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A Little Head

by Unreal

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© Copyright 2009 - Unreal - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; F/m; transform; plastic; F2m; M2f; oral; sex; nc; X

Nick searched up and down the long isles of the Fetish Emporia and he still wasn't sure if this was a sex shop or a practical joke store. The customers being the butt of the joke.

Seriously, he thought as he picked up a box, do they expect me to believe this? Nick had decided to leave and somehow avoid that pushy and intimidating owner Ms. White. She had practically pounced on him the moment he came in, politely asking him if he needed help but giving him the heebies and the jeebies with her magnificent navy blue suit and piercing intelligent eyes.

He supposed it was a pipe dream to come here in the first place, but the stories were too amazing to ignore. A sex shop that could make any and all fantasies come true, no matter how bizarre or fantastic. Nicks fantasy, he thought, was a modest one. He wanted head. Blowjobs on demand, blowjobs on tap, blowjobs where ever and when ever he wanted.

But he rarely got them. Whenever he started seeing someone new he would press her for a little action and she would balk at the idea. Those bitches always said it was disgusting but he though it was beautiful seeing the top of their heads bobbing in his lap as they kneeled in front of him. It was amazing.

His new girl, Mia, had rebuffed him once and he wanted to make sure she wouldn't or couldn't say no again, but it looked like the Fetish Emporia was dud.

He was making his way to the front door when he passes rows upon rows of costumes and two giggling girls. They were both in their early twenties, one a blond, the other brunette (like Betty and Veronica) and appeared to be daring each other to try on some costumes. Betty handed Veronica a costume that appeared to be some kind of silver unitard and Veronica gave Betty something that was all black. Nick could see stiletto heels were part of  the costume and decide to hang back and watch. The girls disappeared into the dressing rooms. A sign above the doors said "Please do not try on any costumes without the assistance of a Fetish Emporia employee" but there was no one around.

Before long Betty came out. She was clad in the most magnificent black rubber dress. It went down to mid-thigh and held them together tight, hugged her narrow waist and had wide shoulders, a high, square collar and long sleeves. The whole thing looked like it was painted on except for the silver buttons down the front, the top three of which were open revealing plenty of cleavage. She was wearing the stiletto-heeled boots that laced up to her knees. To top it all off she was wearing black gloves, held a long riding crop and wore a black, military style cap. She looked like some kind of warped Nazi.

She was the most amazing dominatrix Nick had ever seen, and he had rented a lot of porn. Betty was really into the role too, her whole demeanor reeked of anger and arrogance, her pretty face was cast in a permanent frown.

"Get out here!" she ordered and banged on the door of Veronica's dressing room. "Get out here you little slut or I swear you will suffer."

At that the door swung open and Nick was blown away. Veronica wasn't wearing a costume, she had become something else. Her skin was metallic chrome, not some silvery fabric. Nick could see the seams where different plates came together and could hear a low hum of electronics and gears as she stepped out. She was a robot. She kept her basic human shape, including her belly button and nipples, all three of which were lit with a diode. The crotch was a solid mound with a seam coming together down the middle. Above the seam was a small, round depression. A button about where the clit would be. Her feet had re-formed onto solid high-heeled shapes and her hair was a solid mass like a helmet. Her eyes had no corneas, irises or pupils, they were a solid and cool electric blue.

<how.may.I.serve?> the Veronica-bot said. Her voice was hollow and mechanical.

"You can start by calling me mistress," Betty said. She whacked the Veronica-bot on the ass with her riding crop. It gave a metallic ping.


Nick couldn't believe his eyes. That girl, Veronica, was a flesh and blood human being and now she was a cold and mechanical robot. The concept boggled the mind. Then it occurred to him that Betty might not be putting on an act. That the costume maybe was making her act this way, re-writing her personality into one of an aggressive dominatrix.

"Get on you knees and lick my pussy you stupid appliance."

<yes.mis.tress.> the Veronica-bot said and kneeled down, peeled up Betty's skirt and went to work.

"You'd better make me come fast and hard or I'll sell you for spare parts."

Just as things were getting interesting Ms. Black and one of her clerks approached.

"I'm sorry dears, costumes can only be tested with an employee present," Ms. Black said and began to hustle Betty back into her dressing room.

"Unhand me you peon," Betty raged.

<> the Veronica-bot said as the clerk guided her into the other dressing room.

The show over, Nick and some of the other customers who paused to watch drifted away. Nick was convinced and there was no way he was leaving without finding the perfect item.

*              *              *

The perfect item, it turned out, was a circle of red rubber. He played with it between his fingers and wondered just how he was going to apply it to Mia.

He had met Mia a month ago at a friend's party. She was a friend of a friend's girlfriend or something like that and she seemed susceptible to his charms. They dated, they fooled around some without going all the way. During their last date he popped the question and no, she wouldn't blow him. Nick almost left that night in disgust and would have eventually broken off the relationship had he not come across the Fetish Emporia.

He invited Mia over to his home for dinner. He rarely cooked so Mia was surprised and pleased that he offered. Nick hoped his unconventional benevolence would lull her and she would let her guard down and he could somehow apply the rubber ring. He still had no clue how, he figured on playing it by ear.

In the end it was easy. They had dinner, which was pathetic but Mia seemed to think it was charming anyway, they had wine, lots of it Nick made sure. They then retired to the living room where idle chat gave way to heavy petting. They both had their shirts off and Nick was working on Mia's bra. Once it was loose she began planning gentle kisses down his chest and abdomen.

"Hey baby, how about a little head?"

"Don't ruin the mood," Mia breathed as she planted more kisses.

"Come on baby," Nick pleaded quietly. "I need it."

Mia paused her work on his chest and looked him in the eyes.

"Sweetie no," she insisted. "Now come on…"

Mia closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss, her mouth slightly open to receive his mouth. In a flash Nick brought his hand up and pressed the rubber ring against her lips.

"Hey, waaa…?!" Mia said before her mouth became incapable of speech.

Mia backed off of Nick and stumbled to the floor. Her mouth felt strange, she was unable to close her lips together, they seemed permanently open in an "O" shape. Plus the inside of her mouth felt strange too because she couldn't feel her tongue or teeth anymore. Her hands when to her mouth and instead of feeling the softness of her lips felt more like plastic.

Momentarily forgetting about Nick, who had huge grin on his face, Mia made her way into the bathroom to look at herself. What she saw defied belief. Her lips were plastic, bright red plastic and they were shaped differently, fuller like on some cartoony adolescent doll. The inside of her mouth was changed too. Her teeth and tongue were gone, replaced by a tunnel of pink rubber. She could still breathe (more like suck) but she couldn't talk more than a mumble. When she tried the walls of her pink mouth undulated in waves.

She gently probed her new mouth with a trembling finger. The inside of her rubber mouth was soft and warm and the probing of her finger made her feel funny, like she wanted to close her lips around her finger and suck and suck.

"Pretty cool huh?" Nick said from behind, startling her. She turned on him, her eyes filled with anger and fear.

"Mmmumm Muuh?" She tried to speak but her intent was clear to Nick.

"Just a little trick I picked up," he said. "To get you in the mood."

As unreal as the situation was, Mia absorbed the information quickly and realize what Nick was after. She shook her head violently "NO!" but she had the strangest craving she couldn't understand.

"Aw baby," Nick said as he unzipped his pants and let them and his underwear fall around his knees. "How about a little head?"

Nick's penis was semi-erect and getting harder and at the sight of it Mia knew she had to have it, that it was the only thing that would satisfy her craving.

She went to her knees in front of Nick and took his cock in her hands. I wasn't hard enough dammit! She manually stroked him off to get him harder. Nick's hands were on top of her head, impatient for her to take his dick in her mouth. Once his cock was hard enough she greedily took it in. She sucked on it and is seemed to swell in her mouth.

Nick let out a gasp. It was only a second along and already this was the best blowjob he had ever had. Mia's new magic mouth sent waves of pleasure as the soft rubber rippled up and down his shaft. He looked down to watch her head bob back and forth.

Mia moaned as she worked. She could feel and taste everything. Her new mouth could take in every sensation, could taste the salty perspiration, could feel every bump and vein, and could practically smell the semen se was so desperate to have.

Nick always liked to draw these things out and tried mightily to hold his spunk in, but Mia was too determined to have it. With a yell he finally let loose his load. Mia felt it gush into her mouth and down her throat. It was so wonderful ad satisfying. As nick became flaccid Mia continued to work on Nick's dick, not noticing that her mouth was changing back to normal until she could lick his dick clean with her tongue.

Then she realized what she was doing. She backed away from him like a scared kitten. Nick stood there, a bit dazed.

"That was incredible!" he trumpeted.

"You asshole!" Mia screamed. "What did you do to me?"

She stood and charged at him, her fingers hooked like claws. Nick was quick though, and held her by the wrists.

"Just a little something to help things along," he said and smiled condescendingly. "Come on, admit it, you liked it."

Mia answered by kicking him straight and hard in the nuts. Nick doubled over in pain.

"You fucking pervert!" Mia stormed around the room, picking up her clothes and throwing them on. "I don't know how you did that but I'll be it's illegal. I'm calling the cops."

"You BITCH!" Nick yelled.

"Fuck you!" Mia said as she threw on her coat and headed for the door.

"Hey Mia," Nick said catching his breath. "How about a little head?"

At those words Mia's lips and mouth changed back into the red and pink rubber blowjob tool and the same craving for Nick's dick in her mouth and cum down her throat returned. Mia turned on Nick, her eyes practically red with rage. She wanted to kill him, or at least kick him in the nuts again, but instead she went to her knees, hungry for Nick's cock.

Nick was having none of it, his dick was too sore so Mia was left to crawl around and beg for Nick to let her blow him. It was humiliating and degrading, but her shame and anger faded as time went by, replace by her desperate desire for Nick's penis. The more he withheld it, the more the craving in her grew until she knew nothing else. Nick thought it was pretty cool. He never had a chick want him so badly and it was almost a shame when he finally gave in and let her have his cock.

After that night Nick laid down the law and it was very simple. Whenever he wanted it she was going to give it to her. Mia didn't argue, she couldn't. Nick had hinted that there was a way he could un-do what ever it is he did. Maybe if she was a good girl, she thought, he would eventually take away this curse. But Mia wasn't stupid, she quickly figured out that Nick was a pervert and a narcissist and would never let her off the hook. The best she could do was bide her time.

Time, however, can be cruel and Mia began to give in to despair. Every night or every other night Nick would want it and Mia would be expected to drop everything and come right over. Inevitably she resisted and stalled for time until one night Nick got so frustrated he called and right away said "How about a little head."

Instantly Mia's mouth formed itself into the wondrous O shaped alter ego. She had to drive across town to get to his house, desire burning hotter and hotter through her brain the whole time. She could barely keep from crashing her car.

After that night she tried to avoid his calls. She figured if she could keep out of earshot she would be okay. If worse came to worse she could pack up and move out of town where Nick couldn't track her down. That plan became no good when one day at work, spontaneously without a call or a word, her mouth changed to its pink and red rubber self. Luckily she was alone at her desk when it happened and was able to beat a hasty exit and make the mad dash across town again to Nick's place. When she got there Nick was standing in the foyer, buck naked, with the mother of all shit-eating grins on his face.

Nick made her suffer a bit that day. Withholding his cock until she went mad with desire, she forgot who she was for a while, she only knew the need for his dick.

But time went on and one night Nick called.

"Baby," he said and Mia could tell he was drunk. "Come over."

"Nick, give me a break tonight will you?"

"Don't fuck around!" Nick slurred. "I tried to get a little on my own tonight but that bitch took off so get over here."

Midway to Nick's house her mouth changed and when she got there she found him passed out on the couch. Mia stripped off his pants and went to work on his flaccid, drunken dick. It took some doing but her magic mouth would not be denied. As usual she didn't quite realize it when her mouth turned back and was licking him clean when she snapped to and got away from him.

She didn't leave his house right away. He was out cold and Mia seriously considered killing him right then. Surely he had a big knife in the kitchen she could slit his throat with, or better yet a baseball bat she could beat his brain in with. Life in prison might just be worth it.

Mia sat on the foot of the bed dejectedly. She knew she had to do something but she couldn't think of what when her foot kicked something peeking out from under the bed. It was a small empty box that was labeled "Fun Fellatio for the reluctant girl."

This was it! This was the thing, the charm, the curse that Nick did to her. On the other side of the box was printed "Sold exclusively at Fetish Emporia."

The next day Mia didn't hesitate in chewing out Ms. White that the Fetish Emporia.

"Are you insane selling something like that to a creep like Nick?"

"Well I am sorry dear," Ms. White said calmly. "But the Fetish Emporia cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products."

"I don't care about that, I just want to know how to get rid of it."

"Well there is a way, but I'm afraid only the one who applied the ring can take it off."

"Fat chance of that," Mia snorted.

"Yes," Ms. White said. "It's so upsetting when my products are abused like this. Fun Fellatio is one of our more popular items with our female clientele. It was a bit odd that a man would buy it."

"It's popular with women?" Mia said aghast.

"Yes, well many women want to fellate their men but feel they need a little help," Ms. White looked at Mia sympathetically. "I'll tell you what. We may not be able to unto the Fun Fellatio ring but there may be a way to make it ineffective. I'll even give you a discount on whatever you need."

*              *              *

The next time Nick called Mia came right over. Had he thought of it this was a little odd for her to be so quick, but he didn't. She stood in front of him, arms crossed and lips closed tightly together.

"How about a little head?"

Nick loved to see Mia's mouth change. Her lips snapped to the "O" position and like ink soaking into paper they changed from soft flesh to bright red rubber. Her teeth and tongue dissolved away into soft, pink rubber.

Nick was not a bright boy, otherwise he would have been suspicious right away at Mia's behavior. First, instead of the usual look of fear and dread in Mia's eyes there was hard determination. Then Mia began to undress and lead Nick into his bedroom. Usually she would just get down on her knees and get to business. The only thought that went through Nick's mind at the new Mia was "hey, cool."

In the bedroom they were both naked, Nick stood at the foot of his bed with Mia, as usual, kneeling before him. She seemed to go at his cock with extra gusto this time, moaning and purring with delight.

Before long Nick let loose and Mia slurped it down greedily. Nick was weak in the knees, this was the most intense one yet with Mia. Nick could feel Mia's mouth returning to normal. He enjoyed that transformation too, to feel Mia lick him clean was a joy. Mia continued to clean him, then her mouth opened unusually wide and she took the whole of his cock and balls into her mouth.

"What…?" Nick's question was cut short by a wet crunch in his groin.

Intense pain stabbed through his whole pelvic region. All he could do was scream and scream and scream. There was nothing but screaming as Mia stood and looked him in the face. There was blood running down her chin as she smiled, revealing rows of bloodstained, razor sharp teeth.

Shock took over Nick's body, he stopped screaming and fell onto his bed. Blood spread on his white sheets. All he could do is breathe in short gasps and watch Mia as she licked the blood off her chin with an inhumanly long tongue. Mia munched and crunched the wet flesh in her mouth, her cheeks bulged out like a child gorging on candy.

Nick backed away from the thing that bit off his dick. Blood continued to flow from his ruined groin but seemed to be slowing. Mia stopped chewing to swallow one last time. She gave a satisfied belch.

"Just watch," she said, her voice was low and guttural.

Mia shuddered slightly and smiled as a change came over her. She grew a little and the muscles in her arm, legs, neck and back swelled and became more defined. Hair sprouted up her arms across her shoulder and on her chest between her breasts. Her breasts also swelled, her nipples stood at attention.

"Mmmm, oh yeah!" she moaned.

Nick could only stare in disbelief as the most bizarre change came over Mia. She spread her legs and as she gyrated three little nubs began to grow from her crotch. Then quickly grew into a large set of balls and a penis. Mia was not a man but she was no longer a woman either, she was more than both  She took her new member in her hand and began to stroke.

"This is intense," Mia said dreamily.

She smiled again with those cruel teeth and pointed between Nick's legs. Nick hadn't realized that the pain down there had subsided. He looked down between his legs and found a perfectly formed vagina. Mia then pounced on him, pinning his shoulder to the bed, her dick was rock hard. She was much stronger than he was.

"That Fetish Emporia is really something, huh?" Mai said. Nick's eyes boggled in surprise.

"Yeah, I finally figured it out," she said, smiling devilishly. "And that Ms. White was very kind, she explained that my troubles would be over once you no longer had a dick."

Nick's mind was reeling and he tried to take it all in but it didn't compute. Mia had somehow eaten his penis and it had changed her into this… this monster. The monster's cock was rubbing dangerously against his crotch.

"There are a lot of ways to turn you into a woman," Mia said, her face was close to his, her breath was still ripe with her last meal.

"Mia, baby…" Nick started before Mia thrust her hips forward and rammed her cock rudely into his new vagina.

"Shut up you little bitch,:" Mai said. "As I said, there were a lot of ways, but I chose this one because it was the most demented."

Mia began to pump Nick harder and harder. He screamed and Mia laughed .

"Com on baby, you know you want it."

Nick squirmed underneath Mia but it did no good. She was too strong and he seemed to get weaker and weaker. Nick began to shrink and his screams became higher pitched. He barely noticed the changes in him until Mia clutched at one of his breasts. It was large and fully formed and its twin rolled on his chest as Mia continued to thrust.

"What… what's happening to me?" Nick gasped.

Mia only grunted in answer and Nick began to feel the orgasm building in side him. Mia tensed and gave her final thrusts and came just as Nick's orgasm hit. He lay in the bed limp and defeated. Mia moved off him.

"Watch this," she said. Mia smiled wide and reached in her mouth with a thumb and finger on either side of her teeth and pulled them out. After they were out Mia quickly shrank down to normal, her extra hair was shed and her penis and testicles fell off and disintegrated into dust.

"They're a little trick called 'Maneater,'" She held the teeth out for Nick to see. "Cute, huh?"

Mia began to gather up her clothes and get dressed.

"Well Nick, it's been interesting," She said slipping the Maneater teeth into her pocket. "Maybe we'll see each other around."

And Mia left the startled woman alone to contemplate her unknown future.



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