The Stone Basin Coven
by Loras Pa6
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© Copyright 2016 - Loras Pa6 - Used by permission
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The Stone Basin Coven Loras Pa6 Solo-M; party; costumes; F/m; F+/m; armbinder; bond; cocoon; gag; latex; MC; tricked; witch; majick; ceremony; bonding; frogtie; rom; tease; denial; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

The Stone Basin Coven: Prisoner of the Genie

"Well I do believe I won the bet my little Roman soldier, and now to collect my winnings."

The proclamation by the beautiful brunette genie before me should have scared me, but the loving look in her eyes seemed to melt away my fears. I couldn't help but to be in love with this magical being that I had just met a few hours ago.

But I get ahead of myself...

I had just came to stay in Stone Basin this past summer. The little town had been named for a nearby rock formation that had been carved/build from the base of the mountain. Scientist had dated it back to the time of the earliest humans in the Americas, back before even the Aztecs and the Mayans had built their wondrous civilizations. Some even suggested it was even older than that.

I was hired to investigate the Stone Basin formation and the valley surrounding it. I was to try and find evidence of the unknown builders that other investigators before me may have overlooked. I had two fields of expertise that made me perfect for this undertaking; engineering and ancient civilizations.

It was nearly November and aside from some concentrations of Native American artifacts, that were a few hundred years too new to be tied to the Basin, I had found nothing.

The Stone Basin itself had been just as perplexing. Roughly 126 foot in diameter and 20 foot deep. It was lined with seven perfect rings of fourteen perfectly shaped stones each, with gaps between stones averaging a mere three millimeters. The stones were big enough to require teams of men to lift and maneuver. Despite its bowled shape water never pooled in the Basin, even in the heaviest of downpours. My local assistants claimed snow would not even settle into it during the winter.

Many of the locals always felt unnerved in the immediate vicinity of the Basin, finding people willing to help my endeavors was hard, I had a few brave souls I could count on to help, as long as I was paying.

I on the other hand; I felt drawn to the Basin, and not just by scientific curiosity, I had a feeling I could only describe as 'belonging' when I was there.

A few days before Halloween one of the men who had assisted me several times dropped a flier off at my apartment for an annual 'singles only' costume dance held at the fire hall and sponsored by the local civic organization.

I figured why the hell not and went out to put together a quick costume that suited me.

I found a long plain sleeveless dress from a consignment shop that would serve as a modest tunic, I added some cheaply made plastic props from a seasonal costume store, and I had myself a presentable Roman soldier uniform.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people in attendance. I had a few beers, socialized with the few people I knew that had come, and met some of their friends.

I was by the food table when an enchanting woman in a beautiful harem slave costume approached from the other side. Her brown hair was done into a bun with a ponytail sprouting from the top and ending just between her shoulders. Her costume consisted of tight black brief style shorts and a matching halter top that showed a respectable amount of cleavage without being trashy. A swath of silvery see-through material hung from her shoulder straps and ended at a thick gold bracelet on each of her wrists, as well as from the top of her thighs to similar designed gold anklets. A veil of the same material hung down from her nose and ears.

She set an ornate antique looking bottle on the table as she prepared a plate for herself. It was then that I realized her costume was not a harem slave but a genie.

I heard her mutter something and I turned to her. "I'm sorry ma'am, I didn't catch that."

She met my eye with an emerald gaze that captured my heart. "Oh I was just thinking out loud, pay it no mind. Hey you're the guy poking around the Basin aren't you?"

"If by poking you mean attempting to discover its history; then yes I am." I gave her what I hoped was a charming smile so as not to make her believe she offended me. "Doug McCallen."

She returned the smile and I felt my knees go weak. "Nice to finally meet you. Come over here and we can get to know one another." She motioned to an empty table off to the side of the hall. I was smitten and followed her as I admired the way the costume hugged her curves.

We sat and talked for almost an hour; talking about me, my education, my accomplishments, and my current research. Somewhere along the line we began holding hands. At the time I failed to realize she had managed to steer away from any conversation about herself.

"I think I'm about to get going home," She leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss through the veil pressed between our lips, "perhaps you'd like to join me?"

My hormones had been in high gear since I met this woman dressed as a genie and readily accepted.

As I followed her to her home I thought about how I hadn't even managed to get her name. I thought about how she didn't seem interested in talking about herself at all. Then I thought about her smile and green eyes, all concerns fell to the wayside.

We pulled into a cul-de-sac lined with large stone built homes. I marked the location on my SUV's navigation system, a habit I formed so I would not unintentionally investigate the same site multiple times. I shrunk the map to get a feel for where I was at in town and noticed a peculiarity. If you drew a line between the Basin and the red marble obelisk at the town square, the cul-de-sac of Gaia Court was dead in the center of that line.

My genie friend knocked on the SUV's window with a concerned look on her face. "Coming in?"

I turn off the ignition and climb out. "Sorry something just caught my attention for a moment, an odd coincidence."

"Does it have to do with the logo on your car door bearing the name of my road?" I follow her amused yet perplexed look to the magnetic placard of my employer. "What is G.A.I.A?"

"No a geographic coincidence. G.A.I.A. is Geologic/Anthropological Initiative for Advancement. It's a green think-tank that believes ancient historic and unexplained sites hold the key to Earth's, and humanity's, continued existence. They are funding my research into the Basin area."

"So many mysteries!" She giggled as she grabbed my hand and lead me through the garage and into the house.

She guided me right up the stairs. I was surprised by her forwardness.

"This big house is all yours?" I said as she pushed me into a sitting position on the bed.

"It has been for most of the last year, I started with two roommates. But with any luck it will be mine alone for many more years to come." She pulled her veil off and leaned in to kiss me again. She placed her bottle in my lap. "Let me dance for the man who possesses my bottle."

She backed up and performed an exotic belly dance that had me entranced, and sexually excited.

She ended the dance by sitting across my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck. "I've got a bet for you; if I can make you completely helpless with just words, I can have my way with you all night."

Since she seemed as excited as I was I took a chance and cupped her breast and gave it a squeeze. "What if I win that bet?"

She smiled and arched her back forcing her breast more firmly into my hand. "Then you can have your way with me my Roman conqueror."

Of course at this point I am not thinking with the head that is nodding in agreement to the bet. Besides it was a win-win right?

She rose from my lap and stood by the door. Taking the crossed arm pose from that old TV show she began chanting.

I held back my laughter. I figured she wanted to let me have control but didn't want to just give it up.

A strange feeling came over my body and I look down from the woman to see my costume had become a gray gel-like substance. I looked back to the woman in shock and she just smiled as she continued her chant.

The gel began spreading over the rest of my body. Quickly the goop reached my hands and feet. I could feel a band of the gel had also settled around my neck, while my fingers were rolled into fists within a ball of the gel.

At this point I knew I was in over my head. She wasn't dressed as a genie for Halloween, she had to be a real genie and I was about to become her prisoner. I tried to pick up the bottle in a panic but it slid from my finger less grasp and rolled under the bed.

Just as I went to stand the material on my legs became more rigid, locking them in the sitting position. Strands of the material shot out from my arms and wrapped around my back and connected with the strands from the opposite side. The strands drew my arms behind me and finally pulled my arms tightly together. I was shocked my arms were able to even get that far behind me. My arms became fully immobile when the material around fused itself to my back. My neck became rigid so I could only stare straight ahead

I could feel my legs loosen as I tipped backwards onto the bed. The loosening did me little good as my calves were pulled upward to the thighs. When it was complete the soles of my feet had also been fused tightly to my ass.

The genie had stopped her chanting, came and straddled me on the bed. Which is where we began...

"Well I do believe I won the bet my little Roman soldier, and now to collect my winnings." My fears had once more evaporated and I calmed down

She stroked my body, encased in a skintight gray material from the neck down. Now that her chanting had stopped the material was a bit more of a pliable solid over all parts below the rigidly held neck.

"I hope we will be able to look back on this tomorrow and relish this memory." She folded her hands together so that only the middle and ring fingers pointed to the ceiling, lowering her head she chanted once more and the material at my neck spread to my mouth, filling it and sealing my lips closed. "Mother Gaia, I pray you give this potential brother strength, not for him, or for me, but for the world as a whole. I know this is a crucial time, if he fails, we have failed and the world you gave us may be doomed. Please honor my prayer in thy name." She unfolded her hands and placed them on my cheeks. "Please Doug, be strong and have faith in yourself and me. I'm sorry but you may be our last chance to save the Earth." She began chanting once more and I felt a peculiar motion.

Suddenly the bed was hard stone and my arms and legs resided in hollows in the stone. I no longer stared at a bedroom ceiling, a rock ceiling was in its place. Just a yard from my nose the tip of a red marble spike which descended from the ceiling.

Red Marble! The only red marble I knew of in Rock Basin was the obelisk in the town square. There were legends of the obelisk having special importance, but all my research had shown it had been commissioned by the first mayor of the town, and since only a few of the obelisk rumors even mentioned the Basin I stopped looking into it.

The genie stood and stepped down from the slab out of my field of vision. "High Priestess, my chosen brother is prepared for his trial."

An older, yet beautiful woman stepped up beside me and looked down to me. Her long brown hair was graying but her face and green eyes were kind and caring. I could see she wore what appeared to be a green silk gown with a plunging neckline, exposing a lot of appealing cleavage.

"He is a good choice initiate. He is strong, both physically and spiritually." She turned toward the genie. "Now dress appropriately for the ceremony child!" She snapped.

I heard the genie, or initiate as the women had called her, chant for a brief moment. "I am sorry High Priestess, I knew time was tight and I didn't consider..."

"No you did not. Here is your collection flask." The genie initiate approached me, now wearing a drab gray gown cut similarly to the High Priestess's gown. She made the drab gray gorgeous. The High Priestess turned toward me. "Interesting, he is yet under the affects of your seduction spell. Someone of his potential should be free of it by now." She placed her fingers on my forehead. "He is subconsciously drawing magic to strengthen the spell himself. He will make a fine brother, let us make it official."

They both disappeared from my view leaving only the downward pointed red obelisk looming in my vision. I heard the genie chant and I was levitated to my knees. I could make out several more women standing around me, each dressed like the High Priestess but in a different color. Next to each of the women I could see there knelt a man, encased just as I was, with two differences; there encasement matched the color of the woman they were with, and their mouths were not sealed shut. The women all began a chant at the same time and then to my surprise the encasing material at my crouch began moving.

The area had reformed exposing my crotch to the open air. A band of the material squeezed my scrotum and pushed my testicles away from my body, while another made itself known as it tightly encircled the base of my penis.

My captor moved off toward my left and my body rotated to follow her as she proceeded to another set of people that had previously been out of my view. As she knelt next to the man I noticed his genitals were exposed but were not in the same predicament as my own. The woman next to him said something in a language I did not know. The man grunted and seminal fluid leaked from his penis into the flask the genie woman had been given.

She stood and addressed the woman who wore a black gown. "Thank you Sister Black Deer for the offering."

It was repeated six more times, she would move to another couple, collect semen from the man, and thanked the woman. I quickly learned each of their gowns matched the name she addressed them by; Sister Black Deer, Priestess Golden Moon, Sister Pink Mountain, Sister Magenta River, Priestess Azure Elm, and finally the High Priestess Emerald Owl.

As I saw the other twelve people in the room I realized all the men except the older man in green, I had employed as assistants at various times, as well as Sister Pink Mountain, who had been dressed as a Goth when I worked with her, and Priestess Golden Moon, who had told me she left her African village when the elders refused to let her train as the town shaman. Dave, the man with Sister Magenta River, was even the one who had given me the flier about the costume dance.

With her offerings gathered the woman stood before me. Holding the cum cocktail up she chanted and the fluids began to swirl in the container, glowing each of the six colors of the donors garb for a moment before it turned into a clear liquid that illuminated the area on its own. The men had begun their own chanting in unison with her.

I could feel air rush into my mouth and realized my gag had become hollow, I tried to recoil as I saw the flask of the cum cocktail get placed to my face, but my body could not escape my fate. As the fluid hit my tongue I felt a power surge through me and the taste of honey filled my mouth.

My body lowered back into the recesses on the table. The genie initiate took a position above my head and placed her hands over my ears. I could see the look of concern on her face as she began singing in what sounded like the same language as the chants.

I felt a wet pussy envelope my cock, which had somehow become fully erect. The woman in the black gown, Sister Black Deer, leaned over me resting her hands on the obelisk above me.

She gyrated and ground herself on me. I could hear her as her orgasm approached. When it washed over her the obelisk glowed and a beam of dark energy leap from the tip to my head. The energy passed through me, I knew things I had not known before. It had also left me breathless.

Sister Black Deer climbed off of me and was replaced by each of the women in order that their men's offerings were given. Each repeated the actions of Black Deer and as they had their orgasm I was once again struck with a beam of knowledge giving light from the obelisk.

When High Priestess Emerald Owl's green light washed over me I was sure I was close to losing my mind. My body had been desperate for orgasmic release, but something prevented me from actually ejaculating, and to top it off my head and lungs felt they were on fire.

The genie initiate stepped away and the High Priestess took her place. "You're doing good boy, you're almost done." she whispered as she placed her hands on my head and began the song once more.

As I felt one more person climb onto my raging hard-on, the woman I had hoped to be having sex with much earlier tonight entered my field of vision. Unlike the others she maintained constant eye contact with me. I was building to what I thought would be another orgasm without release, when the woman smiled and said a word. That word freed my balls and penis from their entrapment, when the orgasm washed over me I knew I was coating her insides with my backed up cum.

I failed to notice she too was experiencing her orgasm and the blast of white light flooded my face.

When my senses returned the woman's face was inches from my own. The afterglow of sex she radiated had me transfixed.

"Welcome to our coven Brother now speak our new Sister's name." I knew the voice was the High Priestess, but there was another more ancient authority behind her voice.

"Umber Sky" I replied spontaneously, not even realizing the gag was completely gone until that moment.

"So she shall now and forever be known within our coven as Umber Sky, you have chosen your Brother well Sister Umber Sky, he did better than any I have seen with months of preparations."

The newly minted Sister Umber Sky kissed me deeply, and I could feel a connection that ran to my very soul. A reddish glow showed between us and I knew without seeing that our 'clothes' had changed colors to match my new Sister's name.

The High Priestess placed a hand on her shoulder. "Now time is short, our gambit has paid off and we are whole, but it will be for naught if we do not complete our sacred duty."

The High Priestess cast what, thanks to some of the knowledge imparted on me, I had become aware of as a spatial displacement spell and we were all outside. It took me a moment but I quickly realized we were standing at the top edge of the Basin. All of us men were free of our bindings and clothed in robes that matched our Sister's gowns.

The others began spreading around the rim of the Basin. Umber Sky took my hand and lead me to my place, right at the top of one of the fourteen seams radiating from the center. "You haven't had the chance to learn the spell properly, I will pass the knowledge you need to you over our bond. Please my Brother, do not fall behind." She pressed a vial into my hand. "This is very..."

"I know my Sister, it is a dire time. I do not know how, but I do know that. Do not lose faith in me in the final stretch."

Umber Sky smiled at me and nodded. She squeezed my hand before moving off. I watched as her dark orange gown hugged her perfect ass with each step until she got to the next seam about 30 feet to my left.

Once everyone was in place we simultaneously began chanting and moving our arms in patterns slowly making our way to the first horizontal seam. Once there our chant got louder and we poured a little of the potion in the vial onto the intersection of the seams we stood over. We progressed to each of the next five rows and repeated the ritual.

When the vials emptied into the last seam at the bottom of the Basin we joined hands and I could see the seams on the opposite side from me begin to glow white.

Our chants got louder once more and the glow spread out from the seams until all the stones in my view were also glowing.

There was a burst of blinding light, and then only heavy breathing could be heard in the Basin.

As I looked around me the rest of the coven looked as if they were barely strong enough to stay on their feet. I wrapped my left arm under Umber Sky to help her.

The High Priestess walked to the center point of the Basin and turned in a circle to make sure she had everyone's attention. "It is done! For the first time in a decade our coven is whole when our seal has been recast. I would like to say it is a proud moment, but for us to go this long as an incomplete coven is inexcusable, it put Mother Gaia's creation at risk. I know it was due to repeated outside interference causing us to lose a Sister or Brother prior to the ritual, but we must be more vigilant in our ways my Sisters and Brothers, we must not let the dark forces interfere in our sacred duty again."

Her tone softened as she continued. "Thank you all for maintaining your faith, and for being willing to back our newest Sister's unorthodox stratagem. Now return home. Remember to stay at home or at the Sanctum where we are protected until you regain your full strength. Sister Umber Sky a word please."

All the others left, first blurring like a badly focused photo and then completely disappearing. I felt compelled to stand where I was as Umber Sky and Emerald Owl walked out of earshot.

When my Sister returned she appeared proud of herself. She took my hand and almost immediately we returned to her bedroom, and once again wearing the costumes we had on when all this started.

I had a fleeting thought: was it a hallucination?

"No Doug, it happened. You and I are bonded on a spiritual level, and we are the newest members of the coven. And we can read each other's surface thoughts and emotions when we are in close proximity to one another."

She leads me to the bed and sits down, indicating that I sit next to her. She snuggles up to me. I feel a stirring in my groin. I 'feel' she has also become aroused and my own excitement raised a notch.

"Whoa big boy! Reel in those feelings." I can feel a blush rise in my cheeks. "Our bond means we can get ourselves in an arousal feedback loop, feeding each otherís libido until we're rutting animals." She reached down and rubbed my manhood. "We will get to that later, I promise. Now I know you're very intelligent, tell me what you've put together about all of this."

I take a second to gather my thoughts and memories. "You're, no we're witches, and on Halloween we, with the rest of our coven, must cast some sort of containment spell in the Basin to keep something locked away."

"Witches is more the generalized layman's term, real witches use dark magics, invoking the demonic. We are more about the natural energies..."

"Wicca then." I interrupt.

She smiled but put a finger to my lips to silence me. "Closer, the Wicca are a close cousin or step-siblings. We share our source energies and many rituals, but they lack our overall mission. We are the Gaian. There are only thirteen Gaian covens, each charged with guarding a different Demonican Gateway, to prevent the portals from ever being opened."

I realized I was learning the origin of the Basin, an origin I could not reveal. "So the Basin is the Demonican Gateway?"

"Maybe I should start at the beginning;" She sighed before continuing, "Mother Gaia cultivated this world into a paradise. She loved it with her whole being. On a nearby, particularly nasty, plane of existence resided thirteen tribes of demons, ruled over by rival kings; The Demonicans. When they saw what Gaia created they all wanted it for themselves. They formed a pact that whichever Demonican should manage to enter our world first, he would rule it without interference from the other tribes.

The Demonican are huge and powerful beings, while their weaker underlings could pass through small cracks in the realities with ease, they required large massive dedicated portals to come to our world. Demons flooded earth and located points where reality was weakest and they build the gateway exits for their particular king, wreaking havoc as they came. Gaia acted to protect the Earth. She vanquished many of the demons on the Earth, and then expelling much of her essence to create plugs for the gateways and sealed them. She knew that the seals would not hold long, and it would take her far too long to recover enough to make them more permanent. She took nearly 1000 of her primitive female followers, gifted them with knowledge and access to her power. This is the birth of the Wicca. From the smartest of the Wicca, Gaia chose those that would become her sacred servants and bear the load of staving off the Demonican invasion.

She bonded each of the chosen with a male. The males were to serve as guardians, mystical channels, and monogamous mates. Gaia taught her chosen and their mates all they needed to reseal the gateways, how to replenish their ranks, defend themselves, and much more. When it was time she divided them into the covens and transported them to the seals. Once the first recharge of the seals were complete Mother Gaia went to slumber to restore herself."

"So there are twelve more Basins? How comes I didn't find out about that in my research?"

"Our gateway is the only one near a populated site. Three are in remote wildernesses, one is actually at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and the rest are in caverns below ground. The other Gaian covens have done much to hide their location. Even the High Priestess does not know the exact location of the other Demonican gates. Only dumb luck revealed this gateway to the outside world. You are familiar with the town's origin?"

I paraphrased the town's official history record like a good academic, even though I was sure the question was rhetorical. "A wagon train thought they could cut a few days off their trip by going over the mountain, a blizzard blew in and they were trapped in the valley until spring. They had already used up their food supply and managed to hunt and gather enough for them to survive, but when spring came they would never make it to the next town with what they had, so they set up farms and settled the land. Unless that was a front for the coven."

"Nope that's basically accurate, while hunting that winter the men had discovered the gateway and dubbed it the Stone Basin. When the coven arrived to charge the seal the next fall, they were unaware of the townsfolk being in the valley. The people in town heard the spell being cast and came to investigate. Only after the seal was restored did our predecessors learn they were observed. The people were frightened and defensive. Their High Priestess cast a spell to erase the settlers memories of their presence. That summer the coven moved to the New World, pretending to be average migrants and staking claim to land just outside of town, placing themselves between it and the Demonican Gate."

"And that land is right here, Gaia Court. That was what I noticed when you first brought me here we were equidistant between the obelisk that extends out of... the Sanctum I believe Emerald Owl called it, and the Basin."

Umber Sky smiled at me. "I knew you were smart. Enough of the history lesson for the time being. I still have to collect my winnings from our bet earlier."

She pushes me so my back is on the bed and started removing my costume. I did not resist, but I challenged the bet. "Now now, that bet was for all night, it's three in the morning, you missed your chance." I reach to playfully grab her and see my arms are becoming encased once more. "Oh shit! Not again"

My arms once more are pulled behind my back, this time however my forearms are running up my back and behind my head. My hands are trapped in a pillow like wedge propping my head up. My legs get folded as they were before, but in separate sleeves, each knee looked to be anchored to opposite sides of the bed's foot-board. Likewise my shoulders were being drawn to headboard. Meanwhile my torso and crotch are fully exposed.

I was again helpless, this time stretched tight in shiny black latex. "How... how am I not howling in pain? I can't bend this way!"

She rubbed her hands on my bare chest. I could sense her arousal rising rapidly and one of her hands disappeared into the panties of her genie costume. "My dear sweet Dougy, when I had you on this bed earlier the spells I cast to prepare you for the trial made you stronger, faster, and..." She gave me an evil grin that just seemed to make me all the more excited, "much more flexible. You can likely outdo a pro gymnast half your age."

The hand that had traveled down under her body reemerged and was held before me. The glistening fingers beckoned me and I leaned forward to clean them. I was no stranger to the taste of a woman's love juices, but somehow Umber Sky's tasted like pure heaven. I made sure I got every drop.

"Good boy." She cooed. "You want more of that don't you?"

I did want more, I needed it like a junkie needs his fix.

She starts laughing and my hunger diminishes slightly. "Oh the look on your face, I had you so desperate! I like that, we can have a lot of fun with that." She gives me a deep passionate kiss. "Right now!"

I come to the conclusion she is using our bond to manipulate my desires just before she straddled me with her beautiful butt inches from my face and turns them up once more. I do all I can to get around the panties when she presses her ass to my face. I hear her speak and the panties become a G-string that I can move aside with my nose and tongue.

I can feel her in my mind the whole time guiding me as I deliver her ecstasy. Her arousal was feeding my own and making me more eager to please.

While I was burying my face in her pussy, she had been jerking my cock really slowly.

I started wishing that I could do the whole 'making her desire to go down on me' thing. But why couldn't I? I share the bond too! I imagined how she could have forced the desire into my mind and try to force a need to 'give head' into Umber Sky in the manner I imagined it worked.

She suddenly pushed back harder into my face pinning my head into the wedge behind me. "Wow you learn quick! Something to be rewarded... and punished"

She recreates the restrictive rings around my cock and balls just before my manhood passes between her lips.

I have no idea how long we continued like that, but I knew she had at least two explosive orgasms that caused her to squirt all over my face as well as several smaller aftershock orgasms. I was not so lucky. I was being driven mad as she gave me a deliberately slow blow job while also stroking my balls and the sensitive skin behind them.

When she stopped sucking my cock she also pulled her pussy from my reach, I strained to maintain contact as if my life depended on it until she quelled that need. She re-positioned so she was facing me, her ass cheeks pressing against my straining cock. Her nipples strained the fabric of her top.

Her genie costume morphed into a black latex catsuit with an open crotch and exposed breasts. "Oh I love this spell to alter clothing, especially after I made it permanent and limited by only my imagination. As you may have guessed my love, I have a bit of a kinky side. The sight of you in the bonding ceremony suit earlier... let's just say it took a lot of self-control." She licked her lips. "You haven't complained," my legs pulled together slowly, "so I am assuming you are not opposed to my sexual appetites?"

"No, but I have a feeling you could make me enjoy them if I didn't." I said as I breathed heavily.

She leaned forward, pressing her breasts into my chest. Her green eyes glowed with amused curiosity and lust. "With anyone else, I would say no I can't. The seduction spell I cast on you at the dance should have only lasted about an hour and a half, long enough to get you here and cast the magic clothing spell and make you as helpless as you are now. The push I gave you to eat my pussy should have only lasted ten or fifteen minutes tops without being reinforced. But you seemed to have subconsciously reinforced both the spell and the push yourself, almost as if you wanted it all."

I tried to look away, wanting to deny it, but instead I was anchored by her gaze.

"I see your turmoil, part of you wants to say it isn't true, but another part knows it is. That's okay." She reached down and guided my manhood into the opening of her love canal. "I think we both have had enough of a break, but how about we both refrain from pushing for this round."

She didn't wait for an answer as she leaned back impaling herself on my rigid member. I could sense her delight at having me deep inside her. Umber Sky's arousal had not waned in our 'break' and it only grew as she began to ride on me. She began pinching her own nipples, and occasionally letting a hand drift down between our bodies. The movement I could feel combined with the ever growing pleasure that was flooding our bond told me she was rubbing her clit.

I laid there barely more than a voyeur wanting to join in as this beautiful women teased her own body. I could see and feel her sorrow as she resigned herself to abandoning one erogenous to move her hand to the one that was being denied stimulation.

The scientific problem solver in me thought 'Why doesn't she use the magic clothes to create something to take care of one of them, or at least let me.'

Her eyes got huge and she leaned down and kissed me. "You're a genius! What a great thought."

Next thing I knew my mouth was covered in a semi flexible dome. "Get to work my lover." I explored the inside of the dome with my tongue. When I brushed a series of lumps with a longer bit in between them she stiffened and squeezed her tits. "You got it baby, make my clit sing!"

I put two and two together and understood that somehow whatever I did to the clit and clit hood on the inside of the bubble, she felt in her own anatomy. I was, from that point, a participant as well as enjoying the show.

A minute later I tensed as I felt something sliding between my ass cheeks and enter my ass. My cavity filled as the object expanded. I felt a tendril press against my ball sack just before the vaginal walls holding me got perceptively tighter.

Vibrations shook my cock both from within me, and from within the woman who had claimed me.

"Don't stop licking damn you! Oh by the Goddess!"

I felt the bands trapping my precious bits disappear as my orgasm washed over me.

Despite having her own orgasm, Umber Sky was not finished yet. She continued on riding my member with no regards to the increased sensitivity a man experiences post orgasm. I went after the fake clit over my mouth with renewed gusto hoping that if she had another orgasm it would bring my torment to an end.

I could feel her reaching the peak of ecstasy. When it came crashing down on her the euphoria she felt flooded our bond. I was shocked when I was rocked by another orgasm myself.

My vision filled with stars that slowly faded to black as I was consumed by the blissful feeling.

My mind clawed its way to back to awareness. I could feel Umber Sky laying on top of me, still straddling my thighs. I opened my eyes to see her face mere inches from mine. She had passed out with a content grin on her face.

Sometime while I was unconscious the magical bindings had disappeared and I was free to wrap my arms around Umber Sky. I felt that her clothes had reverted back to the sexy genie costume.

She slowly opened her eyes and met my gaze. I felt admiration from her as she gave me a big smile. "That was soooo good. I heard that sex after the bonding was amazing, was that an understatement!"

"Will our love making always be this way Sister Umber Sky?" I ask unsure what answer I'd prefer.

"Baby that was not love making, that was outright fucking. You can count on more of that to come! When it is lovemaking it will be gentler, and you will be expected to be a much more active participant." She reached up and stroked my cheek. "Also my dear, our titles and my coven name should only be used when we are in the Sanctum or while performing rituals. Otherwise use my birth name."

"Well maybe," I lift my head and kiss her forehead, "maybe you could share that vital bit of info. You completely avoided telling me anything about yourself up until now."

She did a quick chant and her costume shimmered before passing through her body. I watched as the garments floated across the bedroom to a hamper by the door where they came to rest. She slid off of my body down to the bed while maintaining her head on my shoulder. Her arm rested on my chest. "You already know it all, you just have to look inside yourself."

"Inside myself, really?" She silently nodded with an expectant look and I closed my eyes to focus my mind inward. I could feel thoughts of encouragement from her. I created a mental image of her and was flooded by her personal details. I let the image fade barely comprehending most of the info. I open my eyes to see her staring intently at me. If what I gleaned was right it was an amazing coincidence.

"Happy Birthday Miss Tiffany Van Allen." I say

She graces me with a big smile and embraces me tighter. "Thank you, and also to you Doug, I was so surprised to learn we shared a birthday of November 1st, almost as if Mother Gaia always intended for us to be together."

"Guess we have no chance of forgetting the date, or each other's age." I said with a laugh.

"If it wasn't for the fact of what we must do the week before Halloween to prepare for the sealing ritual I'd say we make it our wedding day too."

It shocked me that she already had thoughts of marriage. "Wedding? Putting the cart before the horse aren't we? I mean I haven't even asked you yet. Not that I'm opposed to it either."

"Please!" She slapped my chest with a snort. "We now share a sacred bond sanctified by Mother Gaia herself. A permanent bond that makes us truly monogamous and impossible to fall to a desire for others. It is inevitable we will seek to be wed by the laws of the land also. And if you don't like that..." She grabs my flaccid penis for emphasis while staring mischievously at me, "I can make it a shotgun wedding. You know I can do it!"

"Not sure if that is supposed to scare me into proposing or encourage me not too." I joked. I tried to take a more serious tone as I continued. "Either way, I would be proud to be your husband, if you choose to be my legally wedded wife."

"I'll sleep on it." She replied with a yawn. She flicked her finger at the light switch across the room and the room fell dark. "Now we both need some sleep. I will tell you more about the coven and our abilities after we are awake for the day. Good night love." She snuggled even tighter against me and drifted off to sleep.

I was too energized to sleep at the moment and just stared at her face. I was a lucky man to be chosen by her to be her Brother. She had tried to act nonchalant about our future marriage, but I could sense she was dreaming of our perfect wedding. I hoped I could live up to her expectations as both husband and a Brother of the coven.



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