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Pony Club

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2015 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; naked; leather; harness; cuffs; bridle; jodphurs; boots; ponyboy; tease; outdoors; bdsm; crop; whip; dressage; cart; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

It was a new harness. All broad straps of brown leather with heavy steel buckles. I almost purred as I allowed her to strap it about me. First the collar snug about my throat, then the mass of soft straps that unrolled down about my naked body from that collar. I felt myself shiver as they almost caressed me, curling about my body as their designer had no doubt intended.

Suzy was smiling as she started to fasten the buckles. One strap tight across my broad chest, one across my ribcage and a final about my waist. I fleetingly toyed the idea of inflating my chest to make the straps loose and more comfortable, but I knew Suzy would soon spot such a ploy. And why make such glorious straps loose about me when I could have them as tight as I so loved them to feel. I could feel another leather strap uncurling along the length of my spine terminating at the base where a final strap prepared to embrace my waist.

Cuffs were fastened snug about my wrists, and straps snugged tight about the top of my thighs to make sure the harness could not ride up and give me some freedom.

With loud snapping sounds that were both terrifyingly final and also frighteningly arousing Suzy fastened the cuffs to the rear of my waist belt and I was the willing prisoner of my slavery to her and her dominant friends.

She walked round in front of me and looked up into my eyes. Her eyes with huge, brown and bewitching. A mass of curly auburn hair curled about her face and she reached out to run a hand across my straining chest beneath those leather straps. She smiled at the mixture of fear and arousal in my eyes and reached down between my legs.

My manhood bobbed up to meet her curling fingers, and for the first time I noticed part of the leather harness still dangled. At the first touch of her warm fingers I was magnificently hard, and her fingers darted out and lifted the web of tiny straps over my manhood. I am a big boy and I know it, and as the tiny leather straps started to curl about me I felt my manhood grow as it had never done before.

One strap was fastened swiftly about the very root of my manhood, and another fastened just in front of the balls. Another was tugged tight about the shaft while the final one was buckled just behind the head. All were just tight enough to make sure I could not forget their wicked presence while keeping me maddeningly hard under their tight buckles.

Suzy laughed as she saw my surprise, then turned and walked back to the bench where another pile of leather straps lay. This was always the worst part. I could cope with and thoroughly enjoy being strapped into bondage by the beautiful Suzy and her friends, but the final touch, my ultimate submission to her always filled me with a terrible fear. A fear that once it was in place and I was utterly theirs to control, one day they might choose not to let me go.

Suzy swayed across the tack room, every pace rolling her glorious arse inside her tight black lycra jodphurs as I felt my manhood twitch inside it’s bondage at the sight of her from behind. Part of me wanted to rip off those cuffs, grab her by the hips and have my wicked way with her roughly from behind, but it was already too late for thoughts like that. I was already her prisoner until she choose to let me go.

She turned back to face me and her tweed jacket swayed open to reveal her tight stomach under a wicked cropped black top that matched her skintight trousers. And in her hands was the thing I feared most in all our games. Not the whips, not the chains or leashes and reins. But the bridle.

She stalked round behind me and I knew better than to try and turn and fight her as without my hands I had no chance of winning. I felt the first touch of the bridle to the top of my head and soundlessly opened by mouth to accept the bit into my mouth as the straps rolled down about my face and were tightened about my head.

My tongue reached out for the soft rubber bit, flinching back from the unfamiliar cold taste of the steel of the metal bit. I was about to complain as best I could when I felt the bit was ridged and turned down to a sharp spike that pinned my tongue to the bottom of my mouth and really did render me quite speechless.

She laughed as she watched the terrible realisation of the nature of this new bridle dawning on my face, and she spoke softly.

“Yes, it’s a new one, isn’t it ?. I thought it was time we moved on from those silly soft rubber ones. This one will give me complete control over you when you have the reins on, won’t it my love ?”

I gurgled something incoherent as she took a firm grip on my harness and dragged me towards the door of the tack room.

“Just for a change today my little pony” she said “I thought I’d let the pony club have a play with you”

I let out a screech as the door swung open and several members of the pony club dashed in and almost danced round me clapping their hands with glee.

All were perfectly uniformed for their games. Tight jodphurs, high boots, tweed jackets, riding hats and black leather gloves. And in each pair of hands a riding crop that could have only one purpose.

“He’s all your girls” Suzy called as they walked around me studying me as if I was some strange animal. A warm hand sheathed in leather caressed my ranging manhood and its owner gave me a look that betokened lust or recreation later if I was really lucky. To be her giggling friends I was an attraction to be enjoyed in a far more public fashion.

Reins were snapped to two D rings on the front of my harness and they hauled me away, the doors banging open and suddenly I was out in the sunshine of the dressage ring.

As I was pulled out in to the fresh air a cheer went up as the entire female pony club were seated in the small stand and they were clearly delighting in the delight of a toned male in tight, bridled bondage being led out before them.

And in the front row, as Suzy took her seat, were the trio of kinky tormentreses who made my life both a dream and a terror in turn. There was Suzy, Katie of the glorious red hair, and tiny Marnie who only days before I had borne upon my back while on all fours while she playfully urged me on with both whip and playful tiny spurs on the heels of her ankle boots.

I pulled back hard against the reins at my chest, fighting them every step of the way out into the sunshine and away from the rousing cheers, but there were too strong for me. Long hours of riding horses had given them muscles of steel beneath their sleek flesh and outnumbered as I was, I was dragging protesting further out to my fate. And part of me was loving every minute of it.

They stood either side of me, holding the reins tight as I pulled first one way then the other, finally standing still and panting between them, the reins pulled loosely tight at me chest to make sure I was not faking and about to make a run for freedom.

As I stood helplessely at bay a figure detached herself from the crowd and swayed towards me. Her blonde hair was tied up in a bun at the nape of her neck, a top hat was perched on top of her head and fearsome blue eyes shone from beneath the brim. Her boots were higher than any other present, rising above her knees to embrace her thighs in gleaming black patent leather. Her jodphurs were snowy white, was her blouse, and a dark cravat was tied at her throat. A black tailcoat was tailored tight in at her hips and a long, whippy coaching whip was in her right hand. A bundle of straps was coiled in her left, and as I watched her approach I shuddered as I wondered what she had in mind for me.

She walked to my side and shook out the strap, smiling as she reached up. The steel on steel snap as it clipped my bridle and that wicked bit made me go cold. With her hands on their long rein she really did have complete control over me. The two girls swiftly unsnapped their reins and backed swiftly away leaving me alone with the girl in the tailcoat and top hat.

She took a few paces back from me, unrolling the rein as she went, then she reached out with the whip and gave the back of one of my knees a sharp tap. For a moment I didn’t understand what she wanted me to do, then the whip cracked across the back of my leg again and I realised what she had in mind. I had watched dressage enough times for it to be clear once I realised. I raised my leg, knee high before placing it on the ground carefully in an exaggerated manner, repeating the step with my other leg slowly but steadily. She gave the long lunge rein a sharp tug jut to make sure I knew who was in charge and pulled it tight to make me circle around her.

Slowly at first, then faster and faster around her while keeping my chin high and my gait like a proud, high stepping dressage horse. I could hear the cheers from the crowd but I dare not turn my head to look and risk stumbling or falling with that rein taught at my bit.

A swift tug on that rein brought me to a halt and the whip snapped against my leg again. I raised it and stood proud on one leg with my chin high and my chest thrust out proudly like the tamed stallion I was supposed to me.

The rein went slack and I slowly allowed my limbs to rest. I turned to see the dressage girl bowling deeply to the crowd to a wave of cheers. I thought that might be the end of my fate, but I heard the clatter of ponies entering the ring and I turned to see two girls on their ponies trotting towards me and I knew they were not finished with me yet. I did briefly consider running, but there was so many of them I knew I wouldn’t get far, and restrained in my tight leather bondage as I was I knew there was not real hope of escape. And the part of me that kept my manhood bobbing desperately turned on in its leather bondage knew it didn’t want to run. It was enjoying itself way too much.

They cantered up and came to a halt either side of me. I looked left and right at grinning faces under hard riding hats. Each held a rein, and before I could take a pace back they snapped them to the front of my harness and started to walk their mounts forwards. Pulled by two ponies I had no choice but to follow them like some captured beast.

Slowly, so slowly I hardly noticed at first as they increased their pace until I was walking fast, then trotting along between them. Then I was running and in horror I saw where they were steering me. Set up along one side of the ring was a long of low jumps, jumps just about the right height for a human to leap over without too much trouble. But high enough to make them a challenge to someone without the use of their arms and being raced along by two ponies.

Letting out the reins from their horses so they were well apart from me the first jump approached, and I leapt over it with as much style as I could manage, quickly recovering my stride for the second jump, nearly stumbling but surviving to make the third in fine style.

I was in the rhythm by now and the last two jumps were easy. I tried to slow as I landed from the last jump but they dragged me on between their mounts and hauled me round to go again. Sweat was running off me now as I took the fences again and damn me but they took me around for a third time and by the end I really was beginning flag and dread the prospect of another run.

I glanced up and them, and in the distance I could see Suzy waving an arm and they slowly allowed me to come to a halt, my chest heaving and the sweat covering me in a sheen that under some circumstances might have been considered attractive.

They brought me to a stop alongside something covered in heavy tarpaulin, and eager hands rushed over and hauled it away to reveal a single seat buggie built just the right size for a person to pull. This person.

They were deftly fastening straps from the poles to my harness when out of the corner of my eye I saw Marnie in the distance leap out of the stands and rush towards us. Incredible legs flashing under a tiny miniskirt she sprang up into the driving seat of the buggie and reins were quickly clipped to either side of my bridle before being placed into her eagerly waiting hands. A long coaching whip joined her hands and I knew what was coming next.

I looked behind me and met her wonderful hazel eyes and took in that long mass of wavy Hispanic hair that framed her tanned face and my manhood started to throb and bob again. She smiled at me, pulled my head round not ungently with the reins and gave one of my buttocks a sharp snap with the whip.

“Walk on” echoed out over the dressage ring as I started off. Marnie was tiny and once I got the buggie moving she was easy to pull. And she drove in circle after circle around the ring to the cheers of the girls in the little grandstand as they gloried as the sight of a man as beast of burden. The tip of the whip kissed my arse time and again to keep me moving, occasionally turned and guided by those reins and part of me had never felt so turned on.

As the cheers started to fade Marnie guided me into the dark and the coolness of the stable. The hard wheels briefly rattled on the flags, then we came to a halt. I felt her spring off the cart and walk round in front of me. I was covered in dust where it had stuck to the sweat that covered me and my manhood was throbbing terribly in it’s tight leather prison. I so wanted her wicked fingers with their long nails to release me from those tiny leather straps and caress me in the way they had so often down before. And the very thought of the treatment made me bob up and down all the more.

She reached up on her tiptoes and kissed me on my mouth, her tongue dancing about my mouth and past the bridle bit before swaggering away leaving me frustrated but full of such lust as I could not have imagined possible.

Wondering what was going to happen next I noticed a girl looking at me from the corner. She was the one who had led me out at the start of the afternoon. The one who had favoured me with a caring caress where I loved it the most. Still smartly dress in her full riding uniform, although her tweed jacket now gaped slightly open and revealed generous breasts swelling out from the unbuttoned neckline of her tight blouse.

She walked slowly over and peered up at me, and for the first time I realised how short she was. Keeping her eyes on mine she reached down and caressed me again, smiling as she felt my manhood buck and lurch in within my leather straps prison. Deft fingers unfastened the tiny buckles and the warm leather fingers curled about me.

I screamed as I came while hard I spat across the room and nearly collapsed in the shafts of the buggie. She put her hand to her face and giggled as I came, almost as if a family pet dog had performed some novelty trick for her.

Moments later Suzy was behind her, her hand on the girls shoulder.

“Now, what have we said about playing with other people’s toys ?” she asked softly, “And you know you should clean up after yourself”

“Yes Miss. Suzy” the girl said, “Shall I get a bucket of water and clean up this mess ?” she asked.

“No my sweet, I’ll get on that presently, but do come join me in my office and lets have a little chat about what nice new duties we can find you about the stables. Especially where our special ponies are concerned”

And as the door swung closed behind them I could hear them laughing together and I dreaded my fate.

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