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Brandon's Final Command

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; genie; mayjick; transform; M2f; bond; gag; boxed; transported; enslave; cons;nc; X

Brandon James had it made.  Not only was he a successful businessman.  Not only was he rich and powerful.  Not only did he have men of wealth and influence from all over the world seeking his services, while beautiful women competed just to be seen with him.  Not only did he have all these things.  He also had something that, as far as he knew, nobody else had, something that would make sure he kept all those other things.  In short, Brandon James had his very own genie.

Now, genies aren’t supposed to exist in the real world, according to most.  However, in a world where someone like Brandon James could become what he had, doing what he did, anything might be possible.

James’ business, which had allowed him to accumulate the wealth, power and influence he enjoyed, was something most ordinary people either didn’t think about, or didn’t realize existed.  The police knew, of course, since that business was illegal in most parts of the world.

James dealt in what he called entertainment.  He provided partners for anyone wealthy enough to meet his exorbitant prices.  The fact that those partners did not go willingly meant absolutely nothing, either to James or his clients.  In short, Brandon James was a slaver, specializing in beautiful female merchandise.

As to the genie, she had come to him about two years previously, in, of all things, an old, dusty wine bottle he’d discovered in an old house he’d purchased.  Since then, she had obeyed him in all things.  All, that is, except one.  She could not, she had informed him very early on, assist him in his chosen line of work.  A morality issue, something James had absolutely no concept of.

Still, despite this one fault, she had served him well and faithfully.  It was because of her that those beautiful women sought his company.  It was also because of her that his biggest competitors had vanished in some way.  For, while she would not help him directly in his business, she had no qualms whatsoever about doing away with any competitor he cared to name.

All in all, Brandon James was quite content with his life.  He had everything he could possibly want, he was gaining more of everything with each day, and he had his genie to make sure he kept it.  There was nothing else he could wish for.

Well, almost nothing…..

“You called for me, Master?”

As always, James took a moment to simply stare at the creature in front of him.  Among his very first commands to her had been a change to her appearance.  The slim, dusky woman who had first appeared to him was long gone, replaced by a busty, curvy blonde, no smarter than she absolutely had to be in order to follow his commands.  In short, his image of the perfect woman.

“I’ve been thinking about something,” James said slowly.  “It’s been on my mind more and more lately, and I think you can do something about it.”

“Master knows I will do anything he commands,” the genie replied, “as long as it doesn’t involve Master’s business.”

“It does,” James replied, “and it doesn’t.”


“I’ve been thinking lately,” James tried to explain, “about the women I deal in.  What they experience, how they feel.  It started as a random thought, but now…..”

“Yes, Master?”

“Now,” James said slowly, “I need to know.  And I think you can help me.”

The genie (James had never bothered to give her a name) looked puzzled.  “Master wants to become a slave?”

James glared at her.  “Of course not.  Don’t be stupid.”

The genie put on a pretty pout.  “I can only behave as Master commanded me to,” she said, “and Master doesn’t like me to be too smart.”

“Damn straight.”  James grinned, then became serious again.  “No,” he said, “I want to know what they experience, what they feel, from acquisition to just before delivery.  Think you can handle that?”

The genie nodded.  “Yes, Master.”

Nodding, James rose and removed his clothing.  “Ok,” he said, “do it.”

“Yes Master.”

For a moment, there was silence, neither of them moving.  Then, growing impatient, James said, “Well, when…..”

His voice!  Instead of the tones he was familiar with, the words came out in a soft, feminine purr that fairly dripped sex.

“My voice!”

The genie nodded.  “And the rest as well, Master.”

Startled, James looked down, only to find his view blocked by a pair of firm, round breasts adorning his previously masculine chest.  Leaning forward, he took in the view of toned legs, fairing thighs, and soft, fur-covered mound.  Straightening, he stared at his genie.

“I’m a woman.”

The genie nodded with a pleased smile.  “Yes, Master.”


“Master cannot learn about what a woman feels and experiences unless Master is a woman.”

“Is it reversible?”

“Yes, Master.  I can reverse the change whenever Master commands.”

James nodded.  “In that case, continue.”

Almost before he’d finished speaking, James felt something.  Leaning forward again, he glanced down to see a length of rope encircle his ankles, binding them securely together.  More rope quickly bound his legs above and below the knees.  He felt his hands drawn behind him, to be quickly secured with what felt like even more rope.  Rope appeared above and below his new breasts, wrapping around his body and pinning his arms to him.  Experimentally, he tugged at his new bonds, only to quickly realize exactly how helpless he had become.  Somehow, it didn’t feel like he had imagined it would, and he found himself ready to end this little experiment immediately.

James opened his mouth to command the genie to release him.  Instead, he felt something rubbery fill his open mouth, turning his command into so much garbled noise.  He could feel straps around his head, holding the gag in place.  Startled, he grunted a protest, which the genie casually ignored.

“This,” she said, “is the feeling of helplessness.  There is more, of course.  There is also the uncertainty, the fear, the not knowing what is happening or what will happen.”  Smiling, the genie stepped forward and gave James a gentle shove, causing him to lose his balance and fall backwards.

James landed with a muffled grunt in what he quickly recognized as a long, narrow crate, identical to the ones he used to ship his unwilling merchandise in.  Obviously, the genie was going to let him experience everything right up to delivery, just as he’d specified.  His world darkened as the lid was sealed into place.  He could feel the crate lift, then begin moving.

Trapped in his dark prison, James struggled against the ropes that held him helpless, muffled commands and please slipping from behind his gag.  This wasn’t at all what he’d expected, and he wanted it to end.

Instead, he felt his crate settle onto a hard surface, followed by the sound of a motor starting.  The genie, he realized, had loaded him into a truck or van of some kind.  Once loaded, the vehicle immediately began moving, rocking James in his crate with each turn.

James had no idea how long he lay helpless as the unknown vehicle carried him toward some unknown destination.  Finally, he felt the vehicle stop, then seem to back up.  His crate lifted, and he felt himself moving again.

Strangely, the crate in which he was imprisoned didn’t seem to be carried.  Instead, it felt as if it were floating.  The genie, he realized, was using her powers to move him.

Finally, the crate settled to the ground.  The lid sprang away, James eyes automatically closing with the sudden influx of light.  Blinded, he felt himself lifted and set on his feet.  Blinking his eyes opened, James stared.

He was, he discovered, in the center of a large, opulently furnished room.  Silk curtains adorned the walls, silk cushions covering the floor.  Surrounding him were several beautiful, naked women, all staring at his bound body.

“I thought,” he heard the genie’s voice from behind him, “that Master would like to meet some old friends.  After all, they are all here because of Master’s commands.”  Stepping in front of him, the genie gestured to a slender, full-bodied woman with the kind of beauty that can only come from south of the border.

“Meet Antonia Rivera,” the genie said, causing James’ eyes to widen.  Antonio Rivera, based in Tijuana, had been one of his biggest competitors, and the first had had ordered removed.

“And this,” the genie continued, “is Paula Dubois.”  Again, James stared.  Paul Dubois, from Paris, was another competitor.  Eyes wide, he turned his gaze to the other woman, quickly recognizing Sven in the blonde, Nordic beauty standing beside the petite Asian woman he assumed was Chang.  Stunned, James turned his eyes toward the genie.

“Master did command me to remove these men,” she said.  “They are now slaves in the harem of the eldest of my kind.  This is his home.”

James grunted into his gag, drawing a smile from the genie.  “Does Master wish the gag removed?”  James nodded, immediately feeling the intruder between his lips vanish.

“Release me,” he said, “change me back to myself and take me home.  As your Master, I command you.”

“My Master,” the genie replied calmly, “is a man.  You, silly girl, are not.”

“Because you changed me,” James nearly shouted.  “Now change me back.”

“I did change you,” the genie agreed, “at your command.  When I did, when you ceased to be a man, you also ceased to be my Master.  I am no longer bound to follow your commands.”

James struggled with his bonds, but found them as secure as before.  “Why?” he asked.  “Why have you done this?”

“We,” the genie replied, “do not agree with the way you treat the women of your realm.  I was sent to serve you, in order to end your evil.  It was I who placed the idea of removing your competitors into your mind.  It was also I who planted the idea of learning what a helpless woman felt within you.”  The genie shrugged, her body changing back to the dusky beauty who had first emerged from the old bottle.

“What will you do to me now?”

The genie smiled.  “I?  Absolutely nothing.  You, like these others, are now the personal pleasure slave of our eldest.  You will remain his until he tires of you, at which time he will no doubt give you to one of the others for their pleasure.”

“A slave?”  James shook his head, once more struggling against his bonds.  “You can’t do this to me.”

“I can,” the genie said, “and I have.  You commanded me to act stupid, but you could never have removed my intelligence, nor my reason for serving you.  Now, you will remain here, in this land where time does not come.  Oh, there are days, nights, years and centuries, but they will never touch you.  Five thousand years from now, should you remain here that long, you will look just as you do now.”

Five thousand years?  James slumped in his bonds.  “Please,” he begged, “don’t do this to me.”

“It is done.”  Suddenly, James found himself gagged once more.  “Brandon James no longer exists.  You are now Brandy.  And now, I will let you reacquaint yourself with the others here.  I’m sure they would dearly love to express their feelings about your part in their situation.”  With that, the genie vanished.

Desperately, James fought his bonds as he watched the four naked women approach him.  Helpless, he could only hope he survived their anger.  Although, thinking about centuries of helpless sexual slavery, he wasn’t sure surviving would be a good thing.


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