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The Body Swap

by Tony-B

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© Copyright 2008 - Tony-B - Used by permission

Storycodes: Mf; M2f; F2m; bodyswap; magic; cons; X

“Please … “, I said.  “Let me take your body, and you take mine!”

She was going to commit suicide, and this might be the only chance I had to ever become a woman!

I tried to convince her that I knew a Chinese Sorcerer, who could change her mind into my body, and my mind into hers, and all her problems would disappear.

“Please”, I begged,  “You’re in good health, and so am I.  And you can live a long, healthy life, if only you’ll give up this idea and let the Wizard do this for us.  I know things are bad for you right now, but he can make it better.  You won’t have any boy problems any more.”

She was going to commit suicide because her boyfriend had broken up with her, and had started to go out with another girl.

“That is no reason to kill yourself”, I pleaded. 

I tried to reason with her, and thought I was making headway.  I thought I was convincing her not to waste her life by throwing it away, to give it to me, and take my life instead.  I was fairly successful, had a good job, some money, and a new car --- I had everything, I thought, except the one thing I really wanted.  From the time I could remember – even before I remembered that I could remember, I wanted to be a girl!

No, I didn’t want to be a transsexual, or a cross-dresser, or even a she-male.  I wanted to be a real girl!!!  I wanted to live my life as a woman – to find a man who would care for me, love me, and give me babies!  I wanted the female American Dream!  And there was no way I could get it, unless I could find a candidate for a body-switch.

It’s hard enough to find a girl, let alone to find one who was willing to swap bodies with a man. 

In desperation, I had turned to the local Suicide Prevention Center, and volunteered to take calls from suicidal people who wanted to end it all.  I hoped that someday I could find a woman – or a girl – who was so depressed about her life, that she would consent to change bodies – and lives – with me.

I had met my Chinese Master in High School, when studying the oriental art of self-defense called Chi Ghong.  In a moment o self pity, I had confessed my innermost secret to him, and he said there was a solution to my problem.  That he could make it happen for me through an ancient art, passed down to him through decades of refinement by his own elders.  His sect had used the secret to live long lives, moving from one body to another, as the old ones wore out.  The only thing that could cause death was an unforeseen accident.  If they had enough time to find a donor, they could always exchange bodies as they grew old, and become young again.  The donor, of course, would then continue to grow old and die in the old  bodies after the switch.  He told me that the best donors were those who had given up on life, or had a need to depart to join their ancestors anyway, so a swap could be mutually beneficial.

This one night, I picked up the phone and said, “Suicide Prevention Center…”

A woman’s voice frantically told me that her name was Cassandra, and that there was a young woman there, and that she was holding a gun to her head, and had threatened to kill herself.

I asked her to get the woman to the phone by any means she could, and I’d talk to her.

She said that she wasn’t a woman yet – just a girl, maybe 18 or 20, but that she lived in an upstairs apartment, and had broken up with her boyfriend.  She wouldn’t come to the phone, or talk to me.  She just sat there, holding that gun to her head.

I wrote down Cassandra’s address, and surprisingly, it was just around the corner from the low-rent office the Center worked out of – where I was at the moment.

“Apartment 4B”, she said.

“You’re just around the corner”, I said.  “Stay there – I’ll be right over. – Don’t leave her alone!”

I put the phone down, left the office to Tom, put on my jacket, and hurried down the two flights of stairs and out to the sidewalk.  It was raining.  A light drizzle for this time of year, which was normally the rainy season.  I remembered from my training, that this was the time of year that women suffer a lot of depression, and the suicide stats went up.

I hurried down the street and around the corner…..  It was the large brick apartment building near the end of the block, and across the street.  I was in good shape, and nearly ran down the street to get there.

The front door was unlocked, and I burst in, shouting for Cassandra.  I knew she was upstairs, so ran to the stars and literally sprinted up them, shouting her name as I went.  “Cassandra!  --- Cassandra!”  I found apartment 4B, and knocked on the door.

She opened the door, and nearly frantically thanked me for coming.  I could see into the apartment behind her, where a young woman was sitting on the bed, holding a gun to her head, and she was crying, uncontrollably.  She was only partially dressed, wearing only her bra and panties.  I went in, and  asked Cassandra to put a robe or something around her.  There was no need for her to be uncomfortable – or to get the idea that I was looking at her body!

I tried to talk her down – to get her to change her mind, and to realize that her life wasn’t all that bad.  She might have felt bad right then, but there was a wonderful life ahead of her.  She looked at me with a far-away look in her eyes, and didn’t respond.  She still held that gun to her head, and I could see her finger was tight on the trigger.  Christ, I thought, she’s on the very edge of wasting herself, when an idea suddenly struck me.  Maybe this was the candidate donor I was looking for – a girl who would be willing to give up her life, who might be willing to swap bodies, and change lives with me.

I asked her name.  But she wouldn’t tell me.  Cassandra told me her name was Melanie – Melanie Blake.

Cassandra was nearly hysterical, so I asked her to leave, and promised I would take care of Melanie.  Relieved, she went back downstairs to her own apartment.

“Melanie”, I said, “I’m here to help you.  Trust me, and you won’t have to kill yourself.  You won’t have to be depressed any more.  I have a plan that will change your life”, I said.

I told her of my plan – and of how much I wanted to be a woman.  I promised her that if she’d change lives with me, I’d never want to change back, and that she could keep my body forever!  I would even be her girlfriend, if she wanted me to.  I said anything I could think of to try to get her to lower the gun, and give up the idea of wasting herself – over a boy, of all things!

But she was unconvinced that I was telling her the truth.  It was too fantastic.

“Please, don’t do anything yet.  Let me call my Master, and let him talk to you first.  You don’t have to lower the gun, and I promise I won’t try to take it away from you…..  Just let me call my Master.”, I said.

I saw her finger relax from the trigger, and she nodded her head in agreement, but she kept pointing the gun at her temple.

I called the Master and told him of the situation, telling him that I might have found a candidate donor.  He sounded excited for me, and promised he’d come right over.  I could hardly wait.  Was it going to finally happen?  Or had the Master actually lied to me for some reason?

I put the phone down, and sat in a chair across from Melanie, and continued to try to talk her down.  I told her about myself, and how I could give her a better life.  I told her how much I wanted to be her, and what we could do together if she’d only let the Master work his magic on us.

It was less than ten minutes later that he knocked on the door.  Melanie looked at the door in apprehension, and I saw her finger tighten on the trigger gain.

“It’s only my Master”, I said.  “Don’t do anything.  Our future is in your hands.”

She looked at me for a long moment, and I saw her finger relax again.  There was another knock at the door.  I figured the Master was getting impatient, or curious why someone wasn’t answering the door.

“I’m going to open the door now, and let the Master in.  You’ll like him – he’s a kindly old gentleman, and seems to have wisdom beyond any of us.”

She nodded her head, and I went to the door and opened it.

The Master came in, and looked at Melanie.  I knew he liked what he saw.  She was very pretty.  She had long blonde hair that fell half-way down her back in a ponytail, and was well rounded in all the places a girl should be.  I thought I could smell a slight scent of roses about her.

He sat down in front of her, and started explaining his own story – about how he had grown up in a Monastery, and the monks held the secret of long life.  He told her about swapping bodies with a willing donor, and that if we were both willing, he could make such a change for us.

She seemed to soften, somehow, and I knew she was believing him --- that it would truly be possible to change her life for the better – or so she thought, and we could both be happy, leaving our problems behind us.

The Master asked her if she understood, and if she was willing to switch lives with me.

She paused for a long moment, and I held my breath.  This decision could affect my entire life, I thought.

Hesitantly, she nodded her head yes.

I was elated.  If the Master could pull it off – this was my moment of truth.  I would become the woman I had always wanted to be, and would give up my old life forever, and Melanie could take it over, and live her own life happily, without boy troubles.  I didn't care what kind of trouble she had with her boyfriend, it was irrelevant.  He had left her, and I would be starting over, in her body, as she would be starting over in mine!

We had agreed, and were on the same page.  But she continued to hold the gun to her head, just in case the Master was lying in order to get it away from her.

The Master pulled some candles and incense out of his pocket, along with a butane lighter, and lit three candles, placing them on the floor between us – one in front of her feet, one in front of mine, and the third in front of his.  He lit the incense, and placed the burning stick on the floor in the middle of the candles.

He closed his eyes, and began to chant.  I closed mine, and bowed my head.  I don’t know what Melanie did – my eyes were closed, waiting for whatever was about to happen.  I could hear it start to rain on the window, and heard the clap of thunder in the distance.

Suddenly I felt as if I were floating in mid-air, then felt a new rush as I realized I had breasts on the front of my body.  I was still holding her gun to my temple, but raised  my free hand,  to my chest, and felt my breast through my bra.  I ran my fingers down the front of my body, and felt the hairy bush at the junction between my legs, and knew the old man had not been lying.  I was a woman.  I opened my eyes, shrugged off the blanket that Cassandra had covered my body with, and looked down at my breasts and body.  It was beautiful.  I was finally going to be the woman that I had wanted to be as long as I remembered.  I knew that I was going to be happy!

I looked over to see Melanie in my old body, as she opened her – his eyes.  I’d have to get used to juggling the pronouns, I thought.

The Master was smiling.

I lowered the gun, and rose to my feet.  They were perfect little feet, and my bare legs were exposed to the evening air.

I ran to the dresser and looked at myself in the mirror.  I was beautiful.  I had great tits, and a small waist.  My hips flared out around my rounded ass, and I knew I would have much pleasure being a woman for the rest of my life.

I turned to the Master to thank him, and my voice cracked and squawked as I mumbled the words in a cockney accent.  Shocked, I looked at Melanie in my old body.  She had never spoken to me since I had arrived, and now I understood why.  She had the most raucous, outrageous, and grating voice I had ever heard. 

“Hey ducky”, I heard coming from my previous body.  “How do you like being a girl?”,  She – HE laughed!

There was a knock at the door and it burst open.  It was the police.  “Drop the gun”, one of them said as he drew his own weapon.  I hadn’t realized I was still holding it.

“Melanie Blake”, one cop said, “You’re under arrest for the murder of John Marks.”


Be careful what you wish for!!!



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