Wonderman and The Boy Wonder

by The Bambino - July 1999


Wonderman and the Boy Wonder are two spandex clad mask wearing superheroes wearing similar matching outfits. The only differances in their costumes are the color of their briefs. Wonderman's are blue with white stars and the Boy Wonder's are red with white stars. They both have yellow long sleaved spandex shirts with a W across the chest. Their masks are like that of Captain America. They have white knee hight boots and are wearing a golden belt around their wastes. The golden belts are what give them their super powers. If the belts are removed from their bodies they become regular humans just like you and I. Now lets get to the story spandex fans.

The story begins with our two heroes patroling the city. They had received word that some thugs were hiding in the old abanoned warehouse on 22nd street.
"We better check this out Boy Wonder, "said Wonderman.
"I'm with ya partner, "replied the Boy Wonder.

As they enter the warehouse they see some strange movements in a corridor on the near side of the warehouse.
"I am going to check that out. Boy Wonder, you check the other corridor. " orderd Wonderman. The two superheroes split up keeping in contact with their tiny two way radios.

Wonderman went to the corridor where he saw the movement when he arrived, but he did not see anything strange anymore. He radioed the Boy Wonder to see how he was doing but there was no response from him. Wonderman was worried this was not like the Boy Wonder not to answer. Wonderman rushed to where the Boy Wonder should be but he was no where to be seen.
"Oh no what has happened to him?" thought Wonderman. "I must find him. He could be in danger."

Then Wonderman heard a voice say "Wonderman, if you ever want to see the Boy Wonder alive again you will surrender by removing your golden belt"
"Who are you? And what have you done to the Boy Wonder? " demanded Wonderman. Again Wonderman could hear the voice say
"You have one minute to surrender, Wonderman, or the Boy Wonder is finished".
"How do I know your telling the truth about the Boy Wonder?" asked Wonderman.
"Are you willing to take that chance, Wonderman". replied the voice.
"Ok you win. I will remove my belt. Just don't hurt the Boy Wonder."

Wonderman unbuckled his golden belt from around his waste, and tossed it to the side. He was ordered to walk slowly down the corridor and into the first room he saw.
"Shut the door, Wonderman." The lights flicked on. There before him stood evil Brutilla.
"How nice of you to join us, Wonderman," she said.
"What have you done with the Boy Wonder?" asked Wonderman.
"Oh he's fine," she replied.
"I demand to see him!" said Wonderman.
"OK, OK. Show him the Boy Wonder." The Boy Wonder had been tied spread eagle to a table and had his belt removed also.

"Ok boys tie Wonderman up just like his buddy," ordered Brutilla. Four of her henchmen grabed Wonderman and forced him to a table and secured his hands and feet. He was now tied spread eagle just like the Boy Wonder.

"The two super studs are all mine to play with. This is going to be so much fun. Get the video equipment. " orderd Brutilla. "I want to capture all this. This will ruin you two."
"What are you going to do to us?" asked the Boy Wonder.
"I am going to get both of you super hard and pull your star spangled briefs down exposing your hard cocks to everyone on national TV. Total humiliation. Ha, ha, ha,ha." she laughed.
"You fiend you will never get away with this," said Wonderman.

"Stand them up boys," ordered Brutilla. The four henchmen lifted the tables to an upright positon so the cameras could get a good look at the two helpless heroes. Both Wonderman and the Boy Wonder were tied spread eagle side by side ready to be teased into sensory overload.

"Oh and did I mention, superstuds, when both of you have climaxed I will remove your masks and reveal your secret identities to everyone watching. So lets see what kind of stamina you two superheroes have. How long can you last?"

Brutilla walked over to our two heroes and gave them both a kiss on the lips wishing them luck, and then she began to tease them mercilessly. First the Boy Wonder. She ran her hands up both his legs to the inner part of his thighs and began to massage his lycra covered crotch. The Boy Wonder let out a gasp of air.
"Take it easy, BOY WONDER," said Wonderman.

She then turned her attention to Wonderman. Running her hands down his chest past his stomach and down past his wasteline. He knew where she was going. She began to scratch and squeeze the head of Wonderman's cock. Wonderman's hips lunged upward in defiance. She began to rub his lycra covered shaft. How could he resist her he thought. Must concentrate. His member began to buldge. Brutilla began to smile.

She turned back to the Boy Wonder and began to massage his lycra covered package. Tickling his crotch and rubing his member. The Boy Wonder did not have the mind control of Wonderman after all he was just a teenager. He was breathing heavy trying to resist and trying to break free of his bondage. His cock was getting bigger by the second.
"Ohhh, you are a young one aren't you, Boy Wonder. I forgat what it was like to have a teenager. I better slow down or you'll be done to soon. I don't want that. I want this to last."

"Oh yes, Wonderman. Where did I leave off." said a fiendish Brutilla. She pulled out a small vibrator and turned it on and began slid it along Wonderman's semi-hard shaft. This was driving Wonderman into sensory overload. His member began to get longer and thicker. Brutilla moved the vibratordown to his crotch and began to rub him down there. Wonderman was trying to hold on. Trying to concentrate.
"My, My, Wonderman I am impressed. I can't wait to see that thing when it is maxed out."
"I, I will not cum for you Brutilla," said Wonderman.
"Such a hero even in defeat, " she said.

Brutilla turned back to the Boy Wonder.
"Lets see if those red star spangled briefs can hold you in." She began to run the vibrator up and down his entire package. From his crotch to the tip of his dick. The Boy Wonder's hips thrust upward. Lifting his butt off the table. he could not resist the sensation that the vibrator was doing. Within a minute the Boy Wonder was full grown at a thick eight inches. The head of his cock was nearly bulging out of the top of his wasteband of his red star spangled briefs.
"I can't get out of this bondage, Wonderman," said the Boy Wonder.
"Neither can I, " replied Wonderman.

"Now for you, Wonderman." Brutilla sounded more perverse than ever. She began to rub her hands up his inner thighs and massage his crotch with one hand and rub his cock with the other, but this time she had special gloves on. These gloves vibrated. So the massaging was quadrupal the sensation. Wonderman was being pushed over the edge. His thighs were flexing trying to break free of the bondage. His member was getting bigger and bigger. Soon it was at its full ten inches and nearly buldging out of the top of his wasteband of his blue star spangled briefs.

Brutilla stood in the middle of our two hardend superheroes. With one hand massaging each of their cocks. She was relentless. Now it is time to show everyone the goods.
"I think I will begin with the Boy Wonder," said Brutilla. The Boy Wonder couldn't believe what was about to happen to him. Undressed on TV for everyone to see his swollen dick. How humiliating. How helpless he felt. I Just can't climax he thought. I can't let anyone see my secret identity on TV.

With the Boy Wonder's cock rock hard Brutilla ran her hands down his chest past his stomach and gave his cock one last massage. Then she moved her fingers to the top of his wasteband and slid them down into his briefs and began to slowly pull down his red briefs. The Boy Wonder struggled to get free, but it was useless. She slowly pulled his wasteband down expossing inch by inch the Boy Wonders cock to everyone watching. His cock was standing fully erected eight inches strait up. The Boy Wonder was humiliated.

"Look at the Boy Wonder's juicey red head of his cock just about to burst with joy." Brutilla gave his cock a couple of strokes but did not want him to climax yet so she stopped. The Boy Wonder was breathing so heavy trying to hold his climax off, but he knew he couldn't last much longer.

"Now for the moment we have all been waiting for," sneared Brutilla. "Big old Wonderman."
"Don't do this, Brutilla," begged Wonderman.
"Ha,ha,ha,ha, beg all you want, Wonderman. That jut adds to the drama," said Brutilla. She began to rub Wonderman's shaft mercilessly. Every muscle in his body was tense. Up and down, up and down, she continued her torment on his cock. Wonderman's body was drenched in sweat. His cock was fully erect. Brutilla had him right where she wanted him and there was nothing Wonderman or the Boy Wonder could do to prevent what was going to happen.

Brutilla reached her fingers inside of the wasteband of Wonderman's briefs. Wonderman could only watch as she worked her finger inside his briefs knowing the inevitable was going to happen. He struggled to get free to try and prevent her from pulling his briefs down. She slowly began to pull his wasteband down expossing his cock to everyone watching. His cock was ten inches in length and one inch thick. It was huge.

Both Wonderman and the Boy Wonder were tied spread eagle in front of the cameras with their briefs pulled down expossing their hard cocks. This so humiliating for the two of them.

Brutilla pulled the Boy Wonder's briefs back up covering his eight inch cock back up. She then strapped the vibrator to his cock, and turned it on.
"When you cum, Boy Wonder, I will remove your mask and show everyone your true identity." This was to much. How will the Boy Wonder be able to hold out any longer?
"I can't hold out much longer, Wonderman," panted a distressed Boy Wonder.
"Take it easy old chum," said Wonderan.

"As for you, Wonderman, I am going to finish your cock off myself," said Brutilla. "And when I get you to cum I am going to remove your mask and show evryone who you are." Brutilla placed her right hand completely around Wonderman's shaft and began to stroke his cock up and down. Faster and faster her hand did its work on Wonderman's massive cock. Wonderman was struggling to hold out and to hold on to his secret identity. He could feel his climax building and there was nothing he could do to prevent what Brutilla was doing to both him and the Boy Wonder.

Wonderman looked over at his struggling partner. He could see the Boy Wonders swollen cock was going to erupt at any moment. The Boy Wonder's cock was even bigger than before. Wonderman knew the Boy Wonder was at his final limit. He knew he was maxed out.

Wonderman then looked down at his own cock being stroked into volcanic submission. Wonderman struggled to hold on but he was losing the battle. Brutilla had him in her hands..

"Your stamina is incredible, Wonderstuds" said Brtilla as she continued her onslot on Wonderman's cock.

"I can't hold out any longer, Wonderman," said the Boy Wonder. "Nei-th-er c-an I, " replied Wonderman.

Wonderman looked over at the Boy Wonder and watched his partners hips thrust upward as the Boy Wonders climax finally arrived. Wonderman could see the cum soaking through the Boy Wonders briefs. His briefs were soaked with his own cum. The Boy Wonder's cock finally erupted. The cum from his cock kept gushing through his briefs. They were soaked with cum.
"I am very impressed, Boy Wonder. That is one mighty load you had built up in their." said Brutilla.

"Now when I am done with you, Wonderman, I will unmask you both. HA,HA,HA,HA," said Brutilla. She picked up the pace.
"OH NO! I CAN'T HOLD BACK ANY LONGER. AHHH,AHHH,AHHH. " The head of Wonderman's cock was swollen and bright red. He was maxed out.