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These stories concern people wearing spandex clothing. They may be tied up whilst wearing spandex or enclosed in spandex during sex and are therefore adult in nature.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the author. These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors.

The stories have been archived here from the original website AltLycra and is intended only to preserve the stories from being lost, if you see or object to your work being on here please let me know if you wish for it removed.

The stories & images shown on this website are presented as fantasy play only.

Alt Lycra Spandex Library Index
Spandex Library of the Internet
Friday, April 14 2006
Play/Regular Fun | Role Playing | Adventures | Furries | Gay Lycra | Personal | Superheros | Catsuits | Bondage | Lycra/Dancers

Play and Regular Fun

Another Kind of Outdoor Play by Wild Istvan
Playing around in spandex for the first time has certain hazards related to it.
Anonther Kind of Outdoor Play 2 by Wild Istvan
Sometimes you would never guess who ends up enjoying playing around in spandex .
Boutique Cums Alive by Mountain Men
A female spandex boutique owner discovers that two male shoppers are looking for something more than leotards.
***Cats Will Play by The Cat
Age doesn't make a difference when a young man introduces spandex fantasies to a female personel trainer.
Discovering the Joys of Lycra
A husband becomes attracted to his wife's cycling female friend in spandex.
Fade to Black by xwriter2000
A spandex loving man can't convince his wife to wear spandex, but should he mess around with a female friend who loves spandex?
Feel the Heat by Mista Slick
A spandex affair at a health club becomes even more exciting with a sex aid, revenge, and a gangster war.
Fitness Madam by Wild Itsvan
How much luck do you need to find out your girlfriend also enjoy wearing spandex with a full body "massage"?
Go Shopping by Greg
An "average" trip to the city in search for wonder lycra items.
Gym Sex (Parts 1 &2) by Mountain Men
Two women try to join a gym run by a spandex-clad male instructor.
Hidden Desires by C
Two people meet and brought together with their love of spandex.
Hidden Desires (Revisited) by The Cat
A revisited version of the above story
Introduction to Cheetah by Hills
Cheetah dresses up for a workout at the local gym and meets others in the dressing room.
A Kansas Halloween by The Cat
Halloween in the 1980's was full of spandex. One spandex fan recalls a particularly vivid one.
Laundry Slut by Nils
A typical day at the laundry room becomes an adventure full of spandex and exhibitionists.
A Love for Lycra by Anonymous
What happens when you meet a woman who loves to wear tight lycra who also likes to see men wear the same outfits? Read and find out.
Lycra BeachSlut by Suzi Sleaze
An explicit sex story sprinkled with lycra and voyeurism.
Lycra DiscoSlut by Suzi Sleaze
Another explicit sex story sprinkled with lycra and voyeurism.
Lycra Letter 2: Park Voyeurs by Suzi Sleaze
And another explicit sex story sprinkled with lycra and voyeurism.
Lycra Summer by Lycra Addict
A college student visits his aunt for the summer and unexpectly finds out she also has a lycra fetish.
Lycra Summer: Reach Out and Touch Someone Part II by Lycra Addict
A college student visits his aunt for the summer and unexpectly finds out she also has a lycra fetish.
Man and Lycra by Mountain Men
A secret lycra lovers gets to house watch for someone who dries their spandex outside.
Nirvana by Dream
A begining cyclist goes to buy new spandex and meets a woman also in spandex.
A Personal Account by
A personal account how one person became part of the large spandex fetish community.
Seamless (a.k.a. Chris and His Sexuality) by Anonymous
Chris finally decides to plunge into his secret desire for spandex
Spandex is for Getting Laid! by Bike_Shorts
Two women and a male aerobics instructor indulge in some spandex play.
Spanked in Leotards by Tightsboner
Wearing a leotard as a costume has its own dangers.
A Strange Day by Cyclewear
A lone cyclist in a skinsuit meets another group of cyclists in skinsuits.
Stranger to Lycra by Mountain Man
A broken down car leads to a trip to a strangers house and lots of lycra.
Superbabe by Mountain Men
Andrea is stuck in the hospital and wishes she could wear spandex.
The Supplex Catsuit by M
What happens when a woman who is a novice spandex wearer tries on a tight supplex catsuit and seduces the alcohol filled crowd at a dance club?
Thank Goodness for Friends by TDenny
What happens when your wife introduces you to co-worker who also enjoys spandex?
***Tokyo Night Club by Tightsman
A newcomer to Tokyo night life discovers a group of spandex bodysuit lovers who love to showcase their gear at the night clubs of the big city.
Try It On For Size by Justin Lycra
A spandex newbie goes to a local store to buy some of his own spandex but gets more than he imagined.
Untitled by Anonymous
What happens when your SO and jogging partner wants to take you during the middle of a jog?
With Sue: Her Summons by Joe
Sue seduces her spandex wearing lover. Many exciting scenes left for the reader to explore.
The Workout by Velvet Underground
A short monologue about a husband seducing her hot and sweaty spandex wearing wife.
Your Personal Trainer by
What trainer can resist ogling well-formed women in tight spandex? Not this one

Role Playing / Fantasies

The Anniversary Present by The Cat
A couple decides to allow a lycra fetish couple who they don't know pose as theives and be in total control over them for their anniversary. A good idea?
The Cat, His Wife, Their Pantyhose Loving Friend, and Her Photographer by The Cat
A spandex loving couple invites another spandex loving coupel to switch partners for a lttle fun. But what will happen when they do?
The Duel by The Cat
Read about how surprise fantasies can spice up a normal "spandex-loving" relationship. This time: Old-time sword dueling
The Halloween Party by M
A man in a Renaissance period swordfighter costume goes to a Halloween party and finds Xena.
Let's Just Watch by The Cat
A couple decides to spend the night by dressing up in costumes and making love outside their home. Hope no one else is watching...
Lycra Role-playing by The Cat
When three (then four) women and a man who are all intense lycra fetishists and role-playing lovers get together, who know what will happen.
LycraSlave by Anonymous
Read to see how one man became a Lycra Slave and learned to love it.
The Mascots by The Cat
What can happen when a woman is asked to be the team's mascot for the night?
Now It's My Turn... by The Cat
Read about how surprise fantasies can spice up a normal "spandex-loving" relationship. This time: Voyeuring on friends and neighbors
Santa's Elves by The Cat
A Santa's Elves-themed party becomes a huge gala for spandex-loving fetishists.
Saturday by The Cat
A loving couple and two next door neighbors are part of a special Lifestyle group that enjoy wearing costumes and lycra. Saturday is their day for fantasy role playing and costuming.
Who I Did Last Summer by The Cat
A college sophmore and his girlfriend discover a neighbor who also enjoys roleplaying in spandex. The girlfriend has left, but the adventures continue.

Adventures in Spandex

Cindy's Thief by The Cat
A spandex-clad catburgler makes the mistake of invading the home of a female and armed spandex fetishist.
A Dark and Stormy Night by The Cat
Two tight-clothes loving couples decide to go out on Halloween into a cemetary for a little night out of fun.
Evil 2 by Hill
A ballet instructor is also an assassin with a capable grew of other spandex clad women.
I Spy by The Cat
Alexis is a spy chased by men trying to kill her. She accidently meets up with a group of lycra and orgy loving fans. Is she still safe?
Moving Target by The Cat
Hitomi gets caught in an "odd" kind of hunting area and pays the price.
Neighborly Voyeur (Parts I-III) by The Cat
Neighbors who are into spandex nad tight clothing begin spying on each other. But it quickly escalates to something more than just watching.
New Neighbors and Lycra by Skintight
New neighbors into lycra & leather sex that don't mind being watched and share their experience.
The Package by The Cat
A mysterious admirer sends a lonely single woman package. What could be inside this package and what does it mean?
Prowling the Night by The Cat
A lycra loving wife tries to convince her husband to try out spandex and pantyhose as she spies on her neighbors' sexual adventures.
Underwater Lycra Catfight by uw_writer
Two women in lycra outfits fight each other underwater. Who will be the victor?

Furries and Spandex

Birthday Gift - Part I by FS
The dreams of a person who enjoys furries and spandex comes true.
Birthday Gift - Part II by FS
The same story as in Part I but from a different point of view.
Kill The Rabbit by The Cat
Trying out the fursuit idea, a couple ventures into a new area of fetishism.
New Animal by FS
Two women and one guy enjoy playing around in spandex and fursuits. What happens when you add another guy?
Sonia by FS
The small group of furries and spandex fans grows by one - a teenage girl
Surprise by FS
Another guy joins the group of "Furkers" (fans of fursuits and spandex) unexpectedly

Gay Lycra Stories

My First Leotard and Tights by M
One young man's introduction to spandex with marijuana combined with hot action with another man.
A Stretch of the Imagination by
A male cyclists discovers a group of male spandex fetishists and finds himself being tortured and tickled with spandex.
A Trail on Reid Street by LycraBoy
Sometimes lycra can make you do things you never thought you'd do...
Titefuck by Sparta
Two men can not control their burning desires for each other in spandex.
Untitled by Mountain Man
Jo and Rebecca go for a ride and come back to a home full of spandex.
Was it a Dream? by
A male cyclists starts to have too much fun in his bicycle shorts but then discovers another man just as frisky. Is this a dream come true?

Personal Accounts

Leotards Keep Me Tight by Leotardy
A fan's first experience with spandex tights
Tight Shorts are the Best by S
First experiences in wearing lycra shorts


The Adventures of SuperTights by Super Jayhawk
What do you get when you cross Superman and a spandex fetishist? SuperTights! Normal able to be any evil doer, SuperTights has one weakness that is exploited by the Evil Mistress. Update to Part 5 now! 
The Amazing Spandex Boy by Lycraspandex
A new spandex-clad superhero fights against the Sperminator!
Best Anniversary Gift? by Mysticlad
Mysticlad waits for Hero Destroyer to appear for their date, but it seems that Seducer may be changing those plans.
Batman in Deep Deep Trouble by Frans
Birds in Spandex by Superjay Hawk
Superjay Hawk is joined by other spandex-clad superheroes in the form of birds
Captain Invulnerable (Part 1) by Frans
Another spandex-clad superhero travels the night to fight crime and his mortal enemies. ny guess who will win? Also Too Much to Handle (Part 2), Punk Superheroes (Part 3), Wrong Place Wrong Time (Part 4), Mind over Matter (Part 5a) (Part 5b), Joined Forces, and A New Beginning.
Captain Power vs. Mysticman by Frans
Damien by Frans
A new superhero appears on the scene, but the general public isn't convinced he will be able to beat any of the supervillians. Who is right?
Defeat of Lycralad by SpeedBriefs
The first part in a story of a spandex-bound superhero against the evildoers of the world.
Downfall by Frans
Lycrawebb enters the lair of Masked Villian and Hero-Destroyer. He gets caught but escapes, but decides to come back for more.
Elimination (Part 2 of Damien) by Frans
Flash is unmasksed, and Damien decides more heroes need the same treatment.
Endgame by Frans
Damien captures Hero-Destroyer as he already begins to plan his revenge.
The Final Chapter by Frans
Mike goes on an outdoor adventure without his boyfriend, Hero-Destroyer. Will Mike be able to resist all of the temptations in the woods?
Flash by Frans
The city was free of superhero and supervillian battles, but the return of the Flash brings back trouble.
Gothic Nights by Mad Pete
Batman normally flies through the night protecting Gothem City. But this time he accidentally runs into a slinkly, sexy Catwoman who could maybe be too much for him to handle.
***Grass is Always Greener by The Cat
An adventurous woman spots a young, superhero-costume wearing man and deicdes to fulfill a few fantasies.
Hard Heroes by Frans
The spandex-clad Stud-Squad goes against Diehard.
The Hot and the Blind by Frans
Torch, a superhero in blue tights, goes out on his own and catches the eye of Hero-Destroyer.
Kyle by Frans
Green Lantern and the Flash are now unmasked and humiliated. But Flash decides to help Green Lantern get revenge.
Mysticman and Captain Power by Frans
Lonewolf travels to the Earth to break up Mysticman and Captain Power.
Of Heroic Bondage by Superjay Hawk
A supervillianess and a superhero clash as one discovers the spandex weakness of the other.
The Perils of Batgirl, Part I and The Perils of Batgirl, Part II by The Weatherman
Batgirl in her tight and sexy spandex outfit goes against Catwomen and other villians throughout Gothem City.
The Power Rangers: A New Strategy by Frans
A different version of the real history of the Power Rangers
The Quest for Venom by Frans
Spiderman is unable to get Venom off his mind.
The Return of Ropeman by TCO5th
A favorite spandex wearing superhero Superman meets one of his mortal enemies, Ropeman. Superman quickly learned that this encounter would not be a typical one.
Sleep Tight by Anonymous
Ever dreamed about being a superhero? Watch out, or it make become true and lead you to big troubles!
Spandex and Capes by The Cat
A spandex-loving couple spies a young spandex-wearing, superhero craving man and introduces him to a new world of adventure.
Spandexman by Lycrawebb
Spandexman using his spandexsense doesn't detect a problem at tha abandon warehouse. Read what happens when he with the evil Lycrata!
Spiderman by Comics Age
Spiderman is desparate for information, but who desparate is he?
Stories from the Riddler
3 stories about the adventures of the Riddler in his green tights and leotards
The Superhero Classs by The Cat
A modern dance class terms into a superhero-role playing spandex frenzy.
Superheroes in Peril by Frans (9 Chapters)
Gay Superheroes meet suerpvillians!
Superjayhawk Meets His Match by Frans
Superjayhawk meets up with Hero Destroyer who may be too much to handle.
The Training of a Young Supervillian by Frans, Rob, and Studbuster
Brad begins to get molded into a supervillian by Hero Destroyer.
What Cape? by The Cat
Read about how surprise fantasies can spice up a normal "spandex-loving" relationship. This time: Batman vs. Catwoman
Wonder Man and Wonder Boy" by LycraSport
What happens when two spandex-clad superheroes who are torture by their spandex are pushed to the limit? Read and find out!
Wonder Man vs. The Sperminator by The Bambino
Can Wonder Man resist The Sperminator's advances as she tries to steal his super powers?
Wonder Man and Wonder Woman by The Bambino
When your partner is in trouble, you risk your life to save him. But will Wonder Man do the same?
Wonder Man and Boy Wonder by The Bambino
Two spandex clad superheros meet face to face with an evil Mistress whose only goal is to humilate them.
Wonder Man and Boy Wonder (Part II) by The Bambino
Will  Wonderman succumb to the wishes of an evil Mistress whose only goal is to humilate them?
Wonder Man and Boy Wonder VS. the Milk Lady (Parts I-IV) by The Bambino
Wonder Man and Boy Wonder try to go after the Milk Lady. Will they be successful?
Wonderman and The Boy Wonder Vs The Brain Washer by The Bambino
Wonderman and the Boy Wonder meet up with a spandex-clad woman named Brain Washer who turns anyone into a mindless slave.
Wonderman and The Boy Wonder vs The Brainwasher - Part II by The Bambino
The continuation of Brainwasher vs. Wonderman and the Boy Wonder.
Wonderman and Liberty Girl Vs The Kitty Cat by The Bambino
Wonderman along with a young superhero, Liberty Girl, takes on the Kitty Cat as she breaks into adult sex shops.

Full Coverage Catsuit

1999 With a Bang by The Cat
A catsuit clad women meets up for a secret meeting for money. Sounds imple,  right?
Anders' Story by Arcyl Man
Anders thought he was just going to try out a new catsuit, but he ends up falling for a dominate saleswomen.
Android Academy by Arcyl Man
What happens when two unsuspecting souls try out incredible catsuits made from a new material called arcyl by an android converting corporation?
The Fetishists by Mad Pete
The main character finds himself in the middle of a spandex frenzy as he is fortunately picked up a fellow spandex fetishist and experienced group sex with everyone covered in rubberized spandex.
Liquid Metal by Skintight
A spandex-loving couple orders sheathed catsuits which finally arrive.
A Little Bedtime Story by Mad Pete
How lucky to find another spandex fetishist on the beach in her shiny dive suit? Very...
Living Lycra by Eric VanSickle
A dancer and agent soon discover their love for all things spandex. But its a mysterious meteroite that takes their spandex fantasies too the limit.
***Matchmaking Maid by The Cat
A zentai and adventure loving maid helps arrange spandex fantasies for the family she works for.
Megalopolis' Finest by EV
The second part to "Megalopolis" that was originally written by Mad Pete.
Pleasure Androids (parts 1-5) by Arcyl Man
Full of spandex bondage and enclosure, the Pleasure Androids bring the love of spandex to the max.
Robot Slave by Arcyl Man
Imagine being able to wearing spandex all over your body and not worry about what others think and have the opportunity to wear it all the time without anyone else knowing?
Skiing Adventure by Mad Pete
Wearing spandex on a ski trip will definitely catch someones eye. This time another fetishist was snared, leading to a night of unexpected excitement.
Trouble in Metropolis by Mad Pete
A futuristic world were everyone wears lycra catsuits and the police are endowed with special powers, physiques, and silver catsuits.


Bodybag by Cinch

Catsuit With Three Friends by Arcyl Man (aka arcyl2.html)
Two men and a women decide that spandex with three is better than two especially if one of them is bond and unable to object!
I Love San Francisco! by Anonymous
The true story of an anonmyous fan's adventure with his Mistress and a spandex bodybag.
Lycra Threesomeby Arcyl Man (aka arcyl1.html)
What's could be more that three friends hanging out? Three friends with a catsuit. See how the two friends use a catsuit to bring pleasure to the helpless and bound to the third.
Sacks by Anonymous
Being bound and enclosed in spandex bodybags and sheathes can be fun unless an uninvited guest just happens to pop in on you.
A Weighty Issue by tdenny
Spandex and self-bondage. A dangerous combo.

Lycra and Dancers

Ballet Lesbian Loversby Mountain Men
Two woman ballet dancers like to play in their spandex, but one day they decide to add a male dancer to the mix.
Evil Bitches in Lycra / Jenny and Jodie by Mountain Man
A neglect girl gets befriended by a female dance instructor and becomes a women when she is introduced to spandex.
Hot Ballet Guy in Tights by amatnyu
Tights on a hot ballet guys. What more has to be said?
Hot Lycra Story by Empira
Two men in a dance class find out each others desire for lycra.
Remember Our First Date... by The Cat
How a man and women met each other at a local dance class and their first date.
Suprise Visit by The Cat
A college sophomore starts dance classes and gets a surprise visit from an attractive neighbor.

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