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All New Doggie

by Doug

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© Copyright 2015 - Doug - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; petplay; transform; surgery; bodymod; m2canine; m2f; cage; kennel; mounted; pet; sex; cons/reluct; X

She clipped the leash to my collar and we played owner and doggie, but only in the house, which was great fun, especially when she let me mount her like that. We both liked that game, until it no longer seemed like it was enough. Then we started to take turns, until that too was no longer was enough.

“How about if I put up a runner in the backyard, build a dog house? I mean, the experience would be way different, so....”

“That is a great idea honey! I will get you all fitted out like a doggie, a new collar of course, and we can try that! But, I want you to have paws, with claws maybe, and be as realistic as possible! I mean, the neighbors might see, so you have to look perfect, right?”

I agreed, because of the neighbors, and she set about finding a way to make me, and maybe her, into a perfect dog. It took her about a month, during which time I built the dog house and put up the runner. I even built a very nice kennel, complete with runways, food bowls and rings placed around the yard to tie me in place. I knew that I would probably be the one inside of it, and did my best to make it perfect.

“I found a place that says that they do this all of the time. Apparently we are not the only couple that likes to play owner and pet. They tell me that you will look and be perfect, so lets go get you ready!”

The doctor explained everything in great detail some, well, maybe most of it scaring me, but in the end, I agreed to become her dog, a dog in every sense of the word according to the doctor.

“With the surgeries, this will take at least six months for the transformation, a few months to heal up, then about a month for the training, learning how to walk and so on, all the commands of course, and by the time we are finished,  he'll be the perfect dog!”

She gave her okay after I signed the agreement, a nurse gave me a shot. When I woke up I was on my side, with my legs sticking out. I saw that I had real paws with real brown claws included. I was thirsty, and a nurse gave me bowl to drink out of. That was when I found out that I had a longer tongue, and I could feel the fangs! She helped me stand up, on all fours for the first time, unsteady as I just stood there. The doctor came in and picked me up, carrying me to an operating room. The next time I woke up I was laying on my side in a cage.

I was still very unsteady on my new legs as I had yet to figure out how to walk on all four legs. A young girl came into the kennel, took me out of the cage, clipped a leash on my collar, and very slowly led me to a training facility where I learned to walk, then run. After that I had to consistently heel, sit, beg, rollover, and follow her while on the leash. Then, a few days later, she put me into a frame of sorts, clipping my collar to a ring set in the floor with a double ended clip. I could not even look up as I felt a nose on my parts, teeth on my neck, then his weight, and finally, I realized that I was being penetrated! By a male dog! I howled, but he stayed there, attached to me for quite a while. Then the girl took me back to the kennel.

“Well, yes, we had to breed her, just to make sure you know, but she performed quite well, and the male did not know the difference. Your bitch is ready to go now. She has had all of her shots and has a current license. We put them on her collar already.”

“I saw her, tried to talk, but all that came out was a howl. She laughed, took the offered leash, and led me out to her car where she put me into a crate! Once we were at home, she took me to the back yard, attached me to the runner, and went in the house. She came out that night, filled my food bowls, and sat there looking at me.

“Well, now have what you wanted. You are the dog you said you wanted to be. I know that we had a fun game playing dog and owner, and I was happy with that, but you are the one that wanted so much more. Well, now you have it. You are my dog, a real dog, and after the surgeries you have had, you will always be my dog, full time, for the rest of your life. Myself, while you were busy turning yourself into a dog, I met someone, and well, he has a male dog. So rather than having two male dogs fighting for dominance all of the time, we made you a bitch. That way he can take you which will make him calm, and you'll still be the doggie you said that you wanted to be! Isn't it great?! Besides, there is no way that I was going to have sex with a real animal, which is what you are now, so, be a good girl and let his male use you when he wants and everything will be fine.”

I was shocked at what she told me, but that was how it was. She was right. I had voluntarily let them surgically turn me into a dog. I did not expect to be a bitch to be used by a male dog whenever he wanted me! My girlfriend swore that she would take good care of me, but like a dog. The doctor had created all of my dog parts out of the unused bone and other body parts, so I had a real snout, made from bone that was left over, longer ears that I could hear out of, paws with claws, and a real tail! She called me Princess. I hated it, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, so I settled into my new role as her dog. She eventually broke up with the guy, and he left, taking his male with him, which meant that I would not be used.

Day after day I ran back and forth on the runner, once in a while we went out for what she called walkies, and on odd occasions she let me stay in the house, but she never once treated me as anything but her dog. My fate had been sealed the moment I agreed to be a dog, so I had nobody to blame but myself, and all I could do was live with it.

About a year later her new boyfriend started hitting her and I lunged in and tore into his leg, making him leave the house, but bleeding hard. She took me to the vet, and went to the doctor herself, but the guy showed up a few days later, and shot her, then me. She died, but I did not, and that is when they discovered that I was a man, not a dog. They found out that I had been surgically altered to walk on all fours like a dog, given a longer tongue, and had been turned into a bitch.

“I'll take her home with me” I heard a lady say, “Obviously she has been bred before, and my male, well, he needs some company, and if he takes her, well, it won't be any different will it?”

I was taken to a new house, and her male quickly sniffed at me, then took me. I no longer cared. The love of my life was gone, and I was still a dog. His name was Baxter, she called me Baby.      


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