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The Costumes

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2016 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf+; costumes; halloween; bodysuits; transform; cells; display; stuck; public; shrink; mf2object; figurine; cons/nc; X

"Hey dweeb!  You've got customers, so get your skinny ass out here!"

Emerging from the back room of his small shop, Raymond watched as his newest customers approached.  So far, his dealings with this small group hadn't been pleasant, and he saw no reason to expect this time to be any different.  Solemnly he gazed at each member of the approaching group.

Doug, the leader, was tall, muscular, almost too handsome for his own good.  Combining the body of a lumberjack with all the finesse of a crazed bull in a china shop, he delighted in tormenting anyone smaller than himself.  Which, to be honest, was pretty much everyone.

Walking beside Doug was Paul.  In stark contrast to the other's hulking frame, Paul was lean, wiry, with pinched, foxlike features.  Lacking Doug's brute strength, Paul also lacked his shotgun approach to torment.  Instead, Paul's torture was surgical, precise, based on a knowledge of human anatomy that allowed him to effortlessly find anyone's vulnerable points.

Flanking the two men were the two women of the group.  Beside Doug walked Stephanie.  Nearly as tall as Doug, Stephanie combined the body of a model with the morals of a street hustler.  With her large breasts, flaring hips, and flowing blonde hair, Stephanie had no trouble luring unwitting targets into her carefully prepared traps.  Once ensnared, her marks always found themselves relieved of any valuables before being sent on their way.

On the other end was Maggie.  Somewhat shorter than Stephanie, Maggie still sowed just as many curves.  If anyone qualified as the brains of the group, it was her, and nearly all of their schemes had either originated or been embellished by her fertile mind.

"Hey, dweeb!  I'm talking to you."

Raymond focused his attention on Doug.  "Yes," he said softly, "I can hear you.  What is it you want this time?"

Doug grinned.  "What do you expect the day before Halloween?  We want costumes, of course.  Something good to scare the little kiddies with."

Raymond glanced around his shop.  "I sell collectibles," he said. "Knickknacks.  What makes you think I have costumes to sell?"

"Word is," Paul replied, "there's nothing you can't get your hands on.  I hear you're always finding stuff for that stupid theater.  If you can find costumes for them, you can find some for us."

For a moment, Raymond gazed at the four thoughtfully.  "Actually," he finally said, "there are some items I've been working on.  For a production I have in mind.  My own designs, not yet tested.  If you would be willing to try them out for me, I suppose I would be willing to let you use them.  Provided, of course, that you return them."

Doug's grin widened.  "Sure thing.  Now, where are they?"

"Not quite finished, I'm afraid.  They should, however, be ready by tomorrow evening.  If you return then, I will be able to fit the costumes to each of you, though it may take a bit of time to do so.  These are quite elaborate.  So I suggest you allow plenty of time to prepare."

"We'll be here," Doug assured him.  "And if this is just some kind of trick to get rid of us now..."

Raymond shook his head.  "No tricks, I assure you.  As I said, I simply need time to complete my work."

"We'll see you tomorrow."


When the four returned the following evening, Raymond greeted them at the door.

"Officially," he said, ushering them in, "I am closed today.  This will allow me to see to the proper fitting of your costumes."

"Whatever you say," Doug replied.  "Now, where are they?"

"In back," Raymond said.  "I will ask that you try them on one at a time, so that I can ensure a proper fit.  And, as they say, ladies first."

"What ladies?"

Maggie frowned at Doug.  "Screw you," she said, then turned to Raymond.  "I'll go first.  That way, if there's anything funny going on, I'll see it."

"Of course," Raymond replied, leading her into the back room.  A moment later, he returned alone.  "And remember," he said over his shoulder, "nothing underneath, please.  It would spoil the lines."

When Maggie rejoined the group, the others could only stare.  Wearing a dark, hooded cloak, Maggie did, yet did not, look like herself.  Her face and hands, the only parts of her visible, were obviously hers, but, just as obviously, different.

"Like it?"  Grinning, Maggie reached up and fingered the long, hooked nose she now sported.  Her eyebrows, always perfectly formed, were now bushy, overshadowing eyes that appeared much more deeply set.  "It's a full face mask," she explained.  "Clear, except for the added bits.  Gloves, too," she added, holding up hands that now sported, long, clawed fingers.  "Actually, it's a whole body suit, all clear except for the random mole or wart.  Definitely good for flashing."

When Stephanie emerged from the back room, only her eyes were visible, the rest of her covered by what looked like wrappings.

"I want my mummy," she joked, her voice slightly muffled.  "This is so cool, guys.  It's a body stocking, kind of, but it looks like mummy wraps."  She held up her hands.  "Even has gloves and toe socks so my fingers and toes look wrapped."

Within moments, the two men had also been transformed.  Paul, wearing torn jeans and a nearly shredded shirt, now sported a long snout filled with sharp teeth, while very inch of his visible body was covered in fur.  Doug, his skin turned a sickening shade of green, now had bolts protruding from each side of his neck, along with several visible scars.  Dressed in old dungarees and a square shouldered jacket, he made the perfect Frankenstein monster, just as Paul was the perfect werewolf.

"Pretty cool, dweeb," Doug remarked, examining himself.  "We'll scare the crap out of anyone who sees us."

"Exactly the idea," Raymond told him.  "Now, there is one final step, and that must be done in the theater."

Maggie eyed him doubtfully.  "What step is that?"

Raymond smiled.  "Makeup, of course.  The costumes give you the general look.  Now we'll use artfully applied makeup to enhance the look.  If you'll follow me."

Grudgingly, the four followed Raymond to the theater.  Inside, he led them to a hallway that curved off to either side.  "If you gentlemen will follow the hall to the left," he said, "and the ladies to the right, you'll find doors with your names on them.  Please wait inside, and we'll finish your costumes shortly."

Nodding, the four seperated, each entering the room bearing their name.  Stepping through her door, Stephanie found herself in a smallish room that looked like it was made from stone blocks, empty except for a sarcophagus leaning against one wall.  The far wall, instead of stone, appeared to be made of glass.

Suddenly, Stephanie felt her suit tighten.  Stunned, she turned toward the door, only to see a blank wall of stone.  Even as she searched for the door, her suit continued to tighten, making all but the simplest arm or leg motions impossible.  She tried to call for help, only to find herself unable to open her mouth.  Humming, she turned and stared out through the glass.

Behind Maggie's door was what looked like a cave, again with one wall of glass.  In the center, over a bed of coals, sat a large cauldron.  She, too, felt her costume tighten.  Turning, she limped toward the glass, one leg feeling shorter than the other.

Paul's room also resembled a cave, the floor littered with bones.  As his costume tightened, it pulled him into a hunched position, knees and elbows slightly bent, back arched.  Try as he might, he couldn't straighten up.  He tried to call out, but only managed a growling snarl.

Doug's room looked like a mad scientist's lab, tables covered with vials and beakers lining the wall.  As he looked around, his costume also tightened, making it impossible to bend his arms or legs.  Stiffly, he moved toward the glass, a low, shuddering moan the only sound he could make.

Standing on a walkway between the two pairs of rooms, Raymond examined all four through the glass.  Smiling, he nodded his approval.

"Perfect," he said, "Better than I could have hoped for.  You four will be the best Halloween display we've ever had."

"What's going on?"  Of the four, only Maggie could still speak.  Her voice, however, had changed, becoming a high pitched, reedy cackle.  "Let us out!"

"Oh," Raymond told her, "I'm afraid that's impossible.  That tightening you felt after you entered your cell was the costume bonding with your body.  It's part of you now."  He grinned.  "Well," he amended, "most of it is."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Instead of answering, Raymond left the walkway, moving along the hall until he reached Stephanie's room.  Pressing a concealed button opened the door, allowing him to enter.

"As I said," he told her, "most of your costume is part of you.  Most, but not all."  Avoiding her attempts to strike out at him, Raymond slipped behind her.  Reaching around her, he parted the wrap over her chest, allowing her breasts to pop out.  Further down, the wrap between her thighs parted as well.

"Our first audience," he said, "will be adults only."  With quick steps, he left the cell, closing the door behind him.  Entering Maggie's cell, he quickly stripped the cloak from her, leaving her naked.  "Might as well let them see the whole display," he went on, stepping out and closing the door.

Moving back to the walkway, he once more examined each cell.  In one, Frankenstein's monster moved stiffly, moaning and waving his arms.  Next to him, a werewolf hunched behind the glass, fangs gleaming.  Across the way, a naked witch limped, while a mummy lurched, large breasts bouncing.

"Perfect," he said again, glancing at his watch.  "And just in time, too.  Our first guests will be arriving any minute.  I think they're going to love you."

He was right.  The guests adored the new display.  Later, once the witch and mummy had been returned to a more modest state, crowds of children screamed and laughed at the antics of the four monsters.  The witch, with her screeching threats and demands, was perhaps the most popular of all, though the humming mummy, moaning monster and growling werewolf all had their fair share of admirers.

For three days, crowds continued to stream past, staring in fascination.  Finally, after the last gawker had left, Raymond stood once more on the walkway.

"You'll be pleased to know," he told the four helpless monsters, "that you've earned us enough to keep the theater going for another year.  Now, however, the show is over."

Within their cells, the four stiffened as their costumes began to tighten once more.  Soon, any movement was impossible.  At the same time, impossibly, everything around them seemed to be growing bigger.

After a few moments, Raymond left the walkway, going to each cell in turn.  From each, he took a small figurine from the otherwise empty cell.  Returning to his shop, he placed the four figures on a shelf behind the counter.

"Good thing the last crowd were adults," he commented, smiling at the naked witch, the bare breasts and crotch of the mummy.  "I like you better that way, especially since I'll get to look at you until next Halloween."  Lauging, he turned away, leaving the four figures standing frozen.  With a click, he turned off the lights and locked the door.  In the darkness, four small figures stood silently, helplessly waiting until the next Halloween would allow them to once more come to life.

Such as it was.


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