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The Pet

by Stephanie Rose

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© Copyright 2014 - Stephanie Rose - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; M2f; D/s; clinic; bodymod; sexchange; surgery; petgirl; puppy; cage; transport; amputation; cons; XX

Good evening Sir’s and Ma’am’s. Please if you will allow me to share with you a story. A story that might, or might not be true. A story about a dominant couple somewhere in the southern United States named Master and Princess. Now they have a few slaves, and a pet. This story however deals with the pet. More specifically the creation of their pet. As with anything else, Princess and Master wanted a specific pet. Something that would be truly theirs. A human pet, a puppygirl.

Master & Princess found their pet several years ago, she came to them as a he. A slave that was unsure of itself, with self image issues as well as gender identity issues. Over the coming months and years they carefully and patiently helped her become her and come out of the shell. As she developed into Stephanie they couldn’t have been happier with the choice they made as Stephanie loved them both and eventually gave up all her worldly possessions to belong to them.

Once Stephanie had surgery she was finally happy with herself. No longer having to feel that male appendage hanging there and embarrassing her when she was wearing fewer clothes or when Princess & Master had her in no clothes at all. Finally able to fully live as a female in all aspects of life. From the clothes she wore, to how she looked naked, and her role when it came to sex. Sure she had been the female for awhile, but there is something to be said about having a well endowed male member sliding in and out between your legs that imagining just doesn’t cut.

Waiting the year for Stephanie to heal after surgery was hard for Princess & Master as they desperately wanted to start creating their pet. Because she needed to heal physically they were resigned to doing the more mental side things. She could spend some time as their puppy but nothing for a extended amount of time. However they did do training sessions for her, teaching her tricks like Sit, Roll over, fetch, beg, etc. You know, the standard dog tricks. More and more she took her meals from the floor in a bowl, and more and more she was required to take her water from a bowl next to the food bowl. The more they worked with her as their pet, the more Stephanie reveled in it. If only she could’ve seen what they had planned for her I wonder if she would’ve been so enthusiastic. Of course if they could have seen what Stephanie thought about being their pet, their permanent pet, then perhaps they would have moved things along faster.

The Making of a Pet

Master and Princess had been planning for this day for a very long time. Spending countless hours networking to find the right people, and carefully choosing the things to be changed on their pet to make her, perfect. The night before she was to go with them to the veterinarian Princess ordered Stephanie into her bed, and cuddled her as it would be the last night that Stephanie would be able to do such a thing. Princess spent several long hours doing the things that they loved. Holding each other, gentle rubbing, perhaps even a bit of teasing too. While they were snuggled close Princess asked Stephanie how she felt about going to see the vet the following day.

Stephanie replied that she was quite excited and was very very much looking forward to getting to do a scene with this new friend. Princess proceeded to inquire what if it wasn’t just a scene. The reply that she was given was typical, Stephanie replied that she would love to be modified to fit what Master and what Princess saw fit for her. That there wasn’t anything she would put up a fight on. She was after all, theirs.

Drifting off to sleep in Princess’s arms, Stephanie had wonderful puppy dreams about chasing a tennis ball and sex. More than once during the night she woke Princess as she nuzzled against her, and once even nuzzled in against Princess’s breasts. Princess just smiled and held her closer, while she thought about what was to be done to her beloved girl.

The next morning Princess was woken early despite being up late watching her puppy sleep. She woke the puppy by gently kissing her lips, and licking her ever erect and sensitive nipples. A perfect way to wake up. As she became more and more coherent Stephanie thought back to their conversation the night before about the scene today, being more than just a scene. Wetness began to form and run out onto the bed sheet. She knew she was going to be in trouble for sure. First up for the long day was a thorough bath followed by excess hair removal. Emerging from her bath primped and with her hair dried and tied up in pigtails complete with bows, puppy played around in the living room pushing her ball from one side of the room to the other before they wandered over and greeted Master by nuzzling the inside of his leg and licking his hand softly and quickly.

Master responded by rubbing puppies head and pulling her into him for a long hug. He told puppy how proud he was of her for agreeing to completely submit to their wishes. Master said that he thought she would be a much happier and a much better puppy when they were home again. While Master was tending puppy Princess busied herself by loading the pet cage into the back of the car and making sure that it was secure. She also ran a small chain through the side of the cage so that puppy could be restrained and not hurt herself from the excitement or from fear. The last thing that Princess did was to drape a blanket over the cage leaving the door exposed. It wouldn’t be very good should puppy be seen tied naked in the cage.

With all the preparations performed, Princess attached a leash to puppys collar and led her toward the door. Before they exited Princess knelt down in front of puppy and reminded her that this was for her, to become the best puppy she could be and that Princess and Master knew that she’d make them proud. As Princess gave her leash a tug leading her out the front door and towards the waiting car, puppy held her head high and walked with pride. Daytime trips were a rarity for puppy as she knew the danger that went along with daytime trips. Patting the back of the open car Princess guided puppy into the cage.

After securing the chain to her collar, she unhooked the leash and closed the cage door. She fiddled with the cage covering making it so that nobody outside the car could see into the cage, but allowed them to look back and make sure that she was behaving and not up to mischief. Puppy loved mischief sometimes, as all good puppies seem to. Master slid in behind the wheel and putting the car in drive, pulled out of the driveway and into traffic. Because she couldn’t really see out of the car, puppy quickly got bored and laid down closing her eyes, trying not to focus on the things that were to come, and the things that she hoped that were to come,feeling a bit more wetness seep out and slowly trickle down her leg.

Pulling up in front of the nondescript veterinary office, Master put the car in park, then looked back at puppy for a long moment. Puppy was of course up and looking forward at her owners, with their eyes locked briefly and Master smiled because in her eyes, he saw that she was eager to undergo anything that they would want her to. Princess quickly got out of the car and after opening the cage and swapping the chain with the leash, helped puppy from the back of the car and began leading puppy towards the entrance to the building while Master closed the back of the car and hurried to catch up to the pair heading into the building.

Master and Princess talked with the receptionist as puppy sat down on the floor and looked around the empty waiting room. A door opened beside the receptionists desk and a young lady in a white coat stepped out motioning for them to follow her. Princess took the lead keeping tension on puppy’s leash making sure that she was following. Master brought up the rear watching his two lovely girls. Again the white coated lady held open a door, this time to what appeared to be a operating room. On the walls were the typical cabinets and counters. There was a large refrigerator, with the clear sliding doors, inside were vials and bottles of every shape and size. In the middle of the room sat a large stainless steel table. Hanging down from the ceiling were a set of lights, the kind used to brightly illuminate whatever they are working on.

As Master patted the table urging puppy to get up onto it, she began to get nervous and tried to stay close to her Princess. Finally after not following the subtle directions, Master got frustrated and bent down and grabbed puppies collar and pulled her towards the table. Almost dragging her up onto the top of the table Master gently rubbed puppies head while Princess idly stroked and rubbed puppies pussy and still growing nipples, tugging gently. Puppy was lost inside her own head with the sensations that her beloved owners were giving her, she failed to notice the vet walk in carrying a clipboard and a pair of surgical scrubs for Princess & Master.

After handing the scrubs to them, the doctor, who I don’t recall hearing her name, went over her checklist making sure that her supplies and medicine’s were all in place. During a procedure was never the time to figure out that you were missing something that was essential, she remarked out loud to nobody in particular. About the same time that Master and Princess got their scrubs on, the doctor turned to puppy and pointedly asked if she knew what was going to happen today. Puppy slowly and unsure of things, nodded. Doc shook her head and said that she had to hear the words, that puppy needed to verbally agree to the following procedure. By hearing her words, she would be able to tell that puppy wasn’t drugged or hypnotised or anything like that. She had to cough to clear her throat but finally told the doc that she was okay, and agreed to have anything done that was desired, or deemed needed by Princess & Master. Smiling the doctor turned away and said, “Great! Let’s begin!!”

The Procedure

Princess helped direct puppy to the proper place on the table, laid down, on her back with her arms and legs spread. Master used some rope and quickly had puppy bound so that she couldn’t twitch or jerk and mess things up. As the procedure progressed, the ropes would be removed, and then replaced as needed. Standing by puppies head, the doctor commented that they would be starting with puppies head. Since puppy had consented already, she didn’t bother to explain anything further to puppy, afterall she is a puppy and they don’t need to be concerned with such things.

Moving a nearby rolling cart into position, the doctor picked up a spritz bottle of medicine and after opening puppies mouth, sticking the spray head to the back of her throat the doctor sprayed several times. She commented that they had to give the numbing solution a few minutes to numb and paralyze the throat and vocal cords. Hearing this puppies breathing speed up, and Princess looked down at her and smiled. Leaning in close Princess whispered, "We know that you are excited by this".

Reaching down and slipping a finger into puppies slightly gaping pussy, she pushed it in and out slowly. Princess was amazed at how wet puppy was. It was literally running down her leg! Positioning the light so that it shined down her throat, and putting on a forehead light, the doctor picked up her tools and telling puppy to open as wide as she could, set about her first task of the day. In no time at all the was removing the slightly bloody surgical tools and doing a final inspection on her work. Doc explained that instead of simply severing the vocal cords she left them partially intact. This would allow puppy the ability to bark and make other beastial sounds, but nothing as complex as speech. Nothing even close. Master and Princess smiled broadly and swiftly kissed each other. Step one was done.

Looking down at puppy who looked worried, they both bent down and kissed her on the cheek. This seemed to reassure her. Swapping out the rolling tray for another, the doctor then moved to puppies right arm. Since Master was on that side, he untied the arm but stood close should he need to hold puppy still. Princess was busy holding puppies other hand. The doctor picked up a syringe and began to inject a numbing solution into each one of puppies digits in several spots around each digit. Puppy turned her head so that she could watch what was going on. Holding her breath as the doctor picked up a scalpel and with a few quick and well placed strokes, puppies little finger fell into the waiting tray. Being well practiced the doctor left almost exactly the amount of skin flap needed to create a mostly smooth finished product.

After a few more strokes all five of puppies right fingers lay detached in the tray. The doctor began to stitch up the flaps covering the knuckles, virtually hiding them. After she had all the stitches in place on the right hand, she bandaged the paw. It was now a paw, as with no fingers you really couldn’t think of it as a hand any longer. Puppy really was a puppy. No doubt about it now, there was no going back. Princess and Master had decided that they would go all out on their pet. Moving around to the left hand, Princess gave puppies fingers one final firm squeeze, that was returned by puppy. The final time that she would ever be able to use her hand as a hand. In a few minutes she would have paws.

Smiling, the puppy watched as the doctor repeated the same process on the left hand. Master reached over and began to stroke puppies breast, being sure to play with the nipple. Puppy moaned softly as she felt her moisture turn into more of a flow and begin to pool around her ass. Puppy had been on the table for less than a hour and had gone from Stephanie the sometimes puppy, sometimes Maid, to a full time permanent pet. Puppy was so excited thinking that she would be so happy to get home and rub herself to orgasm or maybe use Princess’s hitachi if she could get permission, puppy remembered that she wouldn’t ever be able to do these things again. Now that she had paws things would have to be different for her.

While pet was focused on the pleasure that she was feeling, watching the doctor work with precise movements, she counted each clink that she heard as the doctor dropped the removed appendage into the pan, tears began to stream from her eyes. Princess saw this and quickly moved to stroke her hair and comfort her by softly telling her what a wonderful pet she was, and how happy she was making her owners. What Princess couldn’t know, was that they were not tears of sadness they were in fact tears of joy. Puppy had dreamed and fantasized about things like this in the past, though she never shared them with anybody, it was like a dream come true to her. As the doctor finished bandaging her left hand, puppy leaned up as much as she could and licked Princess’s cheek, smiling at her.

With the forepaws taken care of, the doctor needed to work her magic on the rear legs and paws. Because of the future changes that were coming for the puppy, they decided that it was time that they put her under using some anesthetic. Princess and Master both really wanted to make pet watch as she was more and more dehumanized, but the doctor was more concerned with the problems that would arise should she only use the same method as she did removing the fingers. After a brief discussion, it was decided that they would instead videotape the procedure for her to be forced to watch later. They both feel very strongly that watching the changes take place was very important to her transformation. They had known that she was going to be put under anyway for later procedures, so this was just moving things up a little bit.

The Doctor asked Master if he would please roll over the IV stand that already had several bags hanging from it. While he did this, she quickly used an alcohol wipe and had the IV started in no time. Connecting the tubing from one of the bags on the stand to pets arm and adjusting the drip, they all three decided that it was time to step outside and take a break. Pet on the other hand was still tied to the table, and only able to watch as a liquid unbeknownst to her, would put her into a deep sleep, slowly and steadily dripped down the tube and into her arm. However before long she wasn’t able to focus on it much, her eyes kept closing, and soon she was breathing steadily, and fast asleep.

Master returned to the room first carrying a tripod and video camera. As he began to set up the camera, making sure that it was aimed and zoomed correctly, the doctor and Princess walked in chatting happily and carelessly about the best recipe for New England Clam Chowder. Princess took her somewhat protective place along side puppies head and began to idly stroke her hair as she looked on. The doctor rolled over a stool and sat down, pulling up a fresh set of gloves. Adjusting the light, Master zoomed in closer, the doctor again picked up a fresh scalpel and set to work. This would take longer than simply removing her fingers, but her goal was to amputate the legs just above the knee. She would use excess skin from the lower leg to close the area left from the removal of the joint. The finished product should be a well rounded Stump. Perfect in other words. While the doctor worked and Master ran the camera, he was focused on the changes being made to his pet, and if the size of the bulge in his pants he was thoroughly aroused!

Several hours after she sat down, the doctor pulled tight the final stitch. Everything had gone according to plan with no surprises. Pet was now a pet for the rest of her life. The doctor had a few more small details to tend to however. The first of which was pet’s teeth. They simply had to go. This would mean that she would be on a soft food or liquid diet only but, honestly nobody cared. While the doctor wasn’t a dentist strictly speaking, she knew her way around the mouth just as well as she did a hand or a leg. While she gathered the tools needed, Master packed away the video camera. He had zoomed in several times to pet’s pussy, close enough that you could clearly see the excitement, even unconscious she was aroused!

With everything gathered up, the doctor first used one of the dental devices used to hold open the mouth while dental work was performed. Ratcheting it nice and wide, as pet continued to sleep peacefully, she inserted the suction hose and began using a dental pick to pull the gum away from the first tooth she wanted to pull. Gripping it with pliers as Master firmly held down pet’s head, a swift jerk and the tooth was out. Quickly she dropped it in the tray and packed the hole with gauze. Repeating this procedure over and over until she was pulling the last tooth. There had been a few teeth that had broken as she pulled them, but this wasn’t a surprise as pet had bad teeth from the start.

She changed out the gauze on the ones that were still oozing a fair amount of blood and prepared to do the final modification. Or rather she was going to assist as Princess did the final modification of the day. From her bag she pulled a fairly small, nondescript box and handed it to the doctor. Inside were two items that, for lack of a better term were hearing aids. Master had found these while doing research for today many many months ago. It was a complete stroke of luck actually. They had been talking around what to do about their pet’s hearing when this day came. While they didn’t want to remove any of her intelligence, they couldn’t very well have a puppy listening to their every word. As a real puppy wouldn’t understand english, neither shall pet. These devices are set into the ear canal and using a tiny microphone and speaker, pickup sound and process what it hears.

Master had been required to send in several recordings of his, and Princess’s voice saying clear phrases. Things like Cum, Down, Sit, Present, Suck, Stay, Rollover, etc etc. Basically anything that they wanted pet to understand, they had to record. The processor in the ear piece then either allowed the sounds to continue on to the speaker facing the eardrum, or it converted it into a garbled mess. It was the perfect solution to the problem. The doctor had removed the devices from the package and cleaned them. Repositioning the light to shine onto the ear, the Doctor directed Princess to the stool. Standing off to the side she instructed Princess on what to do. First she had Princess use a long Q Tip and alcohol to clean pet’s ear canal. When the Doctor was happy that it was clean enough she handed Princess another Q Tip with some jelly on the end of it. Telling her that this was a semi permanent adhesive, and that she needed to coat the ear canal just inside the outer ear with it.

Princess remarked that it was sort of like putting glue on a PVC pipe, just without the funky purple stuff. Using a set of hemostats the doctor picked up the first device and passed it off to Princess. She very carefully set it into the ear canal, being sure not to push it in too far. The adhesive the Doctor explained was a semi permanent type. Using a special spray they could dissolve it should the need arise to have access to pets inner ear, or for battery replacement. With the process repeated on the other ear, the Doctor again changed the gauze on a couple of teeth, The bleeding was almost stopped, though they would have to monitor her during the night and over the next few days.

Connecting one of the other bags hanging from the IV stand, and changing out the bag of sedative the Doctor declared her work done. Princess again gently stroked pet’s forehead before joining hands with Master and walking out of the room leaving pet asleep and bound to the table. A short while later a male veterinary assistant entered the room and began removing her bonds. Still asleep he looked up and down the prone body of pet and smiled. The thoughts that he was probably having at that moment. Moving between her legs he very briefly probed her seemingly ever wet sex, before he gripped the table and pushed pet from the room towards the kennel area.

Stopping in front of one of the large cages, he first hung the IV bags from the built in stand on the stack of cages and routed the tubing so that it wouldn't snag as he put pet into the cage. Ever so gently he slid her from the operating table into the large cage. It was just a simple thing as pet would be asleep for the majority of her stay here, amenities didn't matter. The IV would give her the nourishment she needed and the nurses would clean up the mess as she passed any waste. The last thing he did before walking away was to hang a tag on the front of the cage door. This contained not only the contact info for Master and Princess, but pet’s official new name. Spot.

Meanwhile at a restaurant on the other side of town, Princess, Master, and the Doctor all sat down to a much earned dinner. Raising a glass of wine in unison they toasted, to Spot, and all the fun things to come!

What’s Next for Spot … Stay Tuned!

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