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Beta Test Part 1

by Beast5

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Part One

The large box certainly looked out of place.  Sure, it was sitting on the stairs where the mailman usually left packages, and sure, it had a clear address label on its top, but it didn’t look like any package Erin had ever received before.  The 2-foot wide box was shaped like a cube and was jet black, with no apparent flaps or openings.  But it did have her name clearly printed on the top: Erin Feston, 119 Palm Blvd, and so the young woman who had just gotten home from work bent over to pick it up.  The box was made of some hard plastic material and was heavier than Erin expected.  She was able to get it up and into her house, wondering who on earth could have sent her such a box.

Erin set the box down in her living room with a grunt of relief and set about trying to get the thing open.  There wasn’t a single discernable opening on any of the box’s six sides, and the hard plastic felt like it might be quite difficult to cut.  There wasn’t even a return address listed, just the label with her own address.  Since that label was the one thing that seemed removable, Erin pulled it off, and was rewarded by finding a note on the back that read:

“Congratulations, you have been randomly selected for a beta test of our new role-playing game.  The box you have received contains highly advanced and proprietary technology.  It is critical to us that we get an unbiased review of the game before bringing it to market, which is why we sought out random testers instead of self-selecting volunteers.  If you agree to test this game, you must commit to total secrecy during the two-week testing period.  You may play as much or as little as you want during that time.  Testers will receive $500 at the end of the testing period.  If you would like to participate, please say ‘I agree’.”

This was not at all what Erin was expecting.  She hadn’t really known what to expect, but she never would have guessed this box would be an offer to make $500 for playing some new high-tech game.  And all she had to do was not talk about it?  That wouldn’t be a problem.  Erin lived alone and she had recently broken up with her last boyfriend.  She always got a bit of a geeky thrill out of new technology, and she didn’t have any other plans for her Wednesday night, so it didn’t take long for her to state out loud: “I agree.”

As soon as the words were uttered, the top of the box flipped up like a lid, revealing a 2-foot wide computer screen on its underside.  Beneath the lid, the box was as solid as ever.  “Cool,” thought Erin.  The screen came to life, displaying an androgynous humanoid form rotating slowly on a black background.  A computer voice announced that the first step was to build the tester’s avatar.  The voice then started asking Erin a string of basic questions.  As Erin told the box about herself - female, Caucasian, 30 years old, 5’-8” tall, 125 pounds – the rotating figure on the screen began to take on her characteristics.  The questions got more specific – inseam, bust, waist, hips, cup size – and the rotating avatar adopted the firm but curvy figure that Erin herself was so proud of.  The avatar stopped rotating and faced front as the box asked Erin to hold still while it took her picture.  The box asked Erin to turn 90-degrees to her left and then to her right as it took more pictures.  The avatar’s face then blurred and a second later resolved into an incredibly accurate representation of the new tester.

Erin was quite impressed as she watched herself rotate on the screen.  This was more than just photo shopping her picture onto a computer image.  It was as if she was actually watching herself on the screen.  Every detail had been faithfully represented –her long dark hair, her small nose-ring, the necklace she wore around her slender neck.  The avatar was even wearing the same flowery summer dress that Erin was wearing, which fluttered as it spun, showing off even more thigh than the real woman.

A small door opened on the side of the box, revealing a set of four red bands.  The box instructed Erin to clip one band around each wrist and ankle, explaining that these would give her avatar the ability to mimic all of her movements.  Erin did this without hesitation and was thrilled to see that her likeness now mirrored all of her own movements.  When Erin raised her hand, her avatar raised its hand.  When she jumped, it jumped.  She got more excited about the game to come.

The box then gave her a short list of options for role-playing games, and Erin quickly picked out the Police Academy option.  She had always thought fighting crime would be exciting, and her real career as a city environmental inspector was considerably less fun.  The box gave her a brief run through of who her character was, then explained that from then on the box would give no more out-of-character instructions.  All interactions between her and the game would be as her avatar: Erin Feston – new recruit.

The screen went black, then lit up to show Erin standing with a group of about ten or so other recruits in front of the police training academy headquarters.  Captain Anderson, who was apparently in charge of the place, gave them a quick motivational speech, then directed them inside.  Erin’s avatar stood still for a moment as the rest of the group started leaving her behind, but Erin quickly discovered that if she walked in place, her Avatar on the screen would walk forwards.  It looked pretty sloppy at first, but she quickly got the hang of it.  It was amazingly simple, really, and a hell of a lot of fun just to watch the depiction of herself step up the stairs in time with her own raised legs and hold the door when she reached out with her arm.  Erin marveled at the technology – she had no idea that this was even possible, and she felt like she’d won a jack pot to get to be the one to test it.


By the end of the week, Erin had become quite an expert at controlling her avatar.  She played late into the night on Wednesday and into the wee hours again on Thursday.  She was now hurrying home after work on Friday, ready to spend her entire weekend in front of the black box.  The box had proven to be amazingly versatile.  It produced a plastic handgun for Erin to use while her avatar was being trained at the firing range.  It unfolded various loops and bars when Erin and the other recruits were running the obstacle course.   A full police baton slid out of a side compartment when she was taught various crowd control techniques.  And the coolest feature so far had come out during hand-to-hand combat, when the whole top of the box opened to unfold a full-size mannequin, complete with a padded torso and mechanical arms that Erin could physically spar with.

Erin had quickly decided that the people who made this were freaking geniuses.  Even without all the nifty gadgets that popped out of the box, the game would have been incredibly cool.  In just the two evenings that she had been playing, she had guided her avatar through 2 weeks of training.  That was possible because she was automatically fast-forwarded through all the boring parts: law interpretation, report writing, conflict resolution, and of course sleeping.  She felt as though she’d formed real relationships with a number of her fellow recruits and a few of the trainers.  Early on, she decided that her character would be outgoing, spunky, flirtatious, and tough – characteristics that the normally reserved Erin didn’t often display in real life.  But when she was playing, she felt like she could do or say anything!  This attitude had made her some very close girlfriends from among the recruits, and had also irritated at least a couple of her instructors.  But who cared!

Erin was happy that her house was so secluded.  It wasn’t far out of town, but it was far enough away from other houses that she could scream at the top of her lungs and nobody would ever hear her.  Her living room, where she was playing the game, was also in the back of the house.  The windows looked out onto a small yard and a forest, and she had literally never seen anyone back there.  This meant she could be loud and act as ridiculous as she wanted while playing the game, and she didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing or hearing her.

Erin got home, snarfed down some very quick dinner, and grabbed the clothes she was using as her ‘trainee’ outfit.  That was one part of the game that seemed odd at first.  Her avatar had arrived at the first drill still wearing Erin’s flowery dress.  The trainer had scolded her and sent her back to the women’s dorm to change.  Erin tried to mime changing into some clothes that she saw on the screen, but her avatar wouldn’t change until Erin actually took off her dress and pulled on some workout clothes.  But by Friday, changing clothes for real just seemed right, and certainly helped Erin to feel as if she was actually the avatar who going through the Academy.  After Erin clipped on the wrist and ankle bands, she slipped out of her clothes and lay on the floor in her bra and panties.  In the academy, she had left her avatar sleeping, so she’d have to pick up where she left off.  The first night, she’d been ridiculed by the other female trainees in the dorm for sleeping in her clothes, so she quickly started ‘sleeping’ in just her underwear the way they did.  It felt rather silly the first couple times to have to strip and lay on her floor for a couple moments while she was fast-forwarded through the game’s night, but by now it was old hat.

Erin was excited for the first drill of the day – arrest techniques.  Their instructor discussed the correct procedure for taking an uncooperative suspect to the ground and handcuffing them behind their back.  The trainees were paired off to practice on each other.  Erin was glad to be paired with her closest friend, Jenna, a tall red-head whose spunk matched that of Erin’s character.  The box produced a set of very real-looking police handcuffs and unfolded the mannequin.  It was obvious from the display screen that the mannequin represented Jenna.  They decided Erin would go first, so she tucked the cuffs under her belt and took a firm hold on the mannequin’s left wrist.  She twisted that wrist behind the mannequin’s torso, and heard Jenna on the screen say: “Oww, hey!  Take it easy!”  “Toughen up,” Erin replied as she pushed the mannequin onto its face, placed her knee in the small of its back as she had been shown, pulled its other wrist behind it and cuffed the wrists together.  She glanced at the screen when she was done and enjoyed the sight of herself, kneeling on top of her cuffed friend.  “You look great like this, hot stuff,” she whispered into Jenna’s ear.  “Yeah, yeah,” Jenna replied, “now get off me!”

It was Jenna’s turn to practice on Erin next.  Erin had thought, somewhat optimistically, that this would just be skipped over.  When it became obvious that it was going to happen, she got a bit nervous.  Those handcuffs certainly felt real, and she was pretty sure they wouldn’t come off without the key that she had just turned over along with the cuffs to the Jenna mannequin.  But she felt comfortable practicing with her friend, so she wasn’t too worried.  And anyway, while she was pondering, Jenna went ahead and grabbed her wrist and twisted it roughly behind her.  Erin said “Take it easy!” the same way Jenna had moments ago, and was ignored in the same way as well.  The mannequin easily pushed her to the ground, pulled her other wrist behind her, and had her handcuffed before she knew it.  It was all rather frightening, to be manhandled so easily by the robotic arms, and now to be handcuffed and pinned to the ground.  She struggled instinctively, but it was clear that the handcuffs were indeed locked on and that the mannequin knee could hold her down.  Then she heard Jenna’s voice whisper to her: “Hey, take it easy yourself.”  Erin turned her head and was comforted by the fact that it was Jenna on top of her, who she felt she knew and could trust, and indeed she saw the woman on the screen fumble with the key and then unlock her.  Jenna gave her a hard time for the little panic Erin apparently had, and Erin quickly convinced herself that she had been silly to worry.

Next up, some target practice allowed Erin to blow off a bunch of energy, and she left the shooting range feeling stress free.  All the recruits were then directed to change into their work out clothes and head to the track for physical fitness.  This usually just involved running, and most of the time the game just let Erin fast forward through all of it, but apparently this wasn’t going to be one of those times.  That was going to be one big piece of feedback Erin planned to give the developers at the end: a user should be allowed to choose which sections to fast-forward past.  She knew she could just not do the exercises, but that would certainly lead to her avatar flunking out of the academy, and she really wanted to graduate and get to see some real action!

Right then, it looked like she’d have to do the drudgery if she wanted to do the fun parts, so she changed into spandex shorts and a sports bra and reported to the track.  Erin regretted her rather skimpy clothing choice when she found that it was Sergeant Hayworth who was going to be leading the exercises.  He was a serious hard-ass as well as a total jerk.  Erin and Jenna had been regularly mocking him behind his back, and often mocking him to his face, and by now the guy totally had it out for them.  And now he was going to be leading them in an hour-long fitness session.  Erin hoped the computer would fast forward at some point, but figured that if not, she’d count it as her exercise for the whole weekend.

Sergeant Hayworth started them off with a warm up jog and some sprints.  The jog was easy enough, since Erin didn’t actually have to move anywhere, just move her legs up and down in place.  But in order to keep up with the sprint, she had to crank her arms and legs quite quickly, and she started to fall behind after the 10th rep.  Hayworth called them all to a stop then strode over and stood towering above Erin’s panting avatar.  There was nothing standing over the real Erin, but it was impossible to ignore the feeling and Erin couldn’t help but shrink back a bit.  The sergeant bellowed: “Cadet Feston, you must learn to keep up!  Drop and give me 20!”  Erin groaned.  Pushups just weren’t her thing.  When her avatar had first been told to do them, she thought she’d be able to get away with just laying in position on the floor, since the wrist and ankle bands wouldn’t move from that position anyway.  But it quickly became obvious that the game could pick up at least large motions from its camera, and it knew when she wasn’t doing a proper pushup.  Sergeant Hayworth certainly knew exactly when a proper pushup wasn’t completed, and made her start the count over partway through for not keeping her back straight.  When she got to ten, Erin saw the jerk put his foot in the middle of her avatar’s back.  At the same time, she felt one of the box’s robot arms pushing down on her own back, making further pushups nearly impossible.  But Hayworth just kept yelling and easing up slightly until Erin was able to complete the 20.

Hayworth then had the whole group start doing jumping jacks.  Erin was disgusted to see in the screen that the dirty bastard was lewdly checking out all of the bouncing boobs and butts on the female cadets, including those of her own avatar.  In her apartment, Erin’s boobs were indeed bouncing like crazy as she kept up the fast jumping-jack pace, and it just felt so incredibly personal to have Hayworth staring unabashedly at the faithfully recreated bouncing boobs of her avatar.  When the perv took a step closer to her avatar to get a better view, Erin just couldn’t help herself.  She pulled her hand back and slapped the sergeant hard across his face.  The rest of the group froze as Hayworth collected himself, then said in a dangerously soft voice: “Cadet Feston, you should think before hitting your betters.”

Erin was beyond caring about flunking this game, and gave the bastard a big piece of her mind, ending with: “And don’t think for a second that you are my ‘better.’  I could best you in any of the skills we’ve been learning here.”

“Oh you think so,” was Hayworth’s reply.  “I’ll let you take your pick, then show you how wrong you are, foolish girl.”

Erin decided that hand-to-hand combat would be her best bet.  She’d gotten quite good, and thought that it would be almost impossible for the computer to beat her if she just stayed aware of those robotic arms.  Hayworth announced that they would settle this immediately, and had the class form a large ring around the two of them.  The padded mannequin and robotic arms unfolded from the box, and one arm made a come-get-me sign, mimicking Hayworth’s mocking gesture on the screen.  Erin took a breath and paced back and forth in front of the mannequin, knowing that if she stayed out of reach of those arms then there was nothing the mannequin, and therefore Hayworth, could do to her.  She made a series of feints, then went in for what she expected to be a solid punch to the stomach.  But the Hayworth/Mannequin snatched her fist right out of the air.  Before she could even react, her arm was twisted behind her and she was shoved flat on her stomach, just like she was earlier when practicing with Jenna.  This time she resisted hard right from the start, but just like the last time, the mannequin easily pulled her other wrist behind her.  Erin struggled and shouted “No!” when she saw Hayworth on the screen pull out his handcuffs, but there was nothing she could do to prevent her wrists from being cuffed together behind her back.

Erin saw Hayworth on the screen grin widely as he looked down at her avatar, pinned beneath his knee like captured prey.  She saw him reach backward and grab her avatar’s ass at the same time that she felt her own ass get squeezed hard by one of the robotic arms.  The Hayworth/mannequin arm then came back around, cupped her chin with its hand, and started pulling her head up and back.  Erin’s chest was lifted off the floor as her back was bent painfully.  She heard Hayworth whisper: “Do you submit?”  Erin refused to give the bastard that pleasure, but he just kept pulling back on her chin.  Her boobs were now off the floor, and Hayworth decided to take advantage of that fact.  He reached around with his free hand and began fondling her ample globes.  In reality, Erin was being fondled by the mannequin, but she was completely caught up in the game and couldn’t really tell the difference at that point.  Hayworth asked again: “Do you submit,” but with the burning shame of the fondling, Erin continued to resist the pain in her back.  Hayworth chuckled, then pulled the front of her sports bra down, popping her boobs out of their cups one by one.  Avatar Erin was now on full display to her class-mates, and real life Erin was bare and helpless in her own living room.  Both Erins then moaned in pain as Hayworth/mannequin pinched hard on one nipple and pulled it up sharply.  He hadn’t stopped pulling further up on her chin either, forcing Erin’s chest into a near vertical position.  The pain in her back finally hit an unbearable point, and despite the humiliation of having her tits shown off and abused, Erin was forced to give in, mumbling: “I submit.”

“Loud enough so the whole class can hear you,” Hayworth demanded, and Erin, desperate and beaten, obliged by shouting “I submit!”  Hayworth/mannequin lowered Erin to the floor, then lifted her onto her feet, still handcuffed behind her back and still with her boobs spilling over her sports bra.  “This is what misplaced pride can get you,” Hayworth announced, then slapped her hard on the ass and strode out of the room.  Avatar Erin was left cuffed and exposed in a room filled with her peers.  Real Erin was left cuffed and exposed in her living room, where she quickly jumped out of reach of the box, into which the mannequin had folded.  On the screen, Jenna got up, quickly found a handcuff key, and brought it over to avatar Erin.  But in the living room, Erin refused to get within reach of the robotic arms.  On the screen, this showed up as avatar Erin walking away from Jenna whenever she got close.  “C’mon Erin,” Jenna said, “You’re making a fool of yourself.  Let me unlock you and cover you up.”  Erin finally relented.  She feared the robotic arm but didn’t how else she could get out of the handcuffs.  As soon as Jenna unlocked her, however, she tore her wrist and ankle bands off and ran out of the room, vowing not to return to the game.


Ahhhh, but vows can be fickle.  After spending the rest of her Friday night pampering herself with a long hot bath and a quiet evening in bed, Erin woke up Saturday morning feeling restless.  She had spent basically all of her free time the last three evenings playing the game, and she had been really looking forward to playing all day today.  She would have been able to make some real progress at the academy..  She was still pissed as hell at Hayworth for what he did and at the box for abusing her.  If she had any idea how to contact the game makers, she would have screamed at them last night and threatened all sorts of law suits.  But her anger had cooled, and she also started questioning herself.  How dumb and slow had she been to let Hayworth beat her like that?  And, if she had kept her wits about her and just ordered the game to stop, would it have let her go?

These doubts nagged at Erin, and she found herself sitting in her living room, sitting a safe distance from the box, trying to decide what to do.  She had to admit that she really did want to continue playing.  She decided that of course the game would have stopped before seriousely hurting her, and that certainly it would have stopped if she had just shouted a direct order for it to do so.  She also slowly convinced herself that if she was just more careful, she could be sure to avoid another situation like that one.  And so, after eating a nice slow breakfast, Erin walked up to the box in her living, took a deep breath, and clipped on the wrist and ankle bands.  That was the cue for the screen on the top of the box to pop up and show her where she had left off.  She would then have to match the clothing and position of her avatar before the game would start.  Erin had been worried that the game would bring her back exactly where she had left, running out of the workout room with her boobs bouncing free on top of her sports bra.  She wasn’t sure if she would be willing to play if that was the case, so she was relieved to see her avatar sleeping in the women’s dorm.  Erin stripped down to her undies and laid down on the floor, starting the game.

Previously, when she came into the game with her avatar asleep, the alarm in the dorm room would go off almost as soon as the game started.  This time, all the other female recruits were still asleep and it looked like it was still night-time in the game.  Erin sat up and saw Jenna sitting up in the bed next to hers.  Her friend whispered that she heard that Hayworth had been put on involuntary leave for the stunt he had pulled, and that all of the recruits had been sternly warned not to pester Erin about the incident.  Erin smiled and thanked her friend, already feeling good about her decision to get back in the game.

The morning’s practice at the firing range put Erin’s mind completely at ease.  She had become quite the marksman with a standard issue handgun, and unloading round after round at the target on the screen was a great stress reliever for her.  She was also thrilled to learn that the next lesson was on heavier guns.  While the plastic gun she held in her living room stayed the same, the guns that it represented got bigger and bigger.  Her avatar tried out oozies, rifles, semi-automatics and shotguns.  She even got to fire everyone’s childhood dream – the bazooka.

Erin spent her whole Saturday in front of the black box playing the game, with only short breaks for the bathroom and lunch while her avatar was sleeping.  She was making great progress, was scoring near the top of her class on almost everything she tried, and was having a great time.  As the sun was setting in the real world, avatar Erin was finishing her 4th week at the academy, and was summoned to the office of the head of the academy, Captain Anderson.  The large gruff man looked especially serious when she arrived.  He told her that the local PD was planning an important undercover operation on a mafia kingpin named Tico.  An hour ago, they had intercepted a car that was transporting a woman who they had reason to believe had just been bought by Tico to be his personal slave.  The police were sure that this particular kingpin was responsible for a large amount of the crime in the area, but they had never been able to get good enough evidence to bring him down.  Now they thought they had a golden opportunity to plant a spy directly with him in a way that he would never suspect, and that was where Erin would come in.

Captain Anderson explained that this slave bore an uncanny resemblance to Erin.  They believed that Erin would be able to take the slave’s place, gather critical evidence from right under Tico’s nose, and bring him down once and for all.  The Captain explained that under normal circumstances, they would never ask this of someone who hadn’t yet graduated from the academy, but that Erin had been doing so well that they thought she was prepared.  If she accepted, they would have to move fast; any greater delay in the delivery of the slave could raise suspicions.

The Captain then took on an even more grave expression and said: “Now Erin, I am aware of the very unfortunate incident involving Sergeant Hayworth 2 weeks ago.  This mission would require you to wear the same restraints that the slave we intercepted was wearing.  I need to know if you will be able to handle that, and I completely understand if you decide not to accept.”

Erin was getting very excited about the prospect of some real action.  She’d been enjoying the drills, but was ready for more, and had recently been wondering if it would take her the full two week beta-test period just to get through the academy.  This was a perfect opportunity.  The fact that she’d have to be restrained did make her pause, but she quickly decided that everything would be fine, and accepted the mission.  Captain Anderson was incredibly pleased, thanked her for her dedication, and sent her down to the briefing room to get changed and prepped.

Officer Doug Crowley was waiting for Erin in the briefing room.  Erin was happy to see him – he had always been kind, if firm, and she thought he was pretty cute.  He told her that he’d be the one driving her to the drop off location, and that they had no time to lose.  On the screen, the image of Doug handed Erin’s avatar two flimsy looking garments and told her to change quickly into the clothes they had found on the slave, and no underwear underneath.  The box in front of Erin had opened a side door, and garments identical to the ones on the screen were being handed to her in real life.  As usual, she and her avatar would have to be dressed alike, but this was the first time that the box had supplied the clothing.

On the screen, Doug proceeded to strip down right there in the room and pull on the clothes the driver had been wearing.  Erin thought this was a bit inappropriate, but understood the need to hurry, so went ahead and did the same.  Of course, while Doug’s new outfit left him fully covered, Erin would have been more modest if she was completely nude.  Her tank top was mostly see-through and only barely covered the bottom of her boobs anyway.  It also squeezed her tits together and did nothing to hide her nipples.  The mini skirt was just as bad – made of only slightly less transparent material and just barely covering her ass.  Erin looked down at herself in real life and had a moment of self-consciousness standing in her living room wearing such an outrageously revealing outfit just so she could play some game.  Well, she thought, no real people are going to see me, so who cares!

Doug coughed to get her attention.  They needed to finish her outfit quickly and get going.  He pulled a pair of handcuffs out of a duffle bag and explained that the slave had been wearing them.  The mannequin and robotic arms had unfolded from the box, holding the same cuffs in its hand that she saw on the screen in Doug’s hand.  These were no police handcuffs.  If anything, they looked more inescapable with their 3-inch-wide leather cuffs and large locking buckles.  Erin took a deep breath, then, maybe against her better judgment, placed her wrists together behind her back and allowed her avatar and herself to have the cuffs locked on.  She felt a bit of panic as the robotic arm closed the locks shut, but Doug’s voice on the screen comforted her.  This time she was doing it willingly, and Doug was no Hayworth, so she should be fine.

Doug/mannequin pulled out another set of cuffs, which Erin assumed would be going around her ankles, but which instead were locked onto her arms just above her elbows.  A small chain was then attached, drawing her elbows closer together and causing her breasts to strain even harder against the fabric of her top.  Doug apologized profusely for having to do this, but repeated that she had to be dressed just like the slave.  Erin told him it was okay, and that he should just hurry with whatever else she needed to wear.  Doug thanked her for being such a good sport, and proceeded to lock a wide collar around her neck, cuffs around her ankles, and a pair of 4-inch heels onto her feet.  He apologized again as he placed a thick blindfold over her eyes.  Erin thought this was pretty ridiculous, now she couldn’t even see her avatar or what was going on.  She figured she’d mention that as part of her feedback for the beta test – maybe the avatar could have a complete blindfold but the real person could get something with holes so they could still see what was happening.

Doug said he had just one last piece of gear and asked her to open her mouth wide.  Erin was confused by the request, but was in the swing of just getting this done quickly, so complied.  She was surprised to feel a large rubber ball pressed into her mouth, then locked into place with a strap behind her head.  She tried to say “Wait..” but couldn’t form any meaningful words around the gag.  This actually got her quite worried, as she was counting on being able to shout at the game to stop if things got out of hand.  She wondered if she should jump away from the robotic arms right then, but also wondered what that would get her.  She was locked in to all these restraints, and there was absolutely no way she’d be getting free by herself.  And anyway, this was the plan she had agreed to, she just hadn’t realized that dressing like the intercepted slave would be quite so severe.

Doug’s voice interrupted her thoughts, saying “Okay, let’s go.”  A robotic hand took hold of her arm and guided her in a standing walk.  She had another moment of feeling foolish.  If someone walked into her living room right then, they would see her dressed like a total slut, bound incredibly tightly, and marching in place while being guided by some mannequin.

“Okay, we’re at the car, watch your head,” Doug said as Erin was pushed gently by the mannequin onto a bench that must have folded out from the box.  He then explained that he had to lock her collar to the bench, and Erin felt her own collar pulled up so that she had to sit straight, then felt that her collar was locked to the back of the bench she was sitting on.  “Off we go!” called Doug, in a voice that was much cheerier than Erin was feeling right then.  The bench started bouncing, indicating that her avatar was driving away from the police academy.

The drive took at least fifteen minutes, which was much longer than Erin wanted to have to sit on the dumb bouncing bench, but at that point she truly had no choice in the matter.  She tried to work her hands free of the cuffs, or work the ball out of her mouth, but there was no way that any of her restraints were coming off without help.  Out of curiosity, she also rocked hard on her bench.  She knew the box was heavy, but it was nowhere near heavy enough to prevent her from tipping it over or sliding it around.  She could only guess that it had bolted itself to her floor, which also explained why it never tipped over when she was sparing with the mannequin or any of a number of activities that required stability.  She was pretty irritated that the box had gone and drilled holes in her floor without asking her, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it just then!

When the car finally stopped, Erin heard her door open at the same time as the driver door, indicating that someone else was supposed to be there.  This was confirmed by the new voice she heard, saying: “Damn!  Look at this hot bitch!  The boss sure knows how to pick ‘em!”  Erin heard another voice talking with Doug, paying him for transporting the slave and sending him on his way.  Doug tried to convince them that he was supposed to deliver the slave directly to their boss, but the man just laughed and told him to get the fuck out of there before he got himself shot.  Erin was unlocked from the bench and pulled onto her feet.  She heard Doug pull away in the car and suddenly felt very alone.  Physically she was in exactly the same situation, but knowing that in the game she was now in the hands of two mob men, instead of a fellow cop who she trusted, made her very nervous.  Had she made a mistake by agreeing to this mission?

Erin felt something clipped onto the front of her collar, then felt a sharp tug.  “Let’s go slave!” One of the men called.  Jesus, Erin thought, I’m being led by a leash.  Even if she wanted to step away from the mannequin and robot arms at that point, she wouldn’t be able to.  She tried to stay calm and focus on her ‘mission.’  Since she was going to have go through with this anyway, she figured she might as well try to stop worrying and play along. 

After 5 minutes of walking (moving her legs in place in her living room and periodically getting a tug on her collar), the men brought Erin to a stop.  Her leash was pulled above her head and hooked to something, leaving her standing tall and stuck in place.  Finally, her blindfold was pulled off.  It had gotten quite dark in Erin’s apartment, so the only thing to see was the game screen.  And there she saw herself, dressed like a slut and bound like a slave, chained to a beam inside what appeared to be a large warehouse.  Right in front of her was a man she recognized from her debriefing as Tico, the mafia kingpin.  He stared intently into the eyes of her avatar for a long moment, then said in a loud voice: “Guido, why have you brought this woman here?  You know that if you find someone bound like this you should take them straight to the police.  Go do that now.”

Erin was relieved, and she saw that the man named Guido was confused.  But when Guido reached to unclip her leash, Tico waved him away, held a finger to his lips, and reached into Erin’s shirt.  Erin watched the screen intently, trying to figure out what was going on, and saw Tico carefully pull a wire out of her avatar’s shirt, then hand it to Guido and point him towards a van.  Shit, shit, shit, Erin thought, this is not good.  Tico knows I’m a spy, and if Doug is tracking that wire, he and the rest will follow that van instead of staying here ready to rescue me.

Tico stayed silent until the wire was safely in the van and unable to record his voice.  He stroked Erin’s cheek while he waited, and tweaked each of her nipples.  Erin tried to put a tough expression on her face though she certainly wasn’t feeling tough.  She was bound and trapped in her living room as a mechanical hand was toying with her tits.  No, instead of tough she was feeling like a fool for letting this game trap her again, and was wondering just what would happen to her now.

“My dear,” the big boss began, “I must first acclaim your bravery for dressing yourself up like this and coming here to try to snare me.  But then I must acclaim the stupidity of you and your department.  You do look quite a bit like the sex slave I was having delivered today, but her eyes were blue, and yours, unfortunately for you, are brown.  Oh, and speaking of your eyes, did I just notice them widen when I said the words ‘sex slave’?  Exactly what kind of slave did you think you were impersonating, dressed the way you are?  Yes, you are going to attend to all of my personal needs.  And I think you’ll do just fine.  These tits are just as good as ones on the slave I bought, and if anything, your ass is even tighter.”

As Tico spoke, Erin watched on the screen as he walked around her as if she was some horse he was inspecting, pinching and stroking the body parts he was admiring.  Of course, she felt those pinches and strokes directly, as they were all faithfully replicated by the robotic arms, which hefted her boobs, pulled her bound arms up and squeezed her ass, stroked her thighs, then without warning pressed a long finger straight into her pussy.  At this, Erin screamed into her gag and tried to squirm and hop her way off the intruder, outraged that the game would be willing to cross that line.  The robotic arm effortlessly kept her impaled on its finger, and on the screen Tico laughed out loud.  “My pet, you seem genuinely surprised that I might invade your well.  Are you truly confused about the concept of a sex slave?  With a body like yours, in an outfit like this, do you really not understand that every single straight man who sees you is going try to get himself into one or another of your holes?  Ha ha ha, I am truly going to enjoy owning you.  But before we play, it’s time to get you out of here.  I don’t want those co-workers of yours showing up here while any of us are still around.  Jerry, get my limo, and the rest of you make scarce.”

Erin’s mind was reeling as her leash was unhooked, her blindfold replaced, and she was clipped back onto the same bench on which she drove here, though presumably this was supposed to be in Tico’s limousine and not Doug’s sedan.  She had known she was in trouble when Tico found her wire, but now she was realizing just how much trouble she was in.  The game had already shown that it was capable of hurting her, and now it had shown that it was capable of fucking her as well.  And Tico had mentioned ‘one or another’ of her holes?  Shit, did that mean…?  Erin steered her mind away from that for now, but continued reviewing just how bad her situation was.  This game had shown that it was very good at sticking faithfully to a storyline, and in this storyline she was being taken by the mob to some secret hideout.  The cops wouldn’t have any idea where she was, and if she was kept bound like this it seemed impossible that she would be able to escape.  She held out some hope that when they removed her gag she’d be able to order the game to stop and release her, but the more she thought about it, the less likely it seemed that the game would listen to such a command.  It hadn’t shown the slightest inkling of breaking character.  That had just been wishful thinking. 

She had been a total fool to start playing this game again, knowing that it was capable of overpowering her and hurting her.  What the hell had she been thinking?!  The more she thought about it, the more likely it seemed that this game was simply not going to let her out of its own volition.  She was going to be trapped here, taking whatever the game thought this group of mobsters should give her, until something external freed her.  But when would that be?  She didn’t really have any friends or family who would just stop in on her, and none of them would think it all that odd if she didn’t call for a while.  The stupid bureaucracy she worked for would probably just send some “letters of unaccounted absence” if she didn’t show up for work.  So, shit, when would she be found?  Maybe one of her co-workers would look up her address and come looking for her, but certainly not for at least a week.  Hell, she might well be stuck here at the whim of this game until the 2-week trial period ended.  Could she survive that long??

Erin started struggling harder just thinking about the hell that she might be in for.  Tico, who had apparently slid in next to her on the bench, pinched her cheek and said: “Oh my pet, are you getting restless, and anxious to play?  Well, daddy’s gotta do some work while we drive, but we’ll see if I can’t entertain you at the same time.”  Erin wondered if he was really going to be calling her ‘pet’ and himself ‘daddy.’  This hell just kept getting deeper.  She felt her collar get unhooked from the bench and pulled down hard, forcing her to lie across the mannequin’s knees.  Her collar was clipped down to the floor of the limo, as was the hobble chain that ran between her ankles, effectively trapping her on Tico’s knees without him having to even hold her.  Her arms, still cuffed behind her back, were then lifted up and clipped onto the ceiling, leaving her incredibly uncomfortable and her ass incredibly exposed.

She heard Tico get on the phone with some business partner, discussing details of some delivery.  It would probably be useful information to her police colleagues, but she was well beyond caring about that.  She was instead focused on the hand that had lifted up her mini-skirt and started stroking her ass cheeks.  The hand paused in the middle of her left cheek, rubbed a bit, lifted, and then came down hard with a sharp slap.  Erin hadn’t been spanked since she was a kid.  Actually, she wasn’t even ever spanked then.  She had no idea how painful it was going to be!  She screamed into her gag as the slaps continued to fall.  She tried to squirm her ass sideways off the mannequin’s knee, but the position of her arms kept her from getting far enough.  Through the pain and sound of the slaps, she heard Tico say to his partner: “Yeah, I’m giving my new slave a light spanking now, that’s what you’re hearing in the background…  Yeah, of course she’s incredibly hot, would I accept anything less? …  Of course you can come sample her some time.  What are friends for?”

Erin’s whole ass was on fire.  She wasn’t sure if she’d have any skin left back there, and Tico was describing this as a ‘light’ spanking?  This was something he was just doing casually as he was talking on the phone?  She wondered again how on Earth she was going to make it through this ordeal.

They finally arrived at their destination.  Erin had no idea how long it had taken – maybe half an hour, maybe two hours – how do you keep track of time when you are blind folded, strapped across someone’s knees, and beaten?  She was unclipped, pulled onto her feet, and forced to hobble (in place) along behind her captors as they yanked on her leash.  Tico told one of his goons to take her into his room and strap her over his bondage horse.  Her leash was yanked a few more times, then she felt the robotic arm push her up against something padded.  She didn’t have a lot of hope, but she decided that this might be her best chance to escape, so she’d better at least give it a shot.  She kicked out as best she could with her hobbled feet, connecting with something and elicited a yell from the goon.  She made a dash in the direction that she guessed was away from the box, hoping to just get out of its reach and figuring that she could then deal later with the fact that she would still be bound and gagged and blindfolded.  But apparently the machine still had a hold on her leash, so her dash ended with a terrible yank on her collar that knocked her off her feet.

The goon just laughed at her.  “Where the fuck do you think you’re trying to go you stupid cunt?  You don’t even know which direction the door is!”  Her collar was pulled down and attached to something, bending her over the padded bar.  The hobble chain connecting her ankles was removed, and those ankles were spread wide and locked down as well.  The chain connecting her elbows was removed, which was a huge relief, but short-lived as her cuffed hands were then pulled towards her collar and locked in an equally uncomfortable reverse prayer position.  Her flimsy tank top and skirt were then ripped off.  They hadn’t exactly been covering her up, but at least they had been something, and now her boobs dangled freely beneath her.  Finally, her blind fold was pulled off and she glanced at the screen in time to see the goon walk out of the room.

Erin was now alone, both in her real apartment and in the game world of Tico’s bedroom.  She took some time to take stock of her situation.  In real life, it was some time in the middle of the night, though she had no way of knowing exactly what time it was because she didn’t have any clocks in her living room, and might not have been able to see one in the dark anyway.  She was locked quite solidly onto a padded bar that had extended out of the box.  She was bent over, naked ass high in the air, bare legs spread wide, uncovered breasts dangling down, and she was facing the stupid game box that had caused this whole mess.  On the screen in front of her she saw her avatar self trapped in exactly the same position, but in the dimly lit bedroom of the mafia kingpin.  The first thing that drew her attention was her avatar’s angry red ass.  Erin hadn’t been able to look at her own ass, but looking at her avatar was sort of like looking in a mirror.  That bastard had sure done a number on her, but at least it was only red and not welted. 

She then looked around the very posh room, complete with a king-size four-post bed, a massive flat screen TV and a big stone fireplace.  And then there was the collection of bondage equipment that Erin was quite unhappy to see.  Aside from the padded horse thingy that her avatar was currently locked onto, there was a set of medieval stocks, a large metal cross, and something that looked like an over-sized bird cage.  Erin was sure that her game box would be able to faithfully replicate any and all of them if Tico decided he wanted to use them.  But the scariest part of the room was the far wall that was covered in bondage accessories.  There were whips and paddles of every size and variety, more dildos than Erin had ever seen, gags of all kinds, bars and straps, a number of medical looking instruments, and a whole bunch of things that Erin couldn’t even identify.

It was hard for Erin to believe just how much of a mess she had gotten herself into.  This was only supposed to be some game that she was beta-testing, how had it gotten so out of hand?  It was all just so ridiculous.  She was alone in her own living room, literally only a couple of feet or a phone call away from safety.  But for all intents and purposes, she might as well have actually been in some secret mob hideout, the new slave of the big boss, securely bound in his bedroom and just waiting for him to come in and do anything he wanted with her.  It was frustrating beyond believe.  Surely there was some way out of this mess, some failsafe button on the box or some way to get help that she had just overlooked.  But she couldn’t find anything.  This game had her completely trapped.  She’d be waiting like this until Tico was ready to play with her, and that gave her mind plenty of time to dread all the things that he might do with the array of toys at his disposal.

Finally Erin heard a door open.  She watched on the screen as the big boss came into his room and approached her avatar.  Her sore ass was stroked by the robotic hand as Tico said “Sorry to keep you waiting pet, but I’m glad to see that you’ve made yourself comfortable.”  Erin’s skin crawled as the robotic hand traced the curve of her back, reached around to squeeze her hanging boobs, then traced its way along her side, down the outside of her leg, and back up along her inner thigh.  She was powerless to stop it as it brushed her pussy lips, and she was powerless to prevent the soft moan that escaped her lips.

“Ahhh yes, you are going to be a fine sex slave indeed,” Tico crowed.  “It’s time for me to give you your first fuck, but I have a policy that I never fuck my slaves until they beg for it.”  Erin was sure she was never going to ask this bastard to fuck her, but she nervously watched the screen as he strolled over to his wall of toys and selected a long thin cane.  “I am going to give you two cane strokes.  I’ll then remove your gag and give you the opportunity to beg for my cock.  If you do not, the caning continues.”

Erin squirmed and struggled with renewed vigor.  Was she really going to get caned??  This was crazy!!  But it was happening, and she had no way to avoid it.  The robotic arm had pulled an identical long thin cane out of the box and brought it out of sight behind her.  But the cane on the screen wasn’t out of sight.  Erin could clearly see Tico line the cane up with her avatar’s poor red ass, then cock it back.  She heard the real life cane whistle through the air then connect with her own ass with a loud crack.  The pain that seared through her body was like nothing she had ever felt before.  She saw stars, and before her vision cleared heard the cane whooshing towards her again, delivering a second dose of agony to her upturned butt cheeks.  She saw two parallel white welts across her avatar’s cheeks, and was sure that she now sported the same.

Tico unlocked the ball gag from around her head and pulled it out from behind her teeth.  Erin was frozen with indecision.  She couldn’t bear the thought of another cane stroke, but she didn’t know when she’d get another chance to try to order the game to let her go.  Somewhere she found the strength to try, and shouted: “End this game and release me immediately!”

Tico only chuckled.  “I’m glad that you consider this a game, my pet, but no, I have no intention of releasing you, not immediately and not ever.”  He walked behind her avatar to deliver another cane stroke.

Erin was in a panic, and shouted everything she could think:  “Stop program!  Computer, end!  Game, release my bindings!  Quit!  Escape!  End beta test!  Let me..  AAAARGH!”

Tico was stroking the third line that his cane had just made on his slave’s ass.  “This cane can elicit some crazy reactions from people, but that string of nonsense was about the craziest I’ve ever heard.  The one thing that’s always true is that eventually this cane will elicit the response that I’m looking for.  Is that going to be now, or do you want another?

Erin’s mind was still reeling from the pain.  Ordering the game to stop had been her last hope, and it had failed.  She was truly at the game’s mercy, and right now that ‘mercy’ was awfully impatient.  She knew she was going to give in, so she swallowed her pride, and.. “OOOOWWWW!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Tico mocked her, “Were you going to say something?  If so, you’d better do it quick.  A slave can’t keep her master waiting.”  Erin wanted to rebel at this taunting, but her sense of self-preservation won out and she said, dejectedly: “Please fuck me.”

The cane was brushed along her ass, and Tico said “You’re going to have to do a better job of begging then that if you want me to fuck you.”  The touch of the cane now terrified Erin, so she gushed as quickly as she could: “Please please fuck me!  Fuck me hard master!”  Tico continued to stroke her ass with the cane, saying only “better…”, so Erin redoubled her efforts: “I beg you to fuck me master.  Please, this slave needs to be fucked soo bad!  Master, please fuck me, fuck my brains out, fuck me hard, please please fuck me!”

Tico laughed as Erin debased herself for him.  “Well… okay, if you insist, but keep asking for more and keep thanking me for what I give you, or we’ll go right back to the cane.  Erin watched as the man on the screen unzipped his fly and pulled out a frighteningly large dick.  She felt two robot arms grab her hips, and couldn’t believe that she was actually about to get fucked like this, helpless in her own living room, by a stupid computer game and a couple of robotic arms.  But more importantly, she was still desperate to avoid any more strokes from that cane, so she swallowed her pride again and dove into her role of willing sex slave, shouting: “Yes!  Please ram that cock into me!”  She got that wish without any foreplay. The mannequin had apparently been fitted with a massive dildo, and that dildo had been plunged deep into her pussy.  “OwwwwYes!” she screamed.  “Thank you master!  Please keep pounding me with your huge cock!”  Tico/mannequin obliged, pounding all the way in and out of Erin and her avatar.  The mannequin’s torso was slapping into Erin’s ass, rubbing painfully on her new welts, but she forced herself to continue begging for more.

On the screen, Erin saw Tico grab a vibrator, the round kind for stimulating your clit, and reach around her avatar’s waist with it while he continued to pound her.  A moment later, she felt a vibrator jump to life on top of her own clit.  “Oh God Yes! Give me more master!” she screamed, suddenly unsure if she was screaming to avoid any more cane strokes or because she was approaching a massive orgasm.  Either way, she kept screaming, and continued to get dirtier and dirtier: “Yes, yes!  I am your whore!  I am your sex slave!  Oooooh yes!  Thank you master!  Pound me like a tramp!  Pound me like nympho.  Pound Me Pound Me!  YYEEEESSS!!”  Erin exploded with the craziest orgasm she could ever remember having.  Her body thrashed in her restraints and she screamed uncontrollably.  But Tico/mannequin continued to hold the vibrator against her clit and continued to pound her like a jackhammer.  Erin was worried she was going to lose her mind with the crazy sensations roiling through her body, but of course she had no way to escape them.  Tico/mannequin began slapping her ass as he continued to pound and vibrate her, demanding: “Who is your master, slave?”

The pain cut through the mess of Erin’s current mental state and reminded her to keep shouting, which, once triggered, took on a life of its own.  “You are my master!  You own me completely!  Keep pounding me!  Keep fucking me!  Keep spanking me!”  Erin was surprised to hear herself say that last one, but realized that right then she did actually want it.  In some crazy way, the pain from her ass was mixing with the crazy sensations coming from her clit and her pussy and combining to bring her to a higher orgasmic state than she had known was possible.  She orgasmed again and again, always shouting for more and always getting more.  Unlike any real human, the mannequin that was fucking her didn’t have any limits.  There was a vague worry in Erin’s mind that this could be bad, but normal thought was now impossible for her.  She had been reduced to a screaming orgasming mess.  Then, impossibly, she was kicked up to an even higher level as the intensity of the vibrator and the speed of Tico/mannequin’s pounding and spanking increased.  Suddenly her master erupted into her, sending her on one final, mind blowing explosion herself.

She must have blacked out for a moment because she woke to find the mannequin’s body collapsed on top of hers, and its hands absently stroking her tits.  The slightest touch to her nipples was like a massive electric shock in the state that her body was currently in, but she didn’t dare ask him to stop.  “I think,” Tico said when he saw that she had regained consciousness, “that you’ll do just fine as my sex slave.  But enough for tonight, it’s time to show you to your new room.  Erin was unlocked from the attachment points that held her to the bondage horse, though she noticed that Tico/mannequin took a firm hold of her leash before releasing the last lock, not that she was in any shape to mount an escape attempt at that point.  She was pulled over towards one of the bedroom walls, where she saw Tico press a button that caused a small panel the size of a dog door to slide open near the floor.  “In you go!”  She was pushed down and forward, and saw that her avatar entered a very small, low-ceilinged, windowless room.  The door slid closed behind her, trapping her avatar’s leash underneath it with only a foot or two to spare and eliminating all light from the room.

Erin’s own leash was held firmly at the bottom edge of the box, also with only a foot or two of slack, which prevented her from standing up or moving very far.  She still wore a collar, the cuffs that kept her arms in an uncomfortable reverse prayer position, and the high heels on her feet.  Aside from that, she was naked, and she was chained to the floor of her own living room.  She half-heartedly tried pulling her head back to test the chain, but was quickly convinced that she wasn’t going anywhere.  The game screen was totally blank and it was almost pitch black in her living room as well.  She was completely exhausted, physically and mentally, from the insane orgasms she had just gone through, and there wasn’t anything she could do about her situation anyway, so she got as comfortable as her restraints would allow and drifted into a fitful sleep.


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