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“Okay” I said, “I'll be your doggie, but just this one time, and only for the weekend!”

With that she began to transform me into a dog. She had me use a depilatory to remove my body hair, then she very carefully fitted the snout to my face. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it was very strange to have straws in my nose as well as look down and see my own nose! She used some kind of glue to attach a piece to my tongue to make it long enough for me to drink, and with a bit of effort I could feel the fangs built into the snout. Then came the suit.

She folded up my rear legs, making them tight against my bottom with a firm elastic, then helped me get the suit on over my legs. On the front she folded up my arms but attached a short extension to make it so I could walk level. I noticed that the front legs had paws with claws, so I assumed that my rear legs did too. She helped me get on all fours, then attached the head piece which covered the snout attachments. The headpiece had bigger brown eyes that covered my own, and longer ears. I felt her as she attached the tail, then the collar was put around my neck.

“Now, this is the very best suit I could find honey. It even has a sheath for your manhood! We can't have you hanging out can we?”

With a giggle, she clipped a leash to the collar and tied it to the refrigerator handle.

“I know that we agreed on just the weekend, but this suit cost so much that it would be a real shame not to use it, at least for a long while, right? So I'm thinking that maybe a week would be better, and I just know that you agree! I mean, you are a very handsome doggie! I named you Baxter!”

With that I realized why she tied me to the fridge. After I quit howling she untied the leash and led me outside. She did not walk very fast and I was able to keep up with her as we walked to the park. Once there she set me free in the dog park.

“Go ahead Baxter, you can run all you like!”

She stood there watching me, motioning for me to run around. I tried it, and found out that I could actually run like a dog! By the time we got home I was hungry and thirsty, and ran to my bowls. I hated it, but I ate the dog food, which was meant for a real dog, and drank a lot of water. In the past, when we had played sex games, I had taken her like a dog, and sort of expected that to happen, but she put me in the yard and shut the door!

I spent the next three days outside, only seeing her when she fed me. Then she took me to the park again. It was like that for at least a month before she relented and let me out of the dog suit. Before the time came to be freed from the suit I realized that I really loved it, and would miss it! She and I ate a great steak, then made passionate love and spent the night wrapped up in each other.

“Would you like to do it again?”

“Sure, but the legs have to be much better. My knees hurt almost all of the time, and I could never wag my tail. The ears we used made it hard for me to hear so they have to be better, plus, I insist that I look more like a dog than that suit offered. I mean, we got away with it, but anyone that looked closely would see the obvious differences, right? And how can we have sex if you keep locking me outside?

Totally ignoring my comment about sex.... “Well, I found a place that helps couples that are into animal role play, so maybe we should talk to them before we decide on anything else, right?”

After discussing it at great length we went to see them at their clinic, and learned a lot about role play and our feeble attempts at making me a doggie!

“As in every transformation” the doctor started, “to a four legged animal, of any kind, the reason your knees hurt is because of your hips! They are not designed for you to walk on all fours of course, and your front legs, using those extensions, while useful and look okay, they only hurt a bit less than your hips, but for the same reason. Your shoulders are bearing your weight, which they are not designed to do that. We can correct that and make it possible for you to look exactly like a dog, complete with a custom made snout, sometimes molded, but more probably we will use the excess bone and graft it to the face. That way it looks perfect and will always be a part of you. That is our preferred method of course. Your nose, eyes, and tongue, will be perfect after the alterations, plus you will have ears that you can hear with, but there are some serious consequences to doing all of this.”

“How long does all this take?” my wife asked.

“For the very best, a minimum of six months, but eight months is closer to the truth, but after that you will still have two weeks of puppy training, which teaches you how to be an actual dog before we feel comfortable releasing you, or any of our new dogs. You have to learn how to walk with four legs not two, plus there is the issue of elimination that you'll have to get used to. ”

“Almost a year!? And what are the consequences?”

“Well, after the surgery to fix your shoulders and hips you'll have at least two months to heal up, and that's the minimum! Then of course, the grafting of the new paws, complete with claws of course, the attaching of the new tongue, ears, tail, and so on. It is actually a very aggressive treatment plan, but the results are perfect in every way. The biggest thing you have to know is that you will not be a man ever again. You will always be a dog.”

“But I will look like a dog, right?”

“You will not just look like a dog, in every sense of the word, you will be a dog, in every way possible, and to prove it you will be fully vaccinated and licensed as an animal by the time you leave here.”

“With no going back, right?”

“It cannot be done, but in any case, we have never had that request before, so no, but...”

“I get it” I said, “so far everyone loves it, right?”

“So far, yes.”

“He needs to have his... in a sheath. Like a real dog.”

“I promise, when we are done he will look like a dog in every way. He won't even be able to talk. I mean, dogs do not talk, so he will not either. Everything a dog does, he will do, because he will not have any choice, and he will eventually do them naturally, I promise.”

For some reason, I was very excited at the prospect that I would become a dog, especially after my short stint as a dog. I still have no idea why I felt that way. It was as if I had found something special that I had never realized before, so I agreed, knowing that it would eventually end my time as a man. I was going to become an animal, my wife's pet dog. In other words, she would be my owner, not my wife.

“Let's do it” I said.

She wrote a check and left, but as I watched her leave I felt his grip on my arm.

“Not you. You stay. Given the permanency of this, you and I will talk some more about your proposed transformation.”

He asked about our sex life, my time as a dog, my time in the yard, how it felt to be on a leash, and hours of questions before he finally told me that he would do it, as soon as I signed about thirty papers agreeing to it. I was taken to a small room with a bed and lay down.

Then I felt the needle go into my arm. I have no idea how long I was out, but when I came to I was laying on my side, and I could see four legs sticking out. My four legs. I was very groggy as the nurse scooped me up and took me into an operating room. I was put out again, and the next time I woke I could tell that I had a snout, a longer tongue, and a tail. Everything had a brownish tint to it too. That same nurse picked me up and carried me to a crib like bed that was all bars, sides, top and bottom. I fell asleep, waking some time later to the sound of food being put in my bowl. Hungry, after a struggle, I managed to stand up, and eagerly ate what they put out. Again, it was regular dog food. The doctor came in, slipped a leash on my neck, and after letting me get my balance, slowly led me out of the kennel.

“I know that you can still understand me, so lets have a talk.” He meant that he would talk, I would listen. “Your transformation is now virtually complete. You have everything that was requested, and in fact, you are the very best we have ever created here, including changing your eye sockets so that you are not looking down all the time. But we have to test your abilities, so we have brought in a dog for you to mate with. It's normal for dogs, so you should have no trouble mating. After that we will send you to an obedience school for a short stay before we send you home. Now, lets go see how you react to the frame!”

He tugged on my leash, and led me to a room that had a frame of sorts. They put me into the frame and used a double ended clip to hold my head down. I could not see a thing. I could tell something was smelling me, and surprisingly, felt myself ready for the occasion! He mounted me without thought, and released just like any male dog would. Then, without saying anything, they took me to another room and gave me a flea bath!

“It's for your own good deary! Those nasty fleas can make your life miserable, so this is for your own protection!”

Great. I got laid, like a female, the flea bath, then a flea collar plus a new collar that had my name tag and license on it before they put me in a crate and took me to the obedience school. It was easy. Just do what they told me, and I was released to my wife fairly quickly. I wanted to hug her, but of course, that was out. She attached her leash, led me to the car, and put me into the crate she had brought along.

At home, she put out some food for me, real dog food again, which I was getting used to, and as I ate, she sat there watching me.

“I had you bred for a reason Princess. I wanted to know if you could do it like a real bitch, and the answer is yes. So that is the only way you will get any from now on. I mean, you are an animal now, a real life animal, and I just don't think I could do it with a real dog! And besides that, I had them make you a female. I mean, I cannot have you trying to hump me can I? No. This is better. You will get bred once in a while but never have any puppies, which is perfect! Now, lets go to the park!”

At the park I was turned loose and ran away from her, angry that she had done this to me. I stayed as far away as I could, until a male dog cornered me. I saw that he was ready, and knew that he was about to mount me. I hesitated, but he grabbed my neck with those big fangs and held me down as he penetrated me. I whimpered, but he stayed attached until he was done, and I ran back to my owner.

“See! I told you that you would get laid, and I was right!” Laughing, she attached the leash and we walked back home. I spent the night on the floor next to her bed, which began a routine for us. Food in the morning, plenty of water, then the back yard while she worked. Day after day was like that, my only relief was the squirrel I could chase around. Then she showed up with some guy!

“This is my dog Princess honey. She has been with me since.... well, a long time.”

He tried to pet me but I moved away. He was taking my wife away from me. They went in the house, and it wasn't until later that night when she let me inside.

“Face it Princess! You are an animal! A female animal, and Steve and I are planning on staying together, so you might as well get used to it. But I want you to listen carefully. I did not tell him how long we have been together because dogs only live about 15 years or so, usually less. That means that in ten years or so you will be a very old dog, and I will have no choice but to put you down. So lets make the most of the few years we'll have together, okay?”

There was nothing to say. She was right. Longevity was something we did not anticipate when I was transformed. I just looked at her and went under the bed to pout. Two days later she had me bred again. I did not need the frame. When I saw him I just stuck my butt in the air and let him take me. Actually, it wasn't so bad to be a female dog. My owner and her new mate took me to the park all the time, then I saw that she was pregnant. The baby was a girl. They let me see her, and as she grew up I was her constant companion. Until she turned seven. My owner took me back to the clinic where it all began. I knew the end was close, and resigned myself to the fate I myself had agreed to. I never felt the shot.

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