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Giving Back

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2016 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; crime; shot; transform; m2f; genie; enslave; breasts; M/f; oral; pleasure; cons/reluct; X

"What's wrong? Don't trust us?"

Clive Barker glanced up from the stacks of money he was counting. With a grin, he shook his head.

"It has nothing to do with trust," he replied. "Just good business sense. After all, it wouldn't do to have problems arise out of a simple counting error, would it? I'm just making sure your people didn't make any mistakes."

"So does that mean we should check our side to make sure there were no mistakes?"

Barker nodded toward the bags of white powder stacked on the opposite side of the table. "Feel free," he replied. "Just remember, every bit you test is that much less you'll have to sell. But it's your profit margin, not mine."

Before the other could reply, a third man ran up to the table, gun dangling from one hand. "Cops," he gasped, "forming up outside."

The man across the table scowled. "Your doing?" he asked. "Maybe you want us busted to you can have the goods back."

"Don't be stupid," Barker replied, scooping the money into a briefcase and snapping it shut. "However," he continued, rising from his seat, "I suggest we call this deal concluded, so we can all get out of here." Without waiting for a reply, he turned away.

He made it three steps before something slammed into his back. Surprisingly, there was no pain from the impact, though it threw his body forward onto the floor. For long seconds, he stared at the greasy concrete beneath him, before his vision faded and all went black.

'Am I dead?'

For Barker, this seemed like a reasonable question. Everything was black. There was no sound, he felt nothing at all. Even his body seemed to have vanished, leaving not even a hint of its existence.

Again came the thought. 'Am I dead'? This time, though, the thought was answered.

'Yes, actually, you are.' Strangely, he didn't hear the words with his ears. Instead, they seemed to come from inside his own mind.

'Where am I?'

'Nowhere, actually.' Again, the words seemed to come from his own mind. 'This place doesn't really exist, so there was no point in ever giving it a name. This is simply a place for you to wait until your rehabilitation begins.'

'I don't understand.'

'In life, you were a drug dealer and a murderer. You gained from the pain and misery of others. Now, before you can be allowed to pass on, you must give back in equal measure what you have taken.'

'Give back? What do you mean?'

'You will find out, beginning now.'

Suddenly, Barker found himself in a lavishly furnished room. Startled, he glanced around himself, taking in the fine silken wall hangings, the thick carpeting, the richly appointed furnishings. This room, at least to him, looked like nothing so much as the kind of chambers a sultan in an old movie might use. Staring, he took a step forward, then froze.

Wait. If he could take a step, that meant he had legs. And if he had legs.... Slowly, almost as if afraid to find out, he dropped his arms to his sides, only slightly relieved to feel the warmth of skin touching skin.

I have hips, he thought, and thighs. Does that mean I still have....? Slowly, his hands slid toward each other, seeking the ultimate symbol of his manhood. Instead, they came together atop a softly furred mound. Startled, he yanked his hands away, turning his eyes downward in disbelief. His gaze, he found, was blocked by soft, firm mounds now firmly attached to his chest.

"Ah, the new recruit." At the sound of a strange voice, Barker turned his gaze away from the impossibility of breasts, watching as a statuesque woman stepped into view. Halting in front of him, the woman quietly examined him.

"You'll do," she finally said. "Now, do you know what is happening to you?"

"No, Mistress." More than the discovery of his hands, more than the sight of breasts, his voice brought home to him the full terror of his new reality. That voice was soft, silky, a breathy, husky whisper of seduction. More to the point, it was completely feminine.

The woman smiled, as if in response to Barker's confusion. "It's quite simple, really," she said. "In life, you had the potential to be a powerful force in the world. Instead, you used your power, your personality, for personal gain at the expense of others. You destroyed many lives, ended others. Now, you will give back to the world in equal measure."

The woman gestured toward Barker. "As you can see," she continued, "things have changed. Where once you were a man, now you are a woman. But you are far more than that. Before, your power lay in your personality, your drive. Now you have real power, power of a type you would never have dreamed of. You have the power of magic, and you will use it to give back all you have taken."

"Magic?" Barker stared. "I have magic? But how do I use it?"

The woman smiled. "As any pleasure genie would," she replied. "In obedience to your Master. A Master, I might add, who is even now awaiting your arrival." With this, the luxurious room vanished, replaced by a modern, comfortable den.

"So there you are." Startled by the voice, Barker turned. Facing him was a man of middle age, his dark eyes examining Barker critically. "Where have you been?"

"I do not know, Master." Barker's response was automatic, as if he had no choice.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"To serve you, Master." Desperately, Barker tried to stop talking, but the words seemed to come out on their own. "To obey your commands, and to please you in any way you choose."

The man nodded. "My name," he said, "is Robert, by the way. Not that you'll ever be allowed to use it, but you should know who you serve. Now, are you trained in pleasure?"

"No, Master." Barker eyed Robert, almost afraid of what was about to happen. To his horror, Robert only nodded and began removing his clothing. Stunned, Barker stepped back a pace.

"Master, please," he said softly, his voice shaking. "I can't...."

"You can," Robert replied, "and you will." Naked, he indicated his crotch. "Your mouth," he commanded. At this, Barker found himself moving forward, dropping to his knees before his new Master.

"Master, I can't." At this, Robert frowned.

"You will do it," he said sternly, "and you will like it."

Barker resisted, but his head leaned forward slowly. Then, at the first contact, everything changed. He couldn't believe how good that warm, soft skin felt against his lips. Almost eagerly, he leaned forward more, taking in the soft hardness, letting his tongue dance across sensitive flesh He moaned softly, the feel, the taste, sending flashes of pleasure throughout his new body. Resistance forgotten, he bent himself eagerly to his task.

All too soon, it ended, Robert stiffening and sending jets of cum splashing against the back of Barker's throat. This, too, sent pleasure through him, and he eagerly swallowed, struggling to let not a drop escape. When Robert pulled back, he nearly moaned in disappointment.

"That," Robert gasped, sagging against his desk, "was an incredible first attempt. I can't wait to find out what the rest of your body is capable of.

At this, Barker's eyes widened. "My body, Master? Wouldn't you rather I do some magic or something?"

Robert laughed. "You really are a novice at this," he said. "No worries, though. My family has been receiving pennance genies for centuries. As soon as one leaves, another arrives. And all like you, with no idea of why you're here or what you can do.

"Your magic," he continued, "is for pleasure only. You can forget all of that stuff you might have seen on TV. You are a pleasure genie, which means your magic acts automatically for my pleasure. Bedroom."

Barker found himself kneeling in the center of a nicely furnished bedroom. He watched as Robert sank onto the bed.

"Now," Robert said, "before we continue, do you have any questions?"

Barker nodded slowly. "Yes, Master. How long will I be required to serve you?"

Robert laughed. "Me? I'm just the beginning. I've seen the pennance you need to do. You will serve me, and then my son, and his son, and his son. You will become a family heirloom, passed through the generations for the next two hundred and fifty years. Now, join me."

As his body slowly rose and climbed onto the bed, something in Barker's mind cried in anguish. He had never feared punishment during life. Now, feeling hands begin to explore his new body, he reallized that, sometimes, pennance can be even worse.

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