over to the plastic sheet the other assistants looked at her apprehensively.  They seemed to act subservient to her, lowering their eyes when she walked by.  A couple of the girls came up to her and got down to lick her boots. 

As they did the magician spied her and walked over glaring at her.  This dominatrix returned his glare as she stroked the heads of the assistants licking her boots.  She pointed at the plastic sheet and smiled.  The magician shook his head and glared. 

The dominatrix produced her whip and swung it at the magician.  It wrapped around him and she pulled him to her.  She grinned wickedly as he struggled against her.  She kissed him savagely and grabbed his crotch as if to say, “This is mine!”

She broke the kiss and glared at him then pointed again at the plastic sheet.  He seemed to relent and as she stood there stroking him he began to undress her.  He bent down and slowly began to remove her black vinyl boots and slide them off.  Then he started on her black vinyl opera gloves slowly removing them to expose her pale skin. 

The magician continued undressing her by peeling off the vinyl cat suit she wore.  He unzipped the cat suit and slipped it from her shoulders.  It exposed her pale breasts that jutted out with erect nipples that she rubbed against him.  She pushed his lips against her nipple and made him lick and suck her breasts.  The dominatrix moaned as his lips worked their own form of magic on her breasts.  He continued sliding the shiny vinyl suit off her slim pale but very attractive body.  As it slide over her hips and exposed her triangle we could all see the vinyl panties she wore.  With the cat suit pooled at her feet he began to peel the panties off her.  The dominatrix pushed his head into her now naked vagina when he was down on his knees to remove her panties.  He sighed and began to lick her muff and she moaned as his tongue played over her clit and pussy lips. 

He seemed to get into it.  He continued long after her hands left his head and she began to fondle herself as he pleasured her.  He licked and licked as the other assistants looked on some seemingly jealous of him or maybe her.  Finally he seemed to finish as she climaxed. 

He stood up and removed her hood.  She was extremely beautiful and smiled at him.  She had long black hair that went down to her waist and deep blue eyes.  He glared back and she walked over to the plastic sheet.  She caressed it and gave the magician a knowing smile.  The magician walked to the opposite side of the sheet and waved his hand. 

The side of the sheet the dominatrix was on began to faintly glow.  She put her hands on the sheet and she too sank into the sheet of plastic.  It did something a bit different though and began to wrap around her.  The sheet came off its frame and completely enveloped the brunette dominatrix. 

Now she glowed as she began to transform.  She stood on the opposite side near the magician.  We could see she was now bald and as the glowing subsided we could see her skin was different.  It wasn’t like normal skin anymore! It glistened as if it wasn’t natural.  We then realized it wasn’t skin but fiberglass plastic like a mannequin’s.  It was the same material as the sheet she’d stepped into. 

Her features began to define themselves and everyone could see she was becoming a mannequin.  The lines between her hands and arms then around her shoulders eventually darkened and became seams where she could be taken apart.  Additional lines around her right leg and waist formed as well.  A calf support rod and stand were there to hold her up as she stood naked and plastic.  She just had time to settle into a pose before she froze. 

The former dominatrix stood there, now a hollow plastic display form.  She was as bald as any mannequin as well.  One of the assistants came forward and placed a long pink wig on the new mannequin.  Another assistant then came with all the latex clothing that had formerly been an assistant.  She and the other assistant began to dress the dominatrix mannequin. 

Shortly thereafter a sexy latex wearing mannequin with pink hair stood on stage with the two assistants and magician looking on.  The magician walked away and one of the assistants followed him.  One assistant though went over to the mannequin and smiled at her.  I believe it was the one assistant who had looked at the dominatrix more fondly than any others. 

She began to run her hands over her hard smooth body.  The assistant pressed her lips against the cheek of the mannequin as her other hand massaged the plastic breasts of the form.  The lips of the mannequin began to part and a moan issued forth.  The assistant rubbing and who had kissed her pressed her lips against the moaning mannequin. 

A glow then enveloped the two of them and quickly subsided.  The assistant broke her kiss and we could see how her skin glistened.  The magician shook his head as if he half expected it.  The glistening assistant took a pose next to the dominatrix mannequin and quickly froze.  In moments she too began to transform into a mannequin another stand appearing to hold her up as she remained there. 

The other assistants looked on surprised and giggled.  One of them disappeared offstage and returned with another wig, which she placed on the newly minted mannequin. 

Petra continued to grind against me looking at what had just taken place.  She looked down at me and then reached down to grab my face.  “I should make you change me into a sexy mannequin too!” she grinned, “Wouldn’t you love that dear!” she lifted up her dress and slipped her panties down.  She reached down and unzipped me, sliding her hand in and pulling out what she wanted.  “I want you to keep me plastic honey! I’ll make you change me into a sexy mannequin that’ll drive you wild!!”

Petra then slid onto the stiff rod and began to ride me.  “Fuck your mannequin!!” she whispered into my ear.  My arousal grew as she said that and I thrust into her as hard as I could.  A loud moan came from her wet red lips and she squeezed me tighter with her pussy. 

“You’re going to make me make love to you when you’re my plastic hollow girl?” I smiled and whispered back. 

“Oh I will and you’d better!!” Petra grinned and grabbed my chin then kissing me forcefully “…if you know what’s good for you! We mannequins require devotion and love more than mere fleshy girls!” she giggled. 

“What if I want another girl and not a mannequin?” I asked with a grin as Petra moved her hips grinding her vagina against my shaft and squeezing again. 

“Oh you better not! We plastic girls are so jealous! Besides you’ll be hypnotized by my beautiful plastic body!” she rubbed her breasts against me “If you do I’ll just change her into a mannequin too or maybe a sexy outfit that I’ll wear!! You’ll have no choice! I’m your mannequin now and forever honey!!” Petra smiled. 

I thrust into her again and squeezed her tight “I’m going to love my mannequin forever! I’ll never let you go!” Petra moaned and clung to me. 

At the time I didn’t think to worry but afterwards I wondered how we could be so intimate in such a public place.  It turned out that a privacy field existed around each occupied table so when the persons at that table engaged in such activities no one would notice.  Something the magician had cooked up after the first few performances when couples would disappear after being excited by what they’d seen that night.  This way couples could release their built up tensions without leaving the venue.  We could still see the stage and the transformed assistants from our table despite the field. 

“I’m going to fuck my mannequin all night long!” I whispered into her ear and Petra squealed as I thrust into her again and again.  “I’ll take you apart and make love to your pieces too and then keep you in a box.” I grinned. 

Petra sighed and cried out in pleasure as I made love to her.  We spent awhile there until we both climaxed.  As we did the stage hands had moved both mannequins to their place next to the other assistants.  They also hung the assistant who was now a latex sheet behind them. 

We cleaned up but Petra remained in my lap as we watched the stage hands remove all the material from the last transformation.  There seemed to be a short pause as they prepared for the performance that was to come.  Petra still had her hand inside my zipper holding onto me as we watched the stage. 

They began to move the next props onto the stage.  They were large tubes suspended in mid air.  Each tube was large enough to hold a person with large plunger like a giant piston above that.  There were three tubes positioned next to each other. 

Then three large rectangular boxes were rolled out each had a seam around the middle with hinges on one side so each could be opened.  On one end they all had a tube that seemed ready to be connected to a hose for some purpose that was at present not clear. 

The three tubes were suspended in a catwalk arrangement that would allow access to them.  As we watched it looked like three assistants were indeed on the catwalk, each one as gloriously naked as the other.  There was one redhead, an Asian and a blonde in the middle.  Each one was assisted into the tube to stand naked and smiling from the inside of the plastic container. 

As they stood there the magician got on the catwalk himself.  He walked over each tube and called down to the assistant.  As he stood there each plunger was pushed down into the tubes.  As they began their slow transit the assistant inside seemed to grow more concerned as it came closer and closer. 

The blonde in the middle began to panic first.  Her muffled cries could be heard and then her pounding on the wall of the tube.  The Asian assistant began to knock on the tube as the plunger got closer and closer.  The redhead looked up and she too began to announce her concern as her space became more confined. 

The magician just frowned and waved a hand to speed up the otherwise slow movement downward of the plungers.  The assemblage of girls began to panic even more as those giant plungers came within inches of them. 

It looked like they might be squeezed or crushed by these long cylinders.  Just then the blonde moaned and looked down.  The bottom of the tube she occupied was filling with a pinkish flesh colored liquid.  A look with a mix of surprise and extreme pleasure appeared on her face as she watched the liquid fill up the tube. 

It was then she and the rest of us noticed she was shrinking into that fluid that was rising.  She and the rest of us then realized she was actually melting and that fluid was her own body transformed into a liquid.  Two more similar mixed gasps of surprise and moans of delight issued from the companion tubes next to the blonde. 

Those two girls also watched amazed as they began to melt becoming a flesh colored viscous fluid in the bottom of those tubes.  Petra herself gasped in surprise and squeezed me “Oh honey! How I want to be in their place!” she exclaimed.  “I’d love to be melted like those girls!” she looked at me with a smile.  “Would you keep me in a bottle dear?” she asked with a giggle. 

“Of course!” I laughed and kissed her. 

Then onstage the cylindrical plungers stopped and by coincidence so did the moaning.  They all stopped right above the liquid surface that was now all that was left of the three assistants.  With another wave of his hand the magician signaled and the plungers were lifted away. 

With a grin he produced a flask over the first tube and poured it’s contents in.  He did it again with another flask for the second and third tubes.  With a motion he waved what looked like giant mixers down into each tube.  All three began to spin and mix the liquefied assistants with whatever he had poured into the tubes. 

The mixers did their job for a number of minutes as his other assistants danced onstage.  With another hand wave from the magician the mixers stopped and were lifted up from the tubes.  They were moved away and the plungers were returned.  

As those cylindrical plungers were put into place hoses were connected from each tube to a corresponding box.  The plungers began their trip down the tube till they were again right above the surface of the liquefied assistants. 

This time though they didn’t stop! Each one began to push into the fluid sending it down the clear hoses into the boxes they were connected to.  Down and down they went until they touched the bottom the tubes that had formerly been occupied by the assistants. 

The liquid that had been the assistants moved down the clear hoses till they too were empty.  The magician closed the valves and with help removed the clear hoses. 

Each box was on four legs each one on casters and the boxes were wheeled over to a large oven-like device that had just been rolled onstage. 

The first box where the redhead had been was rolled into the device and the doors closed.  For the next few minutes the magician attended to the controls of the oven while other assistants danced around as the music played. 

Then just like a kid’s easy bake oven a light went off and the magician opened the door and pulled out the first box.  The one with the blonde was rolled in next as the first was pushed to the side.  Again the assistants danced about as the oven did it’s magic. 

This box was finished in a few minutes and the last one was rolled in.  Again the girls danced to provide entertainment, as their comrades were finishing up with their transformation. 

The last one with the Asian girl was finished and rolled out to join her sisters.  The magician was opening the first box after tipping it onto an angle so the audience could see the contents. 

As the door swung open we could all see it was a form similar to one used to make life sized silicone dolls.  Inside was a doll’s head although without hair and a pair of silicone legs or actually a doll if her upper torso hadn’t been disappeared.  The magician carefully extracted the silicone doll parts and an assistant attached a wig that matched the girls red hair exactly.  The legs and head were placed together on a nearby table.  The magician then stroked the silicone vagina of the torso less legs.  The doll head that looked exactly like the liquefied redheaded assistant then pursed it’s silicone lips and let slip a long moan of pleasure. 

As the assistant moaned Petra let slip an excited squeal as she squeezed me tight.  She was riveted by what was on stage.  I watched as she licked her lips and reached down to rub herself.  “Oh let it be me!!” she softly whispered. 

The magician had moved on to the second box.  This time the blonde rendered as a silicone doll emerged from the box.  Again a blonde wig was placed on her disembodied doll head as her complete doll body was placed on another table.  This time it was her complete naked body that had been changed into silicone.  She was a complete doll.  He put her head on her body and then kissed her.  She came to life and responded moving her silicone body.  The magician rubbed her doll pussy and she moaned as the red head had.  When he let her go and walked away she quickly froze back into immobility, for all intents and purposes a silicone love doll. 

The magician moved to the last box with the Asian assistant.  Again her bald head lay inside, but this time an armless and legless torso was accompanying her.  With her new wig she was taken with her silicone rubber torso and placed on a table next to the others.  The magician placed her head on her torso and again kissed her.  He fondled her stroking her beautiful rubber breasts as his tongue went deep into her doll mouth.  She too responded with cries of lusty pleasure as he used her for his own satisfaction. 

When he pulled away again she became nothing more than a silicone doll made for one’s gratification.  He smiled at the newly made doll and stroked her naked silicone breast. 

The magician waved his hand and all the silicone dolls and heads were taken away to join the other transformed assistants.  The blonde’s head remained on her doll body but the two other heads were placed on a shelf behind her.  The silicone legs and torso were placed on either side of the sex doll. 

The magician came down to the tableau of the newly made sex dolls.  He pulled the blonde head off and replaced it with the red head’s.  He then stroked the complete doll’s vagina.  The red head’s lips parted and she moaned.  When he stopped she again became an inanimate doll again.  The magician bent down and licked the vagina of the silicone legs and this time the blonde’s head moaned in response.  He took off the head of the redhead and replaced it with the Asian girl’s head.  He licked the love doll’s breasts and like the other two she moaned with her silicone lips whilst her head was perched on the doll’s body. 

The magician went to the doll torso and licked its breasts.  This time the redhead moaned in response.  “Why can’t I be lucky enough to end up like that,” Petra whispered to me.  “A different body for me whenever my owner wants.” she sighed and grinned at me. 

“Well we can always ask.” I smiled and Petra ground her body against mine squeezing me. 

“Please do!” Petra added with a grin. 

Meanwhile the magician had left the three transformed assistants to be fondled by the audience along with all the others.  As each one was groped the linked doll head moaned and sighed in pleasure.  They began to swap the heads around and play with each one.  One or two would grab the heads and use them without being attached to anything.  As they were slid over a man’s rod they would come to life and begin sucking as no living girl could ever have.  One woman grabbed one of the disembodied heads and put it’s lips against her naked vagina.  Like they’d done for the men the doll head began to kiss and use it’s rubber tongue to pleasure the person holding her. 

On stage the magician was supervising the stagehands as a new illusion was brought out. 

A large box with rollers like an old-fashioned clothes washer and an attached table was rolled out.  It was what they called a wringer.  I knew it from the websites I’d seen.  Petra knew it too as she grinned and announced “Oh another one of my favorites.” A squeeze emphasized it as she looked onstage in rapt fascination. 

Again one of the assistants danced onstage this time by herself.  She was holding onto a doll, like the ones collected by adults and sometimes used in repaints.  The assistant danced up to the magician and showed him the doll with a smile.  She pointed at the doll and then at herself.  The magician looked at as if he was considering the proposal. 

He seemed to shrug and took the doll out of her hands.  He placed it in a stand on a nearby table.  The assistant was already disrobing when he turned to her.  The magician grinned and led her to the wringer. 

She slid onto the table connected to the wringer.  The magician had flipped a switch and the rollers were turning as she pointed her feet at them.  A look that seemed a mix of apprehension and anticipation swept over her visage as the magician began to push her toes into the moving rollers. 

A cry of surprise announced that her toes had made contact but instead of hearing cracking bones and screams of pain a long, long moan of pleasure came from her lips as she closed her eyes savoring the feelings coming from the flattening of her feet. 

Petra seemed to close her eyes as well and she gave me a long squeeze as she held onto me.  A soft moan escaped her lips as her imagination swelled with the sight of what was happening to the assistant. 

We watched as the flattened toes and then feet of the assistant came out the other side.  They were as thin as paper and like paper they folded and rolled up into a pile growing larger and larger as she disappeared into the wringer. 

Her moaning and whimpering of pleasure hadn’t stopped instead they’d grown louder and more insistent as she was flattened.  When her pussy had been through the machine the moan had become a cry of such orgasmic delight I thought all the women in the audience would come as well. 

Her orgasms seem to subdue as her tummy was pressed as flat as a sheet of paper.  When the bottom of her breasts began to enter the machine her cries became louder and louder.  Another wave of orgasms spread throughout her.  We could even see her flattened body on the other side shudder as her breasts were flattened as well. 

More and more of this assistant became flattened, laying in a pile on the other side of the wringer.  Now just her head remained a three-dimensional object attached to her crushed form.  The magician stopped the rollers and smiled at her as she continued to moan her pleasure.  He went over and grabbed her flattened body then rubbed his hand against her.  Her moans again grew in intensity.  He then folded her body into a ball and she practically screamed her lust filled pleasure from the sensations sweeping over her. 

The magician then grinning unfolded her and kissed her on the lips.  The compressed assistant smiled and moaned as he turned the wringer on again.  We all watched as her head entered and a completely sheet-like flat assistant came out the other side of the wringer. 

The magician lifted up the paper-thin assistant and showed her off to the audience.  Petra was rubbing herself and me watching the assistant go through her transformation.  Her excitement was such she could barely contain herself.  I imagined she wanted to run onstage and jump into the machine herself. 

The magician took the flattened woman and laid her on a table that was rolled out.  It was canted slightly so the audience could see her.  The magician then was handed what looked like a large blow dryer.  He turned it on and began to wave it over the assistant laying flat on the table. 

We all watched curious as to what he was doing.  Then it began to become apparent.  Slowly but steadily the two dimensional girl was beginning to shrink and contract.  Like those kid’s toys she was shrinking from the heat into a tinier version of herself. 

Smaller and smaller she became until when the magician nodded she seemed to have reached the final reduction in size.  He gave the dryer to another assistant then he went over to the doll that the now flattened tiny girl had originally carried onstage. 

He took the clothes off the doll and put it next to the newly altered assistant.  Everyone could see she was just a little smaller than the doll now.  The magician ran his index finger down the flattened girl and as he did she began to open becoming something like a hollow empty suit. 

He took the naked doll and began to slip it into the elastic suit the assistant was changed into.  He stretched her to accommodate the doll’s body.  Then he let the elastic suit snap back and the assistant, now suit conformed to the doll’s body exactly.  It became the doll as the opening closed when he ran his index finger over the opening he’d created.  The doll with the assistants face was complete. 

One of the other assistants took the newly made doll and carried her off.  She was placed on a shelf next to the other transformed assistants. 

Another assistant walked up to the magician.  She smiled at him and whispered into his ear.  He smiled ruefully then nodded his assent to her.  She hugged him and scampered away. 

The stage hands brought a large transparent plastic barrel out on stage.  An assistant came out, not the one who had just whispered to him but another girl.  She was wearing a skin-tight black polished vinyl cat suit.  It covered her completely except for her face.  This plastic wearing girl came up to the magician and rubbed her sexily clad body against his.  Clearly she was somewhat turned on by her garb. 

The magician rubbed his hands over her as well.  It seemed he too was a bit entranced by how the costume clung to her and accentuated her already sexy form.  She gasped as his hand caressed her erect black plastic coated nipples.  His hand slipped down to her triangle and found her slit standing out in vinyl relief.  He began to stroke her and she responded by squirming in his arms moaning her pleasure. 

He half carried half led her over to the clear barrel.  She grinned as she saw it and began to climb inside it.  As her black vinyl covered foot touched the bottom of the barrel it seemed to immediately soften and then melt like butter on a hot pan.  Erotically pleasing sensation swept over her as moans came from her lips.  Her other leg and foot then entered the barrel and they too began to shift into a liquid state. 

In moments a black viscous fluid began to fill the barrel as she began to disappear into this fluid.  Down she went dissolving into that black liquid substance.  We watched as she was down to her waist and then down to her breasts till they too liquefied into that sticky fluid. 

It wasn’t long until the barrel was filled with that thick liquid plastic with just her face floating on the top.  The magician smiled at her as she just was lost in the sensuous sensations of her transformation.  He pushed her face down into the fluid and it disappeared. 

When his hand came up it was covered in the elastic black plastic fluid.  It snapped back like a rubber band when he pulled it clear. 

At that moment the other girl who’d whispered to him came out naked and grinning.  She was pushing what looked like a torture device.  It was a stretcher but more like a medieval version.  It had a large roller at the foot and a place at the head where the girl was secured. 

She then came up to the barrel and without much ado proceeded to slip herself into it.  Her legs and then her torso disappeared into the liquid that had formerly been another assistant. 

Down and down she went till she was submerged in the black vinyl fluid.  She remained there for what seemed like an extraordinarily long time.  Then just as we were all thinking maybe she melted too she popped up from the liquid. 

As she stepped out we could see she was now glistening.  Her entire body had an artificial appearance.  She immediately walked over to the stretcher and lay down upon it.  The magician began to secure her hands to the manacles at the head of this device.  He did the same to her feet upon the roller. 

She seemed to shake with anticipation as she was held fast by the stretcher.  The magician then began to crank the roller.  It began to turn and as it did, it pulled on the assistant.  Then to everyone’s amazement she began to stretch and her legs began to wrap around the roller. 

Instead of feeling discomfort she began to moan in erotic pleasure.  The roller pulled and pulled as more of her ended up wrapped tautly around the roller.  She was soon stretched like a rubber band with most of her on the giant roller.  Soon only the parts of her from her breasts on up were visible.  The magician was using all his strength to hold the crank against her rubbery body. 

Then just like that he let go.  The crank and roller began to unwind.  He quickly ran over and undid the manacles holding her hands and we all watched as she snapped back like a rubber band. 

As she began to shrink back to her more normal form we saw she wasn’t stopping at her normal size.  We could all hear her orgasms filling the room.  In moments the assistant was shrunken down to doll size. 

The now shrunken assistant was now as shiny and plastic as any doll.  Seams began to form on her just like a normal doll.  Now she became as rigid as any plasticine doll you’d find in a store.  We all watched as she too took her place next to the other assistant, turned into a doll no larger than sixteen inches high. 

They rolled the stretcher away but left the wringer and the vat with the melted assistant. 

It was then two assistants walked out dressed in nothing but their heels.  A tall blonde about six feet tall with long legs but small breasts, and a short brunette with very big breasts.  Each one eyed the other enviously it seemed.  Smiling at each other and glancing at the wringer their arms intertwined they walked over to the magician. 

He looked at them and almost as if he read their minds knew what they wanted.  He pointed at the blonde and then at the brunette and asked if they wanted to swap? They both grinned and nodded vigorously.  He smiled and told the brunette to get on the table for the wringer. 

She complied then stopped a puzzled look on her face she then asked a question.  The magician gave her a puzzled look.  The brunette grinned and sat there unmoving she closed her eyes for a moment then opened them.  As soon as she did her skin began to glisten and change color.  She began to take on an artificial appearance.  Her lips began to reshape into an oval orifice like you’d find on an inflatable love doll.  Seams began to form on her, as she became a doll made of latex panels filled with air.  She was an incredibly realistic doll only the shiny color of her skin and her oval mouth and vagina gave any clue as to her being a sex toy.  An inflation plug then appeared on her. 

The magician then realized what she was asking about.  He smiled reached over and pulled the recessed stem out but didn’t open it.  Later I found out that with it pulled out the girl couldn’t control her transformation she was stuck as a doll until it was pushed back in.  The magician grabbed the whole plug and pulled.  For a moment it didn’t budge but the air filled doll did.  He used both hands and wrenched. 

With a large popping sound it came off and instantly the brunette was back to her human form.  She gave a wide-eyed look of surprise around her.  The brunette looked at the magician with a look of desolation and tears began to stream down her face.  He smiled and told her not to worry. 

She smiled and he had her lay back down on the table.  She pointed her toes as the rollers began to turn on the wringer.  The magician did some manipulation of the controls and began to send the beautiful brunette into the wringer.  Her toes began to enter the rollers and as they were pressed down flat she uttered a cry of surprise followed by moans as it continued its job of compressing the brunette flat. 

The tall blonde held the arm of the magician in wide-eyed amazement.  She was utterly transfixed as was Petra who was holding on to me in rapt fascination. 

This brunette assistant continued to moan and cry out in pleasure as her body was transformed.  Just like the others she went through and her flattened body ended up in a pile of folded girl.  Soon her utterances of pleasure were silenced, as her head became as two-dimensional as the rest of her. 

The magician gathered her up in his arms.  This time the flattened assistant seemed different.  The magician grabbed an arm and pulled on it.  We all watched as it stretched like Lycra and sprung back.  It seemed she was more like an outfit than the others had been.  As if to demonstrate my supposition he spread out her diminished form on the table in front of the wringer.  He ran his index finger over her from her forehead down to her crotch bisecting her in half. 

To the surprised gasp of her blonde companion and the rest of us the brunette opened like a zentai suit.  He then handed the suit to the tall blonde who looked at with a quizzical look.  The magician explained she had to get into her transformed friend like one would put on a zentai cat suit. 

A grin grew over the tall blonde’s face as she began to slip her long legs into the much shorter legs of the brunette suit.  Luckily the brunette suit was able to stretch to accommodate the much taller blonde.  We watched as she brought the rest of her altered friend up and around as she slipped her arms into the suits.  Again the arms of the brunette suit stretched to the length of the blonde’s. 

The blonde with a grin pulled the empty head of the brunette over hers and pulled the stretchy suit closed.  It then seamlessly closed.  The suit began to conform to the blonde occupant becoming skin tight on her.  We all watched amazed as the now tall brunette began to shrink down to the proportions of the original brunette. 

She then squealed in surprise and glee as this happened.  To her and our ears she did it in the voice of the brunette not her original voice.  For all intents and purposes she was now the brunette she’d walked on stage with. 

The magician then walked over with a look of satisfaction.  He asked her if she was pleased.  She smiled at him and threw herself into his arms and kissed him.  Then like she just remembered something she asked him to wait a moment.  She quickly ran off stage. 

She came back with a soft-sided bag.  She placed it on the table.  It seemed a bit heavy for her, as she had to struggle to lift it.  The brunette opened it and out popped an arm followed by another.  Then a very pretty Asian girl’s head appeared followed shortly by the rest of her.  She was another contortionist it seemed. 

The brunette then asked if they could do it again with her contortionist friend. 

The magician laughed and nodded.  He removed the bag and helped the nude Asian flexible girl to lie down on the table before the wringer.  He started it up and began to feed this girl into the machine. 

Like all the others a yelp of surprise was followed by moans of delight.  She was compressed into a Lycra like suit as well.  The little brunette grinned in delight as the magician slid his finger over her and she too opened up. 

The brunette quickly took the suit like Asian girl in her arms and began to slip her on like she’d done to the first girl.  When she’d completely clothed herself in the suit that was her contortionist friend it sealed up and conformed to the wearer changing her into the Asian girl that had gone through the wringer. 

She spoke to the magician in a new voice that was unlike the blonde’s or the brunette’s.  She grinned as she stroked her new form and began to bend herself in an impossible way she couldn’t have accomplished when she was the blonde or brunette. 

The magician spoke to her telling her she can now become any of the women she’d just slipped herself into or go back to her old self.  She just had to concentrate a moment and she’d become that woman again. 

The Asian girl stretched herself up and paused for a moment.  We all watched as she transformed back to the big-breasted brunette.  Then she changed once more, as she became the tall blonde.  She was so happy as she realized she could become any of the other girls she now wore.  The blonde hugged and kissed the magician deeply.  He whispered to her and she grinned even more than before. 

The blonde got back on the table and the magician turned the wringer back on again.  It was her turn to be flattened and just like the other two women she was flattened by the turning rollers. 

The magician gathered her up as she came out the other end of the wringer.  He laid out her flat body on the table and as before he ran his index finger over her.  She opened up like the other two assistants. 

The magician then reached into her and pulled out the brunette in her flat form.  With another motion he opened her up and reached in to extract the Asian girls flattened body. 

With the Asian girl laid out he produced the inflation plug.  He placed it on her body with the stem of the plug out but not open.  The flattened girl began to inflate and transform but not to her normal self.  No she was changing into an inflated sex doll as the brunette had changed into.  This time though she was an Asian latex doll. 

The magician with a grin then took the brunette suit and began to slip the inflated doll into it.  When he’d completed wrapping the doll in the suit he closed it up and the brunette transformed into an inflated sex doll. 

He repeated his actions by dressing the brunette love doll in the flattened blonde suit.  She too became an inflated love toy that looked just like her normal self.  With a nod the magician pushed the stem of the inflation plug in recessing it, it then disappeared.  The blonde love doll changed back to a living woman. 

The blonde stood there excitedly grinning.  The magician told her she could now be a doll and she could be as flexible as the Asian girl.  He told her she could mix and match any of the other things from the other two women she was now merged with.  She could be the tall Asian girl with the blonde hair and big breasts.  Alternately she could be the short contortionist brunette. 

She hugged and kissed the magician.  The blonde contorted herself into a triple fold on the table.  A transformation then swept over her, as she became a contorted love doll.  The magician with a grin pulled out her inflation plug stem and this time opened it.  The blonde love doll rapidly deflated.  He folded her up a bit more as another assistant came over with a box.  He placed the doll into the box and gave her to the assistant who whisked her away to join the others. 

The magician then stood on the stage and smiled he announced that he was now a bit short on assistants.  He asked for volunteers from the female audience members.  It looked like he didn’t have to ask twice.  A line was already forming to get on stage. 

I wasn’t surprised when Petra with a giggle and a quick kiss left me.  She practically ran over to volunteer.  She and the rest jostled in line as they were quickly ushered backstage. 

There was a short pause as they readied the new volunteer assistants. 

The magician then brought out the first volunteer.  It was a brunette wearing a red vinyl cat suit.  It covered her from her feet up to her neck just leaving her head uncovered.  She approached the vat with the black vinyl fluid.  She grinned as she looked at the magician.  With his help she began to slip into the shiny plastic liquid. 

The fluid seemed to move up her vinyl-clad skin as she slid into the vat.  It seemed to welcome her and she responded by moaning.  She clasped her hands above her head and squealed with pleasure as she felt her body beginning to melt as the other assistant had. 

She went down and down till just her face was floating in a pool of red colored vinyl that shared the volume of the vat with the black vinyl liquid. 

The magician walked over and smiling pushed her face down into the red vinyl fluid.  She disappeared into the red vinyl as the earlier assistant had into the black vinyl.  The red vinyl fluid clung to his arm, as had the black vinyl liquid. 

The magician grabbed a lid a stagehand had brought out.  It had a hand pump attached to it like on a beer keg.  They’d also brought out thin square boxes.  He took one and attached the hose from the pump to it.  The magician began to pump and a reddish black fluid began to flow into the box.  One by one he pumped the liquid in the vat into an assemblage of boxes that were only an inch or two thick. 

Soon about thirty of them stood filled and the vat was empty.  The magician with the help of two remaining assistants began to open them. 

From the first came a cat suit of red and black vinyl.  The next box divulged a mini-dress of red and black vinyl.  The next produced a red and black vinyl bra and panties.  It also came with vinyl stockings and garter belt. 

The others also issued forth more red and black vinyl clothing.  The two assistants grabbed the cat suit and the mini-dress first.  The other clothing was given away to the remaining women in the audience. 

After all the clothing had been given away they moved the empty vat offstage.  Now the next girl was brought out.  I looked on with anticipation as I saw it was finally Petra’s turn.  She was brought out gloriously nude.  She looked at the audience wearing nothing but a pair of blue heels and a big smile. 

Petra waved at me and blew me a kiss.  She giggled as the magician led her over to the wringer.  He then asked her if she wouldn’t mind helping out.  Petra giggled as she said she’d love to help. 

The magician then patted the table of the wringer and had Petra get on it.  She slipped out of her shoes as she shivered in anticipation.  She told him she couldn’t believe this was going to happen.  He smiled and reassured her it was going to happen.  He then turned on the wringer and the motor began to hum as the rollers turned. 

Petra pointed her toes at the rollers as he gently pushed her towards them.  A yelp of surprise came from Petra’s lips as her toes stroked the surface of the rollers for a moment.  Then as they grabbed her toes and pressed them she grinned.  A moan began as her toes disappeared into the machine. 

Slowly the rest of her feet were compressed as well.  From the other side of the wringer came a flat two-dimensional rendition of Petra’s toes and feet.  From her red lips came the signs of her multiple orgasms as she was compressed down to paper thinness. 

 Petra’s two long legs were run through those two rollers and out they came long sheets of soft flattened Petra.  When the machine reached her pussy, her moans grew in intensity and number. 

Next it was Petra’s firm tummy that was made sheet like to match the rest of her.  When her breasts began their trip through the rollers another loud cry of pleasure emanated from Petra as her dreams were coming true. 

I watched as Petra’s body came out the other side so flat I could have put her up as a poster on the wall if I had a mind to.  She had her hands by her side as she went through so they too came out flattened alongside Petra’s new form. 

Then her moans ceased as Petra’s head began its compression into a two-dimensional form.  Out the other side flopped Petra like a limp sheet of paper.  The magician stroked her flat form.  I must admit to being a bit jealous of his touching of her new body. 

He laid her out as he’d done with his assistants.  He then clapped his hands and one of his remaining assistants came forth with a bottle.  It was filled with a jet-black liquid.  He smiled as he opened it and poured it out. 

The thick viscous liquid poured forth like syrup and spread along the floor of the stage.  When he’d emptied the bottle the black puddle rippled and a face appeared and smiled.  A cylindrical form began to rise from the puddle, drawing the puddle to itself.  The cylinder then began to take on a human form. 

It seemed to shift again this time taking on a more pleasing female form.  The shiny black liquid formed a woman who seemed to be formed from black latex even her hair had a shiny glossy rubber look to it.  She began to change again as her hair changed into a more brunette appearance then a human face appeared as the black latex disappeared. 

A naked brunette stood there and smiled at the magician.  She bowed to him and kissed him passionately.  He pointed at flattened Petra’s form and grinned.  She nodded and smiled. 

The magician ran his index finger over her as he’d done to the other assistants.  Petra opened up like a suit as the others had done. 

The brunette picked up the Petra suit and began to slip her on like a cat suit.  I watched amazed as this new woman was going to wear Petra.  In moments Petra was again on stage and the brunette was gone.  This new Petra explored her body moving her hands over her new body. 

Then with a grin she concentrated and from her toes took on a black glossy look, as she became living latex again.  This new Petra fell down to the ground as a pool of liquid latex.  She slithered around the floor before she rose back up and reformed herself with a big grin on her face. 

The magician waved and the stagehands brought out a large mechanical press with a table.  One of his remaining assistants brought what looked like copper wire and chains.  They began to wrap the wire around Petra.  It was wrapped loosely around both arms and her breasts.  A bit was allowed to drape over her middle and hips as well.  She was then chained to a frame on the table below the press her arms above her. 

The naked chained Petra looked up as the giant press began to come down onto a sheet of paper that had also been left below Petra.  The press came down and completely squeezed her as she again moaned. 

When it lifted up Petra was pressed flat against and seemingly into the sheet of paper lying underneath her.  It had trapped her in the pose that they’d put her in.  The magician lifted up the sheet with Petra on it and showed off his new poster to the audience.  When he showed the back we could see it showed off her gorgeous behind as well. 

He then took her over to another device and she was run through it.  When he picked up the poster we could all see it was now laminated, trapping Petra as a life sized poster.  He then rolled up the Petra poster and gave her to a stage hand.  I watched as she was carried away.  The lights dimmed; tonight’s show was over.

It was then I got up and went back stage.  Before I could get there, the Petra-poster had vanished.  I tried to ask anyone where she was but they either ignored me or didn’t know.  I was actually beginning to panic as it seemed the troupe was packing up and leaving.  It was then one of the assistants pulled me aside.  The beautiful blonde smiled at me and said hello, asking how she could help me.  I asked her about Petra.  As if to answer she just smiled brightly and told me she was already gone. 

I agitatedly asked where.  The blonde tried to calm me down saying Petra’s poster was going to advertise their next performance.  She added this treatment would last only for a month or so and then she’d be sent back home.  This assistant who spoke to me then told me that I didn’t have anything to worry about.  According to her Petra would be restored and would be well, in fact she’d be better than when she volunteered. 

In the meantime she added with a mischievous grin that she could take Petra’s place.  The pretty blonde began to change her skin becoming shiny and artificial.  A silicone doll took her place and fell into my arms. 

I caught the doll with a look of surprise.  The doll then moved and spoke to me.  The blonde doll said she could become anything she or I wanted her to be.  Then the blonde assistant changed back to her human form and stood up.  She posed and changed again; this time a mannequin took her place.  The blonde mannequin stood frozen and smiling. 

She remained a mannequin for a few moments and then changed back to a living girl.  She murmured in my ear, telling me she could just be inconspicuous if I wanted her to.  The blonde then began to stretch out of her clothing, what little she actually wore.  She wrapped around me with her now rubbery form.  The assistant flattened herself and then slid beneath my clothing.  I could feel her wrapping herself around me. 

I felt something down in my pants.  She was gliding her body against my manhood.  I was already aroused but now I began to feel like I was inside her.  I felt kisses against my chest.  Her flattened face slid out from beneath my shirt.  She said this way no one would know or if I wanted she could merge with my clothing. 

Just like that she was gone.  My shirt and pants began to rustle and rub against me.  I could hear her whisper how much fun it would be if she stayed with me.  Then, she reappeared in her elastic form and slithered out from under my clothes.  This magical blonde gathered her clothing around herself and resumed her normal form.  She smiled at me and asked if that would be okay. 

I just stared at her a bit, confused and shocked.  Then to my own amazement I acquiesced.  There didn’t seem much I could do right now to get Petra back to normal.  As I walked out arm in arm with this assistant, later I found out her name was Britney, a person I hadn’t seen before smiled as he held the tube containing a newly made poster that was Petra.



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