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Mr Chan Chronicles

by JAR

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Storycodes: Solo-F; MF+/f; captive; asia; hospital; surgery; bodymod; training; condition; harness; bond; toys; insert; shock; oral; cons/nc; XXX

Part 1: Mrs Chan's Pony Caddy

Chapter 1

My name is Sam Wilson. I am the caddy to Jane Winters a Golf Pro on the US Tour. She was shooting up the world rankings and was now the world number 17th and we were hoping for even better things. So far I had earned good money being her caddy and best of all I liked her, we got on well together.

I was tall at 6 foot 1, in fact the same height as Jane. Being a tall woman can have disadvantages but with us it helped to share some of the attention. All the golf I played and carrying a tour bag for days on end had resulted in a very good figure. My face, as was Jane’s, were very photogenic so we had done several photo shoots together which had earned me good money.

Jane had been asked to play in the Far East Open and was to be paid $300.000. Part was appearance money for Jane. The rest was for promotional work after the competition which I would share, abet my share was only $20.000 but still good for me. Of course any prize money she won was hers also.

On arrival we meet with Jane’s sponsor a Mr. Chan. The agreement was that we would stay for a week after the tournament to do promotional work, photo shoots etc for his Company. The Asians were fascinated with tall women so it was hoped that this would work out well for them.

I did not like him much he was a bit fat and had a habit of putting his hands on Jane and treating me like I was not there. At first she ignored him but this made him a bit bolder. We did not see much of him during the tournament and we ended up second after a sudden death playoff. I realized that the week had swelled my bank account by my share of the 300,000 dollars prize she had won plus I would share the promotional payments as well. We were in a very good mood as Jane and I went to the after match party, held by Mr. Chan’s Company. I was feeling very please with myself for helping with several difficult decisions we had made.

That night at the party Mr. Chan seemed to think Jane was his personal property and he kept putting his hand on her bottom and squeezing it. So I knew it was not an accidental brush. She lost it when he put his hand up her skirt. She had ignored the bum groping but that was a step to far, so Jane sapped him around the face. The room went very quite and he turned and talked to some one else but I could see how angry he was. Jane was so angry also that we both left the party and went back to our hotel rooms.

The rest of the week was strained between us and the company and I could see how angry Mr. Chan still was. Jane saw no reason to apologize. One of his minions had suggested this as a way to make the peace. She was worried that he would see this as a come on and any way it was his fault so he should be the one to apologies.

The end of the week arrive and we flew back to the West Coast were we were based. The next tournament was not for 3 weeks and I had asked Jane if I could have a week off to go climbing with a group of friends. Jane said that suited her as she was going to have some time to her self before the main season got under way. We agreed I would ring her when I got back. I would come to the training with her a couple of times a week but most of the time she spent with her coach.

When I got back I had an Urgent Email from Jane saying that she had an offer to play in Japan. The sponsor had arranged everything. A car would arrive at my Flat by such and such a time which would take me to the Airport. There I was to go the Air Asia desk and my tickets would be there. Clubs etc were being taken care off so have a good flight I looked at my watch and decided that I had time for a quick shower.

Spot on time the car arrived and whisked me to the airport. At the Air Asia desk I was told there had been a change of Flights and I was to go to Hong Kong first. My bags were taken and I was shown into the departure lounge. A long flight then ensued and by the time I arrived at Hong Kong I was very tired despite cat napping on the plane. Not the luxury of first class for me.

As I was leaving the plane a steward pointed towards a man and said for me to follow him. He turned out not to speak English very well by kept saying “follow me”, “follow me” so I did. The next thing I know I am on another plane and told my luggage has been taken care off.

A two hour flight to another airport and then another man to follow. This time the plane was quite small. All the people were men and no one spoke English and to make matters worst I had know idea were I was in the world.

When we landed this time I was shown to a bus by yet another man, again no English just the normal “follow” and lots of arm waving. Most of the passengers from the flight were also getting on to the bus. 4 hours on a hot bus, it must have been over 40 inside and it was impossible to open the windows as the dust swirled into it and chocked you.

Then we started to enter a town or small city. I could see lots of factories belching smoke and what looked like dormitory blocks. When it did stop out side a block, the men all got off. I went to follow and the driver said something that I could not understand and shook his head so I sat down. Off went the bus to pull up outside what looked like a medical hospital.

The driver spoke and pointed towards the building and waved his arms about. I took this to mean I should get off. I was left by the side of the road stand in the sun feeling very hot and tired. My patience was at breaking point when I saw a nurse at the entrance door waving at me. I had no bags so I walked towards her. At the entrance she took my hand and led me inside and to the lift.

She seemed to know what I was supposed to be doing so I followed her. I was shown into a room. She pointed out the shower, mimed I should wash etc. I had a long hot shower and felt human for the first time in many days. I had found a thick bath robe which I put on as my clothes had disappeared. To be washed I presumed.

Once back in the room the nurse came in smiling and gave me a long glass of orange juice. She put her head on one side and her hands together in the classic sleep pose and pointed to the bed. She pulled back the top sheet and blanket so I could sit on the bed and drink the rest of the juice. I soon started to feel very tired. Another nurse arrived and took the glass from me and they both started to remove the robe I was wearing.

I did not have the energy to fight them in fact I found it hard to think at all and could not control my arms or legs. I was soon naked on the top of the bed. My Knees were pulled apart and they shaved my pubis. I tried to ask why they were doing this but I could only talk a sort of gibber. Once they had finished that they started in on my arm pits. I always shave there so it did not take them long. I tried to stop them but I had no energy or coordination in my arms or legs.

I was rolled on to my front with my face to one side and they started to cut off my hair on my head. I tried to tell them to stop but could not speak or move my arms. I was becoming very frightened. They obviously though I was someone else. This was some terrible mistake. Even if it got sorted I would still be bald at this rate.

Soon my head was lifted and turned to the other side so they could finish cutting my hair off. Once that was completed I was shaved smooth even my eyebrows were removed.

The nurses had turned me over on to my back and lifted my knees again. I could feel a catheter being inserted. Then an IV being put into my feet. Why my feet I thought as I drifted into la la land.

I had that feeling of fighting my way up out of water as I came back to consciousness. At first I thought I was standing up. I soon realised that I was, in some sort of harness. I had a collar around my neck and waist. These were attached to the frame which hung on chains from the ceiling.

My shoulders, chest and throat hurt. I drifted in and out of sleep never fully being awake. I would see the faces of the nurses who would smile then I would drift off again. I did not know that this was done on purpose to give me more time to recover before I found out what they had done to me.

I slowly came awake and I could see one of the nurses by me. My throat was sore and my mouth dry. I tried to ask for water but only a croak came out. The nurse held a bottle with a straw to my lips and I sucked. Cool water flooded my mouth and I let it tricked down my throat. It felt as though I had a piece of barb wire stuck in it by the pain, but the water helped.

The nurse still held the bottle and I tried to reach for it so I could hold it my self. “MY ARMS WON’T WORK! Was my horrified though. Then it struck home “I HAD NO ARMS!” My shoulders were swathed in bandages and I was naked, no sheet or anything to cover me. I tried to scream but that hurt my throat. I thrashed with my legs to try and get away but the nurses had all ready released the sleeping drug into the IV and I slumped back in the frame as it took effect.

The next time as full consciousness returned the room was empty so I tried to get out of the frame but the chains and cuffs held me in place. Several times as I struggled I could feel the pain of my stitches pulling, so in the end I just cried. Hearing was also difficult I noted due to the bandages on the sides of my head.

I regained my composure and looked around the room. In front of me were what looked like three very large mirrors but they did not give a very good reflection. The ones on the outside were angled to give a sort of wraparound effect. It was not the same room as I had been in before, this one had no windows. I could now stand on the floor and turn about to a small degree. When I looked down I was on an oblong platform with a rubber surface.

In the mirrors I could see myself. I was bald, both on my head and between my legs. On each side of my head were my ears should be was a dressing. It was smooth to the shape of the head which made me think they had removed my ears. My legs were untouched except for two small white dressing just above the knee. There were two more small dressings just at the bottom of my tummy. My upper body was covered with bandages except for my breasts. A tube led from my bladder to a bag which was half full of urine. And lastly an IV was hung on the frame that kept me up right and went into the bandages on my chest.

Time seemed to crawl by as I hung there. A nurse entered and offered me a drink. At first I refused but she pulled and twisted my nipple till the pain made me suck on the straw. A second nurse entered with a tray and between them they feed me some sort of mush. It had very little taste but did help to ease the soreness of my throat. Any time I refused a spoon full the other would giggle and pinch my nipples.

They seemed to have stopped the sedatives’ in the IV. From my point of view they had also cut down on the painkillers as well. My shoulders and chest soon started to throb with pain. I tried to tell them I need painkillers but the best I could do garbled rubbish. I was sure they knew what I wanted but all I got was smiles and giggles from them both.

I would doze off with boredom but wake up ever so often from the pain in my shoulders and chest. During this time I wondered why this had happened to me. It could only be some sort of mistake I thought. But how could they mistake a 6 foot European woman for a local, the nurses seem to be Chinese and therefore not that tall.

The next day they came in and put a metal bedpan on a stand under my bum. While this was left in place they cleaned my teeth and washed my neck and face. Before they went any further they made motions that I need to have a bowel moment. It was obvious as they stood and watched me that if I did not pooh in the bowl the washing of my body would not start. I had a few half hearted pushes to show I could not go.

One of the nurses went into the bathroom and returned with a bag and tube. The bag was hung on the IV stand and the thick end of the tube stuck up my bum. The clamp was removed and I could feel the solution filling me up. It was stopped and the tube removed. I let go into the bowl. They repeated this several times. Then cleaned me up and washed my legs and lower body.

A Doctor arrived with the two nurses in tow and gave me a checkup. Again I tried to speak but could not. He told the nurses some thing and left. It dawned on me as they fiddled with the IV that I had not been fed, was I to have more operations but the thought died as unconsciousness over came me.

Again that feeling of fighting back to the surface as full consciousness returned. I could see that the dressing on my chest and shoulders had been changed. There was a lot less bandage than before. Worst of all was there was some thing up my backside and it felt huge. My mouth was sore and too my horror when I moved my tongue around I could feel my teeth were missing. Not one remained as I searched all I could feel were the ends of the stitches that held my gums together.

Then the floor started to move. My feet were slowly going backwards as I was still trapped in the frame hanging from the ceiling and now in danger of loosing my balance. I took a step forward to regain my former position. The thing in my back side gave me a shock then stopped. Soon I had to take another step and again I got a jolt of electric up my arse. It was clear that if I moved my foot I got a jolt so I tried to keep my feet still. This resulted in them being dragged across the moving belt.

The friction soon made this painful so I took another step. For some reason I lifted my knee fairly high and was rewarded with no jolt of electric. So I lifted my other leg high as well. I was walking with my knees in a high steeping walk for about ten minutes when I was given a shock so the knees were lifted higher. Every ten minute this was repeated till my knees were being lifted to hip height.

The pace was not fast but after a while this high stepping became tedious but any lowering was given an increasingly more painful shock. I was starting to get fatigued when the door opened and a nurse entered. I could see her go behind me to a pedestal. She must have pressed something as the track stopped moving and I was able to stand still panting.

She held up a long straw from the bottle and I was able to drink. Once finished she returned to the pedestal and again the track started to move. I was a bit slow and did not lift my leg high enough and got shocked. Once I was in the groove I saw her hand go the panel and the track went a bit faster. Once she was happy I was performing OK she left.

Soon my legs started to get sore and my upper body and head was covered in sweat. I could feel it roll down my face and soaked into the bandages and dressings. I got to the point were I was getting shocked every couple of steps when she returned and stopped the machine. I collapsed in the harness trying to draw lung full’s of air into my throbbing chest.

I was given a drink and then fed some sort of stew by spoon. I was hoping that when she left this time she would not start that damn machine as I did not think I could take any more. I was so happy when she left and I was able to rest and soon fall asleep hanging in the harness.

I was aware that my feet were moving and my sleep clouded brain told me this was important but it was not till my arse exploded in pain that I released I had to high step again. Let me sleep I shouted, well gurgled really, but was not answered. It felt like only minutes I had last been last doing this. The day dissolved into a rest period then walking, well high steeping, which was really tiring.

The next time I came awake was to the sound of the nurses talking. The bowl on the stand was pushed between my legs and I was able to pee and use my bowels. Its funny how you do these things in a hospital in front of a nurse that you never do anywhere else.

Then they started washing me. It felt good as I had sweated a lot and had that sticky feeling after the sweat has dried. The dressing on my chest was carefully removed and I could see the strange new shape of my upper body. The first thing that stood out was how narrow my waist was. Then my upper body was sort of round like a ball. The lack of arms made it more pronounced. Neat rows of stitches ran down were my shoulders should have been. They were very careful and were soon removing the dressing from my belly and knees. Once finished the dressing were not reapplied but I was allow to rest again.

I woke to the sound of a horn and then the floor started to move then stopped. After a few minute the mirrors turn on and I realised that they were video screens. The view was from a tee as I could see the tee box markers at the front. Both were yellow. The number was displayed in the top right corner. The left hand panel changed to show a plan of the hole. Bunkers, trees and other objects were marked with numbers. As this was the same lay out used of PGA tournaments I understood what it was all about. It gave distances to the front of the green.

The only reason I was seeing this was for me to memorise it I was sure. It looked like I would still be a caddy I though. Several questions went through my mind like, How would I look after clubs with no arms how would I carry the bag.

The centre screen then changed to a row of golf clubs. The driver moved up and a voice said "Driver" in English then something in Chinese. I just stared at the screen. Then the log in my backside exploded and I screamed. When I had recovered a bit the Driver returned to the same height as the rest of the clubs then a 7 iron was raised. Again the voices said "Seven iron" then some thing in Chinese. I tried to copy it but was rewarded with a sort of pain. Then the word was repeated in Chinese again. This time slower and with more emphasis on each syllable. It was a pleasant surprise that I found I could still talk. The previous efforts had resulted in gibberish.

I was rewarded with a pleasant vibration from the log. Then a different club and so on. After what felt like hours the word was not said in English or Chinese but I had to be quick to say the word in Chinese and was rewarded with the pleasant tingle. The program continued with out words. Several times I got confused and a painful reminder from the log.

I was glad when the nurse came in and the screens shut down. Joy was short lived as she pushed a pole on wheels to the side of me. She bent and clamped it to the side of the track I stood on. To my horror from the top of it was a penis mounted at face height. It had two balls hanging under it. The penis was about 10 inches long and about an inch across. Not too ridged so that it sort of drooped down. Like a mans penis with half a erection. The base was flat and covered with imitation pubic hair. I could see were this was going. I had given a few blowjobs over the years but it was not something I enjoyed too much.

A green light just above the penis came on but I did not move. The green light went amber then red. The log spoke and after I had recovered I knew that rebellion was not an option. I though of the Borg and “You will be assimilated”. The green light came on and I took the end of the penis in my mouth and sucked. Nothing happened. The nurse made a hand signal that I need to put more in my mouth.

This I did. It was just on the top of my tongue when the nurse mimed that I should bite down. On obeying her I hear a click but nothing came out the end. Looking at the nurse she again mimed putting it in her mouth then biting down. But I also saw her keep her mouth closed as she withdrew from the penis. I followed suite and was rewarded with a thick fluid. The taste was very much like men’s sperm. The green light blinked on and I repeated the cycle.

I could see that at this rate I would soon be well trained in what they were getting me to do. The fear of the log up my bottom would ensure that. As I worked on the penis in time to the lights I could see the level going down in the balls. The taste of semen in my mouth was all pervasive. A drink of water would be good. The nurse had left and once I had finished the two ball sacks the screen came on and the row of golf clubs reappeared. So with the taste of cum in my mouth I started giving the Chinese names to the different clubs.

My days were now made up of either chanting Chinese names of golf clubs or high stepping around the imaginary golf course. Interspaced with giving blowjobs to the dick next to me as a means to feed me. I would know when it was time to feed as a trumpet sounded and the green light came on. They had stopped the lights coming on after that so I had to hurry to make sure I was not punished.

Another thing I noticed was that I was being made to take the penis deeper into my mouth than when I started. If I did have enough in my mouth the click would not sound to signal the release of the feed for me to suck out of the penis. I could see the day coming when I would have to take it all down my throat or suffer the consequences.

The chains from the ceiling that held the frame up had been lowered so I now had to standup on my own. When it was time to sleep I now had to kneel down to get the support of the chains. And so went my days.

Stitches were removed and they added peoples face to the row of clubs so that I had to learn their names and handicaps. Also I would have to give distance to the green as I was taken around the course high stepping.

The doctors visited most days and they inspected my shoulders. They both seemed happy with my progress. The pain in my chest and neck had faded to a dull ache and my stamina at high stepping had improved considerable. One thing I had found was that they some how were able to stop me talking. Well that’s not 100% true they seemed to be able to turn on and off my ability to talk properly.

One morning the nurses removed the waist belt and disconnected me from the ceiling harness. I was left with just the collar around my neck to which a lead was attached.

A wheelchair was pushed into the room and I was made to sit. First time sitting since entering the hospital.

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