The Captive Banshee - A Halloween Story
by The Technician
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The Captive Banshee The Technician Solo-M; FM; F/m; inn; curse; banshee; fay; legend; dark-night; majick; transform; sex; climax; fairy; cons; X
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What would you do to free a captive Fay?

This year the pixies brought me a tale of a Banshee as my Celtic Halloween story. At least, I think it was a pixie. It is sometimes difficult to keep the various Fay folk of the Emerald Isle in the proper category.

In any case this is the story of a captive Banshee and how she is finally freed. As with all my Celtic stories, some of this is historical, some is Irish myth, and some is literary license. I leave it to you to determine which is which.

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I normally ignore emails sent to me by people I don’t know– especially ones with attachments– but this particular message piqued my curiosity. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t do a special virus scan on it before opening it. According to my anti-virus program, the email itself scanned clean and the attachment appeared to be a standard pdf file with no links, so I opened the main email to see what ParaIrish101 had to say.

ParaIrish101 was actually Marie O’Callahan. That was a name I recognized– especially since her signature section included her picture and the name of her television program. She was the host of one of those cable paranormal investigation programs that you watch at one am when nothing else is on.

The subject line of the email had said, “A Celtic Halloween Mystery.” The text said simply, “From the Celtic stories you’ve posted, I think you would be interested in this. If so, give me a call.” It then gave two cell phone numbers. One was labeled, “Official Business.” The other was labeled, “Personal.”

I called the one which said, “Personal.” A soft feminine voice answered and I said, “Did you just send me a file?”

She stammered a moment and then answered, “Yes.”

“Call you back after I’ve read it,” I said as I broke the connection.

Yes, I act paranoid. But you aren’t truly paranoid if there are people out to get you. I’ve upset enough people in the electronic world with my stories that I have to be suspicious.

Ten minutes later I called her back. The file was a scan of a newspaper article. The headline was, “A Connecticut Banshee.” The story was about a Banshee which supposedly haunts an Irish pub in a small community just outside of The Devil’s Den Nature Preserve in Connecticut.

According to the article, the pub, which was called The Captive Banshee, had been established in the early 1800s. For over 200 years, local residents reported sightings of the Banshee, especially near Halloween. Her keening wail, which could regularly be heard splitting the night, was assumed to be a portent of death for the person who heard it.

When Marie answered this time, I asked, “Why me?”

She laughed and answered, “Because you are a man of few words who gets right to the point.” I heard her moving something around on a desk or whatever. “And,” she continued, “you have an understanding of Celtic myth and folklore.”

“There are a lot of experts out there,” I replied. “Many of them are better than me.”

“But none can write as well as you.” she said, starting to sound like a saleswoman making a pitch.

“And you need the publicity my stories would generate to leverage a jump to a major network with your show,” I answered.

After a long pause, she said flatly, “Yes.” Her voice then switched to desperate. “But that doesn’t mean this isn’t something that you would really like to do. ... Something I need you to do.”

“Tell me what is so special about this Banshee for you,” I said. “Stay with the truth or I hang up and you can get a different expert.”

“I think this one is real,” she answered shakily. Her voice had that tension that comes from revealing a truth to someone you aren’t sure of.

“I think there is a Banshee... or something... held captive at that pub.” She said firmly and then paused... for a long time. Finally she said, “And this isn’t for my show. There will be no cameras or crew.”

She paused again and I waited her out. Finally she said, “It’s personal. Whatever it is, I have to free it... It has to be me... I’m the one who has to do it... because I’m the only one who can free it.”

That last came out almost like a question, as if she was afraid to say it, or thought that I wouldn’t believe it.

“What makes you think that?” I asked. I was now genuinely interested.

Perhaps my interest showed in my voice because her answer sounded much more relaxed. “For two reasons,” she said calmly. “One, I am a direct descendent of Shane O’Callahan who built the pub in 1809.” I could hear her clear her throat. “And two,” she continued with a bit more hesitancy, “the Banshee comes to me in my dreams and begs for my help.”

“Ooooh!” she blurted out in a deep, almost painful growl. “Now you probably think I’m weird or crazy or both.”

I laughed. “I’ve heard a lot weirder,” I said while still laughing, “from people who are a lot crazier than you.” Without intending it, my voice snapped to serious as I continued, “and what they had to say to me turned out to be absolutely true.”

“So you are willing to help?”

“Count me in,” I replied. “What do you want to do and when?”

WHEN is part of the reason I came to you rather than some other expert,” she replied. “You are one of the few people who understand the difference between dark night and Halloween. Halloween is always October 31st, but true Celtic Dark Night is always the dark of the moon following the autumnal equinox. This year Dark Night is a full moon cycle before the Roman All Hallow’s Eve.”

Her voice became almost hard as she said very firmly, “Whatever this spirit is, it’s Celtic, not Roman. And to free it, we have to be there on Dark Night, not four weeks later when the rest of the media will be there for Halloween.”

While she was speaking, I was quickly consulting a moon phase calendar. “So,” I said, “we need to be at the inn the weekend of October first if we are going to meet this Banshee or spirit or whatever she is.”

“I’ve already made reservations for two rooms from Friday, September thirty through Sunday, October second,” she answered. “Do you want to meet me there or should we meet somewhere else first?”

“I’ll meet you there,” I answered. “I assume one room is in your name and the other is in mine.”

“Good assumption,” she replied, “I’ll see you Friday night.”


I should have gotten better directions to the inn. My GPS took me hell and gone down the wrong road. I finally got back to the highway and stopped at a gas station and asked the attendant for directions to The Captive Banshee inn.

“Never heard of it,” was his quick reply.

“Shit!” I said loudly and then calmed myself. “Is there a haunted Irish inn or pub in the area?” I asked.

“Oh, yes!” he responded enthusiastically. “The Happy Irishman is just up the road. They rent rooms too.” He paused as if thinking deeply, “But the she devil isn’t supposed to show up until Halloween. That’s when all the news people are going to be here.”

“Good for them,” I said as I turned to leave. On the way back out to my car, I sighed and said softly, “If this is actually real, they’re going to be a month late.”


Several miles down the road I arrived at a colonial style building set back just a little ways from what had once been the main road through the area. Evidently they built the new road right alongside the old one, so the old highway formed part of the parking lot for The Happy Irishman.

As I got out of my car, I looked up at the sign which hung out over the door. It was done in a typical colonial style with green, old-English lettering on a white background. Beneath the words, “The Happy Irishman Pub and Inn,” there was a caricature of an old Irishman, or perhaps it was supposed to be a Leprechaun. He was holding a full stein of beer and had a silly grin on his face. Somehow he looked familiar to me. Maybe I had seen a similar image in an ad somewhere, but I couldn’t imagine an advertising agency using an image that looked that fakey.

“Very authentic,” I muttered as I stepped through the front door into a very small entry area. Marie was already checked in and was waiting for me in the public house portion of the inn. I quickly checked in and took my bags to my room. It was basically a bed and breakfast type of place.

My room on the second floor was a very small, but serviceable bedroom. Since the building was from the 1800's, there were no closets and the shower was down the hall, but somewhere along the line, someone had added a very small bathroom in the corner that I evidently had to share with my neighbor. There was a small sign on the door which said, “Remember to keep this door closed and locked when not in use.”

I left my bags unpacked in my room and went back down to sit with Miss O’Callahan. She had gotten us a booth. Menus were already on the table as well as a tankard of dark ale. It was on my side of the booth. She was sipping what looked like a standard pale American lager.

“I see you’ve done your homework,” I said as I picked up the tankard.

“This may be my only shot at this,” she replied. “I did my research.”

“And your research brought you to me,” I said.

“Actually,” she said firmly, “my research brought you to this inn.” She shoved a menu across the table to me and said, “The owner has agreed to meet with us later after we eat. They have everything from Black Pudding to Cottage Pie. He recommends the corned beef if you want something Irish. Otherwise they have a full range of steaks.”

I wasn’t sure that ordering a steak in an Irish pub wouldn’t put me on the bad side of whatever spirit or sprite was trapped there, but I also couldn’t see eating sausage made with pigs’ blood or a mixture of mashed potatoes and beef stew, so I opted for the corned beef sandwich. It was surprisingly good and was served with a side of English-style chips.

As we ate, I attempted to make small talk, but mostly I watched Marie. I knew that she was in her mid to late twenties, but she looked much younger. There was something about her that seemed so “innocent” but I couldn’t quite say what it was.

She had blue eyes that could come only from Ireland. They didn’t have the cold, steely grayness that Nordic or German blue eyes often have. Instead they were bright, flower-in-the-spring blue. And when she talked she had this way of opening them so that the whites of the eyes showed all around the bright blue iris.

Her skin had that almost ivory paleness that you find in parts of Ireland. Normally that skin tone is accompanied by dark black hair, but hers was a subdued light brown with a heavy hint of orange when the light struck it from behind her. It was no surprise that she was successful on television.

It was difficult to assess her body while she was sitting in the booth, but if the fit and shapely legs which I glimpsed as I approached the booth were an accurate indication, her lily-white body was probably what many men dreamed of.

After we had exhausted the polite topics of weather, sports, and politics I suggested that we get down to business. “What exactly do you know about whatever this is that we are trying to free?” I asked.

“I know more about my great-great-great-whatever grandfather,” she answered. Her voice turned harsh and the brightness went out of her eyes as she spoke. “He was an evil man,” she said harshly. “And not just for what he did to this bean-sidhe.” She pronounced the old name for a dweller of the fairy mound in a Gaelic fashion that sounded very much like a badly inebriated person trying to say, “banshee.”

“So you think she is a fairy of some sort?” I asked, interrupting her.

“She’s definitely fay,” she said firmly, and then just as firmly, she said “and Shane O’Callahan was just as definitely evil.” She set her sandwich down on her plate and looked across the table at me. There was fire in her eyes now, and it wasn’t a pretty fire. It was anger.

“He made his money in Ireland acting as a foreman for the British landowners,” she said very heatedly. “In 1803 he saw his chance for blood money and sold Thomas Russell’s location to the conquerors. That’s what he used to come to this country and build this inn.”

She took a deep breath and continued, “When the inn wasn’t prosperous enough for him,” she practically snarled, “he advertised in the rural areas back home that he had guaranteed jobs for young men in the New World. He promised them that they could make enough to bring their families over in just a few months. But when the ships arrived in New York, those who had survived the passage as steerage were all but sold into slavery to the mines and the mills.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she finished softly. “Many were never heard from again.” She paused and said slowly, “And he was evil enough to entrap a Fay and keep her captive forever.”

I gave her a moment to compose herself and then asked a very needed question. “Are we sure that we are dealing with a captured spirit and not just old Shane hanging around and causing trouble?”

Her eyes fired once again and she spat out, “Shane O’Callahan is in hell! That is for sure. The last thing my great-whatever grandmother did was to see that her son and daughter would be taken care of and then she took that bastard to hell with her.”

She smiled somewhat strangely. “There are still burn marks on the outside walls in back where the owner used to live. This isn’t Shane. It’s whatever unfortunate Fay he tricked or overpowered. He’s gone, but whatever he did to hold her here, still has her bound.”

“How can you be so sure about Shane?” I asked.

“She showed me,” Marie answered flatly. “I already knew most of it from family stories, but she showed me everything.”

“I have to ask,” I said. “You study paranormal phenomena. You know that sometimes unexplained things are just projections from a troubled mind. How can you be sure that all of this isn’t just your own projections of a family history that is very difficult to accept?”

She smiled at me. “I am twenty-seven years old,” she answered. “And the Fay has been raising havoc here at the inn for two centuries.”

At that point the pub owner interrupted us and Marie slid further into the booth to allow him to sit with her. “I’m Sean O’Brian,” he said. “I understand ye want to talk to me about the banshee.” His slight Irish brogue surprised me. He didn’t look Irish. If I were to bet, I would have placed him much farther south, perhaps somewhere in the Mediterranean area.

“That is part of the plan,” Marie answered. “But we are trying to do more than that.”

“Can you get rid of it?” he asked, sounding very eager. “Can you make it go away and stay away?”

“Yes,” she answered in a very measured tone, “we think we can free her.”

“I have a question,” I said, interrupting them. “If the name of this place is The Captive Banshee, why does the sign say The Happy Irishman?”

“Because she won’t let me put that on the sign!” he said emphatically.

“Who?” Marie asked.

“The Banshee,” he growled. “After I read that piece about the Connecticut Banshee, I got rid of my bar in Brooklyn and figured I could make a killing down here with the tourist trade. But when I put the old name up on the sign, she tore it down. I tried again, and she repainted it. You don’t think I put that silly, grinning leprechaun up there do you?”

His Irish brogue was now completely gone. “The local historical society is threatening to sue my ass and fine me a couple thousand a month if I don’t restore the inn back to its true name. I told them that the Banshee wouldn’t let me put the sign back up and they sent some naturalist over to explain things to me.”

He huffed heavily, “He told me there was no such thing as banshees and he was going to prove it to me. He put a big rat in a cage out on that little strip of grass right in front of the building. Then he set up a night scope video camera and told me to wait to see what took the rat.”

He looked back and forth between Marie and me before continuing. “About an hour after it got dark, the cage started rattling. ‘Now you will see that your Banshee is just a barn owl,’ he said to me. But when we looked at the screen, all we could see was the cage being torn apart. Something tore the door off the cage and the rat ran across the lot.”

He was starting to get a little excited as he spoke. “The guy said he would come back the next night with a stronger cage. ... He did. He drove stakes into the ground and chained everything in place. He told me it was just a really big owl.”

He slapped his palm on the table between us. “She tore that cage apart like it was pipe cleaners. Then she flew over to the camera and looked right at me. ‘Carlo,’ she said, ‘don’t taunt me or certain people on the lower east side will find out that you didn’t die in the fire that destroyed your bar.’

“Yeah,” he said, “I ain’t Irish. And I’ve got gumba hitmen who would be looking for me if they knew I was alive, but I’m more afraid of that Banshee than I am of anyone down in New York that wants me dead. I’ll never forget that blue-white face and that white hair. That hag wasn’t just looking at me through the camera. She came right out of the fucking television set and screamed in my face.”

He slid out of the booth and stood up. “Do whatever you want,” he said abruptly. “Just tell me in advance where you want your things sent when you don’t come back.”

As he started to walk away, he shouted back over his shoulder, “Oh, and the meal’s on the house. It’s the most I can do for someone who might free me of this damned spook. Besides, it might be your last meal.”

Marie looked over at me with a wide smile. “Do you still think this Banshee might just be my hysterical projection?” she asked.

“Not at all,” I answered. “Not at all.” I took a sip of what was left of my ale and asked, “So what’s the plan?”

The plan was simple. The next night Marie and I would go out into the small field behind the inn just before dark. We would wait there until midnight. When the Banshee showed up, Marie would find out what was needed to free her.


My mother often said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” As I have lived out my life, many different occasions have proven that saying true. Tonight was one of them.

A little after midnight I was awakened by a soft knocking on the bathroom door. As I pulled myself out of bed, I heard Marie’s voice. “We need to talk,” she said. “I made a very severe miscalculation.”

I was sleeping nude, so I pulled my pants on before opening the door. Marie was standing there in an open robe. Beneath the robe she was wearing a white satin teddy. The nightie was more functional than sexy. The bottoms looked like oversized boxer shorts. The top was more of a T-shirt than anything else.
“What’s wrong?” I asked wearily.

“We were wrong about Dark Night,” she answered. “I used an app on my phone that puts the phases of the moon on my calendar, but it isn’t accurate. Tonight is Dark Night.”

“Shit!” I said loudly. “Do you think we still have time to go out and try to find the Banshee?”

“We don’t have to,” she said as she stepped into the room.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because,” she began. Her voice changed at this point. To my astonishment so did her hair... and her eyes... and her body... and the clothing that she was wearing. “Because she already found me.”

Marie– or whatever she now was– stepped into the room. She had lost several inches in height and a considerable amount of weight. She now had very dark hair and dark eyes which seemed to stand out against the paleness of her skin. Her clothing was diaphanous with a hint of green to the gauzy material which covered, but did not hide, the petite body beneath.

“Are you allowed to tell me your name?” I asked.

“You may call me Koleen,” she answered.

The beginning of the name sounded a bit harsh. “I assumed that is spelled with a ‘K’?” I asked.

“In your English, yes,” she answered as she walked over and sat on the bed. She then patted the bed next to her and said, “Come, sit, talk with me.”

“Are you a Banshee?” I asked as I stood before her.

A pulse of energy jolted me almost like the shock wave of an explosion and rocked me back so that I had to brace my feet to remain standing. “Do not call me that!” she screamed. I don’t know how the rest of the inn wasn’t awakened by her voice.

“I am sorry,” she said after a few moments. “You don’t realize what you are saying.”

She paused and took a deep breath as if to compose herself and then explained, “Yes, I am a bean-sidhe. But that merely means that I am of the Fay and can claim the fairy mound as my home. I refuse to be what you call a Banshee. I am more than that!”

Again her voice had risen in pitch and volume so that the glass in the windows seemed to rattle with her screech. She looked at me, then giggled sightly and said, “Don’t worry about the rest of the inn. We are contained within this moment and they are unaware of us.”

She again patted the bed alongside her. This time I decided that I might as well get close. She could probably kill me anywhere in the room– or for that matter, anywhere in the whole country– so being close was no more dangerous than being far away.

“Tell me your story,” I said softly. “Maybe there is some way I can free you.”

After we stared at each other for a few moments in silence, I coughed slightly and said, “Marie told me that Shane O’Callahan trapped you or tricked you or something. Is that true?”

“Shane O’Callahan” she said and then spit on the floor beside the bed... “Shane O’Callahan betrayed me. I was young and naive and he took advantage of me.”

“Do you mean he made promises to you,” I asked, “and then threw you away once he had his way with you?”

“No,” she shouted, “I mean that he made promises to me and then refused to have his way with me.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

I was being honest. I had no idea what in the hell she meant. I expected her to explain, but instead she asked me, “Do you know why you humans are ticklish?”

Now I was totally confused. I just stared at her. “It’s sexual,” she continued. “Or more accurately, anti-sexual.”

I just shook my head slightly as she smiled at me. “In a small child,” she explained, “everyplace that a soft touch would bring out sexual feelings in an adult, instead creates laughter. It is a human’s primitive way of preventing sexual activity before the body is ready. The laughter discourages the male from continuing sexual advances. Once most humans are mature, the ticklish areas become places were a soft touch– under the right conditions– creates a sexual response in the body.”

“But some people are very ticklish their whole lives,” I said.

“Exactly,” she responded. “Even most of them, however, lose their ticklishness once they are aroused.”

“But some do not,” I added, “and I assume that is important.”

Her voice became very serious, almost sad, as she explained, “The Fay are not ticklish. Our young females do not laugh when a male touches them sexually.” Her whole body slumped. “Instead, our whole bodies appear to change. We appear to be old, withered hags.”

She laughed softly. It was a light, silvery, hollow laugh. “That is much more effective than laughter at driving away a male.”

She straightened herself and turned to fully face me. “To put it in terms you can understand,” she said. “I am one of the Fay who remained ticklish once I matured.”

“And Shane promised to make love to you?” I said. It was more of a question than a statement.

“Yes,” she answered. “He promised to be my...” She used a Gaelic word that sounded like a mix between a roar and a cough while you were trying to spit.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I don’t speak Gaelic. I don’t understand.”

“It means ‘power giver,’” she explained. “Unless I fully become a mature Fay, my powers remain childish. There is much I can do as a child Fay, but there is much more that is currently beyond me. Shane promised that if I came with him to the Americas and made him prosperous, he would be my power giver. I promised that I would stay with him until he was rich.”

She let lose with a screaming wail that caused me to put my hands over my ears. “And now I am trapped by that promise,” she sobbed.

“Wouldn’t his death have freed you from that promise?” I asked.

“Mine, yes,” she answered. “But his, no. If I were mature, then I would have the power to break free. But I am not. I agreed that a human male would be my power giver and unless a human male gives me power, I am bound here until I, myself, die.”

Another shrieking wail erupted from her mouth. “And Fay live for a long, long time,” she cried out in the same wailing shriek.

She looked intently at me. Sobs were wracking her body. “On over two hundred dark nights, I have taken bodily form and sought a power giver. But what human male would mate with something as ugly as I am.”

“I think you are beautiful,” I replied.

“That is why I chose you,” she said firmly. She sniffled back tears once or twice and continued, “You are special. You are perhaps the only one who can truly free me. I knew that I had to bring you here on Dark Night. But I don’t have that kind of power as a child Fay.”

She gestured to herself and said, “When Marie O’Callahan visited this place, I could feel a connection to her like to no other person. I was able to guide her and work through her to bring you here. And tonight I used her body to become truly corporeal.”

She giggled slightly. “She thinks she is still in her bed asleep. All of this will be but a dream to her when she awakens in the morning.”

“She is a descendent of Shane’s,” I said quietly. “But she feels that what he did was evil. That’s why she is trying to free you.”
Koleen was now lightly stroking my face with her hands.

“What is so special about me?” I asked.

“Do you remember when the leprechaun visited you a few years ago?” she asked in response.

“Danny is a little hard to forget,” I replied.

“Have you ever wondered why you were able to see him when most mortals can’t?”

“Never thought about it,” I said. “I’ve seen so much weird shit, I just took it for granted.”

“He stops by here every so often to steal beer from people in the pub,” she explained. “And he told me what he did. He cast a spell on you so that you are able to see someone as they truly are regardless of how they present themselves.” She paused and added, “He said you already did that as well as any human, so all he had to do was add a little leprechaun strength to your natural ability.”

I started laughing. She was not amused. “Sorry,” I quickly said before she could do something nasty to me. “I just realized why the face on the sign was so familiar.”

She giggled slightly. “He thinks it is a bad likeness,” she said.

She stroked my face again and continued with her explanation. “Leprechaun magic is very long-lasting,” she said. “You will probably have that ability for as along as you live.”

“How does that make me the one who can free you?” I asked.

She leaned in and kissed me. The warmth and need of that kiss sent waves of pleasure through my body. “If someone were to look through the door right now,” she said in a breathy voice, “they would see an old hag with long white hair sitting on this bed kissing you.”

She took a deep breath. “If that is what you also saw, I doubt that right now there would be anything pressing against the front of your trousers.”

She was right– on both. I’ve no great desire to make love to an old hag, and my prick was trying desperately to break through the zipper on my pants.

“I can’t force you,” she said quietly, “not even with the most powerful magic. For this to work, you have to truly want to do this.” She giggled. “There is no danger to you. I’m not a succubus or anything like that. It will be ordinary sex...” she giggled again... “well, it won’t exactly be ordinary. It will be fantastic.”

She was again stroking my face. Her dark eyes were silently pleading with me. I shook my head slowly and her eyes and mouth went wide. She gasped loudly as tears began to form in her eyes.

“No!” I said suddenly. “I didn’t mean I wouldn’t. I was just trying to clear my head. This is so much to take in at once.”

I took a deep breath and looked into her petite face. “Yes,” I said. “I will make love to you if that is what you want. ... and if it is what is needed to free you.”

She launched herself at me and locked her lips against mine. Suddenly we were naked in the bed. She was on top of me squirming her body against mine. Her nipples were rubbing against my chest like two marbles. Her tongue was slithering into my mouth. Her hands were running down my arms and onto my legs.

She brought her hands up onto my chest and pushed herself up onto her knees, straddling my hips. She then dropped herself down onto my prick, impaling herself in one swift motion. She gave a quick squeak as I drove through her hymen but then immediately began bouncing her body up and down on my shaft.

I tried to match her thrusts, but she was moving way too fast for me. I ended up falling back on the bed and letting her ride me like a living dildo. As she continued to bounce up and down, she began keening in a loud, high-pitched screech. It was at the point where I was expecting everything glass in the room to start shattering when she stopped suddenly at the top of a stroke and then drove herself down hard enough to almost knock the wind out of me.

Her wail changed to a drawn out, “Aaaaaahhhhh,” that was a little bit lower-pitched than her previous screeching, but equally as loud. I don’t know how I had held off as long as I did, but when she did that, I erupted within her. As soon as I climaxed, she shuddered and fell against my chest, holding tightly to me and quivering.

I reached up and held her as she finally relaxed down against my chest. “That was for me,” she murmured. Then she began moving against me once again. My sweat– and hers– made her nipples slide against my chest as she pushed her body up and down against my body.

Despite having just cum, my prick once again became stiff and swelled within her. I began to thrust up against her and the second or third time I pressed up into her, she fell onto her side and pulled me over with her so that I ended up on top.

She bucked against me once or twice, but I didn’t need any further encouragement. I began thrusting into her and she matched me thrust for thrust. I have often laughed at other writers who described the feeling of being inside a particular woman as sliding through warm honey. I will never laugh at that again. I can think of no other way to describe the sensations as we fucked. It was as if my prick was sliding through warm honey.

This time her wail when she orgasmed was a little more human-sounding. It was loud as hell, but it sounded like a woman’s scream. She also sounded like a normal woman as she snuggled into me afterwards and made soft murmuring noises. I fell asleep with her in my arms.


The morning sun shining through the windows of my room awakened me. I gave a satisfied “Hmmmm” as I felt the warm body of a woman still snuggled against mine.

My murmured “Hmmmm” quickly changed into an excited, “Holy Shit!” as I looked down into a startled pair of sparkling blue eyes staring back at me.

“What... what happened?” Marie said as she pulled away from me. Her eyes darted around the room, finally stopping when she spied her satin teddy lying crumpled on the floor.

Holding the sheet tightly against her body, she said, “I had this weird dream. The Banshee came to me... No, the Banshee went inside me.”

She looked around wildly, “I was her,” she stammered out. “And she was me.”

Her eyes became fixed on me, “And I... she... asked you to take her virginity.”

“It was the only way to free her,” I said softly. “I thought you would wake up in your bed this morning and think that this had all been a dream.”

She relaxed back onto the bed and supported herself on one elbow so she could continue to look directly at me. “It’s not like it was a nightmare,” she said. “In fact, it was pretty enjoyable... in a really weird sort of way.”

“Thank you... I think,” I said.

I then supported myself on my elbow mirroring Marie’s posture on the bed. “What happens now?” I asked.

“Koleen is free,” she answered. “That is what I had to do.

“So do we just go home?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “We are going to stay another night like we planned. Tonight we will have dinner together downstairs. And over steaks and wine and whatever the innkeeper has for dessert, you will slowly seduce me.”

I remained silent. I wasn’t sure that there was anything I could say that wouldn’t end up getting me in severe trouble.

“Then,” she continued, “after I wake up in your bed on Sunday morning, we will say our goodbyes and go home.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I answered.

Turning a light shade of pink, she then said, “Now close your eyes or something so I can get out of this bed and go back to my room. Then we will go downstairs for breakfast.”

A half-hour later, both of us had used the bathroom– I let her have first dibs on it. Then we went down for what was either a late breakfast or an early lunch.

As soon as we were seated Sean/Carlo came running up to us. “What in the hell did you do to the Banshee last night?” he shouted.

Both of us looked up at him. Marie sputtered something. I was a little clearer as I asked, “What do you mean?”

“She changed the sign again!” he yelled. He was obviously very upset. He put his hands on his head and moaned, “I don’t know if this is good or bad.”

“It is very good,” Marie said quietly. “Koleen has been freed. She will probably leave you alone now.”

“Except,” I said, “she promised to return every Halloween– actually on Halloween since that’s what people around here expect– and make an appearance at midnight.” I smiled at him, “I think that is to make up for all the trouble she has caused.”

“Oh well,” he said in a much quieter voice. “I guess that’s good news. ... But I’m going to have to change all the ads and menus again.”

“Why?” Marie asked.

In response, he pointed out the window at the sign. The lettering was still green on white, but in old English lettering it said, “The Happy Bean-Sidhe Pub and Inn” The smiling face beneath the lettering was no longer the mischievous Leprechaun. Instead, it was a petite young woman with black hair and very dark eyes. There was a broad smile on her face, and over her shoulders you could just make out the tips of a pair of translucent wings.

“She looks happy,” I said.

“If I remember my dream correctly,” Marie said, “she has reason to be.” She turned slightly pink as she looked into my eyes and added, “Hopefully by tomorrow morning, so should I.”

I hope Bean Sidh magic is also long lasting.

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