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The Man without Hair

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; strip; explore; first; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

There was a man, called 'The man without hair'. On first look, he hadn't hair on his head and no beard either. He was a mysterious, but still charming man. All the time a sympatric smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eyes, which made women melt. But everyone knew, there was never a woman at his side.

And then there was a woman. She was young and an attractive sight. But she was shy. Many men tried to get a date with her, but she blocked them all. For her it was a must, to stay a virgin till the right one came into her life. By the time it happened, that this woman heard the story about the man without hair, she got curious. Can it be? A man without hair? She wondered, if she could get him to talk with her.

It took some time to find out, where this mysterious man lived. And it was even harder to find out, where to meet him. But she was so eager to know, that she didn't stop searching. And so the time came, when they both met.


“Are you the man without hair?” she asked him shyly.

“Yes, I am.” he answered.

“Really?” she wanted to know.

“Yes.” he replied. “That’s what I get called by the people. Why you want to know?”

She blushed “I'd heard about you and got curious. Can it really be? Do you have no hair?”

“Yes, I have no hair.” he smiled.

“No! I can't believe that! Everyone has hair!” she spurted out.

“Trust me. I have no hair.” he smiled again.

“Uhmm. May I look?” she asked shyly again.

“Of course. Have a look.” he bent forward to show her his head.

“It didn't look, like there is hair.” she said confused “May I touch?”

“If you want?” he chuckled.

“Oh my! As smooth like the bottom of a baby!” she spurted out. “Not a little sign of a hair. Even so at your cheeks and your chin! And you have no eyebrows!”

“I said, I have no hair.” he chuckled again. “That's why I get called so.”

“I can't believe this!” she said confused and still curious. “May I see your arms?”

“You want to see my arms?” he asked now.

“Yes. Please. If you have no hair, then there must be no hair at your arms.”

“Well, if you want.” He pulled the sleeves of his shirt up.

“Unbelievable! Every place is smooth!” she noticed “Do you shave all these places?”

“No. To my luck, I can save the money for foam, a razor and aftershave lotion.” he explained.

“So there grows no hair?” she asked.

“No. There grows nothing.” he chuckled.

“And what about your legs?”

“What should be with my legs?” he asked.

“Is there no hair too?” she wanted to know.

“No. There is no hair.” he replied.

“May I see?”

“What? Here?” he asked a bit surprised.

“Uhmm...Yes. If it don't bother you?” she said shyly again.

“Well. It's a bad place to show you..” he explained “Perhaps I’ll show you somewhere else.”

“Okay. Where? And when?” she asked curiously.

“If you want, now.” he replied “You could come with me and at home I'll show you.”

“That sounds okay.” she smiled “Let’s go!”

They both left and went to his home.


“So what about your legs?” she asked in his living room.

“Yes. I promised you I’d show you. But would you not take a look at my chest first?” he asked her.

“Your chest?” She replied.

“Yes. My chest. Most men have hair on their chest and some on her stomach too.” he explained.

“Oh! I hadn't thought about that.” she said “Well. Then show me your chest first please.”

“Just a moment.” he unbuttoned his shirt and stripped it off.

“Oh my! There is no hair too!” she shouted out, running her fingers over every place. “Not the littlest stubble.”

“I told you.” he grinned.

“Well. And your legs?” she asked curiously.

“Do you really want to see?”

“Yes. Please show me.” she replied

“You want it.” he smiled, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down to his ankles.

She blushed, looking over his form.

“You're shy?” he asked.

“Uhm. Yes. Never seen a man like this before.” she replied.

“Just touch, if you want. There is no hair at my legs.” he smiled to her.

“Unbelievable! Every place is smooth!” she noticed “Not even stubble on your feet!”

“Yes. I told you, I have no hair.” he was about to pull his trousers back up.

“Wait!” she spurted out.

“Why should I wait?” he asked.

“There is a place, I hadn't looked for any hair.” she blushed

“Believe me. There is no hair.” he told her.

“May I see?” she asked, chased by her curiosity.

“Well. It wouldn't do any harm” he replied, pulling his pants down.

“Oh my god! What is this?” she screamed.

“What do you mean?” he asked confused.

“This thing there.” she pointed at his long, dangling manhood. “I've never seen something like that. Is it a hair?”

“No. It's no hair.” he chuckled.

“May I touch?” she asked shyly again.

“Well. I hadn't thought about letting you touch, but if you really want?” he replied.

“I want to see, if it's a hair!” she spurted out.

“A hair?” he laughed.

“Yes. It looks strange, but it's as long as a hair can be.” she explained “But it looks thicker.”

“You can touch it, if you want.” he chuckled

“Ohh! Strange!” she spurted out in surprise “It twitches! But look! It grows like a hair. But much faster and it gets wider!”

“Yes. But it is no hair.” he laughed again.

“But it grows. It must be a hair!” she replied nervously.

“Well. Okay. Let's say, it's a hair. But it's a special hair.” he grinned.

“What do you mean by that? Why is it a special hair?” she got curious.

“Well. Let it rest for a few moments. Then you'll see.” he said warmly.

“Okay.” she said and watched. “Ohh! It shrinks! That's truly a special hair!”

“Yes. But there is more.” he chuckled.

“More? What do you mean with that?” she asked with more curiosity.

“Well. I'll show you, but you've to undress.” he explained.

“Undress?” she blushed bright red “Never done this in front of a man!”

“It's okay.” he smiled “You'd seen me naked first. So what harm could it be?”

“Uhm....Okay. Right here?” she asked shyly.

“No. We could go into my bedroom, if you want.” he smiled at her. “It's better, if you lay, while I show you.”

She blushed again. He took her hand and led her into his bedroom.


“Is that okay?” she asked nervously, laying nude on his bed.

“Yes. Just relax.” he smiled down and knelt next to her “Do you want to touch it again?”

“Your hair?” she asked.

“Yes, my hair. You want to make it grow again? It would be better to show you the other things.” he explained.

“Okay. I'll do it.” she replied “Ohh! It's not just growing! It gets very warm too!”

“You like that?” he chuckled.

“Well.....Yes. It feels strange, but not bad.” she said with a red tone on her cheeks “Ohh! Your hair gets very hard too! What a strange hair!”

“I said, it's a special hair” he chuckled again.

“Has your hair more special abilities?” she asked shyly, but still curious.

“Yes. It can make you feel good.” he replied smiling.

“Really? But how could that work?” she asked with a growing curiosity. “Can you show me?”

“Very well.” he smiled. “Open your legs for me.”

“What? Why should I open my legs?” she was afraid.

“Because I want to show you, how my hair makes you feel good.” he explained “And to show you, I've to touch you between your legs.”

“Oh my god!” she gasped “No one had touched me there before!”

“Just open your legs and relax.” he tried to calm her down.

“Well. Okay. Just for you.” she said blushing. “Ohhh! What are you doing there?”

“Nothing bad. Just rubbing the tip over your lips down there.” he explained “Does it feel bad?”

“The tip of your hair? That's strange!” She said surprised “But wow. That makes me feel really good!”

“Should I stop?” he asked.

“No! No! Please don't stop. It feels good!” she gasped “Please show me more of it's abilities!”

“Well, if you want.” he smiled.

“Ooouch! Ahhh! That hurts! What are you doing with me?” she screamed afraid.

“Calm down. Try to relax. Take a few deep breaths and you'll see, it will feel better.” he explained.

“Ohh. I'm feeling so full. Never felt so full down there.” she gasped after a few moments. “ your hair in me?”

“Yes. It is.” he smiled. “Does it still hurt? Should I pull it out?”

“No! I doesn’t hurt anymore.” she moaned “It feels strange. But somehow I'm liking it.”

“Wait. There is more, that would make you feel good.” he smiled down to her.

“Ohh! What you're doing now? That feels fantastic!” she panted.

“I'm just moving in and out.” he explained “Should I continue?”

“Oh, yes. Please continue. It rubs so nicely inside me.” she's panting more “Your hair gives me such wonderful new feelings.”

“I'm glad, you like it.” he grinned.

“Oh my god! What is happening now?” she said with wide open eyes “Something hot is shooting into me! Is that from your hair too?”

“Yes!” he panted hard “It's my hair. This is it's way to say 'I'm loving to be inside you, loving to make you feel good and it's making me feel good too!'”

“Ohh, what a wonderful hair.” she gasped in pleasure “Truly a very special hair. I'm going to love it!”

He gave her a passionate kiss.

“Your hair has such exciting abilities. I want to feel it again.” she purred.

“You'll have to wait. It needs some time to recover it's strength.” he explained “But if you want, I could show you many other ways, which my hair could make you feel good. And of course, it would making me feel good too.”

“Oh, yes.” she smiled “Please show me all the abilities of your hair!”


Since this day 'The Man without hair' wasn't seen alone anymore. Now he had an attractive woman at his side. And from now on he was called 'The man with the special hair'.


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