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The Contract

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; cage; cond; bodymod; pet; collar; sold; oral; climax; cons; X

“Good to see you again Mrs Gray” Her handsome lawyer smiled warmly as he shook her hand and greeted her at the door to his large and classically expensive looking office. She stepped inside, taking in the red leather furniture, the stacked bookshelves and very imposing, large dark wooden desk as the main focal point of the room. She’d been here quite a few times recently, but always found the office very impressive.

“Mr Gray” The lawyer acknowledged her husband at the door in a much less warm fashion, but still managed a handshake and thin smile. She smirked slightly to herself. She knew her lawyer didn’t like him, even though this was the first time they’d even met. But he was always the professional and conducted his manner as such.

“Please take a seat Mrs Gray” Her lawyer said kindly as he gestured the red leather chair opposite his large desk.

“Please David, call me Katie” She smiled as she took the chair. She knew she had to ask him every time she saw him to call her Katie, and knew that he simply would continue to call her Mrs Gray until she did.

“Of course Katie” David smiled as he took his own chair, opposite hers across his desk.

“Mr Gray” David gestured to another of the red leather chairs dismissively and this time Katie allowed a smile to become visible as her husband sat in the chair, noticeably a few feet further from the desk than hers was. David smiled back at her. She knew this wasn’t about her husband anyway, it was all about her.

“So Katie… Seeing as this is of such importance I’d like your permission to record this meeting” David asked as he pulled a small tape recorder from his desk drawer.

“More for my own protection than anything else” He continued.

“Yes, of course I understand” Katie smiled, knowing exactly what he meant. He placed the small device in the centre of the desk and depressed the record button.

“Ok for the record the date is the 21st of the 9th 2014 and I am Mr David Dawson, attending lawyer for this meeting… Can you state your full name please” He said in a very official tone as he nodded to Katie.

“My name is Mrs Katie Alice Gray” She announced, leaning slightly into the desk.

“And the husband err… A Mr Paul Gray is also present” David added as he checked some paper work to look for his name. Katie turned to look at her husband, he was smiling, either oblivious to the fact that the lawyer didn’t like him or simply didn’t care. Probably a little of both she thought.

“Ok then Katie, I’ve received all the further required documentation, three independent psychiatric evaluations all confirming that you are currently of a sound state of mind… So we can say your not officially crazy” David looked to Katie with a slight sense of concern. She smiled, thinking that although she was officially sane, she could understand why David may think she was actually completely crazy.

“I can also confirm there have been no amendments requested to the final draft of the contract itself, either by you or the client and as such the contract remains unchanged” He continued.

“Yes I’m happy with the contract” Katie chimed, leaning forward slightly again. David grinned and held up his hand to her.

“The tape recorder will pick you up just fine” He smiled, indicating she wouldn’t need to lean in to be recorded. She smiled coyly and allowed herself to sit back a little more comfortably.

“So your familiar with the terms of the contract and actually happy with it’s content and the implications of this?” David asked as he rested his elbows on his desk, resting his chin on his clasped hands.

“Yes” Katie stated with confidence, she’d read through the contract many times since she first got a copy of it and ultimately was at peace with what would be required of her.

“You’re certain you actually understand?” David reiterated with obvious concern. “I can honestly say, I’ve been through this contract a dozen times and I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole career” He added and for the first time Katie thought he sounded slightly unprofessional. She was about to turn to her husband.

“No don’t look at him, look at me and tell me you understand this” David hardened his tone and she held his gaze.

“I assure you I do, and I don’t expect you to understand it David, but I need this, this is something that I want” She replied softly.

“But if you sign this contract, that’s it! There’ll be no going back” David sternly announced, trying to ensure he was clear and understood. Katie leaned forward, gently took his hands in her own and looked solemnly into his eyes.

“I know when I sign this contract… I’ll be giving up my human rights and I understand what that means… and I understand what will be done to me David… I really do” She smiled reassuringly at him, looking into his eyes, knowing he wouldn’t understand.

“I’m going to sign it David” She said warmly. He withdrew his hands from hers, slumped back into his large chair and looked at her intently, thoughtfully for some time.

“Very well Katie” He eventually said, much more composed and his professional tone regained. He slowly leant forward and gently drove the contract towards her with his fingertips.

“If you’re ready for this” He asked softly.

“I am” Katie replied as she took a pen from his desk and without a moments hesitation she scribed her signature to the contract.

“Well that’s it… Goodbye Mrs Gray” David said soberly. She knew that with her signature adorning the contract she was no longer Katie Alice Gray and she knew David knew it too. She had dehumanised herself.

“Ahem” Paul cleared his throat.

“Mr Gray, as per the clients request, upon the signing of the contract, this briefcase is to be delivered to you immediately” David said as he placed a black unassuming briefcase onto his desk. No sooner was the briefcase on the desk Paul was on his feet and he grabbed up the briefcase greedily. Pausing, only glancing at his wife for a moment, with a brief smile he turned and swiftly left the office hugging the case to his chest. David stood leaning against his desk and watched him leave with obvious distain. She looked at him as stood on the other side of the desk as he hung his head in disappointment.

“I know your contract states you’re not allowed to speak” David said without even looking up at her. He was right, it was article 6.3 in the contract.

“But I want you to tell me you’re sure” He said raising his gaze slowly to look at her. She stood slowly, with a sympathetic smile and knowing he couldn’t understand what she’d done. But she lightly brushed his cheek with her fingertips and gently nodded to him. She wouldn’t utter a word. She thought he looked disappointed, as he sighed and reluctantly sat down. He pressed the button on his desktop intercom and Katie settled back into her chair.

“Yes Mr Dawson?” Came a slightly metallic female voice.

“Can you let the gentlemen waiting on reception know they can collect please” He spoke into the device and within moments the office door opened, two large men let themselves in and strode over to stand on either side of Katie. She looked up, first to one and then the other, both smartly dressed in expensive suits and sunglasses. She thought they looked like security guards as they stood at her sides. She rose from her chair and as she stood, each man took her by an arm each and began to escort her from the office. The two men escorted her with a firm grip, out through the reception area and out of the main building to the parking area. A large van with blacked out windows waited there. She was taken to the back and one man released his grip and opened the doors. She looked in to see a small cage inside, she knew it was for her and she moved to open the cage door and allow herself to climb in but the man still holding her gave her a sharp yank pulling her back. They other man unlatched the cage and opened the door for her and then she was helped inside. The cage was small, she had no room to move and was on her knees, hunched over inside as the men closed and latched the cage and then slammed the van doors too. She felt the vehicle shift as the two men climbed into the front seats and then start the engine. Gently they pulled away. She knew what she had just done. She had legally signed away her human rights and effectively become livestock. Allowed herself to become someone’s property. She was in a small cage, in the back of a van and being driven somewhere to begin her animalisation.

She did her best to rest in the cage on the long drive, but it was dreadfully uncomfortable. She couldn’t find any comfort, regardless of how she tried to twist or shift in her small space. The van finally came to a stop and she was relieved. She’d be allowed out in a moment she thought as she felt the van shift as the men climbed out of the van. She waited for the doors to open. She waited. She was uncomfortable and was becoming in desperate need to relieve her bladder too. She could only guess how long she’d been left waiting in the small cage when the doors were finally opened and her cage unlatched. She was eased back out of the cage and held by the same two men who’d collected her from the office hours earlier. She was shocked when she was suddenly and firmly blindfolded, she gasped but neither said a word or resisted. She was growing ever more desperate to relieve herself as the two men guided her along. She had no idea where she was and now blindfolded no clue where she was going, but she was inside a building now. She could tell as her and her to men’s footfalls sounded very different now. She was drawn to a halt and her blindfold deftly removed. She was in a very plain white room, nothing in it but a stainless steel table a few feet ahead of her and only a collar on the table, she was drawn to it, wanted it. The two men released their hold, backed away and stood by the door.

“Hello again” The man announced as he entered the room and strode over to the steel table taking a position on the opposite side to her. She recognised him immediately, he was Mr Deacon, the client. It was his contract she had signed. She had signed herself over to him. She desperately wanted to tell him she needed to pee.

“Now my girl, I know you’ve signed the contract and your husband has been paid” He announced as he folded his arms ahead of her.

“But this is it, your one and only chance to go back is now, no repercussions or ramifications” He added seriously and she believed he meant it, knew he meant it.

“All you need to do is ‘say’ the word and you’ll be taken home” He said… And she wet herself, a hot stream of urine soaking her jeans and running down her leg. She bowed her head and felt flush with shame, but she took a step towards the steel table. Without a word she picked up the collar and drew it around her neck buckling it in place. That was the only answer she was going to give.

“Very well” He smiled broadly obviously very pleased with her.

“John, have her stripped and put into her cage and Michael, fetch someone to clean up this mess” Mr Deacon ordered indicating the puddle she had made on the floor. One of the large men, John she presumed took her by the arm and lead her from the room and she was quickly being ushered into another small plain white room. Just a steel cage in the centre of the otherwise void space. He undressed her, silently she let him as he tugged her sweater over her head and released her ample bust from her bra. She felt shame creep over her as he removed her sodden jeans and knickers. He left her naked and alone in the room for a few moments, taking her clothes away but was back quickly with a bucket of soapy water and a towel. He sponged her clean, especially where she was damp from her own urine and once done he towelled her dry. Her cage was opened for her and she immediately got on all fours and crawled inside. She was happy this cage was bigger than that inside the van and a soft blanket covered the bottom. She was tired, the blanket was warm and not long after the man had left she curled herself up and drifted off to sleep, happy that she was going to be someone’s pet. She was woken early the next morning.

“Surgery in ten minutes” It was John, the big man from the day before as he opened her cage. She had no idea what sort of surgery she needed. She was hesitant for a moment but crawled out of her cage and begun to stand when she felt his hand on the back of her neck.

“No” He said sharply as you would when chastising a dog and immediately she felt her pussy come alive. This is what she had been desperate for. He fixed a leash to her collar and began to walk her from the room. She crawled along on all fours at his side as he led her down the hallway and into a very well equipped surgical theatre. She was helped up onto the table and she wondered what was about to done to her. The anaesthetic was very effective and she was quickly unconscious. She groggily opened her eyes, the room was blurred and hazy as she slowly recovered from her sedative. She quickly gathered that she’d been returned to her cage. Her throat was dry and a little sore and she could see a stainless steel bowl of water, frustratingly outside her cage.

“Hello Sparkle” Mr Deacon smiled as he approached her. She looked up at him as he squatted by her cage and unlatched it she immediately lurched to crawl out.

“No” She was scalded and stopped instantly, feeling the wave of heat through her sex. He showed her the name tag for a moment before fixing it to her collar. It had ‘Sparkle’ engraved on it. Her new pet name was ‘Sparkle’ and she loved it. Her pussy was wet just thinking about her new pet name. Mr Deacon stood up and took a step back from the cage, clicking his fingers by his side. She crawled quickly from her cage and hastily moved to his side. He smiled down at her as she looked at him from her hands and knees.

“Sit up” He ordered and she reacted without delay, sitting back on her heels.

“Beg” He commanded and at once her arms came up and she panted, hanging her tongue over her bottom lip.

“Now speak” He grinned and she attempted a bark, but nothing. He smiled as she tried again only managing a slight growl from the back of her throat.

“Keyhole micro surgery on your vocal cords” He explained with a wry grin and she frowned slightly, not even realising she was still sat in her ‘beg’ position.

“Over the next few weeks you will be taught how to make a small yap, but that’s it, you’ll make no other sounds” He continued to explain and she continued frowning and attempted to make herself bark. She stunned herself as a small yapping sound escaped. She smiled instantly very pleased with herself.

“You’re a natural and I don’t think you’ll be here very long at all” He chuckled as he smiled down at her. She smiled widely back up at him, still very pleased with herself and nudged his leg with the side of her head.

“Get yourself a drink and then rest, soon when your throat is healed we can look at the next steps” Mr Deacon said and she swiftly lunged to her water bowl and with her hands at either side of it began to lap the water with her tongue.

“A natural” Mr Deacon smirked as he left her in her room. After satisfying her thirst she promptly began to practise her yapping. Disappointing herself at first, not being able to do it again, but she kept trying. She smiled, pleased with herself when she occasionally succeeded. She was already awake the next morning, on all fours in her cage when John opened the door to enter. As soon as she saw him, yap, yap, yap she went wiggling her backside. He smirked to himself.

“Very good Sparkle” He smiled as he placed the clean water bowl and an additional bowl with food in it. He unlatched the cage and she crawled out and went first for the water, lapping it gently. Then her food bowl, instinctively she began to pluck the chunks of meat out with her mouth. It was good. Very nice cuts of beef and thick gravy. She wolfed it down. John dabbed her mucky face with a damp cloth. As he gathered up the bowls and turned to leave, she yapped and moved to follow him on all fours. He turned and looked down at her, he knew what she wanted and looked thoughtfully at her for a moment. She sat up into beg position, arms up, tongue out and panting gently. He smiled as she tilted her head to one side.

“Oh you are good” He grinned wryly as he clipped her leash on to her collar. She followed him out of the room obediently at his heel, down the hallway and into a large kitchen area where he deposited her used bowls. She was content as she paced around with him for the next few hours as he went about delivering bowls to other rooms, where she was told to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ outside. Eventually she was returned to her room and her cage, she quickly settled, curled up and napped. Mr Deacon woke her when he came in and she excitedly began to show off her yapping skills, wiggling her backside to and fro as she did. Mr Deacon shushed her as he opened her cage, she crawled out.

“Sit” He commanded and she do so at once and he stooped and examined her neck.

“Very good, I think you’ve pretty much healed, would you like me to get John to show you what you’ll need to do next?” He asked and she yapped and wiggled, desperate to see what was to come. Mr Deacon chuckled and left, leaving the door wide open behind him. She waited for John to come and get her. She sat there waiting and waiting, looking expectantly at the open door. She wanted to crawl over to the door and peak outside, maybe even go and find John, but she’d been told to sit. And so sit she did, waiting. She beamed when John eventually came in, leash in hand.

“Well we certainly wont have to worry about obedience training” He chuckled, she frowned as she realised she’d just been tested, the open door supposed to entice her. He kept the leash curled in his hand and slapped his thigh, she padded to his heel and kept pace with him off her leash as he lead her down the hallway. He led her past all the rooms she’d obediently waited outside earlier and further down the long corridor and to a red door at the very end. She peered attentively inside as he pushed the door open. Her heart raced and her eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation as she took her first step inside. The walls were adorned with various gags, whips leather cuffs and other assorted bondage equipment, then dildos and vibrators. She immediately moved to what she wanted the most. A mirror with a dildo stuck to it, she wanted to watch herself work it in her mouth and was about to get her lips to it.

“No” John scorned and slapped his thigh, reluctantly she turned and paced back to his side, frustrated and desperate for a sexual release.

“Sit” He chimed and she did so with a frown as John removed something from the wall. Her stimulation stepped up a gear as he wrapped a slick black corset around her waist, pulling it tight and firmly against her skin. She closed her eyes as he patiently laced it. When he was done, it was beautifully restrictive and she looked up at him waiting for his approval to allow her to play. He grinned wryly, making her wait and then finally nodded.

She bounded over to the mirror and had the whole dildo in her mouth within a moment. She couldn’t tell how long she spent watching herself in the mirror, hungrily working back and forth on the phallic object. She burnt with desire to orgasm. John watched her. She turned and backed onto it, firmly forcing it inside herself, inching herself gently onto the toy at first and then she simply let go. She thrust herself on the dildo, sending it deep into her arse. She locked her gaze on John as he stood watching her. She worked herself furiously on the toy and brought herself to a rocking orgasm. She didn’t stop she just kept her gaze securely on John and continued to perform for him. Another blissful, hard orgasm rocked her body, her eyes fluttered as she was overcome by the waves of her flooding passion over taking her. She slowed her pace on the toy, her head bowed for a moment as she regained her senses a little, then steeled her gaze to him again. John was astonished as she brought herself to two more buckling orgasms, the last of which was earth shattering as her eyes rolled back before she quivered uncontrollably and slumped to the floor utterly spent. She was drenched in sweat. Totally drained, exhausted and ultimately in heaven. She’d wanted this since the moment she’d signed her contract. She felt complete. John carried her back to her room, and deposited her tenderly to her cage.

“If I could afford to keep you, I would” He whispered as he stroked her hair gently before leaving her to her well needed rest. Over the few weeks, she was taken down to the red door and allowed to play several times a day and sometimes she was even allowed to play with other pets in there too. She’d been mounted by another pet, adorned with a huge strap on dildo and been ruthlessly brought to an amazing climax like none other she’d had before. Then John came in to her room one morning.

“Hello Sparkle” He sighed and she immediately knew something was different today. She yapped and looked at him quizzically. He was definitely not happy about something. He could barley look at her as he opened her cage. She yapped and nudged his leg.

“Your new owner has been vetted and approved, you’ll be collected this afternoon” He said dejected, as he positioned her food and water bowls.

“Mr Deacon always says not to get to attached” He mumbled to himself as he turned and left her. She didn’t hear him. She was awestruck. She was finally going to be complete today. This afternoon she was going to have an owner. She was going to be owned. A pet. She barely ate, she was too excited. She felt like the morning dragged on forever. She was excited and apprehensive as the afternoon slowly drew near. She yapped excitedly when Mr Deacon came into her room, her backside wiggling furiously. The time had come. He attached her leash and led her from her room.

“You should be proud Sparkle, your new owner applied for your ownership just two hours after your arrival… and you’ve been an absolute pleasure to have here” He said as he led the way, but she hardly heard what he was actually saying as they approached a large, heavy wooden double door.

“And you’ve been our most profitable pet too” He added as the doors slowly opened and she was outside, the bright light hurting her eyes for a moment.

“Now you can rest assured your owner has been fully vetted and approved and you’ll get a monthly visit from me personally to ensure your wellbeing” He explained as she sat patiently at his side looking at the car parked a short distance away. She wondered if that was her new owners car. She stared at it, waiting. Apprehensive, excited, her heart racing, she waited. Finally the door opened and a man stepped out.

“Sparkle, I’d like to introduce you to your new owner, Mr David Dawson” He announced as David drew near.

She was complete at last.


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