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These stories concern people in situations where they may be treated as garbage or desire to be treated as such. They may be be bagged, disposed of, thrown out or dumped and disposed of, there may be acts that contain sexual acts and are therefore adult in nature.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to repeat the situations depicted in these stories. They are a work of fiction. These stories are presented here as acts of fantasy only. The use of plastic bags could result in asphyxiation and death.

These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors. Either the story has been licensed by the author to be posted on this site or where possible the author has been contacted to seek approval for their use, if you see your work here please let me know if you wish it removed.

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bagged character is bagged into trash bags
compacted character compressed by mechanical means
dumped character is discarded, dumped and left
dumpster large bin character uses to hide inside
trash character is treated as nothing more than trash
trashcan placed inside trash or rubbish bin
caution Story contains extreme content
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Climb in, close up the bag and wait for the garbage truck!

Example content image

Trashbagging is where people love to enclose themselves; be enclosed or enclose someone else in plastic garbage bags (or several), they love the feel of the smooth, slippery plastic. Sometimes involving breath-play, others more into messy situations with food or garbage thrown in with them.

The fantasy may also involve being placed in a trashcan; garbage-bin or dumpster, to await their fate at the hands of the garbage truck...

Stories from the Trashcan - contains stories of people as garbage or their desire to become mere trash or used as trash, being enclosed in trash bags, stored, dumped or having trash thrown on them including messy play. The stories contain situations where people are objectified into garbage using bags, trashcans and dumpsters.

Warning! - The images and story related texts are presented here on this website as a fantasy only and should in no way be replicated by anyone. Any attempt to reproduce any scenes presented here in text or picture form could result in serious injury or death, under no circumstances should you attempt to copy or emulate the fantasy scenes shown on this website.

New Stories
Blue Ribbon Chili
M/f; trashcan; garbage; sauce; messy; stuck; reluct/nc; X
Celebrating the Trash Bag
Trashy Trashbag
Solo-M; bags; garbage; enclosure; bagged; trash; cons; X
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trash is me
F/m; tape; bond; bagged; messy; trashcan; gag; garbage; cons; X
Wife's Unexpected Change of Heart
bag me please
F/m; FF/m; bond; bagged; breathplay; trash; messy; dumped; compactor; oral; sex; cons/nc; XX
Into the Car Compactor
F+/m; D/s; bond; gag; captive; transport; junkyard; compactor; cons/reluct; X
Dumpster Stories
Solo-M; dumpster; trash; bags; voy; mast; cons; X
Rachel Dumps her Garbage
F/m; D/s; trashcan; bags; encased; enclosed; dumped; compacted; hum; cons/reluct; XX
Playtime with Linda
F/m; M/f; bond; bagging; trash; messy; enclosed; dumped; compactor; mast; cons; X
Linda's out with the Diaper Trash
F/f; capture; bond; bin; diapers; messy; bagged; dumped; compacted; revenge; nc; XXX
FF/m; bond; bagged; tape; transported; compactor; dumped; sex; mast; cons/nc; X
Human Waste
Solo-M; dumpster; trash; diapers; messy; stuck; truck; compacted; mast; climax; cons; XX
Dumpster Slut: A Love Story
Garbage Lover
Solo-M; solo-f; M/f; dumpster; caught; bagged; trash; oral; mast; sex; cons; X
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