Wonder Man and Wonder Woman
by The Bambino - January 1999

The story begins with Wonder Woman being captured as part of a trap for her and Wonder Man. She had been patroling the city on one of her nightly rutine checks. When she spotted  a young girl hanging from a building window. Wonder Woman rushed to rescue the girl only to find out that it was a trap. While helping the young girl into the window two men snuck up behind Wonder Woman. One of the men pulled Wonder Woman's golden belt of power away from her waist. While the other man grabed her and put her into a bear hug.  Wonder Woman kicked and struggled to break free but the man was massively strong and she could not get any leverage.

The man who had taken her belt off sprayed some type of sleeping gas in her face and she soon fell to the floor unconcious.

Good work men. Replied the Barbarian Queen. Now take her to the hideout. She Ordered. Wonder Woman will be perfect bait for me to capture Wonder Man.

It had been hours since Wonder Man had heard from Wonder Woman. He was getting worried. She usually is back by now he thought.

A few hour later Wonder Man received an anonomous call telling him of the where abouts of Wonder Woman, but to come alone or she would be killed.

Wonder Man couldn't take any chances. He knew this was a trap but Wonder Woman's life was in danger. He had to go alone.

About an hour later Wonder Man arrived at the place he was instrucked to go to. He was wearing his typical Wonder Man outfit. He had on a pair of long shinny red leather boots that went up just past his knees. His upper body was covered with a red long sleaved spandex shirt with a yellow W accross his chest. his lower extremities were covered with royal blue star spangled spandex briefs. Aroud his waist he whore a golden belt that covered the area between his shirt and briefs.
His body was practically hairless except for his golden hair on his head.  He was in exceptional shape and stood about 6-2.

Wonder Man entered the dark building. He walked down some long corridors into another part of the building. It was then he was attacked by five thugs. He quickly made easy work of them only to have the lights turn on and see Wonder Woman tied spread eagle on a table with a spear gun aiming directly at her crotch.

So nice of you to join our little party. Said the Barbarian Queen. If you surrender Wonder Man I will spare Wonder Woman's life. Replied the Barbarian Queen. Don't surrender Wonder Man yelled Wonder Woman. I have no choice Wonder Woman I can't let you die like this. That is a very smart move Wonder Man said the Barbarian Queen. Remove your belt Wonder Man and give it to me. That is right Wonder Man I have been studying both Wonder Woman and yourself I figured out where the two of you get your super strength from. Wonder Man knew he was in trouble now, but he did not really have any choice. He removed his belt and gave
it to the Barbarian Queen.

The five henchmen quickly grabbed Wonder Man and  tied him up and suspended him about 3 feet off the floor. Wonder Man was now tied up in a spread eagle 3 feet off the floor.

Remove the spear gun. See Wonder Man I told you I would spare Wonder Woman's life. Replied the Barbarian Queen. She ordered her henchmen to remove Wonder Woman from the table and tie her up the same way Wonder Man was tied. Now inject Wonder Man with my special mind control drug. I created this drug especially for you Wonder Man. Once this drug is in your blood stream all I have to do is get you to climax 3 times and I will have total control of your mind and body foreve.
Wonder Woman will be involved with your fait as well.

As you can see I have attatched small probes in specific areas around your cock on your star spangled tights. These probes will begin to vibrate at a certain level. Each time Wonder Woman  is forced to climax the probes will intesify, thus pushing  your body  closer to orgasm,  however these probes will not allow you to climax. You will not be able to climax unless I touch your cock. After Wonder Woman climaxes a few times the intensity from the probes will be so high  you will want to blow your load, but you won't be able to because the probes won't allow it. You will be begging me to rub your cock, so you can explode in ectasy.

I won't climax for you. Replied Wonder Man. Neither will I said Wonder Woman. You will never get away with this. You will never get me to beg to you to rub my cock! Yelled Wonder Man.

Oh by the way I am filming this. There are cameras all over the room that will be filming your torment.  I will show this to everyone. I will make a movie out of it. Called The Domination of Wonder Man and Wonder Woman. Said the Barbarian Queen.

The Barbarian Queen walked over to Wonder Woman and pulled the crotch area of her tights to one side and inserted a dildo into Wonder Woman's most private area. This is a special  dildo. It has a computer chip in it. When ever it makes you climax it sends signals to the probes on Wonder Mans tights to increase the intensity.

Now it is time to watch the two of you begin your orgasmic torture. Said the Barbarian Queen.  She pressed a button on her computer and the torment began on the the super heroes. The probes on Wonder Man's tights began but at this time the intensity was very low and Wonder Man was able to control what he was feeling. Wonder Woman however was fighting a dfferant battle. The dildo was vibrating intensly. She could feel herself building towards orgasm, but knew she must fight it
for Wonder Mans sake.

We must concentrate Wonder Woman if we are to have any chance. Said Wonder Man. I am trying but without my magic belt I don't know how longI will be able to hold out. Said a struggling Wonder Woman.

Lets pick up the pace said the Barbarian Queen. She hit another button on her computer that sent a signal to the dildo to increase its vibrations.

Ahhhhhh. Screamed Wonder Woman. This is to much. Try to concentrate Wonder Woman. Said Wonder Man. The feeling between Wonder Woman's legs  was incredibley explosive. The orgasm was building in her. Must fight this feeling inside me. Said Wonder Woman.

Lets add to that feeling. Said the Barbarian Queen. She hit another button and increased the vibrating dildo some more.        Noooooooo!!!! I can't take it any more. Wonder Woman's hips began to rock up and down. She finally gave into her climax. Ahhhhhhh. I am sorry Wonder Man!!!!! Wonder Woman's Satin tights were dripping with her juices.

In an instant the itensity from the probes attactched to Wonder Man's tights increased   the intensity around his cock. Wonder Man was starting to feel arroused. He could feel his member growing inside his star spangled tights. I must concentrate he thought to himself.

The dildo inside Wonder Woman kept up the pace. She was building to another orgasm. The mighty Wonder Woman has already sucomed  to one orgasm is she ready for another? Said the Barbarian Queen. As she hit another button to increase the vibrations.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! As yet another climax hit Wonder Woman. Cum was now dripping down her legs. The crotch area on her satin tights was dripping with cum.

Remove the top part of Wonder Woman's costume. Ordered the Barbarian Queen. I want to see those milky breasts of hers. Her breasts nearly hanging out of her braziere at the time. No don't do this to me. Cried Wonder Woman. One of the henchman walked over to Wonder Woman and unzipped the back of her braziere and let it drop to the floor. Wonder Woman's large breasts were released and bounced around like jello. They always kept their shape. Her breasts were very firm and large. Wonder Woman was so embaressed. No one had ever seen her like this before.

The intensity from the probes increased more. Wonder Man's cock was getting larger by the second.

I have the intensity of the dildo on level 8 Wonder Woman. Said the Barbarian Queen. This should keep you climaxing every other minute. Lets see how you and Wonder Man can handle that.

Wonder Woman climaxed again. The intensity from the probes on Wonder Man's tights was incrdible now. Wonder Man's cock was now at its full 10 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter.

Every time Wonder Woman climaxed the intensity from the probes pushed Wonder Man closer and closer towards orgasm. I can't control myself any longer. I want to climax so bad but I can't. How am I going to get out of this Wonder Man thought to himself.

Wonder Man's cock was throbing. It was buldging largely in his tights. He was trying to make himself cum even though he knew he should fight the feeling. This was shear torture for him.

Wonder Woman climaxed again. Raising  the intensity of the probes again. Wonder Man's cock was flexing constantly. The muscle and vein on his 10 or maybe now 11 inch long cock were pulsating. His cock wanted to break free of his spandex briefs, but they were too tight. His cock was buldging madly in his star spangled

Are you ready to give up Wonder Man? Asked the Barbarian Queen. Wonder Man no longer had that defiant look in his eyes. He wanted her to make him climax so bad , but he knew that is what she wanted him to say. I have all night Wonder Man. Said a cofident Barbarian Queen. Please stop this screamed Wonder Man. Does that mean you give up Wonder Man. NEVER he screamed.

Remove Wonder Woman's satin tights. Wonder Woman begged her not to do this. One of the henchman picked  up a pair of scissors and walked over to Wonder Woman and began to cut up the sides of her tights. Wonder Woman couldn't believe this was happening. The whole world would see her naked body. Snipp, snip, snip and her star spangled satin cum soaked tights fell from her body to the floor. Revealing for the first time her most private area with a large dildo inserted in it. Her Pussy was perfectly shaven with just a narrow strip od hair arund it. She climaxed again, and again her juices dripped from her crotch.

Mean while Wonder Man was in agony. His body was in constant extasy but he couldn't climax and satisfy his urges. His cock was throbing now. It was getting painful.  He needed to climax. He wished he cold release one of his  own hands and massage his swollen member. So he could discharge his seed.

The Barbarian Queen looked on with delite. She loved looking at his hard cock. My what a massive shaft you have. It looks delicious in your tights. I can make out every ridge, muscle and vein of your massive dick through your spandex tights. It had been nearly 2 hours of torture for both Wonder Woman and Wonder Man.

Wonder Man was trying so hard to blow his load, but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't. Even though his cock was maxed out and felt like it could climax. The pain and extasy were unbearable.  Wonder Man's rock hard abbs and his muscular butt were tingling, his body was drenched in sweat along with his tights.

Do you give up Wonder Man? Asked the Barbarian. I can't take it any longer. YES, YES, I GIVE UP. PLEASE TOUCH IT. MAKE ME CUM. Begged Wonder

That is what I wanted to hear. Wonder Man begging me to grab his cock, but I think I will  let you suffer some more. Replied the Barbarian Queen.


Wonder Woman screamed. NO. WONDER MAN NO! That is what she wants. I can't help it  I need to cum cried out Wonder Man.

The Barbarian Queen walked over to Wonder Man, and said OK Wonder Man if that is what you really want. Yes he replied. Even though this would mean she was one step closer to controling his mind.

Wow Wonder Man you must have a lot of cum  built up in your massive cock. It is going to be my pleasure to watch this volcanic eruption. Not even your star spangled tights will be able to hold back this flood. Said an excited Barbarian Queen.


Wonder Woman could only look on as she could see his massive swollen member. She sort of wished she could be the one to make him climax. She couldn't take her eyes off his massive package. It was enormous.  She climaxed again but this one was from just stareing at Wonder Man's cock not from the dildo. She wanted Wonder Man so bad  at that moment.

The Barbarian queen went in for the eruption. She reached her hand out and began to massage his member through his spandex tights. His whole body tightend and then it happened.  ARRRGGGGHHH!! Yelled out Wonder man as his climax over came him.  His hips thrust up ward and his cock finally climaxed. It was like someone had struck oil. His cum came gushing through his tights, and began to run down his shaft past his swollen balls and drip onto the floor. His cock kept gushing the cum out through his tights. THIS FEELS SO GOOD . Wonder Man said.The Barbarian Queen was amazed. At the amount of cum that kept gushing up through his spandex briefs. There seemed to be enough to fill a large shot glass. What a drink that would be she thought. The climax lasted a good minuteor so. His cock was still very hard.

The Barbarian Queen began to lick the cum off his tights and began suck the tip of his cock through his tights. MMMMM. this is great.  She said.

Wonder Man felt his mind getting week. He knew she had weekend his mind and was one step closer to controling his mind.     Wonder Woman watched as she knew Wonder Man was getting weaker, and their was nothing she could do to stop this if  she could not control her orgasm and that was the only thing she could do to save Wonder Man.

Now lets do ths all over again shall we. Said the Barbarian Queen. Only this time Wonder Woman get a larger dildo.

Will the Barbarian Queen suceed I breaking  our heroes. Tune in next
time for part two of the Domination of Wonder Man and Wonder Woman.