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The Winter Fetish Story Contest 2010
The contest is now finished
and the winner is...
Bachelorette Party Favor
by Slowpoke

Winter Fetish has been producing fetish fashion and bondage products since 1998 in Seattle, WA. We take pride in each and every product that leaves our production facility and are constantly innovating to create the next generation of exciting toys and fashions that leave people feeling fulfilled and expressed in their sexual lives. (As seen on the House of Gord websites)

For twelve years they have stood for one thing, Product Quality. All of their products are made from the finest materials available and are sewn with heavy duty thread on commercial equipment. As a result, the products are durable, washable, and long lasting.

The 1st prize will be a Winter Fetish Black Spandex Sleepsack.

The Contest.
Want to win a Spandex Sleepsack?

Well for the best spandex/darlex story you can write in the next few weeks you could be the proud owner of one of their wonderful black spandex sleepsacks.

You need to check out the goodies over at Winter Fetish, then write the story about using one (or more) of the products found on their website, spandex/darlex, catsuit/sleepsack. armbinder/straitjacket.

The story is open to you to write what you like, but it must include spandex and/or Darlex and one or more of the products from Winter Fetish as a central theme and, of course, we would love for the stories to be sexy. Please check out the contest rules for more information.
Rules & Conditions.
  • Standard story contest rules apply and can be found here
  • 1st place will get a Winter Fetish Spandex Sleepsack in black, front zip with attached hood (standard sizes, S-M-L-XL), approximate value US$199 shipped to the winner
  • 2nd place will get a Spandex Hood (one size fits most),
  • If there are more than 10 entries get in to the contest, we'll award those voted in the top 10 a 10% discount coupon for any standard order they place with the Winter Fetish web store.
  • Note: Shipping on both of the items will be free if in the US, international shipping will incur an additional charge.
  • Should be in the usual formats, eg: an attachment to an email or contained in an email itself.
  • The deadline for submissions is: Midnight 5th April 2010
  • Voting will begin as soon as the stories all go online, all entries will be posted together.
  • Voting will be done on the Bound Forum.
  • Voting deadline is Midnight 25th April 2010.
  • Winners announced 26th April 2010.
  • Stories should only be emailed to: and labelled Winter Fetish Story Contest entry.
All times and dates mentioned are UTC.
All images are copyright Winter Heavy Industries LLC and are used by kind permission.
The highest quality stretchwear
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